Thursday, July 31, 2008

class with waarith

have i mini class with waarith abdul-majeed
how to make a button to work on flash8 and 9 because a have 8 in my house

//this code is used for frame control
//_root is to call stage


//this will stop my movie


//this is as3
btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.DOWN, ondown);

function ondown(e:MouseEvent){

Are You Serious???

How Freaking Hard Is It To Find Some Scenes For a Small Music Video??? I Mean Seriously, Everywhere There Is Supposed To Be Music and Dancing, But When My Team An I Need A Freaking Shot We Can't Find Anything. We Scavenged All Through Middle Manhattan, and We Found Nothing, We Even Walked Into A Darn Music Store and Nothing. But When We Did Find People Playing Music and/or A Performing artist, They Refused To Be Videotaped or Taken A Picture of. Now That Seriously Was My Piss Off Hight Light of The Day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


video class

today was a good because Peter show me all i need to know to edit video in final cut pro and that is cool now i know casi all to tool that the program have and how to add translation and other effect Peter show me how to change the volume of a video and add music and photo, it was a litter hard to put the photo in the time line and the music because i have to stop the video that have the image that i want and take that frame and combertila in to a long video. that is a litter difficult for me.

Almost there

Yes!!!! Finally  am m the verge of mastering the program Final Cut Pro. Today I learned how to edit a scene while its in the timeline. At first I was taught to pre-edit the clips before I entered hem into the timeline, but now if any mistakes are made i an simple adjust them to bring them in front of clips. Also i learned how to use the toolbar and shortcuts, as well as leaning how to mess around with the audio and putting frames in front of each other. So far I can say that I've somewhat mastered the program in bout two days. All thats left is transitions and titles and i will know all that i needed to know, thank you Peter.

WOW I Coulda Never Thought

On the 29th I went on a trip to Time Warner. I took a tour of CNN and it made me think about my career plans but I didn't know where to start. What I mainly did was take pictures with the broken Olympus camera and the pictures came out just fine. We visited so many sets of shows and saw the CNN business team work they're asses off. It was pretty cool we saw olden tech like huge ass cell phones, old T.Vs, and etc. And we got the yummiest pizza yesterday. I really want to do an internship there. That was our tour lady in the picture. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

..::Like The Spotlight? Nahh I Love It!!!::..

So today some of us went to CNN which officially stands for (Cable News Networks) but was originally stood for Chantaysha News Network. It was a lot of fun. We also got a chance to give them some ideas about their website. Though stephanie and I got to give other ideas that would be good stories to do. After eating pizza and looking at their website, we went on a tour. That was the best part. I got to sit in the places where the news reporters would be. I also got to experience how hot it actually is when under a bunch of lights. I feel that it was a great experience and would love to do it again. Especially since at every time we went to a new studio I made sure that I got to sit in the spotlight.


Irony for today is the fact that after I did my point sheet (after like a week and a half of not doing so), I almost forgot to do my blogs. But partially I am not the to blame completely, almost everyday that I was here I couldn't find Aliya (sorry if I misspelt it). Its like she avoided me, and that makes me feel non-special. But beside the matter I need to stay consistent with me blogs, but when you have a long day awaiting you, you tend to forget some things. All in all excuses cannot be tolerated and I don't want to let my team down so don't worry guys I won't let you down.

tyvon's class assesment

JULY 29 2008

CNN visit

Visiting CNN was realli cool. We took a tour around the CNN/ Time Warner building, we got to see all the studios and see the people who work behind the scenes. we met one of the producer who actually sits behind the monitors and draws out the entire show. we were told that the studio ceiling were 23ft high unlike the older studios there are 11ft tall. and when the ceiling higher it makes the lights better, which makes the person who is under the lights look better. The studio was also very cold also, because when the person is on the air the lights they can be kind of cool, not 2 hot, not 2 cool. when we got there we had pizza and soda and we talked about our selfs and what we do here in Harlem Live. We were also told about interships that CNN has and they vary from ages, and they look realli gud on college and work resumes. i had a realli good time, and i cant wait 'til the next media visit!!

CNN site visit

The CNN site visit was okay. We took the train to some street. We walked to the turner or time warner building. They took our bags and put them through the terrorist machine x-ray thingy. I was thinking 5 twice about what i put in that bag. My bag had to get stuck of course. Then right when im gonna take a beautiful pic of the time warner logo, dude says no pics. w.e then we go pstairs and eat heart attack greasy pizzas and cancer factor sodas and some body cleaning water and then we had a tour. The tour was cool cause we saw the studio sets of Dobbes, Nancy Grace, and Larry King. we also went around the offices of CNN money, etc. It was a good experience.


Well today was an cool day we went to the time warner building to the cnn head quarters and i had a blast...first of all Liza had so much good questions for the kids that they really was thinking why i wasn't prepared.

i think the one that wasn't ready for all the questions she was asking because honestly i didnt even think she would ask any questions but i think now that she did this alot of the people who went will be more prepared next time when it time to go on our next site visit...


Monday, July 28, 2008

CHRIS CLASS........:)




Tyvon Mentioned on the Today Show

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the video class with christ

today was good because Christ show us how to use the green screen that was wonderful to change the background to everything you want like a picture or video or some special effects, christ have a diferent name for the screen but i can romember the other name. the only ting that i I do not like was the lights because there are in you face all the time an you can see nothing but it was cool to see how the green screen is use for.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

class with christ

today we had a class with chris and we went over and learn some new vocabulary. we also learn how to used a green screen. during the class beside learning vocabulary and using green screen we also start using learning more of how to used final cut pro because they don't want us to use i movie for our tv magazine. i had lots of fun and i am happy i am learning more each time. this monday chris is going to come and we are going to start editing because today we came late from central park.

Friday, July 25, 2008

On Enter Flash News: 003 HarlemLIVE

This week at Harlem live was one of the busiest. The kitchen was a creative war zone. There were a multitude of entrées, hors d'œuvre and, deserts. Gisely, the executive director is one of the culinary soldiers; She was chopping, washing, and cooking. We all know that every great soldier has a superb chef and he goes the name Kareem. I hope one day I could at least boil water as good as he can. Rosa and others helped clean the kitchen. I think she should get a 7,548 points and a spa coupon. Just when we were all ready to dig in the mouth watering, scrumptious food it was taken away. The good news is I did cook and the kids said it was okay. If your wondering were all the real food went. It was taken to the annual alumni association kick off. The event had great people who all support what Harlem live is giving to inner city youth. Rich the founder, the back bone and brains of Harlem Live is making shore that the program continues. The Kick off had a happy ending and later that night everyone back at Harlem live got to taste the satisfying foods. Kareem cooked too much food which was just enough for all of us who were anticipating his return.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed

Shem's Class

On Thursday I had a class with Shem. I learned how to go to the new website and how to use the "Text Edit" program. It's cool that I'm an administer of the site. I get to post new and way old stories like from 2005. @ first with was with myself because everyone left for lunch or was out on a story. So I had a head start on the class until I had to go on and story with Rosa, Anthony, and Tamarra to speak with the president of the Jazz mobile. So when I came back I had to wait like a half - hour for the class to start. Now the class is ready and all of a sudden I felt sick and threw up......... 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gotta finish

Hi everybody i am cool just a little hot today. It was raining earlier and cold so i put on a sweater but now it is hot and i don't feel like taking it off since i had it on basically the whole day. I been working on and off on this art gallery story for about a week now, i have to finish it. I guess i am not finish yet because i am not interested in it like that but i am going to finish it today. I need to get on my stories for my team could win this. Well let me get started on my story because i gotta finish it, later.

Wednesday at Harlem Live

Yesterday I took a class with Shem and he taught me how to post stories from the old Harlem Live Web site to the newest one that Shem has created. The process seemed a little difficult while looking at it and him explaining it but once he showed us, the process wasn't hard at all. Paying attention is the best trait that a person has because its self valuable. I can take what I learned here to apply else where and it would probably be the most interesting benefit. Once we were inside of the back way of the website, the whole posting thing was easy. Rich told me that I could rack up points and he was correct because thats exactly what im doing. Every since I've learned this, I haven't been doing anything but that. Trust and believe that I will continue expanding my points to be the best.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


today yet again i went on another story. im dead racking dem up. today me, rosa, tamara, and francisca went to jazzmobile. there we interviewed Mrs. robin bell-stevens. she is the president of jazzmobile. wen we first entered the office she gave us off positive energy. she greated us wit a handshake and wonderful smile. the interview went excellent. i was on point during the interview. like every question that i asked hur i think i really used my best interviewing skill. or it could just be that my skills are progressing.
A-Dotti33-------------------im off dis off dis

video class with

today in video class Peter the teach show us how to use the teclado and all the different kith that have a different functionality and i like to use teclado better that the mouse because is more faster, Peter explain that the time line is were the film that you are doing is the master line of the film and the tow buttent the yellon and the red are use to move the film from the view to the timeline, the red button is use for that and the yollen button is use to put the film to the timeline but moveing fower the film that is orady in the timeline, and how to maynipolet the timeline that was all.

Shem's Class

Today in shem's class it was cool because i learned how to post to the new site. i learned how to post older peoplesz stories and get 30 points for each one i do. and da thing is dat itsz super easy. and i could do like 20 or like 100 of em a day and get like mad points for my team and we can lik always win. so if anyone wants to learn how to do it holla at ur boy

..::Good Mood Today? Of Course::..

Today to me was a good day. Stephanie, Johary, and I went to Gay Men of African Descent Organization. It went pretty well and just like yesterday interview, it through breezy. Also today I explained to my team what we were presenting on Friday. Everyone seemed cool with it and I hope that we win this week. Tomorrow I am going out with Johary and Francisca to my old school to interview my principal. I believe that this will go well just as the others. The other teams need to realize that HL Flow is about to step up. They been sleeping on us, but we got something in store for them. So Until Next Time......

..::Vogue Princess::..

Mid week

Hi everybody i am alright could be better weather though. I just came a little while ago from work, they actually had be working the whole time i was there. Today they were giving ice cream to all staff that was nice but i didn't get none because i don't need it. I need to finish my art gallery story and find a new one to start on but i don't know on what, i guess i have to look on the list. Well let me get started on it because i think i am leaving early today, the weather i looking crazy.


Finally I have been to a Final Cut Pro class. Final Cut Pro is one of the programs that I have been patiently waiting to add to my list of useable knowledge. I am not very familiar with the video world and I really should be in order to succeed in the advertising world. I know the basics to I-Movie and I feel comfortable using it. Today Peter taught me the over all basics to utilizing Final Cut Pro, and I must admit that it was as complicated as i feared. Yes, it was very pressuring in the fact that I was nervous and scared that I would not comprehend what was going on and forget the processes. Luckily for me, I have taken other computer programs that I feel have prepared me for more intricate designing mechanisms. I feel I tackled the lesson and approached it with all my intellect so that now I understand the basics.

way out there!!!

well this week has been fun!!!
my team won the week thingy, ha....ha
looking forward to putting out stories that, for a change, say something.
don't really care about winning just bein heard and making a difference.

Memiors Class

Today we had Memoirs class with Katherine. She taught us about different styles of memoirs and how to write them. we read different memoirs from other authors they were all 6 words. That is so cool to write 6 words and call it a story. That's what I'm going write when i need to write a story. then we were asked to brainstorm by saying first things we did. so we can get an idea of what to write about. I chose to write about my first job it was really boring but at least i wrote something.


Anyone who wants their points to counted towards this Fridays totals must see me either today or tomorrow because I will not be here on Friday. Make sure before you come to me that you have everything together. That includes having your point sheet written up, your blogs printed out && any pictured taken on the server && in the correct folder. Thank You.

the network journal

yesterday i went out on a story with tamara, shantasia, and our advisor william. we went to interview mr. Aziz the owner of the network journal. i think this was a very good interview. it moved by very smoothly. he keep his answers short but detailed and also interesting and insightful. we got a lot of good feed back from his employees and also himself. his magazine is based on black professionals and small businesses.
A-Dotti33---------------im off dis off dis

Warrith's Class

well like i said in my title flash people thats what happened in my flash class i learned the same thing all over again because we had some new people. they wanted to learn flash when the didn't even wanna learn it in begining like really why now do u choose to learn flash u didnt wanna learn it when he said flash class. people these days man. any way flash is still the best class and i still like it so any one whos hatin jus get out cause ya dnt even no whats the hott class. DUCESZ!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the pain is strong

today i went to college because they call me for some papal that was missing and i was sopose to be there at 9:oo in the morning, it take me 1 hour and a half to get to NYC college tech so i have to be up at 6 to get there on time. i got there and a lady explain all the stff that i have to do and i did it and now i have to go tomorrows agent for the same thing i was sleeping all the time. in the afternoon i have to go to the dentist because it was time to change me brecis but the Dr. put tow robber ban in my mouth now i cant open me mouth to eat and that pain is killing me that is bad for me but is good at the same time because someday i going to have beautiful smile.

Flash people

Yo if any one wants to do flash do it and dnt forget it and dnt try to do it now b/c i hate to learn the same things over any way it jus gets on my nerves i had like 2-3 refreshments on  the same thing and now like mad people wanna join and learn flash now like it gets on my nerves but any way these people need to stop signing up for it since when are u doin it and like really why now thats the question u did'nt wanna learn it before so go and stay with ya classes ya di99.DUCESZ!!!

POS around 125

Today i got to work late because i had to go to the doctor. Anyways i was walking down 125 when i saw my team interviewing somebody. I decided to join them. I was helping them pass out fliers and helping them get interviews. During we was doing the POS i was really tired, sleepy and hungry. The total experience was really good because it helped us with our public speaking.

Teri Woods books signing

Hi everybody i am fine just a little tiring, i guess because it is so hot. Oh yeah me and Doris went to a Teri Woods book signing for the book Truth to the game part 3 last Thursday at the Hueman book store. It was cool even though we got there like almost an hour late. When we got there she was finish talking but her publisher allowed me to get an one on one interview with her. It was nice she said some interesting stuff and wrote a lot of books. Going in to like half of the interview Doris came behind me and said she mistakenly wasn't recording so she didn't get like half of the interview. I know it wasn't funny but i just burst out laughing. Luckily Ms. Woods talked for a long time so we got a lot of footage. Now the video team is editing the video, it should come out nice. Well later everybody, i will speak to you all later.


i had another flash class with waarith. i was simple and easy but you can get lost if you dont pay attention. first we made a button. then we imported 2 pics into our library. then we brought them to our button so that everytime we click our button, the pics popped up. we werent able to finish the class cause i had to help coco bring the food upstairs (which looked dumb good). now im hungry so yea dat was my class.
Even though I like learning new things and all it's always nice to have a break every now and then.


..::Feeling Guilty? Maybe::..

OK so today, my team and I had some decisions that need to be finalized. And the decision was that I was going to be leader and Keenan was going to be co-leader. I have two interviews, one on Wednesday and another on Thursday. I am very proud of that. Other than that I am going to continue to search for stories. As for last Friday presentation, I feel that it went well and that my team did well and I felt that my video was on point. Though the judges felt that I needed more content. If they knew my situation then they would understand why I took the risk that I did. Also today Tamarra, Anthony and I went on a story today and Anthony interviewed the creater of Network Journal. It turned out good and we breezed right through it. Also I want to bring up another situation. My team tape is missing, and it has been stolen. Yes I know I have been bringing this up all day and I don't care. The tape needs to come back to its rightful owner. Im going to go now. So until next time......

..::Vogue Princess::..

Its Me Francisca~

I had a memoir class yesterday. I hate classes that hit me hard in my chest. It was cool, I did a 6 word memoir in 2 seconds. It was "A lot of pain and doubt". Then I came out with another one because mine was all emo. The other one came out to be "Long Life Thread Waiting to End". Yea so much for making it all cheery. Then we had 15 minutes to write a 1 paragraph memoir by writing about "a first". I thought it was funny until I was writing "My First Slumber Party".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Late nite

Hi everybody i am fine just at home and got the chance to come to an computer today. I wasn't able to come to HL today i had somethings to do but i will be there tomorrow. I am working on some poems an a art gallery story and will decide what other stories i will be doing over the summer. It is whack i have to go to work in the morning but hey have to get paid. Oh yeah last Thursday it was cool going to Teri woods book signing and i got some good feed back from her publisher, what a plus. It was fun doing it as a video package with Doris i hope it turns out good. I is also good of me to be in 3rd place last Friday at the presentation, especially of me being there part time. Next week team Ambush going to win watch, don't sleep on us you heard our name. Well later everybody I'll speak to you all tomorrow.

Katies class

I had the memoir class today, and now i feel exactly sure what I'm going to write about. Family. Just recent I had never felt the same way without my two siblings. And her class had made me more realized how much i was thinking about them deeply. Also ways to start about memoir and strategies to be a good memoir. She assisted herself to edit our stuff, besides our email editor. I am glad to meet her, and she seemed pretty enthusiastic to teach. Im not exactly sure whats the purpose for this, but ill still do it and be gladly to give her.


So today we had our second class with Katheryn. This time, however, was about memoirs. It was an enjoyable class. First, she told us about a book composed of six word memoirs. The words seemed kind of kryptic but you got the point. We then wrote our own six word memoirs. Mine said, "Seventeen. Finally happy. More to come." I think that was good. Stephen made his, "Always mad. Never Sad. Don't Care". I really liked that one. My team is very creative. Katheryn then made us sit in a circle and name a bunch of firsts. We named a lot and then she made us write a memoir on one of those firsts. I wrote mine on my first day of school way back in 1996. After we were done, Rosa, Chanellya, Jennifer, and myself read ours aloud. They were all good. It was a good class and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading my team's and everyone else's for that matter.

Memoir Class WOOT!!!

Today we had a class with Catherine. She taught the memoir class. We wrote six word memoirs and a brain storming circle. Then we had to write a memoir that was at least a paragraph long. Once we finished writing it we shared the memoir. I wrote about my first real party. It was a decent story for such a short amount of time. I didn't finish it . I'm gonna finish writing about all the new things I experienced at the party and all the people I shocked. I can't wait to write more stories about my awkward life experiences.
 We can gain allot from Catherine's lessons. Mainly  because memoirs are counted as regular stories for points.  It's great to be able to share something personal in a relaxed manner.

7/21/08 class with Kat

Well today's class basically about memoirs. We did a bit of talking and then the real lesson started. OK so we started of reading other people memoirs with 6 words and the we were of to the big memoirs. We read these long memoirs and then we started making our own. Every body had a good personal memoirs and were very open about them.


Memoir Class

Catherine taught a class about memoirs. I learned that a memoir is a story about something that happened to you or an excerpt from your life. Catherine helped is with our public speaking because she made us write a six word memoir which was pretty easy and then we had to read out loud. Then after we did the six word memoir we read longer memoir about peoples relationship or an event that happened to them. After we finish reading the memoirs we had to write our own memoirs about our first time. I really like her class.

Cony Island P.O.S(dorina)

A, JA BABY.......................:)
Well let me tell you something my peoples! Last saturday the video crew we went to Cony Island to capture some dancing people. But everything ended up bad. Anyways we took advantage of our time and started doing P.O.S over there in the beach. Jennifer, Nana, and i forgot this kid name but we all worked together in the P.O.S. We did pretty good.We interviewed so many crazy people over there in that beach that the only thing you could of done is laugh it off. After all those interviews, Rich picked three people to get a free ticket to ride the CYCLONE. I had to pay because i was not picked to get a free ticket but a was not going to miss that ride ever in my life. Ok so we rode the ride and one of our group cell phone got lost in the ride. I told him to sit on it or put it deep in his pocket but it still got lost. Well good luck for him. I had so much fun and i am looking foward in going back to Cony Island...J

memoir class with Katherine

Today i had class with katherine, the lady who previously taught me word mac. She first gave us some 6 memoirs like seventy years, new tears, hairy ears. Then she made us make our own. Mines was born in fall, love the winter. Then we had a circle and talked about our firsts. I talked about my first bunk-bed and how now 2 years later i want a single bed again. I think i lke to write memoirs now. So long.

Do no go to....

the McDonalds between Lenox and 5th avenues on 125th street because the place is nasty. When me, Dacia, and Michael was there today. I saw about a dozen roaches on the wall. There was flys about the place. There was even a fat grey spider on the wall. I know there are crack heads that go in there but I didn't know that it was that nasty. I wanted to literally throw up after I saw the spider climbling down the wall. I should have like I was sick so I could sue and shut that nasty place down. I will never go back into that "CrAck Den".



Katherines Memoir Class

This class was very coool, jajaja it really was. Because she made us write a 6 word memoir and i actually like the one i wrote " Walking In The Direction of Perfection" - Eric Lopez
yes i wrote that, and i was very impress ^_^. Then we had to write about our first anytime experience... i ended up writing about the first time i got a tatooo and how it went. because that was a first experience to me and it went really well.....and i actually got to laugh about the other stories that were being read. and i learn from the others. classes like these are good becuase we do get to learn from others and thats a good thing.

Katherine Memoir Class(dorina)

Well, today it was interesting but at the same time boring and she talks a lot. Today my team and i had to make a six word memoir. My six word memoir was "Conceded but pretty,and never defeated". Then we needed to write a paragraph memoir about our "First....." We shared our memoirs and shared our thoughts about what we was going to write about. I dint learn anything because i have already learned this in school and by my own experience. But i can consider that as learning another thing as a class in school.

memior class-A-Dotti33

today in memior class i was a little late because me and keenan was out on a story in harlem. anywayz once i got there they were discussin something in groups. but once i got settled in i found out and interacted with the rest of the group. our teacher (i kinda forgot hur name lol) told us to write and discuss some of our first things. such as first kiss, first love, first time and so one and so forth. i volunteered to read mine and it was about my first party. then after that the class was kinda ova. i learned how to describe my memory in my memior in this class.
A-Dotti33------------im off dis off dis

Memoir Class

Here goes Kathryn again. She taught a memoir class today. I sort of knew what a memoir was but I didn't really know. But today I got a better understanding of what it actually is. I liked the little six word memoir game that we did. It was kind of hard but fun.  It was hard trying to come up with a six word. All I kept thinking of were six word phrases and I wanted to be originally. Then I finally had one. My six word memoir was "crybaby of miseries, go-getter of dreams." I thought it was perfect. Pefect for me and just a perfect meaningful expression for anyone. I enjoyed the class so much that even though it was a long class I wanted to take it again but they said I couldn't.  :-(

Memoirs with Kathryn 7/21/08

   Th3 class 2day was xtra int3rs3ting. It was on m3moirs. A m3moir is som3thn tru about ur own p3rsonal lif3. I lov3 m3moirs p3rsonally b3caus3 u can r3cap th3 mom3nts of ur lif3 witout som31 t3lln u about it. M3moirs r not jus long stori3s about som3 1s lif3, it can also b3 a six word m3moir. 2 ppl frm my t3am wrot3 six word m3moirs. For 3xampl3 Franki3 wrot3 "Small oblivious kid, Young intelligent adult." Adam wrot3 "Resiliance, pain, happiness, laughter, insight, caring." I wrot3 "Before; heartbroken. After; So in love" 
   So u can mak3 ur m3moir n3thng u want it 2b. It could b a long story about ur lif3 or u can mak3 it 6 or 7 words, but it's still som3thng tru about ur lif3. 
~1st Am3ndm3nt~         ~`Chocolat3 Kiss`~ 


I had another class today. It was the memoir class with Katherine. It was pretty good. We had different memoirs and i particularly liked the 6 word memoirs. It might seem easy but its very difficult to summarize your life in six words. We had to write these six word memoirs. Mines sucked horribly. Everyone Else's was mad good. Oh well I'll stick to paragraphs. Next we read the paragraph memoirs. We had to write about our first_____. I was so stumped. I had nothing to write. Everyone was writing about their first love, heartbreak, prom, etc. Then it hit me. I'll write write about my first sibling. The class was was almost over when i started to write so much. The class was really good.

Memoir class!!

Today was my first memoir class, taught by my e-mail editor Kathyrn. I enjoyed it and i even wrote a small memoir that i would like to share:

My First Skate Board Trick

Skating in the banks of the L.E.S. on a hot summer day in July of '06. Sweat dripping down my eyebrow, accelerating downward only to make contact with the ever-blazing asphalt. Tension rising, heart rates elevating. Then one sound broke the silence, polyurethane wheels scraping against the floor, emitting a monotonous echo from under the bridge. Then suddenly all that used to be in sight was now 5 ft lower and looking upward. A final bang vibrated the floor and everyone’s eyes focused on me and were stuck in awe. Then I realized what feat I had just accomplished, a Mc Varial Kick flip.

Video Class

This class with chris was boring and wack it was a terrible class chris was not even intersting at all I hated the class and it sucked a lot. LOLZ anyway I didnt learn nothing because i knew the things already I cant wait till he gets up to the things i dnt know so i can finally learn suthin.DUCESZ!!!

Video Class Blog

On Saturday I did first video class with Chris, I think it was. The black guy with the dreads. It was funny he was being ma sarcastic. He was like "I'm shout out the girl that was cursing me out in her blog", it ended up being Chantasha. He was teaching us how to property pack the video backpack, about what a tripod is and other video things. That's a picture of him he tried to runaway but I got him. This picture was before the class, I was at the Harlem Book Fair with Rosa to return again to W 135ST.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


After traveling and working away from home for several weeks, it was nice to come back to NYC and Harlem Live. I enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces and meeting all the new summer students. It was a warm welcome after hosteling in California. (Maybe I'll share some stories at the memoir workshop on Monday. Preview: I may just be too old for bunk beds.)

I think the Microsoft Word workshop went pretty well. I know the first part usually isn't new for most students, so thanks to everyone for being patient as we worked through it. I always wonder if I should put in those things, but if someone doesn't know, it can be really hard to delve right into the harder stuff. I appreciate all the feedback. I think next time I'll go a bit faster at the beginning and maybe add a few more complex tools at the end--like using the Readability Statistics and working with documents side-by-side.

See you on Monday. Be ready to write!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Terry Woods P.O.S

YEAH BABY!!!!!!! I had the oppertunity to go on a one on one interview with Terry Woods. I felt afortunate to have the chance to have this interview with her. I learned a lot from what she did to progress with her book. What really got my attention was that she said she never had the chance to go to school and i felt bad in a way but at the same time good because nobody could do something like that not going to school but have that inteligence in them. I think she is a very nice auther and person. I hope the new book she is going to write is good as the other ones.

I'm a Horrible Daughter!

My mom and I really reached a new point in our relationship. Thursday I was out all night and my  mom didn't know where the hell I was.  She didn't know where I was until 9A.M. Friday morning. When I got home my whole family told me how she was crying all night. When I checked my phone there was 6 voice mails, 13 missed calls, and 20 text messages. When I finally called her I could here the weight of her deep concern lift. I felt so horrible my mom has been through enough in her life. I didn't mean to scare her like that.  She was so worried that Friday she kept me home just so she could sleep and calm her nerves

         When she and I got to see each other she made me feel even worse. She was hurt and feels like I'm drifting to far from her. Now we have a new rule. If I'm not coming home just call and tell her  that I'm staying at a friends house. I'll give her the exact address I'm staying at. I even gave her the numbers of all my important friends.    

On Enter Flash News: 002 HarlemLIVE

Another day at Harlem live which is always filled with creativity,learning, and excitement.The kids work in teams to create compelling stories. The Programs main focus is Journalism. Each team produces a plethora of News Stories, poems, essays, video documentaries ,and other media. The most captivating thing about Harlem live is that the content produced by the teams are 100% word for word, image for image there own. The kids go out with there groups, find a story video tape it, write about it and edit it. As you may know from my previous video I teach Adobe Flash, but I'm not the only teach in town. The young journalists build skills that will make then serious contenders in the job world. This is Aliyah, shes been with Harlem Live for some time now and it's nice to work with the great people that come from this program. Right now shes adding points to teams and to individuals and I thought that Coding was hard. This is Michael and Nana doing team chores, I know that its not the most exciting thing you've ever seen, but it teaches them responsibility. Harlem Live is all about Journalism at quick glance, but there is way more than meets the eye. The program is character construction with a good story.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed

Friday, July 18, 2008

katies class was great and I learn some few shortcuts and better to highlight the words that could be for some use. I wasn't paying much attention well because i was thinking but i still listened to somethings she said, like her friends jane. Her friend gets paid for every word and that is why it is important to know word count. Also I learned to switch around the paper instead going one way. She also taught if want to accept some changes and we will recognize by the outlines. Its easier to know what changes have been made

Thursday, July 17, 2008

..::Feeling Frustrated? OMG How You Knew?::..

I'm so like frustrated right now. I am done with my video and I am soooo happy about that. Today I just made sure that I had something to present tomorrow. so thats what my whole day was about. Other than that I just went downtown with Brad and Dushawn. It was basically a waste of time, No thanks to Richard. But yea, nothing else to say. I'm out of here......Deuces

..::Vogue Princess::..


Another flash class with Waarith. We learned more about making buttons, (need buttons for myspace holla at me) and made a stick figure run across the screen everytime we click the button. I'm getting the hand of it. Next class we are gonna make our own website and make shooting games. Yuppppppp.

adobe flash class

flash class is my favorite because you can do everything you want to do. warrith is the best teach is the world man, he show us how to make button that work and by using the code that is a litter difficult because you need to know the languish that flash use and you are ready to make everything you imagination want to do.

Flash Class Again

Today another great day with flash it was great I learned a new thing today too. It was to move my creation a stick man around with buttons. The buttons moved it up, down, left, and right. It was so cool. I love flash it is the best class I've taken so far thanks for teaching it to me warrith.DUCESZ!!!!

My day

my day went really well, i took 2 classes and i got to learn new things in these classes and i am really happy that i got to learn these things because this may help me in my future no matter what path i take. another thing is that is good that i am learning new things here at harlemlive its like school but way better. i really like it here. tomorrow is our presentation and what do we have IDK. well fatima is a good leader and somehow we will get things done on time. hopefully beat the others like we did on friday..... i still havent gone bike riding which i really wanna do, sum time i will and get points for my team. jajaja

Waarith Flash Class

ok well this class was really confusing and i didnt understand it at all. i guess Web is not for me. he taught us the whole process of codes and thats when my head turned upside down. i follow the process but i was really lost. i didnt show it but i was like !! wat am i doing !!. i was completely lost and what was funny was that that waarith said this is easy to him. ehh i guess he had experience in the field alreayd or he really got trained b4 teaching. like how can he say its easy when its really hard. but hey i guess practice makes perfect. but beside it all it was really good, and i enjoy it because i learn how to make a button. which was really awesome because thats what they used in websites.


johns class

Third class with Warth

The class that I want to learn is the one that is the most challenging but thats what makes me strive harder to complete my goal. The program is one of the many complexed programs but it makes it fun because we deal with images, motion and sound which is similar to a television program. When were being taught Flash, I kept messing my movie up until he went over it with me; one on one twice. The time that it took me to learn was kind of long but you know all teachers give student compliments such as, your a fast learner. Before I leave Harlem Live, I want to make sure that I master the Adobe Flash with the best of my ability because that is a trait that's very remarkable. That alone would show that your technology skills are up to part as well as your analization of certain kinds of measurements.

Karen's Word

So I just took a class on Microsoft Word. It was conducted by Karen whom I never met before. For like the first time, we got to use computers during the class. There was a list with fourteen things to do. We had to put things in bold and italics and use different features in word. It was all pretty basic and I didn't learn anything really new but there were some things I discovered; track changes was one of them. It's just a way to edit a document but it shows your mistakes. It was an ok lesson but I got a little annoyed because we had to wait for the teacher to catch although the things she was teaching us was basic. But it's all good!!!

word class ^ ^

Today i took a Microsoft word class with this woman name Kathrine. I learned some new thing on that that i didn't know before. It was pretty interesting. I already knew about the "apple v" and "apple c". I learned how to check the number of words and to show corrections on the document. I learned about the track changes and formatting palette. My computer had an old version of Microsoft word so i had to do some things the old fashion way. Lol.

word class

I not have alot to say because i know how to use microsf word. in my school all the work have to be type in the computer so i learn to use word. some of the thing that i learn in the class, was to highlighter the santense that i want to romenber and other thing that the teachr sowh me was to fix paragraph by using Track Changes i did not that and that was cool.

Katherine Microsoft Word Class

This was alright, she was teaching the basics ( which i knew ) but then again she taught us well me new stuff that i didnt know b4. And i am happy that i got to learn these new things because i use microsoft word alot and its great that i got to learn new stuff. In addition my laptop didnt have word so i had to share ither way i did leanr new things so its ok. and i do hope to learn more on this. jaja i will become better at these programs and will progress.

Class with Katherine

Okay today i had a class on word. I learned the basics of word such as bold, italics, fonts, word size, word count, track changes, etc. This will definitely help me when i have to write reports or essays for school.

Katherine's Class

Today in Katherine's class I learned about word count and the format platter. I was happy to learn how to use it because I never knew about this yet. I also like the story when katherine told me about when her friend gets paid by the word if you don't understand then for each word she writes she may get paid $1.00 or more or less it all depends.DUCESZ!!!!!

public speaking class_vasia

Yesterday i took a public speaking class with John McKay. It was a realli good class because i'm realli bad with public speaking, but he gave us some tools that we could use to make us more comfortable and making our speakes better and make them more interesting. Some of the things he was saying was that to make our speeches better and more interesting we can use our hands when we talk, but not too much so that the audience is distracted, and isnt paying attention to what your saying as the speaker. Another this he said we should avoid doing is looking around and not making eye contact with the audience and making it seem like we realli dont care or we are not interested. That was a realli good thing for me because when ever i get nerves,(which is probably when ever im in front of a crowd) i always look around and my eyes wonder and stuff! So those were just a few tips he gave us, he always gave us tips so that when we did our presentation tomorrow, it will be better than the one we did on friday!
well today was kinda was wild hot and we got wrong directions for our location !!!
how upsettin is that ????
ne way we went to the rhythm nd blues festival and i recorded some footage of the lady singing.
that pretty much wraps up my day..
until next time
tah-tah !!

Word Document with Kathryn 7/17/08

The word document class was interesting, we learned different tools to incorporate in our word documents to spice it up and not make it the same old boring piece of work. We used a tool called check tracking I think I'm not sure of the exact name but it was a different form of spell check. It shows you how it corrects the word, which letter or term was corrected and when you click on correct all it corrects every mistake you've made.
I knew how to do most of the things that we learned today so it was pretty easy for me to finish the program on the computer that we did. I saved my work so it should be easy to find the corrections I think (lol) but I would love to take more of her classes if she has them... I think she's doing a memoir class and I would love to take the class to gain more knowledge...
~1st Amendment~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

Public speaking

John Mckay class was interesting because he was teaching us Public speaking which is really good for our presentation on Friday. H e gave us good tips like dont read off your notes,and also make eye contact with the audience and keep the audience involved in the topic.For me it was cool because i am a shy girl so that helps me a little bit to loose myself up and not be shy. I also like the class because John was kind of funny and didn't keep us bored. I really liked him because he was coming from the airport(Rich told us) and he still came to teach us and although he was like tired. A+ John.

Blair class..Evaluation

Blair class was really interesting because i learn what we can put in our stories and what not to put. She also gave us stories ideas to do like profiles,Or stories on celebrity and stuff like that. She also explain really good how we can do profiles and how to do our stories for them to come out good.She was a good teacher because she took the time to explain us every single thing and she was also interested in us to learn for us to have good stories.Blair also make us involved in the class by making us pair up with a partner and she gave us this index card with a famous person that it could be real or not and she made us write ten questions that we would ask that person and i had a guy name Mike li which is a fake guy but he supposely was the best ping pong player in the united states and my partner was adam.Her class was really good. A+ Blair.

Flash class...Evaluation

Flash class was really good and interesting because i get to do stuff like graphics and slideshows that i've always wonder how peope make them but now i know. Waarith is a really cool teacher because he takes the time to explain to us and we really understand him. Today i am so exited because i did a slideshow which i think we are going to put on our presentation Tomorrow.It took me two days to learn how to do it so its really easy. I like flash really much because we can do creative things in it and at first its hard but waarith always help us out when we get stuck in something and i think i am a really quick learner.So thank you waarith!!!!! I love your class.

"We are not a joke"

Hi everybody i am fine just it is too hot outside. Work is not that bad today since everybody is out i am here alone answering the phones but it would of been better if i was at HL. I get off in a little like an half an hour and will be on my way to HL. Yesterday it felt good to know my team is in head and i didn't even hand my points in. I am going to do that today before i go to the book signing with Chanelle at six. My day went kind of fast to for some reason maybe because i am reading this good book called 1st to die by James Patterson. Well i am going to see everybody later and oh yeah go green team. Like Matthew said "WE ARE NOT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!"

Class evaluation..Flash

Flash class

On Tuesday i learned how to fade pictures in and out as well as add audio to slides. Today i learned how to fade more than one picture in and out. It's relatively easy and reminds me a lot of Photoshop. I was late to take this class since i had a Word class with my e-mail editor Kathryn, but it only lasted 10 minutes. Luckily for me i am a quick learner and i absorbed the information eloquently. 

Microsoft Word Class

 Just when you think you know it all you end up finding out something more useful. Just a while ago U thought I knew everything about Word, which I did not. Today the class was taught by Kathryn, who so happens to also be my e-mail editor. I learned how to format one line to have the same changes as the next, and I also learned how to use track changes. It's more like a history list to show what corrections you've made. I found this very useful because you not only correct yourself, but you also see the process.

Learning About The Microsoft Word

Today this lady and taught us all about Microsoft Word. Most of the stuff I already learned and knew before she taught the class. And some of the stuff that I didn't know I figured it out before the teacher got a chance to reach u to it. She taught us something called Word Tracker or something that and you can use it for editing. It's kind of like spell check or whatever but it actually shows you all the mistakes you had prior to the corrections. It's was good to learn something new and now I can show off what I know to non-experienced microsoft word users. Lol. I was happy to have taken the class and learn some new things.

july 17, 2008 microsoft word

today in catherine's class she taught MICROSOFT WORD. i learned things like how to highlight things for my documents in word. i also learned about how to use bullet points on things like lists and ideas. other information that i obsorbed were how to use track changes and to post a comment o the word document. these two things were very new to me because i never even knew that this was possible. catherine is a very good teacher and she also creates good eyecontact with all her students.
A-Dotti33---------im off dis off dis

Converting video

Dushawn thought this class on how to convert video from movie format to shockwave flash format for our blogs. We have to use programs to crop pictures and to format the video to be able to be played on the website. 

journalism class ( again )

          This was a uniquely short class that tested our ability to ask questions based on certain information. We were divided in to groups of two or so and were given an index card with some information about a person. We were the asked to come up with at least 10 questions that we would ask that person involving the information given about them. Some were imaginary and some were true facts and true people. I felt this exercise help us understand where we stand on the standards of being reporters. I fell my teammate Frankie and I am rather prepared for this event.

public Speech with John Mccay

Public speech is a natural topic for me personally. I have many a time spoken in front of a vast audience and have felt rather comfortable. To me the words just seem to flow, and that helps me to keep my full attention on my listeners. Fortunately I found a weakness in myself; although I the words may seem to just flow, that can only happen if I have had time to research my topic of speech, or if I've am at all familiar with the topic. I was given a topic as a test run and I was expected to come up with a short ornate speech revolving around it. Others felt I did rather well, but I personally think I did bad and could of done better. I feel this was a very useful experience and it is sure to help me in the future.

flash class

 Yet again another class that helps me move one step closer to reaching the peak of mandatory knowledge for me is the flash class taught by Warrith. I have had previous classes with him and with every class I gain a more evident understanding of the program. So far I have learned how to import pictures and audio as well as how to fade scenes out either rapidly or remotely slow depending on my intentions. Hopefully there will be enough time for me to learn other Adobe programs and understand how to utilize them; programs such as After Effects, Bridge, and In Design.

I-movie class

 Little by little I am beginning to fully understand the necessary technical skills to aspire in my field of choice. Since my world is going to revolve round advertising, I and obligated to know the adobe programs as well as the Mac programs. I learned the basics to I-movie with Shem and it was indeed rather simple. I feel a successful advertising executive should know what are the statistics upon which he/she is hiring the employees. Now that I am embarking upon the world of video and web, I am becoming more comfortable with advertising and its many aspects.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

Interviewing w/ JOHN (7-16-2oo8)

Overall, John's class was the best class of the week! In his class I learned speaking with my hands and engaging with my audience can make me the best host ever. John used a great metaphor that meant alot to me. While i' on stage seem like God; very tall, high above; always looked on. That's very true when you think about it because the audience are looking at you and they're waiting to be led by my knowledge. I also learned that I should never get off topic and have a personal conversation with one member in my audience (LAUGHS)

IT's T E E I L Y...silly

JOURNALISM W/ KATE (7-15-2oo8)

I <3 journalism ="]
Class with Kate was a big hit! I learned about soft and hard ledes. The hard lede is pretty cool but the soft ledes... OMGOSH; it's hard! Courtney and I were so confuse on what will be a good example of a soft lede story. At the end we both agreed the mean political cartoon of Mr. and Mrs. Obama will be cool. The lede I believe I master in is the anecdotal lede. A personal profile is EASY TO DO!  

P 3 A N U T

today sum of us are goin to brooklyn to the rhythm && blues festivals..i kno we're gonna have a gud time [as always]
keep ya posted for the rest of our day
till next time

It's T E E I L Y...silly

Video w/ Anthony(7-15-2oo8)

Video class was very diverse from my usual life. I think I'm best at writing but with tips from Anthony's class I may just have a shot a video (laughs). Every word Anthony said was very important but I believe the most important factor he shared with us was ALWAYS RECORD EVERYTHING WE SEE. It's important because small clips can make a big difference in our video(s). I also like how Anthony answered EVERY question I had...  learning B-ROLL is a tough cookie.

Public Speaking Class Wednesday Afternoon

We had a great class Wednesday afternoon, attended by:  Asia, Chanellya, Courtney, Eric, Fatima, Jennifer, Nana, Rosa, Savasia, Sherwin, and Teonica.  There was a lot of energy in the room (maybe a little too much at times, but we had fun).  We discussed engaging the audience, keeping their attention, using voice tone and volume to keep attention focused, setting the tone for your speech, using illustrative visuals and other aids appropriately, and not letting PowerPoint steal your audience -- use it wisely and sparingly!  Remember to pick interesting visuals to accentuate what you are talking about, but in a way that does not require you to turn your back on your audience.  Don't talk to the board--talk to your audience!  We did some demonstrations where class members got up in front of the group and gave a presentation on a random topic.  Everyone did very well, and the comments from classmates were quite helpful.  Good luck Friday!

It's T E E I L Y...silly

INTERVIEWING w/ Blair (7-15-2oo8)
 ThiiS class with Blair was SUPER fun. Blair is my favorite teacher of all!
Today in her class I learned when I'm interviewing someone I should always have background information on them. I also should never out-smart them or offend them based on my own opinions. Not only was Blair helping me with interviewing skills; she also helped me become a bit more professional =D.
 I love you Blair

A good blog from two years ago

Last year's blogs weren't as exciting as two years ago during our last year at 125th Street. That was quite an exciting summer and the competition came to a nail biting separation of less than 100 points difference.

Here's a sample from Team Joc:

Its Monday and tomorrow is the presentation day at Columbia University! Team J0C is motivated but not cocky the least bit. We are confident in our presentation and the result it will have on the judges. I feel that this summer has gone but really fast! I have made alot of new friends and I have learned a lot of new things by comming to Harlemlive. My writing skills increased and I learned the first steps of video editing. But today my team did a run through for tomorrow and the impotant topics were touched on. I feel the team is really starting to work together and contribute good ideas for tomorrow. I also feel that our most important aspects of our personalities are showing in our presenation by the input from the different members in our team. In all honesty Team Joc wants to WIN!!!!!! I believe that winning this presentation will boost our confidence in winning the whole Summer Media Challenge!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the presentantion

I'm little take off for this topic but have to give my opinion. the presentation was good and the judges have the power to chose a group that win, next time i going to say something for my group.

video class

final cut pro is difficult but have a special skill, i can learn faster by see other people doing work, Petr the video teach is a brilliant teach and is easy for me to learn something that i and to learn.

Eric Micheal Gilleh story

Today I went on a story, to Barnes and Nobles to see a performer name Eric Micheal Gilleh. His a Director/Screenwriter/Actor/Artist/Singer/Dancer/etc. That guy is a very talented guy. Now hes suggested as my idol. This story can go as my career story.
So thats about it for today.


Hi everybody i am fine actually doing good. Yes i got my poem and movie story posted today. Work was cool because even though she didn't give me work i had a good book to read called 1st to die by James Patterson. So it kept be busy for the whole time even though i almost fell a sleep like ten times. Tomorrow i am going on a story to the book signing and i am writing my art gallery story. Yes i am finally focus so my team points should be up in no time, yes. While i don't have much to say today, i will speak to you all later.

McKay Public Speaking

So today we took a public speaking class which I really enjoyed. The teacher was one of the judges from last weeks presentation which I didn't realize until several minutes after the class began. Mr. McKay first gave us a little background on public speaking which was informative. Then he gave us a bunch of tips to use when presenting. Some I knew and some I didn't but I was glad to take it all in. The tips included projecting your voice, avoiding notes, being natural, keeping your audiences attention and not falling into PowerPoint's evil trap. Afterwards, a few of the students including myself got up and talked about a certain topic. I talked about my weekend activities. Courtney talked about being an army brat. It was a very very good lesson.

Public Speaking 101

john mckay gave us good pointers on presentations and what not to include and what to include to gather the people attentions. this class was very entertaining because he made some students get up and he just told them a topic they had to talk about. we would then see the good and bad things they did. i thought this was very good of him because it would take peoples fear of getting infront of a stage. even when he said class is over we were like WHY no because it was so fun, and good, i am happy most of my team sat for this class because we were the winnign team and with more tips we could win again jajajaja i hope this happens. so yea i do hope mckay has another class for public speaking because we learn alot and i do hope to learn more from him.

- eRiC

Dushawn WEB Class

so yea when i went to the class dushawn made me an admin account to the harlemlive website. ( im happy) because now i can add stories for my team and etc..... he also taught me how to convert videos in videohub, and he taught me how to convert picture to the amount of pixels that the site needs. i actually learn from this class and i am happy that i got this class because without this we wouldnt be able to convert nothing. now i do know and whenever my team needs to convert videos i kno now. and with pictures aswell. i will be posting a poem up on the harlemlive website. and i am trying to gather as much of articles/poems update our team
because we do need points +++++


So yesterday, Team Ambush had the chance to attend a class taught by Anthony, it was a video class. I believe my team and I learned some very important pointers on getting B-Roll (extra footage aside from main interviews), getting close-ups of items we want the viewers to really pay attention to and also just providing a good story through video.

I know some things about a video but not a lot, it was refreshing to get a glance at some videos yesterday though. The short piece that Anthony showed yesterday was about food from different cultures. the video meshed two things I love dearly; food and film.

By the end of the class Anthony taught us pretty much all he wanted us to know about getting B-Roll and the different types of shots, including: zooming-in, zooming-out, wide-shot, and panning. Anthony said panning would great for the situation he was in; the fact that Anthony sat at such angle that he couldn't see all of us students, having a camera pan the whole section would tell a story and also keep the audience engaged because there would be much movement in the shot(s).

Over all it was a good class and I hope I get to learn more as the summer progresses.


class with john

Today i had a class with one of the friday presentation judges, Mr. John Mccay. He taught us the specifics of making a good speech. We should always have the attention of the audience and to that we could say EXCUSE ME, or may i have your attention etc. And how we should keep people interested in our speech and not distracted. And also feel our speech. If its a happy speech, look happy but if its a speech in front of the U.S. congress about world issues you gotta keep it serious. So yea. it was fun.



Speak up!!!...Pleeeeease!

Well todays class was about public speaking. The teacher that was talking was way too cool about the subject at had. We talked about the ins and outs about holding the attention of the audience and power point. One thing about Power point is that POWER POINT IS YOU ENEMY !!!!!. Power point will try its best to steal the attention of your audience and or freeze and mess up your whole presentation. Your job is to not make this happen, have great body language and stay on topic.

Can you deal?

Unprofessional Assumation

  Unprofessional assumation is un-reasonable assuming, and when someone assume something, they are truly making an ass out of u and me. Because Rich seen that my myspace was not logged out yesterday, he assumed that i dont do work. to tell you the truth, I log onto my myspace to have it up while i do my work, and as im doin my work i go back and forth when my work page is either loading or if I'm done. But Im never done with anything im doing. 
The Unprofessional part is when you don't ask the person you are assuming about their side of the story. Especially if the person your assuming about is an employee. If I get fired for a small thing like unprofessional assumation, Boy oh boy will i make a big deal about. 

                                                            I hope this blog make up for all the rest! 

John's Class

Today the class with john was all cool I learned how to improve my public speaking skills when speaking in front of people and friends. I learned how to also move my hands when speaking and be interesting because if the audience doesn't like you then you are just not good. public speaking class was aight. DUCESZ!!!

Our trip to Bay Plaza

Today a few team member and i went to go interview people and get a video for our TV show that we need to make. we interviewed a street performer named Calvin and recorded him dancing. we then went to F.Y.E to interview people and ask them about their musical preferences. We got to things done today which will cut down the work in the long run.

Interviewing 7/15/08

The interviewing class was also very helpfull. Blair taught us the value of time with the person that is being interviewed, don't ask unnecessary questions about the person being interviewed and you should have background information on the person already so that the ice can be broken right away. Make sure to accommodate the person being interviewed, have them in a comfortable setting so that they can be more open to conversation. Don't ask yes or no questions ask questions, you want to get the person to elaborate on the questions you ask and not just have them respond with a yes or no.
Avoid phone interviews; you want to see the other person and get reactions from them. If they avoid an answer you can see their reactions and certain things they do. Just get straight to the point.
~1st Amendment~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

Interview Practice

This class was taught by Blair she gave us tips on how to ask questions to people we made up questions for people and then got feedback on how the person might react to how you ask them and what you say. I think the tips from the class will help my team members in the future.

John McKay Public Speaking 7/15/08

Mr. McKay had some very powerful advice on public speaking and his advice will help us out a lot on our presentations. With public speaking we make the rules, we set the tone and we make people listen to us if we have something very important to say. In P.S. we must keep the audience engaged and keep them awake; ask the audience questions, make them laugh if you want, just make sure they are tuned in to the person that's speaking.
With visuals, make sure your visuals don't take over your presentation. Make your visuals guidelines to what you want the audience to know. Your notes can't be written out word for word, you'll tend to read out your notes than to improvise. Improvising is a good way to keep your audience engaged in your presentation.
~1st Amendment~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

Class with Johary 7/14/08

This was just a short class talking about how to evaluate our points and making sure we do them correctly so that the person calculating our points can give us the highest amount of points possible.

Public Speaking

This class was taught by John McKay he gave us pointers on how to speaking in front of a crowd i had to do an example but i was real bad with the example. I Think it was the topic that he gave me i don't know i think everyone else got easier topics. I don't know maybe it was me.

Ledes Class With Katie

Yesterday katie came again. Hiiiiii Again Katie. She taught us about about ledes and the different types of ledes. the two different types are hard ledes and soft ledes. I knew some stuff that she was teaching in my journalism class in school but there were some stuff she was teaching that I've never even heard of. I learned that a soft ledes catches the readers attention while hard ledes doesn't. She taught us basically you can say she taught us about the different lede approches. Like how there is the compqre and contrast and then and now ledes. I especially liked the fact that after her class she took the time out her busy schedule to read my first story. Because of her opinion and lesson she taught I am now able to make my first story much much better.

On Enter Flash News: 001 HarlemLIVE

I haven't been creating any tutorials as of late , but I do have a good reason. I've been going to New York to teach Adobe flash to kids at HarlemLIVE witch is located in Harlem. HarlemLIVE is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1996 by Richard Calton a former New York City school teacher. There mission is to empower a diverse group of youth towards leadership with experience and exposure to media and technology. The roll I play is teaching Adobe flash. The kids have picked up this program like biscuits and gravy. We have been creating simple animations, tweens, and buttons. Soon I want to teach them how to create a simple website with actionscript 2. As some of you know Adobe Flash is as complex as it is fun and I am astonished at how smart all these kids are. I will report more on the HarlemLIVE and I will also begin to do some tutorials again going into Actionscript 3. Remeber to visit my website and also visit Harlem Live's website

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed

..::Is Editing Easy? Maybe::..

Today I took a class with Peter, learning Final Cut Pro and its not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of things that have to be on point before you start editing. Also its best to log clips so you would be able to know what each clip is. I also found another way to save a video and I am happy that I found out how. I didn't want the same thing to happen like last Friday. Other than that I am sleep, the "ritis" is kicking in and I still have my stuffy nose. So until then....

 ..::Vogue Princess::.. Signing Out

july 16 johary

 Today i had a video class instead of going out for a story because i wanted to learn how to edit and how to switch the tape to the computer. next week we would learn more steps in the program to final cut pro. i am glad that i am finally learning how to transfer the tape to the computer and next week we would learn more to edit. we also learn how to save our work before we start editing. this hole week me and my group are trying to get a story for everyday before friday. me and chataya are gonna start working on our preview video which is due this friday.

blaire's class

yesterday in blaire's class i learned about how to treat people while interviewing them.  blaire said u should make them fell special. she said i should not try to offend them or speak as if i no everything. also i feel that i have gain more camera confidence. i think that my confidence infront of the camera is growing but i want it to be higher than what it already is. i really think hur class is turning me into a very good journalist.

A-Dotti33-------im off dis off dis

blaire's class

anthony's class

yesterday in anthony's class i learned about b road. now wat b road is is footage taken of the environment or atmosphere with no commentary from people. we also watched a video on the different types of food made in different countries. the people in the video were very diverse and interested in their food. even though video is not my goal at harlem live i really enjoyed the class.

A-Dotti33---------im off dis off dis 

Class with Warth

The class with Warth was the most interesting thing so far because its like he teaches you how to make a little film for yourself to watch. Starting of with drawing stick figures and making them move was an interesting start but as we reached this level it has inspired me to learn as much as possible. So far we have learned how to make our own drawings move, make pictures look as if they're moving with audio to it and once we finish that process we are off to learn how to record videos and put them on sight with sound and audio in the background. The process is a little difficult but if you want to make it look professional, you would have to analyze different things but once the program is down pack; it looks like fun.

Class with Blair

The class that we had with Blair was helpful because it reminded me of the things that I have went over at one point when I took similar classes. We spoke about how to ask certain questions with out offending the person in any manor, how to be presentable in a professional way and just how to put yourself in their shoes as far as knowing what would you and wouldn't you want someone to say to you. She even gave us some pointers on how to stay relaxed if you feel that your getting nervous while in front of a presenter or an audience. We all had to get up in front of an audience and present some questions that we feel are decent for people thats being interviewed.

Public Speaking With The One & Only John

Yesterday John taught us a class about public speaking. It was cool. I liked the way he taught his lessons. Sometimes he lost people's attention that was in the back but i was paying very close attention to him because I was much interested in what he had to say and teach us. He told us how if we can talk to one person about any given topic than we can talk to a whole group of people. I was one of the first groups of people he called up to do his activity. In this activity he would give you a random topic/thing to talk about and you would have to persuade him to do whatever it is that you were talking about. For example I had to persuade him that he should adopt a dog. So i rung his fake doorbell and I introduced myself. I  asked him was he ever interested in dogs and how a dog is a man's best friend and I thought I was doing pretty good until he started saying unexpected and weird answers to my questions. Thats when I caught myself pausing and looking for answers. But I think it was good for something that was short notice and to be one of the first people up.


In flash class we had trouble finding where to sit. I was having trouble getting a computer. My first one I was using didn't the program in it. Once I got the computer I needed Warrith taught us how to make objects fade away and how to add audio to it. We was in the main room until we was sent out to the back because the there was a video class was outside. It was cool what we did I actually want to do it for a presentation soon or one day. 

yet another class

Yesterday i took another class. This class was with John M. This class was the public speaking class. We learned what and what not to do while you are up in front of a group of people speaking. He taught us things like Power Point's can be very distracting and can steal away your spotlight. 
We learned that you should always have your audiences attention and not bore them half to death.  I learned that you should set the tone and your presentation can be whatever you want it to be. I'm still nervous about speaking in public though after all that info he gave us. I just hate being in the spotlight and when too many people are staring at me. Well i feel a little better after that little class and i should do pretty well on fridays presentation.


When some of the people took Blaire's class, I think some people were shocked we was using microphones again. The class was o.k. I couldn't figure out who she was looking at during the whole class. Her eyes were going up, down, side to side and somewhere else. I was surprised she didn't studder or something, I just thought eye contact was necessary when you was making doing a class. The class was good though I took some notes, even though I'm not a journalist she had good points. I also participated in the assignment. What we had to do was make up interview question for the people, in groups of 2s or 3s, who was written on the index card that Blaire passed out. It would have been better if the people in the team would have acted like the person in the card and another person was the reporter.

Public Speaking, Public Horror

Yesterday morning John Mckay, came late from the airport from to Harlem Live saying: "Sorry I didn't know printing pages would be 4 minutes each". It was OK though, I got to watch the last episode of Death Note before John came. The class was OK but John had to put me on blast sending me to public speak about directions on how to go to the 2 and 3 train. What's worse is that people got to see my so called "attitude", because when Adam responded to my public speak , I responded also. LOL Its on camera. But me and Adam worked it out he pulled me to the side and we resolved it, I didn't mean to go out like that.

The art of conducting an interview

Well yesterday i had two classes. One was Blair's interviewing class. It was pretty good. I learned some new things. We learned about the right questions to ask someone in the right situations. We paired up in groups and Blair gave us a card with info on it.
 Based on that info we had to make up questions. I also learned to get background info to get more advanced questions instead of asking questions like where were they born, what their name is, etc. I also learned to avoid yes/no questions to get more in depth answers. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today had another flash class. I didnt really learn anything because rich and them kept calling me and making me multi-task. But imma try to keep up so i can put my award winning work on TEAM AMBUSH (google us) blog. So yea check us out.

Waarith Class

This was a good class that made me understand macromedia flash better. i am happy that i got to learn flash or that i will get to know it more. Waarith taught me the basics of how to draw and make an animation out of the drawing that i made, he then taught me how to make in into a movie which it den move and play and all that. i was shock to see this because this is wat ppl used to edit there cartoons and all that i got to learn it. i do hope to take more classes on flash because it seems very good. By the way he also taught me the editing of colors and shortcut keys. Those shortcut keys do help because instead of taking so long finding something, you can just press like 2 keys and BANG the thing opens. ^_^


class with anthony

Okay so today was my first video class. I learned how in videos they have different shots. Like some shots last for seconds and how the shots consisted of wide shots, close ups, extreme close up, tight shots, and medium close ups. Video seems cool, but my heart is mostly set on journalism, photography, and web. 

Chris Video Class

chris video class was really short and he didnt teach much; he did tell us about the diffrent types of actions you can take when you are filming and he made us watch a clip and made us explain to him what do we see? what happenn? etc... i do understand why he made point those out because we will need to know these things when it comes to filming our videos... the more we learn the better our videos will be; so even though his class was really short i did understand the purpose of it. maybe he will teach sumthing better next time. ^_^ jaja btw i dont take video but it actually taught me sumthing that in the long run i can tell me team members doing video.

- eRiC