Monday, June 30, 2008

heyyyyy YYYaaaaaallllllll

Hey everybody I'm back at HarlemLive and loving it! And today we had a work out.I helped with the sandwiches, with the confessionals, sweeping the back area, and trust we have it all on tape. WooOoow! I hope the HL newbies have fun cause we put a lot of work into making this place amazing just for them this summer.And because i am an advocate for the importance of HIV prevention and testing I just want to say get tested not only for HIV/AIDs get tested for STDs too. Ge tested! teenagers are at the highest risk of infection so get tested especially if have had unprotected.


I Went grocery shopping with Shem and Nana today, and found out how ghetto the PathMart is. The best part was when we heard screaming several aisles down in the meat section. Me and Nana went to check it out. It looked like there was going to be a fight, so I got a little over-excited and decided to run back to our shopping cart and grab the video camera so we could capture it on tape. Unfortunately, some security guard broke the fight up before it started, so that was a pretty big let-down. I haven't seen a real fight since high school, so I was really looking forward to seeing one.

Day 1

Today was my first day at HL. Three of us checked out a park for tomorrow, where we are going to be doing group activities and games. I'm really excited to be working here (even though it will only be twice a week) and I plan on going through some of the worksheets in the binder and adding some other material for when it comes time to go over components of news stories and brainstorming story ideas.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

First weekend after graduation

I'm here alone at HL today. Hopefully the email-editor finished editing my article so I can post it on the site. Hopefully everyone will be great that are hear during the summer. The people that I have met that will be here received my stamp of approval. They don't appear to be offensive or rude like some people no offense but like [ Nyiesha ]. I hope there won't be any of those people here neither. I also don't want to here any nationalistic offensive jokes because I'm not holding my thoughts back no more. If you want to be rude and say prejudice stuff and feel that it's okay then my opinion of your character should be all right as well. This month is the last month for points. I might still write some articles during the summer but not commit to a team because I still want to do the video and article regarding Colombia. Let the Summer Media Challenge begin.

Friday, June 27, 2008

busy day at hl

be running around well i had the most extreme day i ever had at Harlem live and even more i think this is the first beginning of the summer where I've got so much exercise and my legs hurt so much i doubt I'm tomorrow because these legs have to heel. also i was doing a lot of Erin's so we could get Harlem live ready for the up coming week ahead. we got the bikes at the bike shop ready to get fix for the summer and we got the metal part we needed for the tent we got in the back so now things are coming together and the place is looking so popping. this week alone has been the most active week here at Harlem live and it the start of a new beginning

A bird at Harlem Live

Yesterday was one of the most weirdest day in Harlem Live. It all started when Jose, Brad, Dushawn, and I where building a tent in the backyard.Then when Richard came out to see how were doing he spotted a baby bird that could barley fly. So when he came to tell us Jose went to catch it so a cat wouldn't eat it. Then Jose gave the bird to brad to hold while he finds a box to put it in and to stab holes in the box. Meanwhile as Jose was doing that Brad "accidentally" let it loose in the office twice and once in the main room where apparently Larado was. When Larado saw it try to fly in front of him, he started to scream and run all over the place. All of us started to laugh til our stomachs hurt.By that time Jose was finished with the box. We put the bird in a high place so it fall.The next morning Richard noticed that we left the bird on the ledge so he let the bird go in a high place so the cat woudn't eat it. That was the last time we all saw that bird.

My Day

My day today was real excising I did a lot of  things today. I had a good time to I rode the bikes 5 times today and it was real good and interesting. I got a lot of points to and I'm happy of that to I did office help too with a blog I hope I am number 1 on the point sheet I am confident and sure of it to! HOLLA BACK!!!!!!!!!  

My Sooo Called LIfe

My SO called life yep that's right Family says I'm so ungrateful...and they are so right .. i Am an ungrateful 17 year old ... I had everything in the world that i wanted, a mother that loved me , a mother that would do anything for me ... but When u get older you feel that you don't need that motherly Help any more , and you just don't want her in your business. So i us to fight my mother When she tried to get too damn close to me. I didn't want her to come in my room anymore without knocking i didn't want her to come in the bath room if i was in their changing i just didn't want her near me ... i was out of control and i just didn't care. I told my mother everyday that i hated her .. i told her it was her fault why me and my brothers father left her .. and that she would have to leave with it for the rest of her life .. After 4 months i guess she couldn't do it any more so she just sends me away like always... .....

I hate shady people

I hate when people try to play games with me. Today I went back to school to find out about my records because when I went thursday the no-count slide in record keeping told me that my records was not there which I highly doubt because how could an important document such as a student's record be missing and you are not concerned. When I went back today I saw her in the office and the stink scutta gives me the stink eye. My guidance counselor went back there to find the record and she tells her the same mess. The guidance counselor told me to come back Monday and she will look for it herself. That women in Records a.k.a Ms. Nuñez aka dirty scutta stinks she slick but I will write a complaint against her if I receive those records. I also will write an editorial about the school and expose them for everything from the lousy staff to the mismanagement of the school funding. They have messed with the right one. The whore of records think she is hard but I am harder. Dumb rag. I'm glad I graduated from that crap pad a.k.a A. Philip Randolph Campus High School of City College.


Hi everybody i am doing fine, same as always. The summer started and i was once excited for it but now it is like regular. I been having fun but mostly sleeping since i didn't get to sleep in like forever. I am kind of disappointed that i can't work here for the summer but i will be coming by every chance i can. They placed me at Metropolitan hospital which doesn't sound that bad but it doesn't sound excited either. I guess i have to make the best out of it though since i am going to be there for like a month. While i hope my summer is going to be good plus much more. Later everyone i will be back on Monday.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

new me

I love the new me cuz anything is better then the old me. I'M getting better and one day I'm going to succeed In life.Any way I'm from Harlem I'm 17 years old.I'm looking for a job and it's hard but I no one day I'm going to get one.

These schools are pathetic.

I was glad that I graduated yesterday from that rotten school. There were a few people that was cool but overall it was a rotten experienced. The first two years at that school was hell, junior year I had some pathetic bum broke reject Marc Anthony for an English teacher. His name was Mr. Colmenares and he was a nut. He would bring all his issues to school and take it out on his students. One thing I wanted to add was that these schools don't want students to view their records. They will either B.S you by saying that you are not allowed to see them or your parents have to fill out a request. I just graduated and this stink bum smut in the record room gives me an attitude when I asked to see my records. Then she tells me that I can only see a certain portion of my records. What type of sense is that? Then she says that my records are not in any of the cabinets. Now if a students records ( a really important record) was not in the place it supposed to be, you would be shocked and worried. Now this old dusty funky piece of filth just says she don't know where is at. I know she will be shocked when I come there tomorrow. I am also going to bring a copy of the federal law that was enacted in 1974 I believe that guarantees every student and guardian the right to see them. Hopefully, I can get in contact with someone I know today so they can accompany me to obtain these records. If they still refuse, a lawsuit will be the next step. I should write an editorial about this as well.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Will peter come today or will he not come I do have some work to do to. But there's an interview that Stephanie did and a lady is speaking in spanish and so is stephanie so I need to know how to do captions for her so I can write what she's saying in the caption. So I don't know if he'll come or not so if he does all I know is that I will learn something new today! 

Richard y su baina.....

Ahy dios hoy tengo un jodio pique por que richard me grito y eso me ami no me gusta por que ni mis padres me gritan ami pero total siempre ahy una primera vez. Ahy y no estoy escribiendo esto el ingles por que cuando estoy encojona no me salen las plabras en espanol. El me grito por que yo no queria barrer afuera ni hacer la basura por que el me dijo que hisiera los platos aunque ryan ya lo habia echo pero como quiera todabia quedaban pero bueno dejame hacer lo que el diga por que no acostumbro a faltarle el respeto a personas mayores.Bueno mi gente nos chequiamos.


My Life Without a Father by Ryan T. Ngala

In my life i'm facing struggles about my father who died & passed away in africa his name is 
Thomas Ngala He wasn't feeling well. And i was sad.

Too bad...

Seven weeks is definitely not enough time at HarlemLive. While I do miss being at home in Athens, Georgia, sitting around a HOUSE (not an apartment) and actually DRIVING a car, I'll probably miss this place even more when I get back.

I guess my favorite part of working here is that I get to bother Stephanie, Adam and Nana about going outside and interviewing people on the street. I also enjoy helping people with their articles, but I definitely get the most fun out of torturing those three.

I'm looking forward to seeing how crazy things will get in the next few weeks. Maybe it'll get so crazy, I'll have to force myself to stay.

The Shemriff is in town!

Hey Ladies and Gents,

As you all know, I've been involved with HL for a HOT minute! Throughout my many, many, many years here at the LIVE, this is my first time working as a paid member of staff. To be honest, I don’t even think I was old enough to get paid. Its about time HL pays me for my duties...I've been slaving for free for 11

There is a lot in store for HL this summer and I'm committed to work hard, have fun and share my abilities. I decided to start with my organizational talents...just take a look around the work space and see if you notice any slight differences. If you're spending less time tripping over wires and breaking laptops (Stef), then I have done my job! That’s just the beginning, this week I'm committed to spending many hours watching YouTube videos and eating peanut butter, don’t worry we have plenty to spear, thank you Selly :-)

Overall, I'm excited to be here supporting the organization that transformed my life. I'm primarily here to support Rich and Selly with the Media Challenge, teach some classes and eat. It me up if you need anything.

- Shem

A day at FDA2

Today, I went to Federick Douglass Academy's Graduation in Columbia University. I had an exciting time there. I took things with me, that I could use in my everyday life. There were many speeches as well as things that motivated me into striving harder, and becoming the best person I could be. I want to use those motivating words that were spoken today, to help me gain a upper hand in my last year of highschool. I hope to excel. No more am I going to be the one who brings home B's and C's. A's are my goal. College and scholarships are my goals. Until next time..


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes to Graduation

I will be graduating tomorrow. I'm so glad. I was happy that my name wasn't on the list of non-graduates. I really did not have to worry anyways because I know I did well in all of my classes. I know the students that is not graduating was embarrassed to hear their name on the list and everyone hearing it as well. I so glad that our robes don't look cheap like I've seen other school robes. I made sure I got the numbers of all my friends so we can keep in contact. I will miss economics class because our teacher really taught us. He didn't just go by the guidelines of the book like so many other teachers have done. He added documentaries, newspaper articles and other things as well. He really provided us with an education in economics and government as well. There are not to many teachers especially in " NEW YORK" that really teach their students and that there are students that enjoy going to that class. I remember one time I had a doctor's appointment and I had to leave early. I went to school just to attend his class and left. I wonder if he Knows that. Lol. That's the only positive part of Randolph that I appreciate. Soon I will be starting another major chapter in my life.


Yesterday when we went out on a story we all went out to do a story on smoking that stephanie chose. I say that stephanie chose a bad stupid topic because it was not something that interesting to go up to people and be like can I get an interview of you and things like that it is not cool or even feels right like her topic is not interesting at all. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lincoln Center

At Lincoln Center I enjoyed it a lot I liked the part with Zachary and Amir that was my most favorite part in the Movie it was cool and real interesting. When it was the part with Zachary and Amir and they would hang out people would come to him and call him a terrorist then he would just say okay and he would have a tough black heart and that's what I like about Amir!  

Graduation Rehearsal

Today I we had to go to school for graduation rehearsal. We had to go over this lame walk that we have to do during the graduation. The hall is nice. I was becoming agitated with how long it was taking for the senior advisor to tell us the statement she wanted to make.  I was happy when I received my yearbook today. My associates and I went to subway and ate after rehearsal. We had also taken some pictures. I am so glad that we are graduating. I will miss some people even though the school is over all crummy.

My first official day

Well today well my first official day here at HarlemLIVE. I learned newbies, completed my survey, wrote my essay describing how I have changed over the last five years, and finally this blog. So far, I feel like this is going to be a good experience. I thank all the people who have helped me understand as well as fit into the program.>> Until next time!!!

June 23, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

The fat lady finally song

Omg its finally over, no more regents. I took six regents in 3 days i am so exhausted i want to be in my bed right now but i am here at HL. Thank goodness no more school just summer vacation yes. I was glad i went to six flags it was so much fun. And it took the stress from me before i took the regents. Today when i leave i am going to go eat and hang out with my friends, i am hungry because all i had was a bowl of cereal since this morning. I think Sherilyn is coming today if not I'm going to leave in a little. I will be back on Monday though when i am all restored. Tomorrow i am going to a college mentor program, that will really hope me because i am lost of what college i want to attend. Hope it goes good as well as my summer. Enjoy your weekend I am out later.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had a good class with Shem today. I learned a lot today and I am happy because I always like to learn something new everyday. As long as I do it makes and has a good feeling inside. (you feeling me?). Well any way I will take in patterns, fonts, and brushes more serious because in reality it not a joke. Disease Ridden Scums LOL Laredo.....

Today I'm tired

Sies Banderas

It  was my 3rd time in 6 flags. I can  say that yesterday was fun because  i had the chance to ride every roller coaster and we didn't have to wait 100 years in line except to get in dark night. Nitro and El Toro are the best rides. OMG, the food was expensive. I had a lot of fun. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first day

My first day at HarlemLIVE is okay. I feel that it's a good atmosphere for me. The people here look like people i might be interested in ( their funny ). It looks like a place where many people also can relax and take this place as a second or third home.

Reply to my recent blog

I had wrote quite a bit about my community. There still other things that occur that I didn't mention and I shouldn't because no one would want to read the memoir that I'm going to start writing soon. I know if I told everything about that filthy wasteland, one would think that I was mentally ill for still living there. I have told the truth about everything

What happen in six flags stays in six flags...LOL

OMG six flags trip was on fire!!! i had so much fun and i so want to thanks rich for letting my brother go. Well i love six flags every time i go i never get tired of going in the rides. I have to say that there were some whack rides like the new ride THE DARK KNIGHT i think that was a waste of time i spend like 1 hour to get on it and it was not worth it. Well i finally got to go in the kinda ka which was exiting because is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world so i had to ride it and i am not going to say i was not scared because i was really scare specially when we was waiting to go up that thing. Well selli missed it for being so a scary cat. Well my favorites rides were Kinda ka, el toro, superman,Batman and of course the nitro. My neck hurts because of el toro because i thought i was going to hit the wood and i kept pulling my head down so now my neck hurts. Well i got to say that The American scream machine was so not cool because it go kennequa and me sick. Well i had a lot of fun in six flags.
Thanks selli and Rich.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The truth about my neighborhood

There are some people that believe that I might have exaggerated a little  about my building but I don't think I have put enough to make it stand out. These people have no life. They will sit on a bench for hours. There are more drug dealers than crackheads in the neigborhood. Drug dealers range from the age 14 to 50+. The residents not only in  building 40 but in the other buildings as well use their elevators for prostitution. If the junkies don't have money to pay the drug dealer, the drug dealer forces them to have sex with them in the staircase. These people don't have no-class in any aspect. One time I had to wait until a drugdealer finished making a transaction with a
 junkie. The people encourage their children to fight. If you are not like them, they spread filthy roomers and try to start fights with you. They may also follow at times in order to find out more about your life. The people are filthy and have no destination. It's embarrassing to tell people that I live around such disgusting disease ridden people. I will be so glad when my mother finds another apartment or find a lawyer to sue for prior injustices. Maybe I should write a memior about living around the inferior people. What you think HL?

Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure

OK first i gotta thank rich and selly for giving me my first experience at Six Flags Great Adventure. because without them i would of never felt the excitement i did today. First we got to the park and it didnt seem like anyone was there but then we had to wait for them to open the park and oh my god was there alot of people waiting to get on rides. so i was following richard all the way because he knew the park better than i do so i knew he was going to the best ride or atleast on of them. so we got on the first trip up on the Kingdom kia ride and i was so ready fro it but then again i wasn' then we got back on because there was no lines and we wasnt going to let a chance like this past us up. after that we went to the el toro and that to me is the best ride well on that side of the park, because when we went to the other side of the park NO RIDE is messing with the BATMAN ride. i have to say that i had alot of fun with harlemlive today and I'm greatful to have such an intern where do things like this for there youth this is a one of kind opportunity and i was not missing it. i would keep going because im no where near done but i have to run so i will update you tomorrow

SIx Flags

yo six flags was da bomb it was hot except for the part when Luisa kept saying i like pickles and grapes making rap and songs of them it was so annoying. laredo again was so scared to ride the rides and everything he was just a total punk. I loved all the rides they were cool and great I would go to Six Flags everyday! Six Flags More Flags More FUNNNNNN!  

Monday, June 16, 2008

I have it

Today i started on two stories, thanks Chuck for helping me. I needed help to start now i have it under control and hopefully the groove won't stop. Today was cool it was my last day of school but have to go back for regents the rest of the week that is a bumber. I hope i pass all of my regents with high grades because i dont want to take them over that will blow mines. I am going to study today and tommorrow i hope that is a big help. Okay later i am about to do my chore and leave.

Six flags trip.

well today i am kind of worried because i wanted my little brother to go to six flags but richard being so richard right now. But i hope he will give my brother the chance to go i mean he is a little bit fat but is not like if he is going to take two seats plus i want him to go because he have never been to six flags and my parents cant take him because they always busy and stuff so i thought this was a great opportunity for him to go but will see at 6:00 p.m what richard decide i mean there is room. Another thing is that i am so happy that school ended because i already want to be a junior and also because now i get to sleep late and wake up late. i am also happy because i know i pass all my classes and stuff so is a pretty good thing. so i see you my people.

Take care....

New Project for me and the start of the Summer Challenge

Tomorrow, it's all about Great adventures but for the next few weeks we'll be gearing up for the summer media challenge. SOOO much to do, but the project i'm embarking on is to review and record our archive of tapes. It's gonna take a few months, but i've already gotten stared. SOOO much to do.

  • Paint wal
  • clear out storage
  • get rid of books and things in storage
  • decide on curriculum
  • i'm forgetting a lot more

TO Laredo

Laredo,Laredo, Laaredo you are one funny guy you get your things stolen and talk about the most funniest things. You do not even care what people think. Now richard he is like a bug always in someone's business and bugging everybody. He is HL's ant. dushawn if you read this stop hatin i see you hi haterrrr 1! 

Back to HL........Last Day of School

OMG, i can believe high school is over for me and starting college this september. Today i went to school and i got my yearbook signed. It brought me a lot of memories when i was walking in hallways and a rooster chasing some people. I know. somebody brought a rooster to our school.
Yes, I know i haven't come to HL for a long time. I had to study for finals, deal with personal issues,  sometimes i didn't want to come (joking). nahhh for real. 
I hope it rains today. '-)

Last Day at that lousy school

I was so glad that today was the last day of school. I will miss some segments of high school life but not the rest. I could not believe the fact that someone stole my umbrella today at school. I paid $10 for that umbrella. That's is one the reasons that I am glad I'm done with that school because people steal to much. I have had dictionaries, a graphing calculator, a texas instrument, gym clothes, pens & pencils, and numerous other things stolen from me while I attended that school. Also people are constantly setting fires in that building. Someone had set a fire on the first floor today. It was probably a student or staff member. Moreover, the people are bummy and stupid. There is only a small percentage of students that graced the halls of that building that I would consider smart. I will be graduating on the 25th. Thanks to the superior powers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is a TEST!

This is a test for the google alert for HarlemLIVE. Lets see if this thing really works and how long it really takes to tell us that someone put something about harlemlive on the website!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Started off bad but now it's good

Today i woke up thinking it will be a good day but i guess not. My brother was finally coming out of the hospital today so i was so happy but i had his IPOD since mines broke. When i went to go charge it this morning it fell and broke, i was so upset and mad at myself. He had trust me to take care of it but look at what i did. I was scared and too disappointed to tell him so my day at school was kind of bad but toward the end of the day i was starting to feel better. My sister told him for me and he was cool about and he said i didn't have to pay for the whole thing we will just go half and half. I thought he will be mad cause he been sick and all but he wasn't. So my day turned around and been good ever since, hopefully it will stay that way.

'The Story Begins'

I came to the HarlemLIVE office today, at about 3/3:30PM, I finished up my Obama story and that was it. I am going to work on a story for Monday on an organization called the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, Inc. I hope that goes well but we'll see. I just have to focus and come up with some questions and make sure that my questions get answered.

I believe it will be a productive interview.

One more day

I am so glad that I have one day left to go. I will miss my economics class because that was the only interesting class that I had in high school along with part in government. Maybe it was interesting because I had a good teacher that expect good work out of us. I was apprehensive about graduating because I thought I might fail my classes but I actually pad attention that I did all of my work and passed every test. I will go Monday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm so glad that I have emailed everyone regarding six flags trip.I am also glad that we have only two more days left for school. I am going to take pictures. I was apprehensive about graduating because I know that will be the end of it and there is no more make-ups. I was kind of worried about passing my classes but I always pass ALL of my classes. So I should stop worring about it because I did all of my work and I participated in class.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i'm back it's been a while doing big i've been teaching ryan and tanesha the basics of video and you know its all good. i like hl its real cool you know its whats up all day ya digg i do it big all day and everyday i'm famous you know i'm real famous out here
Today, it was not as hot as I thought it would be. But, with my teachers talking so much it made hot. Lol! I was so bored in class i want to go to sleep but i thought about my REGENTs coming upo and I wanna past with flying colors so thats why im taking a little time off of Harlemlive. At Harlemlive I posted all of more stories than I used to and it felt good to Advance!!!!!!

Almost over

Hi everybody i been cool but i haven't been in Harlemlive in like a week. I have a reason for that though i been studying and just plain busy but i am back now. I still need some new story ideas, i have some but not sure if they are good. I am goin to work on that though hopefully soon. School is almost over thank goodness but then i have to take regents. I failed Global History so i have to take that over, i hate Global but love US History. I just hope i pass all of them with high grades because i am tired of them. Yes again school is almost over but i am going to be a senior next year, i just want to rewind back to freshman year it was the best. Being a junior is hard and tiring but i have it down pact and now it is over, i will get over it though. This weather was so hott i was so over it but today was kind of alright so now i am cool with it. I am going to speak to you all later because i need to work on new story ideas.

One Sweet Day

Today has been such a unique day. I've been very jittery and happy. Mostly because I did everything that I needed to do in school to graduate. All I have to do now is turn in this last assignment for advisory and continue to make  it to school on time. Other than that life has been just dandy. I been trying my hardest to upload this video on Obama, but bad luck came around and my tape is messed up. So now its time to go back to the drawing board. Maybe this happened for a reason. Who knows. Maybe its just not my day. O well -_- Im going to research some new news on Obama. Catch Ya'll Flipside  ^_^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I did today @ school was i did science, history about the axis & allied powers i went downstairs on the 3rd floor going to gym exercising & more & what i did was i had a ice cream
party it was a great time.

What Is Black?

Over the past few years I observed that people have numerous definitions of what black is. There are those that feel only people on the continent of Africa and their descendants in the United States are Black. There are some that believe people of African descent that live in English speaking countries are the real Blacks. I don't understand how people have such an abundance of absurd definitions of blackness. There are dodos (no disrespect) that feel that Afro-Hispanics are not Black because they SPEAK SPANISH regardless of their skin complexion.
If one was to really analyze the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and other non English-speaking countries in the western hemisphere, one would see that they have retained many aspects of African culture which can be observed through religious practices, music, and speech. The instruments that are used such as the "congas" originated from Africa. In many English-speaking countries one may not see such. Also I believe blacks= persons of African descent should not separate themselves over language and national origin differences because that furthers the stereotypes and keep us behind.
Moreover, I believe some of us could actually learn something from the slave traders that participated in the Atlantic Slave Trade(1490-1870). They derived from numerous European countries where many languages were spoken and practiced different cultures but that didn't divide them as it does the black man today, it united them. I highly doubt they argued over their whiteness either.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Today was extremely hot SO GET YOUR THINKING CAPS ON PEOPLE AND FIND A WAY TO KEEP COOL!!!!! I am so happy here at Harlemlive we have an A.C. so it made to easier to do my work. I GOT TO post some stories but the server was acting up. It made it complicated to get anything done when i had to start over and over. But, all and all it was great today i enjoyed it.

As a so-called mentor, I could learn a thing or two

Having spent my entire life in Rural Georgia, spending my summer in New York City has been nothing short of overwhelming. For the past 6 weeks, I've been doing what I originally came to do--my part time internship for college credit at the University of Georgia. In my attempt to find extra work to pass the time in Manhattan, I came across a volunteer opportunity to help out journalism students here at HarlemLive, and decided to get involved.

So far, I've only been a part of HarlemLive for less than four hours, but I already feel like my experience in New York has reached a high point. The atmostphere at HarlemLive is a perfect combination of fun and dedication, which is what journalism is all about. I've been a writer for my high school newsmagazine and my college newspaper (rated top 5 in the state), and neither of those can compare to what I've been exposed to in just those four hours.

My journalism School over at UGA could learn something from this place. I'll definitnely have to pull up the website and show them when I go back home.

It's hot today

Today is extremely hot. It's sad to say but outside is cool compared to half of my school where it was extremely hot and no air condition. I had to leave early because of the high humidity in the school. I couldn't put the my paper fan down because it was so hot inside that building. I was uncomfortable and I began to feel nauseous and weary. I am also kind of glad that today is the last day of this heatwave.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Yeah I'm back been gone for a while i've been chillin for a minute u already no how i've been well Holla. At me i was real busy last week going on six flags trips and all that so yea real busy life style b-ball coach stressing me making me want to deck em but that his job so I'm a let him do it as long as i keep my position as shooting guard I'm good money! 

Empty at school

There was hardly no one at school today. My photography class had only about 8 students in there out of probably nearly 30. There was less people in my economics class than usual. Economics is the only class that I really go to school for because the teacher actually teaches and he doesn't allow foolishness to take place. I didn't go to math class because there was no one there except probably three people and I really don't care because I don't need the class and I know I will pass the test and I do the homework, so it's nothing because I'm still graduating. English class was boring as usual and there were more people than I had expected there to be. I am so glad that I have a week left.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Feeling Good, Feeling Great, How Are You?"

So yesterday was a cool first day at HarlemLIVE and I want to get to know everybody at the office. But today is even better! I am mad excited just to meet everyone at the office and both enjoy the summer and be productive.

I got some inspiration from watching films made by students from an organization, Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, that I participated in when I was in H.S (seems mad long ago!).

If you need some inspiration or even a boost, maybe you should check out some of these films too! Click Here!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello, to everyone who reads this!!! Today was a day for sleeping because it was raining. tomorrow nearly everyone who is anyone will be at all the beaches in the NYC area. Have a Nice Time and be Save I learn how to do a story link that within changing the whole program with this it is good because every other time we update the our website it takes us forever now its like a 1 2 3.

Okay So I Look Bored But Looks Are Mad Deceiving

Hey Everyone! 


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Star girl!!!!

OMG today i won an Honor roll certificate and medal and also a perfect attendance certificate and medal. I was so proud of myself. Today i also received a letter saying that i was accepted to AP for US history i cant wait to tell my mom about it. I am so happy because i always waited for this moment to finally get accepted into AP and Honor roll and i have everyday wake up early to get in my class on time 'and i have finally see the result of doing that.I admitted that sometimes i hate school specially when is cold and rainy but i always think about that i want to go good college and for that i need to be a good high school student so i try my best to be a good student.

Ryan Ngala

What i learn is that i need to find a lede to the article


Today while attending an assembly specifically for seniors, the senior advisor and the guidance counselor talked about the behvavior of some of the senior and that alot of seniors are skipping numerous classes. I wonder if the students are not learning or do they feel board for not wanting to attend all of their classes. I will be glad to leave. I also found out that extra family members or friends don't have to pay in order to attend the graduation. I'm glad because that would be lame and who has the money to attend a graduation during these times. Also I have to finish writing this article that I intended on finishing last week but didn't because something else came up. I want to finish my math and english homework so I can get that over with it.

Today at school

man this is the first time i came into harlem live and not see Richard
i think Dushawn killed him but you know i'm just gonna mind my business.
anyways i gotta leave at 4
i have 2 watch my lil brother so you know
im darkskin

1st Day Of Post Prom Day

Well today I had to go to court to pay a summons and the verdict is.....It was dismissed because the officers didn't file the paperwork so I'm off the hook. I was so estatic, even though I had to wait forever to know it was dismissed. Afterwards I went to go get my eyebrows threaded. It hurt like hell this time and I just don't know why. Now I am getting a pedicure for prom. As I did each and everything, my b/f was by my side. Mostly because he had to pay for a summons also. I can't believe its almost time for prom. I can't wait for the day and the after party. I know it will be a day I will always remember. After this I'm going to HL and get some of my stuff together. Well its time for my toeseys to dry.

Lata :-]

Monday, June 2, 2008


It makes me wonder. Wonder about what if. What if I would of stayed. Stayed that night. With the stars gleaming and the moon trying to shine as bright as the sun. The night was cool with the crisp air blowing through my hair. I laid there in the sweet smelling grass. Staring into the sky. Laying next to me was love. Whispering in my ear that we will always be together. If I stay be its side, it will forever be the one I trust. I then turn to love and whisper "please don't give pain". Love then caress me and says I can't promise you that. I then began to think should I stay or go. And I get it and kiss love on the cheek. I slowly walk away and not once did I turn around. As I walk I prayed that love would chase after to me and to my surprise, it didn't. Once again I became one of it's victim.

On my mind today

I will be alone for a few days because my mother and sister went to pick up my little sister's dogs to bring here during the summer. I will spend less hours during these days because I will have to tidy up the house for them. I am also glad that I have a few weeks to stay at that crummy school because I'm tired of the crummy teachers and the stupid students at that place. I want out! I' m also glad that I will be going away to college because I won't have to see the scum that live in my neighborhood anymore.What a bunch of pathetic, disease ridden people! I will not have to see them and hopefully my mother will find an apartment soon so my siblings won't won't have to endure living around the "inferior class". Hopefully the email editor sent the article back so you all can see for what I have to go through.

Useful web site info

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry I won't be coming in today. I got stuck in Norfolk, VA because of a cancelled flight over the weekend. Getting back a day later than planned put me really behind with work. I'll see you all next week.

In the meantime, here's a web site you might want to check out: A friend of mine who is a journalist thought the courses looked pretty good. Note that some of them are FREE.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Story Idea!!....

Check out this video...sounds like a good story....I spoke to a reporter once who informed me that internet providers were now keeping records of the sites you visit....