Saturday, September 27, 2008


Saying that these logos are ugly or designed badly doesn't help fix the problems with the logos. Logos have rules. These rules convey the message your trying to send to others. After all, logos are suppose to help identify with a product or group. Lets look at the logos to observe the pros and cons.


You may look at the logo above and say to yourself ",I like it." You may like it because it touches base with all the aspects of harlemlive. Video, audio, writing, and a computer are in this logo. Logos must be simple and this logo is way too busy. With logos less is always more. Logos should also be versatile. Lets look at the logo under real world conditions.


Scaled or in black and white the logo becomes hard to read. "Harlem" begins to look like "HarlenL". People that will see this for the first time will be given the wrong impression of harlemlive. The graphics which are supporting the logo take attention from the message of the logo. lets look at other companies logos next to ours.


We look at the logos and ours side by side and ours looks like the odd one out. It breaks logo rules while these companies follow them. Simple, readable, versatile, and scalable. Lets move on to the next logo.

This logo doesn't have anything to do with harlemlive. The first logo had too many Cameras and doodads, now just harlem which looks like "horlem" and the "live" is next to impossible to read when scaled down.

The colors are not a color scheme I'd paint on the walls of my worst enemy. It's the colors of unwanted Ju Ju Beans; lemon, green, and licorice. People are funny(aka not smart). Some people may read "Horlem luie" or "Horlem liue" which is what it looks like.

Solutions to these problems:

think of one thing that harlem live is known for and focus on it.

I pick something that has to do with video production. When you see this type of light things come to mind. TV shows, Movies, Sets of late night tv, and production. This is why I picked a stage light. Another thing is readability. When a logo is busy or complex people won't read or bother with it. A well known marketing fact is people are lazy and don't want to spend to much time on anything, especially a still picture. I went for Simple, readable, versatile, and scalable.

This is not to say this is what the logo should look like. This is just an example of a logo that follows the rules. lets look at our logo with other companies.

It looks like it belongs with these giants. If your saying "I don't like purple" then your missing the point. The goal of a logo is to have a simple readable symbol that brands the minds of people. If you want to look more into what makes a great logo look here. If you are still in love with the 2 logos, design is not for you. Design doesn't just happen its designed.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm new

Im new here. They gave me the wrong address and I ended up ringing some crazy ladies doorbell. Looking forward to this whole HL thing

I hate taking pictures, I'm not photogenic. Thats a terrible pic

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harlem Live applications Beta ver 0.01

I have been hard at work creating a video Library from the ground up. I would say that the app is 80% (give or take) done. I know some of the staff and students will be using this software. I want to give you all a preview of what its going to look and work like.

The first page asks you for the name and number of the video and how many logs on the tape.

When you press "ADD" new fields are created that ask for a description of the video, the names of the logs, start times, end times, and log dates.

When all the information is filled in pressing the create button will send all the information to the server and the server(php) turns your information into xml code.

Once you see everything is up to par you can submit the code. Now the video information is in the main xml file for later reference.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Young "Next Barack Obama"

I came across this on the Ellen Show, and this amazing young man said he wanted to "be the next Barack Obama". He is addressing teachers and giving them inspiring words to believe in their students. Im not sure if he writes his own stuff, but he is able to speak to this large audience so naturally!!....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Friggin no one came here, dacia, frankie, day day. i was the only one. i called up people and only got through to 1 but still had to send a message. Its so dead here. its always like this before october rich told me. he was like this place needs more people like me. yay im so great, as if people didnt know. now you really know who was the most dedicated to Hl. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Movie of the Week : 001

Movie of the Week : 001
go check it out...

King of California(2007)

An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia.

imdb score: 6.8/10
my score : 7/10

Movie of the Week - Waarith Abdul-Majeed

-waarith Abdul-Majeed

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey HarlemLIVE! Why is no one writing on the blog?....Im curious to know how your first days of school (college) are going! I spoke with Kareem and it turns out we both have the same (talkative) Philosophy instructor!....zzzzzzzz!!! Im still on "vaca" (in quotes b/c i somehow manage to take tleast 7hours a week to do HarlemLIVE work!) Luckily I love! my job. Havent done Birthday came and went I wish I could be 21 FOREVER!!!....

Signing out....ya'll need to keep jonesin' on this blog! ..::Besos::..