Monday, March 31, 2008

Today was an exciting day. I am having so much fun updating stories. I think that I am in such of a good mood because tomorrow is my 16 birthday.Tomorrow I plan to go out with my best friend to a movies and to a nice dinner. TALK TO YOU GUYS LATER BACK TO POSTING!!!

April is right around the corner

Tomorrow is the first day of April, yessssss! I was waiting for April because it's the month when the weather starts to get good. When the weather is good then i am good, it's less to worry about. I become less tired and less lazy. And i need that boost to really get focus especially in school. This is my junior year, i need to get high grades on all my regents and decide what college i want to go to. For i could start trying to get scholarships and all that. I'm not even sure what career path i want to go toward. Maybe a doctor or lawyer or journalist or even take on business. But i think i am going to be a lawyer, I'm good in that field that's what everybody tells me. I have a little time to think about it though. I think i have it under control because I'm getting that April boost yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey there fellow mates I here at Harlem live debating with my new team mates about what our name should be for our team my name the EVIL MONKEYS got voted out quick unfair but whatever it not that good for a name anyways.Next was Harlem angels hell no.Than, HBO that was stupid. So we all just were like whatever and I think that is our name. Tada!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tragedies and Mishaps Part 2

Just like I said I would, I am about to tell you the tragedies and mishaps that I dealt with on Friday. My morning actually went well, until my dean approached me. I was supposed to have in-house suspension for coming late. (Yes, I have in-house for being late. That's real stupid) But anyways, I was supposed to start on wednesday, but instead she tells me yesterday that I was gonna start. I'm thinking to myself "She can't be serious, she is trying to ruin my friday". And den that was the beginning of my tragedy. I began to get a sharp pain going through my head. So I was giving off an serious attitude towards her. Then she tells my friend and I that we'll start monday when we come back. So from then on, I had the most serious headache. It wasn't that bad until after lunch. Like it was so serious that I hardly could focus and tears were falling from my eyes. I had to leave school early because all the students yelling and the staff being loud made it worse. So I went home and just laid down in my bed for hours. I took some medicine but to me it felt like it wasn't working. My headache began to get better around 10 pm. Which made me feel a bit better. So basically that was my main and biggest tragedy of the day. The results of this was, I missed a few lessons in school, I missed the staff meeting(which I am sorry for) and from when arrived home to 10 pm, the only thing I could do is lay in my bed. Luckily for me I had someone to kind of be my maid. ^_^
So that's all for now.

Pristine Signing Out

Tragedies and Mishaps Part 2

Nick News.

Hey, it took me a while to post this, but I've been so tired lately.

On Thursday, Nana, Nyeisha, Sely, Emily, and I went to Nick News. Nana, Nyeisha, and I were interviewed about the topics that have been the most talked about lately: the Iraq War, the economy, health care, terrorism, the environment, and immigration.

There was a van that picked us up from HL and drove us down to Lucky Duck Productions. In the van, we talked about what we were most comfortable talking about on camera. When we got there, everyone was super nice, and we got sodas (to eat wth our pizza,) from a really cool, vintage soda machine.

Nyeisha was the first to go. The woman who interviewed her said she did a great job, and said that I was up next. I was really nervous at first, but I knew I would be happy I did it after it was done. They ran a microphone through my shirt, and put powder on my face (real star treament : ) JKJK) And then the interviewer started asking me questions. I talked about the war in Iraq, terrorism, and immigration. I think we all did pretty well, so hopefully they don't edit us out :)

The Nick News that we did is coming on April 13th, I'm not sure what time, but check it out!
It was such a good experience, and oppurtunity to be able to talk about my opinions, and hopefully make a difference. Hopefully, this will just be the beginning of oppurtunities like this for HL. I am so greatful to have been chosen, good thing I made the age limit. Usually, I don't like speaking in public, or being on camera, but I think I'm getting a lot better at it.

P.S. I'm sorry I couldn't come to the staff meeting.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Hey everyone... today is Friday thank God! This week passed so fast and i'm loving it. OMG i just saw my new baby cousin Isabella and she's so little and has the nicest cheeks :) I can't wait to go to Miami and see her plus go to the beach too which i'm dying to go to because i need a break and a tan!! Well i hope the weekend will be great for everyone. Have fun!!!

There she is, the new addition to the family....

My day at HarlemLive

I just finished the article on Barack Obama's pastor and I sent it to my editors. Hopefully both of my stories will be posted on the website this week. My day here went okay even though there are some people that act way below their age bracket, but everything is great. I have to really get to my other story because I haven't started writing it yet. So that will be my next adjective. See ya.


Friday came so fast, hopely the weekend don't go even faster. Today it suppose to be a thunderstorm but tomorrow is going to be nice, yeahhhhhhhhh. This week in school was so busy but i enjoyed it. I finish all my work for the week and only have math homework. But i love math it very interesting and it makes my day to do math. It sound weird but it's really true. My essay in English was so good, i just need to work on writing neater and began to write like a college student. I'm a junior so i have to get prepared and become professional in that field. Don't get me wrong I'm a good writer. I should be getting my report card next week, i know it's good, it should be all A's probably like one B. We about to have a meeting so later.

..::2 Centz::..

Hey folks...unfortunately I wont be in for the staff meeting tonight (Im so sad b/c I really like going to these)...but anyways I wanna add my 2 Centz anyways....I want to remind everyone that MOVIE NIGHT will be next Friday April [something] I got a few DVD's from Nick News that should be very interesting/informative to watch, maybe we could even do a discussion after each one? What do ya'll think??? I Also want to remind everyone that we are going to paint the outside area of HarlemLIVE next Saturday!!! Get your paint brushes/old clothes ready b/c its gonna be alot of fun!....ok, ok you guys could get pizza that day.... :-)
Last but not least I want to discuss the RNC and the DNC they are both during the summer and one is in Minnesota, and the other is in Denver. I want you guys to go! (not all of you obviously!) But maybe 4 or 6 of you guys. We are currently soliciting funding and the way you guys could help is by going out and doing stories!!! Get out to events!!!! Get HarlemLIVE back out there!! the more ppl see us, the more likely it is that someone will want to TAKE u with them to these Conventions, that's what happened in 2004 to 3 students! Ask Tyrell he was one of them!!!! Nyeisha and Dyeemah could talk to you more about this. I was talking to them about it last night.
I am getting ready for my trip....I'll see you all on Monday!!! ..::besos::..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Tragedies And Mishaps"

Well its been a week since my reliable friend was put to rest. [R.I.P. My Glasses] Ughhhh it kind of been okay without my glasses, but I really miss seeing everything clearly. But no worries, I am going to the optometrist on Monday. So my vision will be restored soon. Now as for my week, it hasn't been going the way I wanted it to. Today is actually Day 3 of Tragedies and Mishaps. It all truly started on Tuesday, when I tried to help out my friend and in the end we both got in trouble. After that each day have either been filled with mishaps, tragedies or both. So basically you can see why this blog title is "Tragedies And Mishaps". So today's mishap happened this morning when I got out the shower. I slipped on the soap and bust my @$$. Yes that can actually happen and it doesn't only happen in cartoons. I also had a tragedy. This morning I bought french toast and sausage, which I couldn't wait to eat. When I arrived at school, I was told that I had to put my food in my locker because food wasn't allowed upstairs on the 2nd or 3rd floor. So I had to hide this big carton in my bag and sneak it upstairs. I was really hoping that my english teacher was in school because she allows us to eat. But I was out of luck because she wasn't there and there was only one place where I can eat my breakfast that was getting cold quickly. So I ran to the bathroom, closed the door and opened up the carton that contained a meal that I was about to quickly eat. So yes I ate in the bathroom and I didn't like it at all. To me that was a serious tragedy. So thats all for now. Hope you like reading my blog. I'll hit you up tomorrow with any updates.

Pristine Signing Out

today / birthday

I hate that I'm not feeling well on my birthday today. The thing that I most hate is that I missed class and wasn't able to see the documentary because I'm going to be tested on it and none of the libraries had a copy of it. Well I'm still going to graduate anyway, so I'm not going to stress it.

falling in love while in love

Hey me again with a problem that maybe not alot of you can't relate to but I really just need to talk about it.Ok so I am going out with this guy he is my boyfriend many of you may have seen him picking me up from harlem live but before him I was going out with this guy named harold understand this to me he was the love of my life he was very thing a girl could want rememder "love is blind".So after we broke up (for reason that will not be named) he changed I saw him for the asshole he is he was just so fucked up sorry to say but he love to make fun of kids in our school that have special needs I felt horrible but I couldn't bring myself to hate him I still can't hate him( sometimes I think that if he were to tell me he still love me I would go back out with him sad isn't it).But I just join the talent show and he happen to be performing now I just join the talent show to be with my friends and I am working back stage so I thought that I would be seeing him much wrong! so wrong not only did he played one of my favorite love/break up song he made me cry and start thinking about all of the happy times we had together and it like he knows what he is do because he picked the perfect timing just when me and my boyfriend got in to a fight and now the only thing I want to do is ruin my happy life/relationship (because I am happy) to just see if he will cares that I left my boyfriend for him even though I don't it before (but sometimes I do think that I just looking for an excuse to break up with my boyfriend )which according to alot my close friends I should break up with him because I deserve better I really don't know what to do but I have no time for boy trouble I have to worry about how I going to tell my mother I fail one class that I always get 85 and 90 in and how I got a 65 in spanish my native langauge.Laterz


Hey what's up it me Angie here at Harlem Live finishing up some really big project. It been really hard lately because it so crowed here at Harlem Live but I finally got a moment to Blog about what's going on. First, REPORT CARDS man I wish I could just burn mine it suck big time! I got an 85 in journalism class, 75 in math, 75 in gym, 85 in English, 55 in u.s history, 85 in work study,85 in earth science, and oh yeah a 65 in Spanish my native language ironically! and to top it all off I  still can't finish my interracial couple story because RICHARD!!! keep putting me in class which are NOT bad but I haven't done any stories in along time. Man was my week been shitty but I'll live after what can't kill you makes you stronger. So that's all from this end I'll keep you posted.       

How Can I Support You?

I don't think one American can honestly and confidently say what is our true reason for beginning the war in Iraq. For all what has been told, we could be fighting for the removal of weapons of mass destruction, oil, removal of Saddam Hussein from power, etc. But could any of these reasons justify the killing of our people, the killing of human life in general. In a democratic republic we have the ability to voice our opinions and make a difference for what the majority may think is better. But as clear as many of Americans have opinionated about their feelings towards the war, we continue to fight and people continue to die.

In my opinion, I do not believe it is necessary for us to be in war. I do not think there is no possible and justified reason for the right of people to kill people. I believe though as a world power we should take an active role in the global community but I do not believe we should barge our way into another country an boss people around.

Since the beginning of our history, our early presidents promoted the idea of neutrality but as the years went on we have lost our foundation of what made our country unique and true and came up with a mutant US. Our freedom is restricted, our economy is regulated despite laissez faire, we choose sides amongst countries, etc. Though presently Americans do benefit from our new policies, does it really protect us? Protesters are arrested for the out spoken opinions but should that stop us from voicing our opinion.

In Iraq, soldiers are not the only ones dying. Insurgents, men, women, children, the spirit and history of Iraq. A life could not be measured by a number or a percentage. Yet we refer to these people as just a number or like a bug and it doesn't matter that they died. But as soon as a soldier died we hold up our hands and scream for their lives. We honor them with the same bullets that have killed them. We fight and fight to remember their lives and make sure they are not forgotten. But who will cry and fight for those stricken by war? They didn't ask for war, we inflicted it.

Why not give peace a chance? Lives are not lost by peace. War kills. Peace saves.


Hey people,

Today was a tough day for me i had to do a project for my journalism class today. The project was that we had to make a story and then go record it to the school studio so did it But i was so mad because I had to miss 6th period class but my 6th period teacher Ms.Caldwell didn't want to let me go and i got mad because my journalism grade for they marking period depends on that project. Finally she let me go for ten minute ONLY but when i go to the studio there were people ahead of me so i had to wait so it took me her whole period because i wait a lot. I am also tired because we did a lot of exercise in GYM soo.

Bye people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


hey hey hey ITS TE-GA ZSA-ZSA HAMM IN DA HOUSE!!!!! I see yall everybody putting up blogs about everything and everybody and ya business and I love it. Just so everyone knows me along with Jenny will be looking for blogs to be put on the new website.We're looking for either interesting , funny, or whatever blogs catch our eyes so that it can posted for the public view. This way everybody else on the outside looking in on HarlemLive can get a better sense of our personalities here at HarlemLive.

SIGNED:Te-Ga Zsa-Zsa Hamm...BLAH!

Middle of the week

Tomorrow is Thursday and then it's Friday yeaahhhhh. Today was a good day i had a short day in because it was Wednesday. I have a lot of homework to do tonight that's why I'm leaving after writing this blog but i been here since 4pm. When i gotten here i was assign to be a leader to organize us moving the things from the back of the building to storage. It was fun especially cause the weather was really nice out. Then i had to go outside toward Lenox ave from 124Th to 116Th, to find something to write my first story about. I'm going to began or go interview someone tomorrow to get my story going. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long day, I'm guess i' ready for it. While later I'm leaving now.

A Drama Day

Hey guys, hope you're week has been full of accomplishments. Well today was a very interesting day in my school, full of Drama from everywhere. One of my teachers had some confrontations with one of my friends because of the unfairness that goes in his class about the grades he distributed which are not fair for the most part. Then my guy friends can't stop being guys and got into so much trouble with some kids from another school that wanted to make a big fight, etc for the dumbest reason ever. Guys do not listen or learn so i was really pissed off at my friends for acting so immature and so childish. They never care about themselves and that's sad. Plus is so dumb for them to be getting into trouble when we have two months left of our senior year and where their graduation could be on the line if they misbehave. But whatever life keeps on...
I'm so excited because i have a new baby cousin. Her name is Isabella and she was born yesterday at 10:30 PM. We were all up last night when her dad called us and told us what we've been waiting for days. She came out healthy and beautiful, all we wanted. For my spring break i will go see her in Miami, and I'm so excited about it. Yeahh :) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hey everybody I'm back. Been off for a while. Just the computer situation has been a little crazy. Which is a good thing. Cause that means people are doing stuff on them. Apart from Harlem Live waiting for some college letters. And now im interested in majoring in accounting. Senior year is ending soon so kind of sad but you need to think positive.

what a Gorgeous day

today was so good..i got 5 or 6 stories add to the new website and i learned how to do it with an easy pace so i dont go crazy..still got stuck but teg tryed and help and now as a team we are putting up the website up to par.

This week!!

Hey people!!!

OMG! this two days have been stressful for me but fun. On Monday I had LAB which is good because if i have lab then i don't have Gym and i Hate Gym. I am also happy because my aunt got better and because tomorrow i get my REPORT CARD!! although i know is bad but i will get better!! ::::at least i hope:::: I need to bring my grades up in GYM and Math. I am also really happy because these marking period is long and it gives me time to do work without being stressed out.Today i also met two knew guys one name Tyrell and "Nana". I was annoyed by Brad Harbans because he keeps saying that all the thing i said were "highly inappropriate". But Brad is cool. ::LoL:: So thats it i dind't have much to say today.

Bye <>

Interacial Dating

Inter racial dating is there even such a thing ? I think not people have evoveolde to the point where you don't even know whos ancestors are from where. Yeah thats riht I said it look at the person to your right an left . Looking at them I am pretty sure you have assumed their nationality . Haha wrong so you think that person could look asian ,hispanic,black , fill in the blank . Yet at the end of the day you never truly know whos who . When ever who ever gets in the way of you an your boo or fill in the blank . TELL THEM WHAT DO YOU KNOW ?

Why Wear Fur ?

Fur has been considered royal wear since pre-historic times . Every one from Queen Elizabeth the first to princess Diana have worn fur. Somewhere in the process of the fur attire era it came over to N,YC. I have to be honest going uptown from 42th fur isn't even spoken of. So why is it that people wear fur in the first place? . Is it to feel like a rich madmoselle or an old hollywood star;Wearing fur is something I will never understand .No I am not the type to take away a persons individuality . If you like it feel free to wear it just know that it looks like you killed your pet an a wearing it on your back.

Monday, March 24, 2008


My weekend went by so fast it went right before my eyes. Now it's the beginning of the week it's a MONDAY, i feel so drowsy thinking about the rest of the long week. I don't know why i am always drowsy i need to talk to my doctor about that cause it's so annoying. I have so much to do in school this week and tonight i have a speech to do that's due tomorrow in us history. That's why i wasn't going to come to harlem live today but i think i could do it in like a hour or less hopely when i get home. In my VE class we have to get ready for the trade fair next week, we are so far behind hopely we will catch up and blow everybody away. In English i have a essay to do in class tomorrow in second period, that's to early. Everyday in science i have a quiz, test and homework, my teacher is so crazy. This is just part of what i have to do this week. OMG it's a MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I was in photography class, the teacher has the audacity to want us to take semi-nude pictures of ourselves and says he doesn't want any one's genitalia exposed! Who do he think we are " Toni Braxton or some stripper". He will see how many of us do that s**t. He must be out of his mind with that. COUNTRY BUMPKIN. Some girl in my class was telling us how the school she use to attend refuses to send her complete academic transcript because they didn't want her to transfer from there. The teacher told her that her mom should get a lawyer or get the media involve. Heck, I would sue the board of education over scandalous mess like that. These filthy school don't care about children, they just see them as dollar signs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Memo To Staff

Chiki is in charge of overall office administration, assisting Selly. Help to administer blogs, classes, attendance, office communications.

Te ga (sp?) and Jenny coordinate all journalists and stories going up on the site and tv show. They assign stories, look for story ideas, assist writers, help adult volunteers get acclimated and suggest classes for them to teach based on the journalists needs. They work with tying the video producers with the journalists. The assist journalist complete their beginning assignments and classes

Kiara will coordinate the transfer of Harlemlive into the new format which will allow for more consistant layout and easier ways to refresh the look and make updates quicker. She will learn new technologies from Andrea, Shem, Brad and others. She will also help to introduce new technologies to HL.

STAFF MEETING on FRIDAY. All Journalists must decide on a partner who they will work with over the next month (and possibly longer)

Chiki (get list of all journalists and make sure they are making their selections this week to be announced at the meeting) Also, we need a list of all current attending members and their main focus/tract (Journalism, Web, Video, etc) Please contact them several times this week to remind them of the staff meeting.

Friday, March 21, 2008

today 3/22/

Well i got in a little late but kiara help me get things together and showed me how to use photoshop a little. she also showed and remind me how to get an asp file so i know how to upload story to the website.

CHANTAYSHA 1st video blog

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Experience

Well today's experience was very different from my first experience going out to approach a POS (person on the street). My first time when I went to approach a POS I was kind of nervous. Many people turned us down, which made me a bit frustrated because it was very cold outside. Though we were able to get a few people that had no problem with us interviewing them and video taping them. The people that we interviewed had so interesting things to say about the issue with ex-governor Spitzer and the scandal. I was just seeing how I should interview the POS that I would approach and how to deal with rejection and people that are immature. As for my second experience, I actually did something. We went to a rally for charter schools. The reporters didn't get much about what was going on, but I did get some pictures. At the end of this post I will put two pictures sup showing what I got. So as for me being here at HarlemLive, I really like it. I don't feel uncomfortable and nobody makes me feel that way either. Well I'm done for now. Pristine signing out

A Fun Day at HL

Today was a very good day because i was not tired, and that only happens once in a blue moon. Plus today was the last day of school Thank God!!!. At HL we had are photography class like every Thursday with Shem and we learned how to use some of the tools in Photoshop. It's amazing all the things you can do in Photoshop. You could make extreme makeovers :) pretty cool i think!.
After our class some of the girls and i went to cover a last minute story in 120th and Lenox Ave. It was about a rally for Charter Schools. In case you did not know Charter Schools are smaller schools outside the Border of Education. They get some money from the state and others funds from private organizations. These schools are brand new, and start with Kindergarten and first grade and then start adding more grades. Their main goal is to install the idea of going to college to younger children since they are about 4 to 5 years old. A good thing so the next generations could be more prepared and better educated.
It's Easter weekend so i hope all of you have fun, relax and sleep. Happy Easter !!! :)

My Shout Out to HL

Youth Media Party

The party was quite okay. They had a wide variety of snacks than most parties that I've attending. I really didn't like the lighting because it was too dim and I didn't feel that comfortable. I wished I had got some of the wine before I they found out our ages. I should have got some along with L. I was very tired when I got home and I didn't get to finish my homework. Vaya con Dios.

Blog Keeps getting Better. Site NEEDs Work.

The blog keeps getting better keep the posts coming! We'd like the adult volunteers to post as well!

WE made our switch to the new site but recognized some glitches with some of the file formats so may have to revert back to the old site for another week. We have a strong and dedicated team who have their work cut out to get all or much of the stories moved to the new site.

We had a brief scare with the tape decks but just turned out to be a networking issue and is now resolved. The iMacs are now ready for editing in the video room.

There are a lot of changes coming and that will be announced next week at the all student staff meeting. There will be formation of reporting teams and point system attached to the content created.

Get ready for a great April, May, and June as HL heads towards its 13th year.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today we had to remove all of the old stories off of our Harlemlive website and post them on our new site. It was intricate at first but, I did not give up because I know that all of my intricate work will pay off and things will be beautiful.[and it is!] Now I learned something new!! that was exciting.

the rainy busy day at HarlemLive

well ive been getting so much help from the staff and the most help from Andrea. sher shown me the best way to search for files i couldn't find and everything...i also learned how to make a screen shooting and how to organize the folder which is mostly on my desktop but as of now all my data is on the server.than xx a lot to Andrea. and I'm also about to get the new page for Harlemlive up and running back the way it use to be.


I had interviewed somebody that works at Lifebeat today, it's a nonprofit organization that bring awareness about HIV and Aids through the music industry. It was a nice short interview, i learned a lot about their program. Their located between 44Th and 45Th and 9Th ave building 630. They give concerts for people with HIV and full blown AIDS. They have tours targeting people ages 13 to 24, giving them condoms and informing them about HIV and AIDS. And how to prevent from getting the infection. Lifebeat also have other programs, check out the website, as young adults especially we need to learn about this infection. HIV and AIDS is a very serious issue so don't be scared be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journalism class and Hale House.

The journalism class with Katie was fantastic :)

I learned alot more about the essentials, and I feel alot better about going on interviews, and writing stories. Katie was really nice, and she gave us some great advice about writing stories, and the different types of stories that we could possibly write.

And today I went on my first story where I interviewed someone from Hale House, an organization that takes care of abandoned children. I was really nervous at first, but I got more comfortable as the interview progressed. I'm looking forward to actually writing the story, and seeing how it turns out.


Dear former governor & Present ,

First and foremost why ? To our former governor 80,000 all that money in over four years . I ma let you in on a little secret theirs couples counseling . I suggest that when your having marital bumps along the road to work it out. Hey a great poster child for making it work are Bill , David an average American citizens . A thought you have three young daughters , when kind of picture do you want to portray . Whoops it's was already painted I hope that as you steeped down hypocrisy hit you hard. Another question why couldn't I have gotten the money for being me ? If I did you know some of it will go to charity . Then the rest will be invested into profitable venues . To our recent governor thanks for being honest at first hand it's appreciated . Even though it would have been wiser both you and your partner to stay together without cheating on one another.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have written a story on "youth on international affairs", hopefully they have the story by the end of this week. I'm also doing my first community based - organization [ Childrens Arts & Sciences workshop]. I also will be attending the event this thursday. Hopefully I can get started back on the columbia expansion story that has been put off at the moment.

Soft ledes

Thank you to all of you who came to my class on the basics of journalism. I had fun, and I hope you all got something out of it. Someone asked me a question about how to start a profile story. EVERY journalist has their moments of struggling to write that perfect lede. But here are some suggestions to help you out.

I'll be back in two weeks to teach another class. Let me know if you have any more suggestions on what I should teach.

See you guys soon,


Today at HL had a class with Katie and i learn a lot of thing like that the stories need to have the 5 W'S and we also learn interviewing techniques that was to ask good questions and to always take notes. I am planning to apply what i learn on my stories to make them better and improve them. I also will apply them when i go to interview somebody and ask them good questions. On a future class i will like to talk about what can we do when we don't have anything else to say.

The class was really fun because most of the thing i learn today i already knew it from my journalism class in school like the 7 elements of news that are Proximity, Timeliness, Conflict, Significance, Human interest,prominence and Relevance. We also talk about from were we can get stories ideas. This class help me a lot because it improve my journalism skills and refresh my memory by talking about what i learn in my journalism class.

By take care!!!

Journalism Class

Today our first class was taught by Katie, and she works as a copy editor at the New York Times. Today we learned about the basics of Journalism and what different type of News stories there are which are:
Breaking News stories: Current events
Investigated stories: Take a lot of time, and you have to do a lot of research about a certain topic
Feature Stories:
Consumer News stories: Stories about what you buy and how it affects your life

Also when you are going to do an interview you should make sure to make some research about who you are interviewing before the day of your interview so you could be prepared and know to ask questions that are on a harder level scale. Make sure to answer the 5 W's too.

I can apply what i learned in my future stories. It would help me be more prepared for writing and interviewing people.

For the future class i think we should make an activity that will get us more involved with the class. Like for example: pick a topic and each person has to write a sentence about what they know and try to make sense of it with the collaboration of everybody.

She gave us this advise too " Good writing comes from good reporting"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today I learned how post other peoples stories. It was intricate at first and I had to think about it. Then, it came so easy to me! Even though it took me a about 30 min. each but it is O.K.


This week was a pretty sad week because my Aunt got sick and is in the hospital.
I am also sad because she is my favorite aunt and the mother of my favorite cousin and it hurts me seeing her and my cousin Sad and it also hurts me seeing my mother sad.School was fine nothing interesting nothing new.Today was a happy day because i got a 94 in my journalism and because i know i pass my other classes,my mom will be so proud of me!!! Well thats all for today.

Bye, Take care

Saturday, March 15, 2008


wuddup ya'll, I finally have internet in my crib!!! I just had to share this news (my dog, Max, doesn't seem to share the same excitement with me :-P ) ..::Besos::..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Zeaky in the House!

This week I learned how to work with the video camera, zooming in and out. At first it was difficult because there are a lot of buttons on the camera. But Matthew taught me a lot about the camera. My first images were people out on the street, based on the Governor resigning, and about Patterson taking his place. The majority of people agree with this. It was very cold that day, my hands were freezing. But we got the job done. I was working with Dyemah and Luz.

I think this is a great program cuz I'm getting experience on film that I always wanted to do. I hope I can gain greater knowledge on editing and using the camera.

The whole program is great for kids that want to follow their dreams. It's a great experience. I think everybody here is down to earth. Everybody is cool, outspoken and friendly.

We cook, we went shopping. I picked out a few items. Tonight I cooked shrimp.

I'm thankful for this program and I wish they could have a program like this for each and every borough.

Feeling of Accomplishment!

Hey there, How are you guys doing? How does it feel to be rewarded for something that you worked so hard for? It just feels amazing, right!. I'm a senior and this year I'm not going to lie has been the most stressful for me than any other in my high school career. Everybody says is the easier one and the most relaxing one, but no!! those people are wrong. Just applying to colleges and filling out all those applications are so stressful that you think you will go insane. And once that's done waiting for the acceptances letter is even worse because you don't know if the school you want to go to will accept you, nothing is secure in this process not even if you have the highest grades in school.

Well today though i feel i reached that feeling of accomplishment!. I got accepted to Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications, one of the most competitive university to get into to study communications. I'm so happy and excited because i got accepted, the top 1 in my top 5 list. So you can imagine how i feel. Is like all the work you have done through out your high school years has been finally acknowledge, and your dreams and goals are a step closer to become reality.

As you can see this was the start of a great weekend for me and i hope that your weekend will be as good as mine or even better. Relax and get some sleep, all of us need it after a whole week of school work and stress. Take care and see you soon!!!!

Party Crashing

Hello everybody, us as young adults need to learn about politics. We are lost in something that take up a major part in our lives. In the book Party crashing: How the Hip-Hop generation declared political independence by Keli Goff helps us understand whats going on in the political world. The book is basically about generation differences between black voters. I went to the book signing Wednesday march 12Th and learned a lot. Everybody that is born from 1984 and down are considered the Hip-Hop generation. Majority of black people especially young people don't vote or pick either a Democrat or Republican party to go with, they are going with the independent party now. And if young adults do vote it's like their votes are invisible. We need to do something about this. Whoever doesn't have this book should pick this book up and get to reading. If at age please vote, politics concerns everybody!!!!

hl spotlight

i got into alot today at hl i started to get an feel of how to upload the videos and story onto the new site. i got to help rich get a start up on his selling on ebay. we also got to see my creative side because i was trying to do the whole ebay and website thing by myself for a change althou i had alot of help.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's so important for everyone to blog on the regular, say what's going on with each of you, what you're working on, issues you're having in and out of HarlemLive that help us know and support you well. 

Report on what you're working. State issues you're having in getting anything done. Let us know of your accomplishments in and out of HarlemLive.  Is there anything else you'd like us to know? 

Ready. Set. Go Blog.

PS: ... and "GET OUT!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today was a crazy day but, when I come I loved that  I learn new things everyday.

today at hl

today i got a chance to upload some videos and get a chance to see how i can upload videos to the new website. i try ed out new soft wear and got hooked on it and now I can really see myself using it at home. I've been away and now I'm back so Harlemlive get ready fro more blogs from me...peace...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Sick

Hey there! Hope all of you are feeling great this week or at least better than me ;). I'm sick and super tired of school work! Today i just had my AP Art History test and it was sooo hard, its frustrating when you don't get your answers right. Today i also did my first POS and it was a new, interesting experience. There were very nice people and others that weren't as nice, but it was ok after all. Tomorrow is my National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, pretty interesting :). This week hopefully will go fine and i won't have too much stress!!!

My time consumers

I have alot of things that I'm dealing with this week. I have to be at Fordham university for the Model United Nations security council with my partner. I was so freaked out at first because I thought I had to do major research until I looked through the packet of information that I received and discovered that I had information regarding the situation that I have to addressed. I was surprised at the length of meetings 8am- 5:30 Pm for 2 days and 7 hours on Saturday. Also my colleagues and I have to get the proposal together to present it in April at City Hall. I would like to do a powerpoint presentation for that. I would like to finish my first print story next week.
I want to also have my story regarding the Malcolm X discussion done my next week as well.

My time consumers

Green Tea Warning

This is critically important to your health.

Warning: CNN News, and CBS News are all raving about the power of Green Tea.

The effects of Green Tea may include

*Increased Energy
*Lazer Foucs
*Longer Life
*Less Chance of Stroke


Monday, March 10, 2008


I am here at HL with a head and back pain but still here. In the other hand i am happy because my mom is finally coming tomorrow. I am also happy because some teachers game me my grades and i have pass them all at least science and math that for me are the most important. I am happy because my mother is coming and i finally get to go out because my father didn't let me go out. Today have been a horrible day in school because i had this back pain the whole day and didnt let me concentrate in what i ws actually doing in school. Well see you later.

check this out!

so we have a mentor named mel(melvin) and has some bad eating habits and me and my best friend jenny decide to give him a 30 day trial for him too be a vegetarian and see if it will make him a healthier person or see if he can even go a day without eating for one day. I hope he is up for the challenge. 

Interracial Dating

Inter racial dating is there even such a thing ? I think not people have evolved to the point where you don't even know who's ancestors are from where. Yeah that's Right I said it look at the person to your right an left . Looking at them I am pretty sure you have assumed their nationality . Ha ha wrong so you think that person could look Asian ,Hispanic,black , fill in the blank . Yet at the end of the day you never truly know who's who . When ever who ever gets in the way of you an your boo or fill in the blank . TELL THEM WHAT DO YOU KNOW ?

Friday, March 7, 2008

A poem I read in Spark.......ITS DEEP SOOOOO CHECK IT OUT!

"MORE THAN A PAYCHECK" by Sweet Honey in the Rock

We bring more than a paycheck to our loved ones & family.
We bring more than a paycheck to our loved ones & family.
We bring asbestosis, silicosis, brown lung, black lung disease.
Radiation hits the children before they really been conceived.

I wanted more pay, but all I've got today is more than I bargained for when I walked through that door.

Workers lend an ear
Its important that you know
with every job there is the fear
that disease will take its toll
if not disease then injury
may befall your lot
if not injury then stress
is going to tie you up in knots.

Rainy Friday

Wats goodie its really really pouring outside what a wet day. I finally just finish my profile for the second time idk how it erase the first time maybe cause i really didn't know how to work this computer like that but now that i know its so simple. Then i sent my profile to editors, i had gotten one respond back but now i need two more hopely they right me back . But hopely the rain stop don't want to go home in the pouring rain and i was waiting all week for the weekend which i wanted to enjoy so it needs to stop for now and it could start back Monday if  it want. Later though enjoy your weekend bye!!!!!!!

New Curriculum, Site, Energy

This is the month we get the magazine and tv show back on track. We're in the process of revamping the curriculum, designing initial tasks, then equating points to the various activities so students can monitor their growth and achievemente.

It's great to see all the new blogs and the new energy. 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Encounter with Skewed Male Perception

So, I've actually been apart of HarlemLIVE since the 25th of February, but I've never gotten around to all the things a newbie is supposed to do within their first week until now. Even though I got thrown right into the work process of Web Design and the basics of life at HarlemLIVE (i.e. washing tons of dishes my very first night.), Gisely (did I spell that right?) says I still have to be called a newbie for at least a month. BOO!

Now, for the actual thing I wish to discuss in my first blog, well not really discuss, but post I suppose.

On the 27th of February in my Journalism class we were discussing the male perception of females, and the topic of how some males get very upset when turned down, and call girls all types of names came up. Strangely enough, on the 28th, the day after the heated yet comical discussion in class, I ran into the exact same situation we had been discussing. What's posted below is what I scrawled in the back of my notebook after the incident, and I just typed it up on the computer tonight to share. I'd say it's rated PG-13? My passion is creative writing so it's story-like rather than story-like:

~ 1:53 PM ~ Train from doctor to school ~ 2/28/08 ~

“Can I sit down next to you?”

The first response that came to mind was, “Sure you can but may you? No,” because my teachers had always drilled it into my head.

Instead I frowned and moved my bag, even while observing all the empty seats on the train. There were about ten other people in the train car, scattered in all the different seats available. At almost two in the afternoon there should have been a few more people on the train, but I figured that was because of the homeless person.

I turned back to the man, either flirting with me or picky about his seat like I was.

He smiled and I smiled back because I’m pleasant that way. When he moved to sit down, the train swaying side to side as it barrelled down the tracks, he made a caress of using my thigh to keep from falling.

“Don’t touch me like that,” I said, and he scooted over and turned as much as he was able to in his puffy winter coat.

“What?” he asked, his milky blue eyes wide and his dry lips parted.

“Don’t touch me like that,” I repeated, turning my head to look at him.

That incredulous look was still on his face and he said, almost sincerely, “I didn’t want to fall. I just touched you so I wouldn’t fall. Is it such a big deal?” I frowned and turned my head away, burying the lower half of my face behind the scarf wrapped around my neck, nodding. “It ain’t such a big deal. Is it a big deal?”

I looked at him again, took in the look on his pock-marked and clearly over thirty features and said slowly, “Yes…it is.”

He made a bigger deal of getting up than he did sitting down, knocking into me while nearly shouting, “Fuck you then, you stupid bitch.” Stumbling to the door that led to the next train car he made sure to step on my whole left foot on his way out. The train still only had 10 other people on it, and the homeless man in the corner opposite of me started coughing again.

I slouched in the two seater in my little corner of the train, turned up my music, face back to hiding beneath my scarf to hide my smile.

People amuse me.

So, what do you all think? I'm especially interested in what the males reading have to say on the topic since there aren't many in my Journalism class.

Some people say I isolated myself by sitting in the corner 'alone', but when there are only 10 people on the train and 10 different sizes of benches to sit on, who really bunches up with other people? And then others say I invited him by smiling, but I'm still learning about certain male perceptions, and how even though my smile was a 'Hail fellow well met' kind of smile others may see it as an 'OMG come do me in the corner' kind of smile.


This a pic i took that i think is cool and wanted to share

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another blog!!

Hey Was Up !!
Its me Stephanie here at HL. Today at HL i learn how to use a camera a little bit and today and this week i have met new people here at HL. I am also confused because really have ideas of what my next story will be about but i actually don't know which one to do o f they are good enough. My email editor has also help me out giving me ideas that they think will be good for me to write about. Today in school there was nothing much i was just being a good girl studying. I am happy this week because daylight saving time begins this saturday so now it will darkens later than now and is something i like because is depressing seeing darkness at 5:30 PM. I am also really happy because my mother is coming soon and i really miss her!!!.

well see you and remember to change your clock this SUNDAY 9th!!!!

Moving on to new things

hey ya it me angie checking  up on things it been two months since I join harlemlive and I've been trying to learn new things. I just got my first lesson on how to hold and use the camera it really neat.I plan to do other things in harlemlive that way I won't have to wait around for any body and just I can finish my story faster.

Here's my first video =-)

Luz 1st Video Blog

School Uniforms - Video Segment (test)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Day.

Hi! I'm Dyeemah (Die-ee-muh), and this is my first post : )

I'm fifteen, and I go to Beacon High School. I'm very interested in writing, and I think journalism. Today was my first official day at HarlemLive, and I was very excited to get started. Although I was a bit nervous, everyone was very accomadating, and I felt very comfortable. I really should be doing homework now, so I'll say goodbye now. Adios!

Monday, March 3, 2008

student of the month

That's right!! I'm the student of the month. haters. just joking
I guess i did something right and my work got recognized. I'm still going to do video and now i'm interested in journalism and web design. I want to do everything.
Right now, 7:45 pm-HarlemLive are having a conversation about relationships and is really interesting. I'm happy that i have this intership at harlemLive and i'm happy to say that i can consider it as my 2nd home.
Hello, my name is Anaya and this is my first blog. I am very excited. I am 15 years old. When I grow up I want to be a Lawyer. But, for now i am attending Wadleigh Secondary High school for the Preforming and Visual Arts. I am his first daughter of my father so I get the  special treatment LOL!.  major in Dancing and Singing, these are some of the things that I like to do. I love being here. 
hello it me again I've been working on a story on interracial couples and
it been pretty cool to see how many people still freak when they see too people from
different race going out it really funny. this story will hopefully change the way people look at in interracial dating.see you,peace, and hair grease.

my first blog

This program is very different, something i never experienced before. It is fun but im also learning and meeting new people whom is very nice by the way . I thought it would be hard and un comfortabele but it feels like i been here for a while. I hope it gets better, even though it cant get no better than this. This is going to be a great experience and i hope i could conribute alot to harlem live.

Senior Year

To be honest Senior Year isn't all that it's claimed to be , for starters the classes are extremely boring . Unlike any other year the re seems to be a prolonged wait for it to end faster. I am currently in my second semestor passed all my classes the first , which means no summer school for me . I happy that finally I have a decent schedule , all four years my schedule has been like a 9-5 job. On a good note I had a bad incident with a cassette recorder , being a techie is no joke . Being the genius that I am all I did was call the sony comapany . They were very helpful asked for to much personal info but it's ok they got the job fixed . I had to stay on the phone for 20-40 minutes at least it felt like an hour . When your waiting for an answer on the other line you better have a good ear. What do I mean? Sometimes you can't tell if the person accidently hung up on you if you focus the back ground noise throws you of an then it clicks yep their on board . Most people don't have patience to stay on line long enough to hear for what they need to listen to . Haha to them I did and for it I now know how to fix my own error tehe. The real funny thing was that all I had to do was completely turn it off then restart it like a computer . "Todays lesson was good things come to does who wait".


Today was a really fun day because i got to disect the pig again. Today i look at the brain and at the lugns and also to other body parts. Today was kind of a sad day also because myt cousin left to DR so i would not be able to go to her house this weekend and i have to stay in my house all bored. I want this week to pass by fast because my mother is coming next week and i want her to come back( i miss her).

My First Blog

Hey wat'z up everyone, is Mabel here at Harlem Live doing my first blog ever!!!I'm very excited to start working and learning about Video and Journalism. I want to be a famous anchor woman so hopefully you guys see me someday on TV. Today is a nice day outside,the temperature in its 50s, after couple of cold days, crazy weather, a Global Warming effect! Guys raise awareness around you and spread the knowledge, Go Green and reduce the uses of fuels so we could live longer and we could safe this world even though it might seem too late.