Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogger ive missed you....

Well I haven't posted a blog in a while besides the one a few days ago. I need to start posting blogs again. My two stories are written but I didn't get them up. Oh well they will count for next month. I know I'm not getting student of the month, but next month hopefully when I write more stories and stuff. I'm kinda glad they will count for next month but still angry because they are gonna get outdated soon. I got really good comments from my editors. They said I was A really good writer and I used quotes really well. That made me really happy ^_^. They also didn't change much, just and usage of words and organization, stuff like that. I have been slacking in terms of work lately, but soon I should be a good EIC again, after everything with college applications and school calms down. My stress level is going down. That's good for me. Senior year is crazy, but so fun at the same time. I will get a new schedule, and hopefully less classes. Anyhow here Is a pic of Terrie Williams, the person I did on of my stories on.

Good Bye Friday

New Stories. Now I have to start calling these 'BUSY' Politicians again. I left a good rep for myself before when i tried to contact them so i don't think that getting back to them will be such a problem. Within 2 weeks i will at least schedule 2 or 3 interviews. Today I worked on looking for new stories and looking back at the mistakes i made in my recent stories. I'm improving so that's all that matters. 


Hey everyone

About two days ago I went out on a story Stephanie, Melvin and I went out and asked people in Harlem how do they feel about our 44th President Barack Obama. So far it seems people really felt like due to Bush's administration we are victims for the loss of jobs and the war we have had for so many years now. But gladly many are willing to do whatever is asked of them to help Obama's administration really transform America into a place of better economy and into a place of hope again. Now I'm putting the story together. After my email editor checks it out hopefully it can be put up on the site soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finish with the inauguration

I finally finished me Newseum article. Thanks to Peter West and Katie my editors. I'll be finish with everything that has to do with the inauguration by tomorrow.

X3 Kendra

Day with Max !

So, today is was weird because we had a guest Max.[shown in the pic above]. When i first came in i just did my point sheet since its been collected tomorrow. After i did the point sheet i finished working on the video from yesterday which is the trip to DC. While working in the video i ate popcorn made by Richard. They were good but, i added more salt. (but thanks Richard) Then i showed the video to kendra and heard what she thought of the video.There wasn't much to do so, i decided to search up something that would help me with my Global Regents for tomorrow. After a while i stopped and told Kendra to take a pick of me working on th video but, then i found the camera interesting and started experimenting with it and above are some results with a little photoshop included. (Thanks to Melvin who refreshed my mind with working with photoshop) I have learned a lot this week all thanks to HarlemLIVE but, this is going to cost me a chocolate bar which i promised to the lady who got me this internship Ms.Laguardia. I made a bet with her that if i liked HarlemLIVE better then working at the VE office i would have to give her a chocolate bar. I really join working at HarlemLIVE specially with Richard who is weird but, in a good way and offcourse Selly who is always in a very happy mood. :D

Holy Smoke!

Me Sporting The Best Color In The World...ORANGE Obviously!

     Oh Crap!!! Here I am again. I'm back on the Harlem Live Scene making an appearance in my favorite color...Tangerine. Lol. It kind of ryhmes thats way that's why I decided to put tangerine instead of orange or whateva. Lol. But yea I'm bac for the second time this week. It's amazing isn't it. Tomorrow may even be the third day this week that I have decided to show my face. How wonderful is that. Lol.
     Well today I just been working on finding more stories and making a couple of e-mails out to people. I am really just trying to find a story to do on something that really interesting to me or that could possibly be very interesting to others. Well its hard trying to find an interesting story nowadays...well at least for me because I be having so many ideas and stuff in my head and its pretty hard to place all my ideas on paper and action and etc and stuff. Well I guess thats all I have to say for now. Until next time HL Bloggers. Over and Out.

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The experience in attending the Inauguration was great. The ride there was okay. I was tired and slept most of the way listening to music. I was sick and my throat got worse but I feel so much better now. It was nice to see Obama's car go by the glass windows of the Newseum. I was so close to him. Everybody there seemed happy to see Obama being sworn in. The long waiting on the lines and the extreme weather caused people to be upset. I guess it was worth waiting outside in the cold to go into the Newseum. It was a cool place though. I read off a tele-prompter and reported news in front of a green screen and then saw myself on a television reporting in front of Capitol hill. I wish I would have bought something back home but at least I have the pencil Celly gave us and the train ticket. 

But Going back home was a nightmare... with day-day's snoring in my ear it was the worst i've heard so far. I could barely breath neither, and not because i was sick but because of someone's feet. It smelled like old cheese doodles. And Richard's foot was in front of day-day's face but i managed to just listen to my music and fall asleep. 

Crackel-Barrel was fun. The food was hairy though. 
I go there every time I'm coming back home from visiting my family from North Carolina for breakfast and its better in the morning.  

Even though I'd became sick, had to deal with smelly feet and loud snoring and the freezing weather.... It was all worth it in the end for me to say that I was apart of the Inauguration.  

"We remain a young nation, but in the words of scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness" - President, Barack Obama

My President is Black!!
               ( )_( )

My New New Years Resolution now, is to shake hands with President Barack Obama. 



^^^This is a picture of me on my first interview ^^^
Hey everyone...omg it such a ugly day outside. i hate the snow ! and to come to think when i was younger i use to love it and play around in the snow yuck ! welll yea even though i did not feel good today cause my stomach was hurting, i still came into harlem live because i am determined to get my work done and get my story put on the website. well im starting to feel better and george says its cause he brightens up my day but not even true ! welllz ima get bak to work now so this blogger Out !


I got a 4 day weekend and had fun at Harlem live. I thought today was gonna be the worst day in history for me. I actually enjoy the day. It started off real slow and then gotten better for me. At the end of school I was excited to leave. I came to Harlem Live and I was so talkative and I told a lot of stories that I only share with people that comes in my circle. I felt like a accomplish what I wanted to do in Harlem live. Today is the perfect day for a new beginning.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was a busy, productive day. Because of regents, I didn't have school today, so I went to Lia Schorr to get the pictures for my story. I ran back to HarlemLive, where I was greeted with some great news. I'm going to start officially working for HarlemLve, through my school's L.E.A.R.N program. I'm super excited, but I'm going to be super busy. February 10th starts Opening Act again and I have Moot Court/Mock Trial on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I'll only have time for HarlemLive on Monday and Fridays. I'll have to work something out.

However, I got to work soon as I got here. Kendra came in a hour later and we collaborated and finished the Inauguration story. We also worked on the Newseum story together and simultaneously, she's across from me finishing it up. I think we make a good team together. We did the Martin Luther King story in one hour and just finished two stories together. I'm proud of us. Actually, I have to go now, so I just wanted to get my thought out now.


Today i went on a POS about Obama with Tega. it was exciting since i have not been in a story for a long time now.  Today it was a layback day because i did not went to school because i have no regents to take because i am so smart. LOLZ. Well today i also did so many things because i had to go to 34th then go to the bronx then go back down to my house, wait for my brother and  then come to HL so although i slept a lot it was a really crazy but i liked this day. Well the POS was cool because i got to meet a Cute black guy which was exciting and i also met a weird guy but it went out well. BYE BYE see you later

Obama POS

Today went out on a story about Barack Obama's administration. Stephanie and I got some really good answers from our interviewees. It was great to see how Obama's new presidency status has gotten everyone politically involved and interested.

Monday, January 26, 2009



After 2 weeks and some change of missing out in action I'm back  and on top of my game. I'm feeling a bit better because I'm no longer sick, and I'm not as busy as I was before. I'm about to get back on top of my game and stuff. I have to get these stories up because I have to keep my name known up in here Lol. I've been in fourth place, as far as overall points, for a while now so now since my goal of becoming student of the month has been accomplished my next goal is to be upgraded in my overall points and move up in the world and get out of fourth place. 
I was actually kind of missing this place. But I was just too tired, too sick, or too busy to even think about trying to show up. But now its back to work. I have to get my work game and reporting game back on. I enjoyed my little two weeks off/away from HarlemLive even though I was still busy elsewhere, so I guess it really wasn't time off because I was still busy.

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially 
Blogged Out!


So much has gone on. I've been back at HarlemLive consistently since the beginning of the month. I've covered the Lia Schorr spa story and actually tomorrow I'm going to take the pictures. Last week, we went to the inarguration; Rich, Seli, Melvin, Kamal, Day Day, Kendra and I. It was a nice road trip and it was nice to see Kamal. Rich and Seli took turns driving, while Seli stayed up for two days straight. I tried my best to sleep, it wouldn't work. I stayed up listening to Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" and that did it for me.

Now, it's Monday, January 26 and I'll have the rest of the week off, due to regents exams. In February, my schedule will change and I'll have to come only on Mondays and Fridays. Well enough for now, I must go.


Today i got here a little bit late for the time i usually get here. I got here at four something.Also today I took a memoir workshop with Katheryn and it was really cool although i got LATE but it is going to be for a couple of weeks so i have time to catch up. So yeah today she gave us some pictures for us to look at and to write down what the picture reminds us of. I picked a picture with like a beauty queen or something i wrote of how it reminded me on when my country D.R won Miss Universe. We all shared our ideas, Tamara wrote about how much she hate pennies, Dushawn about how he had to read a non-digital clock, charisma talk about her sexy mini skirt and i talk about the beauty pageant.

So far

Wow i haven't posted a blog in a minute. I know you guys missed me. Well I'm not as stressed out as much, i guess because classes were slowing down and plus i haven't been staying a HL for as long as before. I finally wrote stories, I just need to get them edited. I'm also very tired, i been tired a lot... Well today i got kidnapped by someone whose nickname is orange. I know you all know who THAT is. LOL. Back to the stories. The two stories were on HEAF and the Terrie Williams event I went to. Both were about two weeks ago. I need to get them edited already. I think they are pretty good already, just probably need to fix some of the organization and all that good stuff. I am also almost finished with the college stuff. All i need to do is get the recommendations and transcripts sent out, them I'm all set. Today i need to make some phone calls and start posting more blogs to the website. I really, really need more points. Grrrrr. I just hooe these stories get in my friday. =(. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's inauguration essay and class with Peter.

The first thing I did when I came to HarlemLIVE was to do my chore, which was to mop the living room floor. Then I got laptop and watched Obama’s speech. After I finished watching Obama’s speech I started to write an essay about the importance of it and most importantly what I thought about the speech. First I just wrote down some of the things that he was saying and went on to write about that and what I thought of it. Then I had to stop and go to class with Peter. In class with Peter I learned many new things but I also reviewed everything that I had done before. I learned how to use some of the tools for Final Cut pro and how to apply it to the video. At the end I also learned how to extend the audio so it could be longer then the video itself. I also learned that you can’t be nice to certain people at HarlemLIVE. ☺
yo i have alot on my mind today i dont whats going on with me i mean im getting suspended cause i said a racist remark that i really didnt mean then i 2 top that im fail most of my classes and me and my girl are having prblem boy is this every teenagers dream any way i had came straight 2 harlem live cause i just wanted 2 get away i wanted a place where i can jus chill and do somthin i like and you know wat everything worked out and me bein the young adult that i am ima go out there and do  what i gotta do to be successful cause i worked 2 damn hard to stop ive changed to much as a person to  give up on my self now so ya just keep me in prayer also i am in the process in finishing my 5 year essay 

Hello everyone

Today I started on my finished a story about Fresh Start Talent Show hosted for homeless kids in manhattan. It was a very cheerful high spirited event for the holidays. I'm sending out to a of couple of email editors and I'm in the process of setting up a follow- up with a story I did before on Continuum Cycles. Also, I'm brainstorming or more ideas.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I sent out the other half of my story about Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program to my email editors. And took a look at some other story ideas and thinking about finishing an unfinish product. I also wrote down a few words about how i felt about President Barack Obama's Inargural speech.

its been a long time...

Hey Bloggers its been a while since i have written. uhm but yeaa kind of tired today but i still came in to harlem live i had lots of work to do espically since i did not come last week and probally wont be able to come in next week since i got SAT classes. wellls that is enough for now i have to get back to my work. O! and YAY! for Obama he is finally officialy our 44th president i cant wait to see what he will do for our country as our new leader

-Jay Ova and Out

Sick Today

As everyone who went on the trip to DC knows I got a bit ill....which is why I am not going to be in the office today...I have a delightful (sense the sarcasm) 50 emails I am checking, and have to run to fed ex and mail out a request for new space for us (cross you fingers so we can move into a new BIGGER location!)

PS I hope you guys see my communication about my absence at the office today, you can email/text/blog/fax/call/instant message....

When I get asked "Where were you when Barack Obama was sworn in?" I have this to say!!!

It was the most amazing, powerful, inspiring, moving, emotional, tiring, worth it, spectacular experience to be in D.C. yesterday Jan 20th 2009 for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama! It was SO worth the 2day with 3 hours sleep, hardly any food, and sickness. We had planned to leave at 1am and get to DC by 5am.....but after a couple of incident we didnt leave NY until 330 getting to DC at around 730....the trains thank god werent THAT crowded....but the stations closest to Penn ave/the Naional Mall were packed. I had made arrangements for HL to have press tickets for the Newseum, thinking it would get us easy access inside...boy was I 95% wrong lol. At first we were stuck waiting outside freezing our toes, noses, and fingers off on a huge line to get into the Newseum...but thankfully as we were prob about to suffer from hyperthermia (lol) Mike, who works for the Newseum, came around and swept us right in, Shouts to Mike, Gene, Tina and ESP Jonathan from the Newseum for making it such a pleasurable experience for us!!! We got to watch everything from the 4-D Movie theater on a big screen. The Newseum is an amazing place, and we should SO take an HL trip there. We were all SO tired...but I hope we got some good content/footage to make acouple of stories for the website. Nyiesha, Kendra and DayDay should all write memoirs about the experience and make those 3 extra stories. It was so moving and emotional when Obama was being sworn in EVERYONE stood along with him and held their breath and soaked it all in while he took oath! Seeing the snipers on the roofs was pretty cool....I had never seen anything like that before. When the parade passed in front of us we were inside the Newseum and only caught a glimpse at the car...about a block after he passed us he got out! bummer we missed that footage, but they had the streets blocked off (we were unaware) and would have had to leave like 2 or even 3 hours before to get a good spot.

Sorry no-one liked Cracker Barrel lol!.....but it was CHEAP decent food!!!...and better than nothing!....our next big/long trip we should book a hotel that way the driving will be easier and we will have a bit more energy to get a tad bit more interviews done.

Getting out of "RED" train on Judiciary Station in DC

There were people EVERYWHERE when we got out of the train station!

Auditorium we watched "The Moment" from.....this was like 20min before the Swearing it got more packed by then.

All in all it was ONE of the best experiences of my life and Im sure for all of us that went AND everyone who was in DC that night.

Its Been Awhile...

Goodness Gracious!!! Its been a while since I posted a new blog. I miss writing in my blog. I cannot believe that Barack Obama made it official yesterday and is now President. I am so overjoyed to be alive to witness this historical moment. That is the new talk all around the world right now lol. I have faith in him and I believe that he will do his job wonderfully. I wish that I could've made it to the Inaguration. This great moment will always be in my memories that finally we can be a part of history knowing that something no one even dreamed of can come to reality. Anyways, I am now going to get back to my Harlem Live work, which I happen to get comfortable with each and every time I come here. Peace out to all....xoxox 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Story done and sent out

Today I got my story done about the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program.I sent out my story to my email editor and haven't got a repsonse back but when I do hopefully my story can be put up soon while I'm working on my past unfinished stories.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harlem Junior Tennis and Educational Program

Wowww today was a very proactive day. Kendra and I went out on a story to cover a program dedicated to 7 years old and 18 years old where opportunities really do open up to these kids. Every opportunity these kids get to play in a tennis tournament, is a chance for them to get recruited by colleges with tennis scholarships to do what they love.

first story:-)

today was also a new experience;i started my first story but surprisingly i wasn't really nervous. The owner of the place was easy going and the boutique had a welcoming vibe. the only difficult part was finding the place ;it seemed like we walked for miles but we finally got there .Some might just see a regular clothing store but what I found out is that its so much more than that.As the owner was telling his story i really began to under stand his passion for design,his culture and why he felt it was so important to intertwine the two.

My First Story at H

Almost Defeated by the cold, I dragged myself to Harlem Live with lots of hope for my first story at The Little Gym. The Little Gym is awesome, traveling in the cold was not but as we walked into The Little Gym my spirits were lifted. I was accompanied by Richard and Stephanie and I must say, that place is amazing. The Little Gym is a gymnastics and skills developmemt program for children in Preschool and Grade School. I had to admit that I was just a little bit nervous but when I walked into the little gym I just couldn't help but feel welcomed and excited. It's so colorful and the air about it just makes you comfortable like you're a part of their "little" family. The Little gym is cool and I knew from the first time I walked in during the StoryHunt that I would want it to be my first story, and after today I feel very accomplished. 

The Spring Team at HL (OK it's just now winter, but ...."

".. might as well have hope!"

Coming soon!

Main Team for 09 Spring

HarlemLIVE is shaping up to have a strong team for this spring. You all know who's stepping up! At the end of the next several weeks, more editors and new positions will be named for HL's Spring term. When we announce the spring team, we'll also have the new HarlemLIVE profile page up on our site .... with the names, faces and profiles of editors and student staff. Your next few weeks (and recent performance) will determine the results!! Good luck!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd Class to learn Final Cut Basics

Today  i just  basically  refreshed my  mind from whatever my partner Standly had  tough me. The teacher  Peter Just  explained everything step by step in a better way. I think that  now i would be  ready to edit a video by myself. I also have  some knowledge of  Final Cut Pro because  that's the program that my  friend uses to edit  his  video professionally. He does this  as  a second job for  events like weddings. I am planning  to do the  same as a job to  earn extra  money  on my  own.

Long time no blog...

I finally finish applying to school... what a relief. Yesterday i found out i was going to the Nuseum in D.C. and i cant wait to go, after telling every one at school and my teachers.... I forgot to blog about my experience walking home with Fannie..It was a nice little walk with a stranger but at least we got to know more about each other. The kwanzaa reflection i went to the next day was really nice and the food was almost really good, I'll probably be going back next year.   

x3 Kendra.
yo today wuz a pretty cool day umm.... anyway diz place i straight im cool it and ima keep cumin back as long i have a metrocard iight i wasnt really interested into the video thing but yo like i said before this program is cool ummmm... ima try and slowly transition into other things 

Biggies Movie Is here HarlemLive

Hey you guys im back. It's me italie and i am so excited about the upcoming Biggie movie. I've been waiting for years for his movie to hit theaters and here it is. I'm really excited because i'm going to be the first person at the door. I hope that i am not the only who's excited. But anyway overall life is good for me. School is going great and i'm looking forward to taking my regents exam which is exactly in 2weeks. Am i ready? A litte ,but i better get ready because time is ticking and days is flying. So........I'M READY. Change is coming for me , graduation is coming, my apartment, and i plan to go to the NAVY. Yes the NAVY. Which some people says stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself. Going to the navy will really change my life and i can't wait to travel all over the world and get to meet millions of people. I'm growning and my life is bcoming different as i make certain decisions. Get ready because biggies movie here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was my first day at HarlemLive. Its a very nice and interesting program but its just not right for me even though this can help me out wit my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. It can also help me out wit my people and leadership skills. In a way I think I should stay and get the feel of it cause I can benefit from it in the future but for the first day it's a lot of work. But I enjoy the first day making my first grilled chesse sandwich.It was nice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Final cut with Peter ! :D (yay !)

Today at HarlemLIVE i learned the basics for final cut pro with my details, step by step. It was more like refreshing my knowledge on final cut pro. During the class we basically did some examples of how to capture a video and how to in and out your scenes. I was the first one to volunteer and try to do everything step by step , i did a pretty good job at it. I also cleaned the coaches which had a lot of garbage underneath it. I also kind of cooked for my partners.

A Story

Today was all about story hunting. I have a couple of days set up for the next few days. Tomorrow I will out with Kendra on a story to ask the kids and staff of the Harlem Junior Tennis Education Program about the free services that this program offers to the children in the Harlem area. I would also like to ask about how the kids in the program have benefited from the program.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

such great heights

Life doesn't stand still. This year will be a great one. I am starting school once more. I am looking forward to this school semester. I'm taking 4 classes all in the morning, so I'll have time to work and play. I know there are a lot of new students in Harlem Live this year. Stay with this program for as much time as you can. You'll meet all types of people. Even if your not in to journalism you'll get to interview professionals in the career that you'd like to pursue. I love to teach and I love the idea of non for profits. Harlem Live was right where I wanted to be. I'm going to continue to teach students this year. A door may close but another will soon open, especially with a good education. Harlem Live can be an amazing spring board to your goals. I know this year's HL student will be one up from the last.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My first day at HarlemLive ! :D

My first day at HarlemLIVE was great . I learned new things which my friend Kendra told how to do. For example she told me the responsibilities that everyone had at Harlem life.I also learned where everything was, what you need to do when you go out on a story and basically just got to know how everything works. I was also surprised to see that there is a kitchen and bikes. I also liked how everybody got along with each other. There was also a guy named Richard that was kind of crazy. Well, i like everything so far because it makes me feel like i am at home. I am very happy because i am going to be learning how to use final cut pro which i am very interested in. Hope this will be an enriching experience.

My First day learning how to use Final Cut.

Today in HarlemLive I learned how to transfer videos from a digital video to the computer. I learned that first you have to separated each part. After separating each part by dividing it when each person starts talking. Then you save it. You always have to save your work ! I also learned that in final cut the j is to play and rewind the k is the play and pause and that the l is to play and fast forward. I also learned that you could put each scene in the order you want it to be. Also how to change the lighting in the background and to change the volume levels. That shift is to select all the scenes.And lastly i learned how to cut the part of a video that are not necessary.For now just waiting to learn everything possible !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

going out on a story

Covered a story today on an info video based on the high definition conversion and it went good because most of the people there were already familiar with HarlemLIVE and had great things to say about us it was nice meeting people who worked for different affiliations. And they were welcoming. Most of the people were there because they either listened to the radio or had no cable and didn't know too much about the conversion from basic to High definition. Nana took the pictures but it was so hard getting him to be quiet in the church. I talked to him about his actions on the train even though he acted like he didn't care i hope he listened and understood.

x3 Kendra 


For most of u losersz thesez daysz ya must not no bout namesz street namesz and all that but i have a special name called skittle skillz 24/7 as u can see as my title. so letsz find out about the great one and only me. letsz start with skittle the first word. as u would be thinkin skittle is yes a candy skittles. and u know something your right. i got skittle from skittles. now lets talk about skillz. u may not know where i got it from but do u know of skrilla hill ?? well i took part of the name and made it into skillz. see what creativity can do in life ?? well now the final word 24/7 do u know when people say i be out here 24/7 doing this and that thatsz basically where i got it from. first my name was really skittle skillz until i added that last 24/7 and it all went together ya di99?? well u know my quotes in every blog imma cut it for this blog i want only da smart people to think about it and whatsz it really tyna say so holla at me when ya get it ightt. here it is teach me and i will understand, show me and i will go, and love me and i will learn thatsz it right there so holla at me den ightt. DUCESZ!

Been a long time

Hi everybody i want to start off wising you all a happy new year. Sorry that i don't come by any more but i been wrapped up in so much. After i finish my college stuff i will be make. I hope everybody is good and by the way i am doing good. When i come back i will have plenty stories to write about. Especially since we have our first black president, Obama baby!!!!!!! Well i am class so i will stop by later. Coming back soon in at least one or two weeks so see you all soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rainy Dayz

Seems like alot goes on when ever it rains. Still trying to fill out college applications. Running around in school all day to get applications fully completed. Today at HL I transcribed my notes on Evelyn Cunningham and went out with Tyrell for a story hunt. We went to a charter school on 7th avenue and it was a small class room... i think thats where they teach all their classes for the high school students. Trying to set up meetings with the politicians still. They are always 'busy'

A crazy day

I return to HarlemLive today and I had a lot of work to do. I had to set up a story before 5:00. I had to call a lot of people to see if I could set up a story. It was very difficult because everyone had a different excuse. I didn't want to be rude so I stayed focus. I really wanted to yell at almost everyone I called. At around 4:20 god bless me once again with a story. The story is going to be bout a christian school. It felt like a huge weight was drop off my chest for the first time in hours. I hope evrything goes well next week.


As in my last blog you learned some familar things about me. i have accomplished my goal as you know of hitting two birdsz with one stone. my birthday passed got a few gifts but still want more. my ipod touch is on hold and im so mad. but when i get it ill be so happy so any way holla at me and any challengersz step up to me or gortex! DUCESZ!

First Day At HarlemLive

When I walked into the door of Harlem Live I did not know what to expect. I was great to find out that it was an place where teens could interact in doing an online news paper/TV show website. And it is for teens run by teens. The environment of the place is very nice. Everyone was nice and welcomed me and taught me things that I did know. The founder Richard is very funny and a bit mean. lol just kinding. I am happy to be a member of Harlem Live. And when ever i walk out of here from now on i will leave learning something new.

Hey blOggerz....

sO iim sO excited iim abOut to gO Out On My first interview. iim a little nervous but it should be fun and a good experince. iim going to interview a reverend about himself and his church here in harlem. this morning sucked and my stomach was hurting today in school, but i still came into harlem live so that i would be able to do my interview and hopefully get published =) 

                well i wiiL write later to let everyone know how it went.


it me again u already know.

right now am here in harlem and doing what am suppose to be doing. i think yah should already know so there aint no need for da explanations. am so tired right now and i have the mean headaches. school for me today was ok i wasnt myself and i did not even know what we did today. i do not wish to talk about it and i know yah gonna be like if you dont wanna talk about it so why would you write a blog then. well if u stop been nosy maybe it wouldnt have mattered. am out and i will probably get back on later when am myself. 


Hey. It's of course Shanice and I have arrived at Harlem Live around an hour ago. Right now I am waiting to interview a place called Harlem Masters on 123rd. I am soooo nervous because I never did this kind of thing in my life. I am somewhat of a shy person so hopefully I won't choke. Ha Ha... I'm just playing. I feel that I am 100% ready to conduct this interview. Although I am working I am also trying to keep myself from not sleeping. I am so tired from a long and boring day of school. School went by fast but it was very boring and exhausting. Plus it is Wednesday (middle of the week) so you already know. I cannot wait to go home do my homework and sleep. I do love Harlem Live but it's just one of those days.... ugh!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is my favorite video i LOVE it because it makes me see how similar we are to this animals!!

Macworld keynotes 2009

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard



     OMG! It's 2009. I can't believe it. This is like my first blog since to the new year. I kind of missed Blogger and HarlemLive only a little bit though because even though I was broke I had an extremely fun vacation.  I got on the Staten Island Ferry for the first time over the break and I was so happy. I love the fact that the boat is orange because everybody knows that orange is my ultimate favorite color. Since my behind was broke I really couldn't go every where I planned but I was stuck in my hood of East New York Brooklyn. I still had fun in my neighborhood with my cousin and some old and new friends. I was mad I didn't go partying for New Years because my mom was mad at me or whatever but it's all good. Also as you can see in the picture above I FINALLY did a new hairstyle for a change also I FINALLY washed my hair for the first time on my own. It's 2009 it was time for a little change in my life. And now I have officially HATE drunk people. Like OD. Life is too crazy. 
     Also when I came into HarlemLive I learned that I AM STUDENT OF THE FREAKING MONTH. For all you haters like Tamarra lol just joking,  but for all you people who said I couldn't do it I proved you all wrong.  I am mad extremely hype or whatever. Ayo Stanley I told you I was going to do it mannnnn.  And I think thats all i have to say  for right now. I NOW OFFICIALLY LOVE HARLEMLIVE.  Lol.

   This Is Charisma 
And I Have Officially Blogged
Out Of My First Blog Of

Monday, January 5, 2009


wow my break was crazy i went ever where...... i went to a lot of parties over the break and had fun.  over all i had i wonderful time.

Horrific day

OMG today i feel so tired because last night i went to sleep at 5:00 AM and i had to wake up at

6:30 AM. This day have been the worst because first of all i been hungry all day and second of all

i been feeling nausea and i have the black circles under my eyes which are always there but today

they are worst. In the other hand i am pretty happy because once again i was the only one who

passed the Science test. Also today i found out that they haven't assign a teacher to subsitude

MS.Arnold and i am asking myself who is going to teach us? I miss her already . Another thing

that keep me happy is that there is only 74 days for spring to begin and also because in march 8

daylight savings time begins and it satrts to get darker late not at 4:35 like right now.


HEY everyone HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know about you guys but my New Years was fantastic. I had a marvelous time and a long night. I kind of change. Became mature and set new goals for myself. 1st i plan to get my apartment , finish school and earn a better living for myself. It's 09 and for all my young people it the 09 grinding year. And you have to do what you have to do. America has a black president now laws are changing, and clock is ticking and people are growing. So happy New Years to you and yours and i hope we as whole make the best out of this year. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Birdsz With one Stone

Have you ever heard the expression hitting two birds with one stone well then guess what your're about to find out! well if most of you should know tommorow's my birtday and i won't be here at harlemlive. i got a lot of thingsz for chr1stmas, and i can't wait till tommorrow. Also the dead end is that i have to go to school on my birthday i think itsz because my mom will be going out to get my ipod touch but who knowsz i cant wait till i get it though. any what this expression meansz is that in my example i have to do two thingsz tommorow and itsz like i have no time to do it and can't be both done at the same if u don't get it holla at me ya di99? Any way as alwaysz any challengersz step up to gortex or me. DUCESZ!