Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miley Cyrus in Math Class

There was a big debate about Miley Cyrus and these pictures that leaked out on the Internet when she was at slumber party. There was students that said she was a bad role model for the kids while others said that alot of young children know about sex. There was a girl that said there are 14 year olds at this school that are engaging in intercourse. I think people shouldn't get entertainers confused with role models, parents, or community leaders. They are not suppose to be role models for persons kids. Allot of kids are influenced by the things that occur in their house. There are parents that will say "I don't want my kid to watch or listen to that" but they will use every foul word in the book and do every disrespectful thing in the world and don't think that influence their children.What ignorant people?HarlemLIVe what do you all think?


Hey what's up guys? Hope you guys are doing well. I haven't been around the blog for a little while but now i am, and everything is going well with me. My Spring break was good, i had a get together with my friends, and i slept a lot. I went to the Sterling Mine in New Jersey with my class and it was fun. But it was a little scary at first because the mine is old, and a little muddy, but it was cool though. They have a fluorescent room where the lights were off and you could see yourself in different colors and see rocks in rainbow colors too, that was the most fun of all! The worst part of the trip was when i got car sick and that sucks, and since then I've been really sick. Well guys i can't write too much because i feel sick so hasta la vista lol... xoxo

hey what's up?

Hey you guys it me Angie and I've been finishing  up my project with Columbia university it been a real experiences work them I learned a lot.I haven't been coming I a lot bot I've been  very busy working to projects but next week every week I'll  be coming non-stop. so keep me posted on things that happen here at HL.  

SAT 's!!!!!!!

Today is a good day kind of, i get out of school early every Wednesday. I was kind of tired when i got out so i went home and got like a 2hrs nap. My last two periods of school my counselor was helping me sign up for the SAT' 's. I am taking them in June, but since i am a junior i am going to take them like twice more. People make such a big deal about them because they are very important. I guess i will start to freak out when i become a senior. I should of taken it all the chances i had this year, it would of made it much easier on myself. My cousin gave me two big prep books from Princeton review and i should start studying them. Hopely i get a very high score on it so i wont have to take them over. I wish i would of took my junior year more serious but my grades are so good it's just that i really didn't put what college i want to go to to thought or the SAT'S. This whole summer i am going to studying for the SAT's and decide what college is best for me but at least i know what i want to do in the future. My counselor was talking about how Harvard could be a good school for me and if i get accepted since i am considered a minority my tuition is free. That is so cool, I need to start believing in myself more because so many people do and thinking of that encourages me to work hard until it hurts and when it hurts work a little more harder!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Excited for SUMMER.

The weather has been getting nicer everyday (excluding today,) and camp is right around the corner :)

I'm sad that I won't be at HarlemLive for about 2 months, but this is my last year as a camper at camp, so im super DUPER excited to be going for such a long period of time. I go to an awesome camp named Morry's camp, and this is my seventh year going.

In present time, I'm working hard to get A's in ALL my classes, and leave my sophomore year feeling good about what I've accomplised.

I've also been thinking about some new story topics, and the one that sounds the most interesting right now is going to the Drug Peace March. I don't know much about it, but I'm pretty sure it involves people supporting the legalization of marijuana. Crazy stuff.

Attendance for CBS & NY Times trip!!!

NY Times trip on Tuesday April 21rst 2008.
-Luz Adams
-Nyeisha Showers
-Laredo Regular
-Luisa Jaramillo

-Nana Poku
-Stephanie Ramos
-Mabel Marte
-Richard Calton
-Gisely Colon Lopez

-Dushawn Bryan
CBS Trip on Wednesday April 22nd 2008.

-Dushawn Bryan
-Nana Poku

-Angelica Coradin
-Stephanie Ramos

-Mabel Marte
-Laredo Regular

-Luisa Jaramillo (late but participated)
-Nyeisha Showers
(late was not able to participate)

If I forget to include your name SORRY!!! Please let me know and I'll add your name.

Come on People

I recently read COME ON PEOPLE by Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint. I thought there would have been some direct comments against poor people but it wasn't that way. There was alot of helpful advice that they gave to help improve the situations in low-economic areas. Some of the topics that they address were raising children, educating children, and how to address wrongs in the community. I'm not sure if this was the book that was criticized so harshly but I saw it as being helpful. I wonder if anyone at HarlemLIVE has read it?

who am i?

I can make you rise or fall. I can work for you or against you. I can make you a sucess or failure.
I control the way that you feel and the way that you act.
I can make you I can make your heart sing with joy...achievement...elation.. Or I can make you wretched..dejected..morbid
I can mke you sick...listless...I can be as a shackle... heavy...attached..burdesome...lost forever unless captured by pen or purpose.
I can be nurtured and grown to be a great and beautiful...seen by the eyes of others through action in you.
I can never be removed..only replaced.
Who am I?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today when I got to Harlemlive I posted 3 stories I know i could have posted 5 but, other students were tapping into my computer chancing my surrounding so it was difficult for me to get my work done. I thought that today it was goin to be a warm day like it was all week but when i woke up this morning it was raining super hard. 

Boring Monday!!

OMG what a day. Today is Monday, is Raining, not that hot and is The first day of school After spring break. What a day. Well today my hair got mess up of course because of the stupid rain. I hate this day because i like hot days and today is not hot thanks god the summer is around the corner. Today although it was rainy and all that it was cool because i pass my Living enviroment Mid-term with a good grade and also because today i begin my diet and i am actually following it!!! iam so happy!!!! I wasnt to lose 10 pounds or more by the end of june!! i hope i can do it because summer time is almost here and with this belly i am not showing no SKIN.

So bye!!!

Back in school

Today was a killer, oh my god i had the killer headache early and it lasted all day. Now i am at HL eating a sandwich and it's making me feel so much better. I had to rally up everything i did for this month to put them on a point paper. I am having a kind of tuff time ending my LIFEbeat story in a interesting way but i think i got it. It should be finish it by the end of the day and then i would send them to my email editors. I hope the rest of week be good cause my spring break wasn't all that but i guess i get over it cause summer vacation is right around the corner. Even though the vacation should of been a just a little bit longer. Whoever wrote that blog about Sean Bell and the court thing spoke the truth, i totally agree. Later everyone i should be back sometime this week.

Harold & Kumar Do It Again

Hey HL bloggers welcome back to school & for those that have been gone from HarlemLIVE. It seems like just yesterday Harold & Kumar where craving White Castle . That movie was my motivation to eat white castle . I still remember the cheetah ruining after Harold and when they got on top of it .I saw Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay I loved it , there tack ticks to get out of Guantanamo Bay were Funny . The main theme of the movie again was to find something or someone they crave . As usual smoking anything is a must for them . I hope you have had a great vacation . If you have time and wanna b entertained I definitely recommend this movie .


HL Facebook page

Hey everybody,

I set up a facebook group for HL. If you are not a facebook user, you'll have to create a user id, etc. first, then you can join the HarlemLive group (the group is set to "open" so that anyone on facebook can join it).

Is there a group picture of all the current HL participants out there that can be uploaded? Or do you want it to just have the HL logo? Let me know. I didn't set up any "officers" for the page because that's something that should be decided by all of you.

OK, let me know what's good...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

In on Sunday

OK, this is my first time ever posting a blog, writing a blog, blogging, however you say it. I'm at Harlem Live today here to support Nyiesha. She's interviewing a Christian rap group that will be in later today.
I was in on Monday, and it was kind of a slow day because of Spring Break. It gave me a chance to read a lot of the new stories on the website. I really enjoyed reading Laredo's, Nyiesha's, and Dyeemah's feature pieces since I've worked with them on some things. I enjoyed reading the blogs, too. I could identify with Kennequa being shy here at first, but feeling comfortable later. I felt the same way. At first, I was very timid about going "out on the street," since I'm a writer, but not a journalist. Now, I'm liking it. Thanks everyone for making volunteering fun and letting me learn from you.
Something's smelling good in the kitchen, so I'll end this here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

50 shots and No justice!

Friday afternoon, everyone throughout the city saw how much Sean Bell life meant to Judge Arthur cooper when he acquitted the police officers of all charges. He stated that witness testimonials, the criminal history of the victims, and position the police were in had helped him make this decision in this case. It's obvious there is something wrong with this judge because there's no need to fire 50 bullets into one vehicle even if you suspect someone has gun. Second, detective Michael Oliver reloaded his firearm more than once therefore he had time to see if these individuals had a gun or not. Also the testimony of the police appear to be somewhat inconsistent because they say that Sean Bell and his associates bumped into their car and later they changed their story into that he had a gun. I don't think I was the only one that observed that. Is Judge Cooper trying to convey that it is perfectly find to shoot and murder someone if they supposedly "bumped" your car and that they had a prior record of convicts which may not mean anything because everyone knows how public defenders force their clients to plea guilty to something even if they know they didn't do it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Virginia Life

Hey guys, it Chantaysha postin a blog from VA. My springbreak has been very relaxing just wat my doctor ordered me to be having. I seen my dad and my other relatives. But I been basically relaxing during this whole vacation. Other than that I miss home and I miss my friends. Most of all I miss Damien. Also I miss being at HL. I became so used to my schedule that it feels weird not to be at HL around 4 till 8. But I'm coming back on friday and I can't wait. Until den lata. ^_^

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring break

Hello everybody, my vacation is going good so far. The weather is nice, what more could we ask for.  But my vacation is going so fast and i don't want it to because i need a vacation. Today i am at Harlemlive, we are fixing up and everything. I missed the trip earlier today but selly said they going to go on another one. This week i been studying to take all my regents for i could take them all over and get real high grades on them. I been thinking of my future lately, i really want to be successful in life. I decided i want to be a lawyer at a good law firm. I am still thinking 0f what college to go to, but i think i want to go out the state though. I have to decide by the end of the summer for i could sign up for finical aid and scholarships. Hopely i get a full scholarships, that would be so good. Later everybody hope u enjoy the rest of your week. 


Hey, hope you guys are enjoying these beautiful days of lots of sun and increasingly, crazy temperature, but that's what we asked for so here we have it and we can't complaint. This week has been really interesting, yesterday we went to The New York Times and today we went to CBS. OMG it was so much fun, i loved the studios and is so cool being live, at the moment when the news are actually on session. The newscasts were very nice and they gave us some good advices, at least for me they were helpful because i want to major in broadcast journalism. The control room has like a million buttons and they are so complicated but overall i loved it, it was a great experience being at CBS, i can't wait to go into another TV station. The New York Times was interesting too but it's not a place where i see myself working, but it was cool. It's huge and very calm. Well guys enjoy your spring break am sure enjoying mine. Hasta la vista guys xoxo

Here is a pic of Steph and me, the day we went bike riding and i almost killed her! (not literally)

Day At CBS!!!

OMG today was so fun because we went to CBS studios to see when they were doing the news. It was so much fun because we got to go into the control room and we also saw the journalist give the news. It also fun because i got to meet the journalist and actually talk to them and ask questions.I was also impressed with the control room becase it has so many screens and so many buttons that those man need to deal with that i was amazed how they did it so well without making any mistakes.

cbs studio visit

wow has this been a wonderful day and wonderful week so far I've been so many different places and today was one great experience, i went to CBS studio and we got the full tour of the studio which was so good i never felt this involve before and i seen how they cut and add things into the whole time we watch the news. i felt as if i was in a whole new world. i got to talk to Dana Tyler and Jim Rosenfield and we got a chacne to take pics with them and ask a few questions which made them seem more cool than i thought.

Visit at Cbs

Our visit to Cbs was great. We went behind the scenes and saw how everything was done. We got to see the news anchors do there job and the weather lady stand against the green board foretell the weather forecast for this week. Also we were able to ask the reporters questions about their careers and their life and they gave us some useful advice if we want to pursue a career in journalism. Overall it was interesting.

CBS Studios

Hey people in case you missed it Harlem Live when to CBS Studios we had so much fun because we watch a live show and got too see behind the scene look at how they make the show come to live. We got to ask question, and get to know what makes a journalist. Hope that soon we will have more trips like this it was awesome.


Today we went to CBS and we met the people who do the reporting and Dana and the other guy who is there with Dana. I learned a lot about how they do things and all of that. I thought that the city in the background was real but it was fake. I also learned that the woman who does the weather it really is a green background and they add the special effects to it to make it better. I learned a lot from this trip and i hoped you learned a lot too.-_-!!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greetings From Aruba!

Hello people, I hope you guys are enjoying your spring break. I just arrived in Aruba this afternoon and boy is it humid. My hair got totally messed up. But so far my day has been well except for the random lizard and cockroach that keeps appearing out of nowhere.
And just to keep you guys on an update of Angelica's and I's progress in Columbia University, we are almost done with our first video and already planning our next. I think all of us are finally getting used to the video idea.
Well I got to keep this short.
So see you laters peeps.

ny times

well today i visited the NY Times head quarter and we got a really good tour of the whole building and the tour guide was very good with giving answers to our questions and to explain the whole thing about the building and he also gave us some history about the times which i found to be very productive because before this tour i didn't know the times, so with his own personal working there type of thing it gave us more of what they do not just write story but work as a team. the picture i add to my blog is the types that they used in the old days to get the work in the paper.

Monday, April 21, 2008


i got to the end of the road and i got my task completed. i uploaded most of the old story to the new website and i got a chance to notice that my category is the most packed with story which I'm happy of because with that in mind i can look at the website and say most that is seen was posted by me. so i feel accomplished. cant wait to see what they have in stores for me now. and tomorrow we are going to the NY Times Head Quarter and i hope someone from our team will come back with an wonderful story as they always do so i can put it up, because i will be taking photo so the website can get new information and pictures. hope to see the blog life soon....peace

Friday, April 18, 2008

Began of vacation

Today is Friday and it's the beginning of our spring break. The weather outside is nice but a little to hot for me, it's giving me a headache or maybe cause i need to eat. That's why I'm just staying for at least 2 hours for i could go to my grandma house and get the dinner my mom put to the side for me. I still have this cold and it's making me cough wild crazy, i thought i would feel better because i took a theral flu but guess not. Oh yeah yesterday we made over $500 for my friend and he was so happy, that made me feel so much better. His mother funeral is Tuesday, i want to go to support him but I'll feel uncomfortable being there and not knowing his mother. My birthday is next Sunday and my twin is so excited but i don't feel like that. Hopely i start to feel better during the week. Later everybody enjoy your vacation.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In A Days Work

Hey HL blogger checking in again I hope all of you are doing well and your health is on point . Today was an exciting day Stephenie , Dyehma and I had gone out on a PO'S ; I have always been fascinated with seeing people in HL in their environment or field . I was proud of how professional the crew I was working with was . They are so young and have so much promise ha ha listen to me talking like I am grown . I have also seen myself grow as a videographer , that's the whole point of being in Harlem Live to grow and improve your craft. The residents that were interviewed gave positive feed back , some gave different points of view on the subject we asked them about. By the way we asked them their thoughts on having the pope come to AMERICA . Remember spring break is coming by so don't get lazy and hand in all your assignments in school.


A Wonderful Experience

Hey guys i haven't been here for a little while but now I'm back. I went to Syracuse University from Sunday to Tuesday, and it was fabulous. My advice to whoever is going to college in the next couple of years is that before making a final decision about where to go i recommend to go visit the campus before because it would be of great influence in your decision. My experience at Syracuse was amazing, i had so much fun. The campus is beautiful, it is huge in size, filled with grass and old buildings that look like castles. The atmosphere is great and in the summer is even prettier than what already is. The school itself is very diverse, there are people from different states as well as internationally. Personally i met people from California, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, England, and many more places. Everyone is very nice and there's always something to do either on campus or outside campus. The mall is very nice and big, and you can find almost any store you want. Syracuse however is not only a school that demands the best from their students but it's also a party school. There is always something for everybody to do so nobody feels left behind. Well i made my decision and that's where i definitely will be attending to this fall because i fell in love with the campus and the school itself. Go Syracuse!!!!!

Middle of the week

This week weather was real nice so it made me feel kind of alright. The weather is going to get even better starting tomorrow but i might just stay in because i am feeling a little sick and it's making me weak. Yesterday one of my real close friends mother passed and i knew he was hurting so i felt so bad. Today he came to school at the end of the day to do something and his eyes was swollen and red from crying but he tried to hide it by joking around. I feel so bad for him because he is like a brother to me. Tomorrow in school we giving a bake sale and try to get donations for him. It's to help him out because the person who took care of him was his mother and funerals cost so much. He is moving to New jersey with his aunt and i am going to miss him but ofcourse we going to keep in touch. While i hope the week get better and the way i feel match the weather, NICE.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Graduation Requirements

Hey HL blogger it's me again , It has come to my attention that graduation requirements or standards for graduating are set even higher then before . For those of you who don't know listen up , upcoming class of 2009 has to pass their Math A , Math B regents if not the first time the second this applies to this years sophomores as well . Do I feel bad for this years freshmen class of 2012 you have to pass the regents the first time taken with a 65 or above . My intake on this standards are being set higher because they the board of ed knows it will cause a higher drop out rate , what does that mean say it with "The Futures Cheap Labor" . My advice to any high school student is to pass your classes the first time around ; take hygiene and crucial classes you need to graduate the first three years . Don't wait for the last minute lets say last semester of your senior year to start caring . College is always good but keep in mind that in the end it is a business. It alaways helps to take college credit courses like Aps's and college now , remember to always have an open mind .

A Thought

Hey Harlem Live bloggers , Do I have some thoughts for you , life is some what confussing . Haven't you constantly heard some one tell you to cherish the moment . There's also the old saying stop and smell the roses , how could we smell the roses when they have thorns . This applies to life as well how could we take a break when this countries beautifull culture teaches us to be workaholics . For what? really work to make some one richer and in the end does it really mean anything. It may sound ackward but I some what admire bums for their none ambitions . Think about HL bloggers , no one taxes them they live on their own personal freedom . Once again scrath your noodle the price people for not succumbing to our culture is a bum , don't wanna go to school or get any form of education "Become a bum"; Don't wanna pay taxes or rent "Become a bum". I think by now you get my messeage don't stop to smell the roses , pluck them all out sniff em and keep working you workaholic you.


Hi everybody today was a cool day I ridded on the bikes to go out and pick up the mail. I also learned something in school today about histographs that i never even knew before. I love to learn new things every single day that's me. But then when I came home that's when everything got messed up I had to do homework and it was on itergens. I said what? but I read the example and was saved thank God looks like I was saved after all!!!     

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have finally completed my article on Youth on International affairs and have completed my barack obama editorial. I have to finish my community based article. I feel bad that I didn't get the appropriate spelling of one the social workers. I want to write an article on Hip and Hop next. I think alot of people will like but it will open people eyes to certain aspects of society.

HL and some requirements

Today I learned that web design will look good on my college application. I posted one more story that usually because I learned the short cut. My Arts and Culture section is almost clear, Iam getting better at short cut.


This and last week was a really cool week because i got to go to a very interesting meeting with senator perkins on friday about the Rat problem that have been going around the neighborhood. It was pretty cool because i got to see reporters from NY1 and also i got to meet important people. I am also a little sad because my mom on friday twist her ankle and it hurts her so i got to do all the chores on Saturday. Poor mommy!!!! but i also got mad because i was suppose to go in a story about all the trees they were planting around NY and i couldnt go because i had to stay home doing the chores and helping my mom out.Well thats all Folks!! see yah

With love steph...

Starting to get the hang of HL

Last week Thursday i went to this summit which Nyeisha was writing a story on that was about help fixing up the neighborhood and their special guest was Dominic Carter. It was very interesting and it was nice to hear people wanting to help their neighborhood and their people. It makes me so proud to be a African American. Then Friday i went to this thing at the state building that was given by the senator Bill Perkins about getting rid of rats in the neighborhood. That day i was the video person, it was kind of fun. I thought i will be bad at it but i did alright for the first time. Now today i am going to finish writing my story on LIFEbeat, hopely it comes out good especially of it being my first story. Later everybody i hope you all enjoy the rest of this long week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Painting and Parent Teacher Conferences.

The title should have been 'Parent Teacher Conferences and Painting' because the Parent Teacher Conferences came first. Did anyone notice my brilliant use of alliteration?


My Parent Teacher Conference was great, and I guess that's because my grades were great. Well not great, but extremely good. My dad surprised me, and showed up for the first time to one of my parent teacher conferences. He was so proud that he bought me a Beacon sweatshirt (that's where I go to school).

Today, my room was painted! It's absolutely, positively, radiantly, fantabulously, beautiful! Here is my room before it was painted, and after:

Harlem Men

On thursday, Nyeisha, Kennequa, Loredo and I went to event for a program called Harlem Men at Harlem Children Zone. I didn't know what to expect so I couldn't wait for the event to begin. They served finger foods, juice and water. As I looked around, I noticed that every person seemed to be positive and I didn't feel any negative vibes at all. I really liked the event and felt that it was really inspiring. The organization wants to give young men the chance to be something later on in life. Also I noticed kids in the gym exercising and being very productive. And that was separate from the event and I found that to be great because it was late and thursday's weather was nice. So to see students doing that showed me that these kids are already on the right path.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Harlem men stand up

when I went to the event with Nyiesha I was kind of shock at how professional the people behaved. There wasn't any shenaenes or petiquas because Harlem Childrens' zone have a reputation for having some of the most ghetto trash for staff. Maybe the people that actually work there weren't present because I knew it would have been a disaster if they were. Hopefully my colleagues had fun at the event when I left. More or less it was kind of boring for me.


Hey guys!!! I'm so happy my birthday was yesterday and it was so much fun. My friends are the best! They surprised me with a cake at school and it was fun, and later on that day i went to eat with chiki and steph, my best friend. We ate until we dropped lolz and then they had a surprise for me, which was that the restaurant's crew came to our table with a cake and they started singing to me. It was so nice and cute, and i started crying because i'm a cry baby :) . Tomorrow i'm going bowling and to the movies with my friends, another funny and cool night... can't wait!!
OMG! life has taken a turn for the worst  here at Harlem Live. First, school starts taking over my life and I couldn't make it to Harlem Live and then when I do come back I get yelled at for not calling to tell everyone that I was not coming so I could have cancel with columbia student that were coming in I felt really bad . So now I have to over work myself to make everything right also it my birthday this week so fuck up also schools is pissing me off. But what ever I not going to let a couple of things get me stressed out. 

Spring Break

Hey HL blogger how are you doing I am fine . I brought more news to the village SPRING BREAK is coming and there are endless possibilities as to what you could do , if traveling is on your mind . A hot spot at the moment is the Dominican Republics very own Punta Cana resort beach . Next on the list Mexico's Cancun . Keep in mind that every thing you do reflects who you are . Make sure you do nothing your be ashamed of later on , but always have fun . If staying in New York is your spring break make sure you get lots of sleep at home. Go out with your friends , go to the park ,or better yet go to HL . Spring is the season of rebirth and time of personal growth so shed those winter blues and enjoy the upcoming summer .


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today I had to post 2 and edited on the new website. It was intricate but, after Andera helped from posting and editing got easier. I posted Arts and Culture stories they were interesting because they talked about sports and it was easy to understand from young person perspective

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Train madness for HL

When me and katherine left Dyeemah at the bus-stop we went to get the train and it was taking so long to come. When it did come, the train opened on the opposite side. Then we ran upstairs to catch the other train but we were to late than we ran back down stairs to catch the other train and we almost missed that one. I was glad that we didn't have to wait for another one. When we got back to HL the pictures that I took wasn't there but that's okay.

Al Sharpton Video

Tragedies and Mishaps Just Seem To Continue

Today isn't the greatest of days. My throat is hurting and also my video blog is taking hours to process. At this moment I just want to just fall out and give up. But I won't because I'm not a person that just gives up. Like I just feel horrible and I look horrible. I think thats its just one of those days that I just have to deal with. Then there comes the question, how much can I deal with or even take? Well that question will be answered by tomorrow. If I make it through the rest of the day then I will be good. If not, I didn't succeed and I gave up.

Pristine Signing Out

Tired like Richard

today was a real tirering day in school and harlemlive i mean like can someone help me out and give me a laugh or somethin im just mad tired today man i feel like fallen out im just mad tired ei yo today is just tired for me!!!!!

Startiing to blend in!!!

I been in Harlemlive for a month and a half now and I'm started to get use of things. It was hard at first because i wasn't use to doing anything after school unless it was sleeping and chilling with my friends. I am so happy i have gotten the chance to be here it knocked the laziness out of me. I got a chance to try something i always wanted to do which is being a journalist. It helps me get an idea of what i want to take on as a career in life. I went on a PSO once and it was kind of fun i was nervous though but i got the hang of things after a while. It was funny and put thought to my mind by hearing different people responses. I went to interview someone at a organization called Life beat a little while ago and about to start writing my story on them now. That was cool and i learned a lot by doing that. It's like I'm breaking out my shell a little because I'm so use to being to myself, luckily everybody here is friendly and cool which they make me feel more comfortable. And the program started be to try to eat more healthy which started my diet and exercising. I cant wait to i really get on board and start blending in with the Harlemlive crew.


Hi everybody, today is a nice day it's beautiful outside. The spring is starting to show and i am really feeling better by the moment. Feeling less drozy and lazy but more focus and energetic. The week started alright but hopely it turns into a exciting week. Thank GOD that i get out early tomorrow but the bad thing is i have a couple of things to do but i want to go to eat for my friend birthday to eat. But might not get a chance to because i have to get my check, go to the doctor, go to Barnes and noble to get my regents review books and then come here. Im going to try to make it do what it do though, hopely it turn out the way i want it to. This weekend should be good cause i cant deal with another weekend being bored in the house, thats a no no might go crazy. Later everybody!!!!

So much to do.

There's so much to do, and so little time. Between school and everything else, I feel like there's no time to sit back, and reflect. And reflection is important.

My friend Cassey's birthday is coming up, and I have the greatest, most fantabulous gift planned out for her. I'm trying not to procrastinate, but it's apart of my nature. 

I'm really excited to work on new stories, because I have a lot of great ideas that I believe are very interesting.

I'm here Now!!

I'm the newest member of the HL-Spotligt-Team (Crowd Cheers!)

I know, I took long enough. I really started to miss being in the office after the paint session on Saturday. I'll try to get in during the week more often.

Attention!! Attention!!... The weather is getting nice and there are tons of stories for us to cover . we missed the HS robotics competition? we can't let those stories slip away. We need to get more content talking about teens doing some amazing things. I'm sure we all have a super talented friend..chessmaster, gymnast, "valedictorians(hint)", athletes, or just a volunteer some where cool.

well I gotta run kids, have a good day and always remember HL there is

Monday, April 7, 2008

Today was a kind of coold day. But its a monday and i hate mondays!!! iam also mad because yesterday i did my hair and when i woke up this morning they were a mess.Today i was so frustrated because in math we are doing proofs and is a new kind of proof and if i didnt get the one they gave me before for sure iam not going to undersatnd this one which are Indirect proofs !!i hate them!! Today in HL me, Mabel,Angelica and Nana went out to look for stories and i have a couple of story Ideas which i think are cool.

Bye my people::


Hey guys, what'z up? I haven't painted in so long and on saturday we were painting HL's walls. It was fun because we were all together and the weather couldn't have been better. Little by little we'll be making this place prettier. My weekend was great i had couple of surprises that were very unexpected, and that made me a happier person. My birthday is on Wednesday, I'm so excited because I will be spending time with my friends and important people in my life plus I'm getting my phone back Omg i can't wait no more lol. It's like a part of me was missing!!!, but soon the wait will be over. Steph, Angelica, Nana and me we all went story hunting and we found couple of interesting stories that will be working on. Well i gotta go but until my next blog stay safe. xoxo 

Sunday, April 6, 2008

For Chiki

With love,

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Harlemlive's makeover

ayo its Nana again today is a okay day we painted the outside of Harlemlive its all cool today people chillin having fun today it is all good i mean come on today couldn't even be better i am very happy ei yo and im out 1!!!

College madness

I was so angry when Rider said that they haven't receievd my application when I had applied to in the late february. Also Adelphi said they haven't received my sat scores yet either. I really mad at my college advisor now. This is not the first time has done this. Some of my associates have said they have already been accepted to the same college and I probably applied before them and still haven't been accepted yet. This is a issue now.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tragedies and Mishaps Part 3

I swear, my tragedies and mishaps just seem to continue. Like I just don't understand why my week is so tragical. When I come to HL, my mishaps and tragedies just go away. But when I leave they start up all over again. Uggghhh I just don't understand. Today didn't start off great, it was a very gloomy day for me. But it was fixed when I went to this musical called Passing Strange. It was a great. I was kind of a rock musical. Very loud and live. Lots of lights and its also funny. I ended with a headache after the show. Mostly because I was right next to the speaker. So other I don't want to get into much detail this week. But yeah and to top it all off i have 3 projects due. I hope I will be able to get done. Well Thats All Folks

Pristine Signing Out

PS Here's A Picture Of The Musical


Angelica and I had to interview two of our teachers and a couple of students from our school for a video for Columbia University teacher College. During my interview, I kept messing up because one of my teachers kept making me laugh. it was sort of hard to be serious with hi even though normally he is a serious teacher. During my second interview it was natural for me because this was my all time favorite teacher. After my interviews were done it was Angelica's turn. During one of her interviews some lady walked right into the shot even though we told her not to. I dont understand why people have to rude even if you are nice to them.

ps- I am technology dependent.


Hey HL bloggers , It's me Divi again I brought good news to the village . We have seen Jay-z and Beyonce's secret relationship since 2000. Well maybe not seen it as much , but their together an strategically stay out of the lime light as a couple . Now it's been alleged that they have filled for a marriage license . I personally think they make a great power couple they have worked hard for their success. It's always nice to have someone to share that love with . I hope they do get married and give the public a wedding to talk about . Harlem Live on Wednesday April 2,2008 was an enlightening day I was taught vital steps needed on a video program . I love video since I have been doing it I have a whole different respect for editors they are no joke.

Signing Out,

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wow what a day at HL

Today i got into so much i couldn't believe myself. i got a chance to upload about 6 more stories and the mos exciting part of my day was when i found out how to upload an video to the was that a major leap in my life. Also i showed a fellow student how to use a application that she didn't know before and I'm glad i can actually show what I'm learning at Harlem live because it show that I'm getting a chance to learn some new skills and update my own skills about computer design and using the softwear. so for anyone who want to learn how to convert video hit me up...

Español... Spanish..

Diganmelo mi gente,

como tan' por que yo estoy muy bien aqui en HL. Bueno hoy fue un dia muy exitante por que me entere que pase mi examen de Matematicas B con un 95 y conste que fue muy dificil ese examen. Bueno como le iba disiendo hoy estoy feliz tambien por que mi primo que se fue para Republica Dominicana hase un Mes llego ayer!!! Este miercoles tambien a sido presioso por que la temperatura estuvo exelente aunque un poco vientoso pero no importa.Ahy grasias a dios que ya mañana es el ultimo dia que salto tarde de la escuela por que el viernes en medio dia por que ahy conferencia de padres y maestros.. Ahy dio que le diran a decir esos maestro a mi mai'? aunque yo soy una niña buena pero nadie save. Yo tambien estoy muy muy muy contenta por que mi maestro de Historia Global me pas para una clase AP lo que me hace sentir muy bien y me hace saver que todo el esfuerzo que hise para pasar esa clase valio la pena.Hoy yo tengo una hambre por que no comi nada y aqui en Harlemlive Kareem hiso vegetales y yo oido la mayoria de los vegetales entonces mejor me hise un sandwich y como cuando llege a mi casa.

Bueno no vemo!!!!

Busy Busy!!!!

Today was a good day, the weather was nice, i got out of school early but that's every Wednesday and my day was good and stress free so far. I got my report card today, i got all A,s but one B but hey i am going to do better next report card. I also got my transcript i got all my credits, a really good average but my regents grade is horrible. I'm taking them all over in June, i was been suppose to get the regents exams book to practice with them but I'm going to get them the end of this week or definitely next week. Yesterday my school counselor told me i was selected to apply for this summer program at Syracuse New York that will give me 6 college credits by taking college classes. But she told me at third period, so i had to rush and write a essay, fill out the application and get two typed recommendations all by the end of the day. While doing that i had to go to some of my classes and try to get my friend to fix the computer for i could edit and print my essay. Luckily i finish it by the end of the day. Then tomorrow and Friday for the whole school day and a little bit after i am going to be out doing something with my VE class. I'm happy but a little worry because Friday is trade fair but I'm not sure that my company is ready for it. We could do it though, i believe in us. And this is not all of what i have to do for the week, it's more. See busy busy busy, later though .


Hey guys wat'z up. Today is Wednesday, mid of the week yeahh, and it was a hectic day in my Virtual Enterprise class. Our trade fair is on Friday and our class is a wreck. We've been cutting carboards and paper for ever now. I think I'm developing a callous on my fingers because of the scissor, not a very nice thing. School was okay like always, for my Honors English class we started reading the sonnets of Shakespeare and they are kind of boring and complicated. I'm mad at my mom, we got into a huge argument about college last night and is not looking good, but everything will be fine (hopefully). Well talk to you guys later or when something really interesting happens. Ciao!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


yo its nana first blog on blooger u already no'. trying o get some videos posted u no' doig me ya digg!! holla back!!


Hey, wasss up!!!

Today has been a wonderful day because first of all is was HOT!! and it didnt rain that much. It was also a good day because i got to make a cake for my Academy bake sale and it makes me feel happy knowing that i help my Journalism Academy. This day HL is very quite Jenny and Angie are not here.Tomorrow iam sure this is going to be really crowded because Wednesday are the D ays were most people come in. Today was anaya 16 birthday but she wasent here. This was also a cool day because i got to know more about my very special email editor Temma who told me a lot of cool things about her. She also told me that she enjoys being an email editor and it was one of her friend named chris who is a Poet. Well bye

Take care!!!!