Thursday, December 20, 2007

12/20/07 at HARLEMLIVE

Today I did some editing on a video that I recorded for practicing editing. Basically the video was about doing construction on a church and a small interview of James from Harlemlive. I just took out parts that looked a little blurry and parts that I didn't need. I didn't want the video to look unorganized. So I fixed up a couple parts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Day

Today was my first time asking to do doing interviews with
people. The store I went was the Harlem museum. I told them about
Harlem live and I gave them a flier. Also I told them that I interested in
doing a interview with them. They gave me their card and told me to
call them tomorrow.

My Day at Harlemlife Today!!!!!!!

Today i am so excited because i wen out to look for stories. I am a very shy girl but today i notice that i could interact with people very well without having to be shy. I am also very impressed because i never though i could do this like approach to people an ask them questions but today i noticed that i can and that iam actually not that bad at it. I know that here at HL i will learn the skills and i will get better each day until i do it perfect.Today i also learn that not always when you enter a store the people want to get interview.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yup, it feels great 2 b back @ HL. I've been busy with school n stuff but school is wining down and lightening up so i should b here a lot more often ready 2 do some video stuff. ONE


~~back again~~

Hey everyone its me hector..... this is my first day back in a while and its pretty cool...... things are slow but its cool..... im eating poppy cock whatever that is. its good but its stuck to my teeth.......

Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Day At Harlemlive

My first day at HarlemLive was awesome because i learn lots of cool stuff in the computer. Also because i meet new friends. HL is a new experience in my life because i have never worked so this is my first job too so,i am really excited. I also met a man that Richard the supervisor called the "Wealthy man" he is really cool he make cool pictures on the computer too. I also Aleah who was the one who shows me all the stuff i had to know. I really enjoy being here because HarlemLive is run by young people like me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

today was 12/13/07 slush day

well today was very different we had alot of snow out so not a lot came to HARLEM LIVE but we still got the learning and still had an interesting day.

i learn how to get the pressbadge remade and got a chance to see how they make it at staples.

Little Africa

Today I went on my first story. I interviewed a man who owns the African Shop up the block called little Africa. I had a lot of fun doing it. It was easy to complete it. It took me awhile to get my first story. Richard had to first complain to get me motivated to do it. I guess he knows now that is the way he can get me to do a story. it was raining alot so it was annoying.  I thought the african shop had a lot of nice things.  It was easy working with james.

My first blog

I got to go I will add more later


sup poeples this is flav....reporting live from HSGCA....just pasing by to comtribute to the post and to share with yall about my week with college applications....its been a hassle tryin to find colleges that major in graphic design..and when i do find one ,its only a associates degree and i dont want that i want a bachelors degree a 4 year college not 2 year college far i dont know whetther to head out to the burbs lol or to stay in the heart of the city.....saying this i have applied for york college and queens college just becuase my conseluor said to apply to cuny colleges just incase i dont make it to other made me feel type mad but i dont care ....aint none tellin me where imma get in and where imma not get in ....tryin to crush pplz dreams by sayin this ...naw they must be buggin ...right dont u agree???....shyt is hectick...i got a 3.0 gpa and i know thas about neutral for many colleges but i think is has lowered becuase of this year.i failed english .. dont know y that teacher be buggin but imm now showing her i can acheive higher that wat she actually is expected me to reach..and boy is she shocked as of now...!!!!...she cant belive i actually read the book ...imma try to prove her wrong and not assume things about me... and that book is getin good man ....yo hamlet is the shit man mad interestin ..i know is hard to read it but u get used to it and start understanding it ......and yea s0o0o wat if im reading!!!aint nothin wrong with that unless u readin in ur speare time then u got n0o0o0 life just playing man ....well thats a sign that u gotta find something else to do ...maybe try a hobby or something lol.....well this i s all i got o say about that ....
"UNVaLeD"...UP AnD OuT...

Monday, December 10, 2007

the meeting

today we had the meeting. celi did a wonderful job presenting the data she did. and i learn that 2008 is going to be the year of new is going to be hotttttt....but beyond all i had alot of fun. would write more but i gotta go...lata

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

today 12/5/07

notice i said today as my main title...i put that because its my second day and i feel i learn so much that i didnt think i could..

first i shoot a video with travis who is a member of HARLEM LIVE and i think today we did a good job trying to find something to capture. to be honest i didnt think we would make it but we ended up making a good video then carter came and we edited the whole video and we boht learned how to re-edit da video when it has dropped video.

today was a very cool cold day and im happy i was able to be at HARLEM LIVE.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

Days at HarlemLive

Today I was introduced to the Newbie card which consisted of a list of requirements for HarlemLive newbies to get out the way when they join. I already learned how to use html codes a little. Those are the codes that create our myspace layouts and stuff. Today I also created my account on  and this is actually the first one. I hope to make more later on and inform you guys on more stuff later on. PEACE OUT!


Today i was creating  a blog on and i checked newbie checklist. This makes me a Harlem Live person for sure. Also i will eat food at six.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Learning about Video

This picture was taken last week. I was learning about video. It was kind of fun. I would like to learn more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Harlem Live

yo my name is scott, i just started working at harlem live at the same time as adam...i agree wit errythin he said its mad fun and rele entertaining at harlem live. i love film and journalism, so video journalism is my thing down here...ait peace

First post

Whatupppp, my name is adam, i've been here for 2 months, its pretty good, i've been learning about video journalism, web design, a lotta new things. Every time i come here i see new faces, learn new things, talk about new things, im really happy i chose Harlem live for my community service. 

My harlem live day

Well today was my first day at the program... WOW!!!!

they were very nice to the kid and i meet some new friends who made me feel at home and it was a great experience for me because usually it be different and im glad to be apart of the Harlem Live program. ya boi day day signing out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Day in Harlem Live

Hey people its Hector Again well im just filling you all in on my day here in Harlem Live. TODAY basically i had a workshop on brainstorming for when im writing a story. how to interview and hold a phone conversation. also i emailed the profile editors so i can get my profile up. lastly i head the chore board and i started my story about my trip to africa. overall today was ok, it was fun and im definately comming back.
I have to find a story to do. It is really hard to find a story that I am interested in. I also am having trouble getting in contact with the organizations because lot of them don't like to respond.

Monday, November 26, 2007

today was cool

today i went to tekserve with richard today and it was kinda slow. there were so many people there we had the ticket number 2 ad at the time they were serving number o i decided to come back to harlem live and spend the rest of my day there. i took my weekly web class with andrea. it went very good and hopefully by next week i will be more fimiliar with coding and html so ican then upgrade and start with cascade style sheets(css)... UNVaLeD UP AND OUT,,,,


This is my blog dedicated to Richard. Richard is a very special person (i mean this in the best way possible). He has sort of has a couple of mood swings. I think he PMS's sometimes. And sometimes he's "perdido en el espacio" which means lost in space. He has these jokes that sometimes don't make sense and sometimes are kind of wierd. I sometime think he's crazy and funny. But the only thing that i don't like about richard is that he tells me i don't do anything. But i do.  And i don't like  people telling me what i don't do. Cause i'm new to this program. And the kind of person i am is that i d stuff when i am comfortable not when you are. And i don't think richard understands. He wants me to call a place and set up an appointment. But he needs to chill. He needs to stops naggin me and tell me once. If u repeat something to me 10 times i feel like your treating em like a little kid. So i'm going to act like a little kid and wait and not do it. If he decides to teat me like an adult then he can see what i am capable of.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Harlem Live is like the home of network. Today I emailed Carter Evans who teaches the video classes because my journalism class needs help editing the tape of a interview we did. We may be good writers but we are no experts in video. That is the good thing about Harlem Live. You are able to get help in every department and learn a few things yourself. I tell you how it goes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just wanted to say heyyyyyy ..... im proud of everyone in harlem live. We all work hard and are commited to our work and eager to learn.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The vault disapointment

i thought i was gonna do the video at the vault today but, it didnt work out. i'm so mad. thats one store down..more to go!
i put dis video on hold for 2 weeks...i gotta keep up..n' all da ppl i took footage of wanna see da results!..
hopefully i'll get back on it on friday...CAN i use the camera friday Rich???!?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today is a shyts day for fucks sake. The weather wasnt good and guess what we had a back up. Water was coming down from the other apartments and santa was sending us a few little gifts. Their was water everywhere. And shyt. Water went to the video room. and even into the kitchen. And guess who was the person that was in their all the time. Selly to the rescue. And brandon also. Mighty Marvin.  

Monday, November 19, 2007

Today me and one of the other girls working in journalism did an interview today. We interviewed David philips. It was sort of nerve-recking since i wasn't ready. But i'm the kind of person that i can blend into situations and make myself presentable and able to fit in. 

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hi its chiki again here from Harlem Live kind of upset i missed my syracuse trip its ok "their will be other" like rich says.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Its chikitona here from harlem live again today i helped Kareem cook. I made some dessert with homemade whipecream,tangerines, marshmellows, cherries, and coconut. it was good until richard put in the walnuts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A M@n On The Str33t

What's up! Its M!ghtyM@rv again! It feels good to be back @ Harlem Live. Today, I had my first Man on the Street experience. At first it was real tough because it was rush hour and everybody wants to go home, so my group and I were blown off a couple of times.LOL. But in the end we still got our job done. EZ. Til Next Time! M!ghtyM@rv

~A Man on the Street~~

Hey everyone this is hector again and im just reporting on my day here at harlem live. today we went around interviewing people on the street about different topics. it was ok but people didn't care and were in a rush. but it was kool and hopefully ill get used to it. peace Hector......
Its Chiki again its November 13,07 and today we did a man on the street. It was horrible that wasn't my thing. This was something new. I'm not a peoples person. Where i live we don't tend to speak to people we don't know. But other then that it was a good experiance. This can teach me to interact with people more . Bud up my peoples skills. And get use to different peoples attitudes. which can then help you in the real world with one on one interviews. To help you handle any kind of person.

My experience at Harlemlive

Harlemlive has really been grabbing my attention lately. I been mostly trying to find stories that are very interesting to the community. Mater of fact, I'm thinking about doing a story on the consequences on saggy pants. Harlemlive gives you many opportunities to get a point across and have your voice be heard.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Cooked 2DAY I cooked dinner and it was pretty fun. I've cooked before so it wasnt really nothing new. I made spaghetti with sausages and garlic and cheese bread on the side. It was pretty nerve wrecking at first because these are people I've just met.I mean I've cooked for my family before and they all usually liked it. I was just happy that everybody liked it!!!

HL newbie and my name is Luisa

Today is the first day in HL. I typed a essay and a created a folder, file application and stuff like that. I like HL. I'll give it a few more days to see if i really like it.

wow what a busy day today...

Wow it was a busy day today, with new students attending harlemlive. Also posting up blogs and helping others to JOIN THE HL blog.I also took part in a photo shoot outside our neighborhood. There is a movie being filmed right out the office. So Melvin and I went and covered the shoot.Melvin asked the director Lee Daniels and asked him a couple of questions about how he relates to the film and why he chose that film . the movie being filmed is "PUSH" based on a novel by Sapphire.I cant wait and see wat tomorrow brings!!! lol


i have to set up an interview with the october 22nd coalition. I felt that it was important to write about this. I also wish that i had less things to do because it is frustrating.

Its chiki again and im here talking about what ive been doing this weekend. Ive been trying to put a pic in my old blog and i guess the website dosnt like me tear :(. But today it does. So let me tell you about yesterday. After i left Harlem live. I was on the 4 train going home when i see a lady sitting beside a little girl. The lady is on her nextel and shes cursing talking about the things shes going to do this weeked. While her around 7 year old daughter is next to her asking her to read a book to her. But thats not thebad part. When the train stops at 170 and a bunch of people get off a bunch of little kids run and sit next to her all screaming mommy mommy! When they all sat down and i counted, the woman had 6 kids. Thats unbelivable. The woman looked like she didnt have an education higher then high school. Talking the way she did. People like that make me happy i go to school and join programs to keep me off the street like Harlem Live

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My name is Rafaela "chiki "Reyes and im new to Harem Live. Today we did our Newbie Card at HL with richard. Which is a very funny guy. We learned how to make a digital folder, and transfer pictures from cameras , ways to get transportation, and we went over the things we will need to get done in the near future.
Harlem Live so far has been pretty cool. I sat with Richard and went through the newbie card learning all of the basic tasks from making a folder on the server to how to download photos from digital cameras and put them on the server. Its been going good so far and i look forward to the coming time here. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thiz...Iz Y I'm H3r3

I've been here for about a first day was today.I had fun.Talking to tha old students and making new friends. I've decided to come here with the help of my school. I like it because everyone was so warm and welcoming. At times I myself can be a shy person. And everyone just keeps talking to you so that you can feel welcome....after today I sure did feel welcome.

The Beginning

My name is Hector and this is my second time here at Harlem Live. So far its been great. i can tell that it is going to be a great experience. so basically im interested in administration and public speaking but i am expanding my horizons by touching base on video amd helping others as i learn. so yeah come on by and maybe join harlem live it will give you life skills that you will always treasure!!!

The Reason

What's up people! My name is Marvin and i just recently joined Harlem LIVE. I joined Harlem Live because i saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the media, specifically in video. i plan to be making my own videos in the future! So remember the name!!    M!ghtyM@rv

harlem live

i learned alot today at harlem live. I learned alot about journalism. I have learned many things about the rules of harlem live. I am glad i choose this organizations