Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was told that I'm very easily influenced but i don't think so. it saddens me but i guest i gotta change.

Puerto Rican birth certificates

So this is my next story, I'm working on. I've emailed a bunch of organizations to interview them. I find this an interesting topic because everyone doesn't know. I love to inform people with my writing. That is something that I really enjoy doing. If a story does not have an effect on someone's life or it isn't an event then I don't find it newsworthy.

I'm going to call the Department of Education to follow up on the story with Sakariasen & the racist blog. I hope she doesn't think this is over because before I leave that place something will happen & if she is still here in september, I will continue. And I better not have her as a teacher because I will make sure that she falls in place. Bout to do my chore...
harlemlive working on my formspring story my stomach feel so empty smh listening to music and trying to finish up this story....11 more days until prom and school is like so over omg here icome college omg its so sad to part from the people ibeen with for four years smh it so sad....new chapter of my life

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I'm back...

I'm back from being sick for the past week and a half. My asthma is very bad. When I have an attack, I am prohibited from going to school and I must stay home until I get better. So now I'm better now and I couldn't be happier. I missed school so much. I missed all my friends and working as well. Although, I'm finished the blog story, Chris is still working on airing his story on the blog and Ms. Sakariasen.

I can't wait. This is what I've been waiting for. I hope she doesn't think this is over because it isn't. For the mean time, I'm working on a story about the Puerto Rican birth certificates. It's a great story. It's informative and it affects alot of people. Back to work, I plan on calling the people at the Puerto Rican federal Affairs tomorrow. It's after business hours so that's no good.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this summer

I can't wait until this summer. I feel like this month is going by so slow on purpose because so many people are hyped up for June/July/August. And besides Regents, I have nothing to worry about, school-wise. That and Collegenow classes. I cant believe im going to be a Junior next year!!! Where did the time go? And me and my bestie are going to hang out at the water park in August. And im trning 16 in July.
Just soooo excited, lol. Where's my summer playlist?

Staying up late :(

after i got home from HL (around 6:30-ish) i ended up going to bed, taking a "nap". but lol that lap was longer than i thought, so now its 1:30 in the morning and i still have a Global History essay, spanish, math, science and english HW. smh....
note to self: do HW first before you go to bed.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now What?

As the day s grow shorter
and the nights go quicker
I take bigger steps to women hood

You don't like that.

I can not stop the hands of time
so we can always be in child mood

I can not turn back the hands of times
so you can regain what you missed out on


It is not my fault that i am here
for i did not ask to be.

And now we are both lost
And now we are both confused

now what?

Your love is protection
which turns into a violet emotion

The fear of me going

Going forever
regretting if what you taught
me was good enough

Damn does she know?

I Do.

For I Nyasia Ajanae Elie
will always be your little girl

In your heart at least

Because i am not a little anymore
let me make my mistakes
let me fall into that ditch

Do not cover it up

I have fall

Please realize that even though i seem distant
I am here.

I'm just tired

It's but much a person can take before they explode.

And I Think - this is it

No more I'm sorry-no more I was just trying


Even though I'm leaving does not mean I'm leaving
does not mean I'm leaving forever

Just the situation

I will never leave your heart
I am apart of you even if I wanted to break

Save us the tears
I've seen them before

Save us both the pain

Just know that our little mansion
well always be our temple

though it was not filled with much

Shit-It was ours!

We hit rock bottom so many times
before we hit the top

We have been though so many trails and errors

How could i ever just walk out on us now?


The love I have for us.

Shit-It's incredible
Didn't you know?

So wipe your tears and gave me a hug
and I'll return your hug with a lick on the cheek

Feel better?
I know you do.

22 more days

22 more dayss left of school omg graduation is right around the corner imean no prom is even closer icant wait this summer is goona be great....here working on my formspring story am so confused right now but ifeel happy im content with life and ilike the way im living it's great so hopefully it gets better

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Than Just Sex

I have this seminar to go to on saturday. It's about Teen Sex and it's in Brooklyn. I need someone to go with me. I want to cover a story on it but I need a crew with me.. Can't do this alone.

Back At HL...

I'm back & the weather is finally nice ! How great ? Just in here tightening up my point sheet.


At work very tired looking for teen violence organizations for this formspring.me story and professionals who study teen violence....iam so tired might not be able to come in tomorrow because ineed to get my nails done and do many more things...hopefully ifinish this story soon