Friday, February 29, 2008

The article

I didn't have no idea that I would have to do so much research for this paper but I'm not going to quit. I want the public to about this expansion and how it will affect the community and the residents. I would like to have it finished by the end of March because I don't want to be working on it any longer. I have to change some of the questions for the interviews that I be asking. I was thinking about having the interview with Inez Dickens recorded so the public can see her facial reactions because actions speak louder that words. I know she's going to be surprised at some of the question that I will ask.

My Pennsylvania- Ohio College Tour!!!! =%

HHHHHeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy How you doing?! Okay so since I didn't get to go on the Bloomberg conference trip let me tell you about my vacation. Instead of staying at home sleeping I stayed productive by going on a week long trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio to check out colleges in the area.I took various tours around each campus so I can get a better perspective of the campus along with other kids and get a feel of the daily lifestyle of the college students. The more boring part but educational is when the college representatives sit you down and inform you about all the statistics of the school and their application process. But what i find the best part of the informational part is the asking questions at the end and trust me it can be about anything!!! yea thats what I did over the break to stay productive and my whole program went got to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and I learned a lil more bout how their history especially, we also got to eat at Denny's and go ice skating in one of the college's skating rink.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things That Peeve me OFF

One of the things that peeves me off is when you are practicing a sport in gym with a group of people and they have the decency to criticize other player's efforts when they do not do so well themselves. I mean just shut the hell up and the hit the damn ball (volleyball), and don't frikkin laugh when you make a mistake after you just yelled at someone for missing the ball.

Another thing that pisses me off is when you do favor for someone, that is out of your way, or something that can put you at risk, they don't even say thank you. Like wtf is your problem, hasn't your parents taught you to have manners. Now I know I occasionally I forget to say thank you, or excuse me but if I know you or I am one of your classmates you should say it.

In addition to my two peeves above, I get peeved when I am in the train and against the door but I am standing sideways and a person comes to the door and tries to fit in. Honestly, the door could only two people, I don't need your ass rubbing against me.

I have more peeves but that is for a later blog.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This week!!

hey people i am back!!! Today i feel good and this week have been a fun one. On Monday i dissect a pig to see its organs and it was gross but really cool. I t was cool because i had the chance to see the organs that us human also had inside us. I also felt bad because i felt like that they kill a little pig just for us to do an experiment on in and then they throw it away.I am also happy because i had a math test and i past it. This week had been really nice because i finish two story and they are post already.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is with these GUYS!

Love, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. It is also a term used loosely by many and used with great passion and promising actions. The guys I know used it as loose as a prostitute's gential area. Loose, free from anything that binds or restrain. Now when I say a guy is loose when they say the word "love" I mean they said it like there is no meaning to it, like there is no commitment in loving a person, but just to say it cause you want to prove you really like someone. In the past, I have had many guys tell me they love me but none of them really went through in proving or make a lasting relationship out of their love. But one of my biggest pet peves about guys is when they tell you they really like or they are in "love" with you, they move on to another girl if they feel they can't have you. If you love someone, it should be constant, it should be a feeling that will last a long time or forever, its not something you can turn off in an instant or just forget about. How can guys go from one girl to another from one instant to another instant. When I am really interested into a guy, it takes me more than a month atleast to get over him. Do guys and girls have differnet ways of feeling a common emotion? Are we structured differently to handle our emotions and they way we feel? Or are big jerks in the minds of women?

Monday, February 18, 2008

our little family

Hi angie! here at harlemlive we are all very cool but not too long ago our friend te-ga hamm was doing a story on AIDS and getting tested for AIDS after getting tested te-ga went to harlemlive office and told us what she did and we all got inspiried to get tested.And so course we all got tested but thank god we were all negative but we were all scared still we each supported each other by holding hand's togetthere and got throught it.It was awsome I hope that now that you read this you go out and get tested happy love making.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Out taking Shots

On 2/7/2008 i got to Harlem Live and me and Melvin went out taking random shots around Harlem. When we got back we ened up finding out we had some good shots. So far i have enjoyed myself at Harlem Live its a great working space the staff is very easy gong and easy to get along with.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm working on my first story . Hopefully I get this interview with Inez Dickens. I will be so glad to get out of my bacteriology class because the teacher is so boring. I like the subject but I know I would not pass because I wouldn't be able to stay focus. Hopefully I get into photography. See ya.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

today was an interesting day. Guess what i did. Got tested for AIDS. it was so wierd. I come in and Tega had gone out with Kareem and Giley and they went to do a story on the truck doing the test.Tega, Stephanie, Jenny, Angie, and Dayshawn went. And thank God we al came back HIV negative.


THANKS A BILLION TO Gilley and Kareem for going out on the street with me to get info on ma story!!!Special shout outs to my Harlemlive peeps (Chiki! Angie! Jenny! Dashawn! and Stephy! who went with me to get tested for HIV in the Harlem United Center.
It was AMAZING we got to see the actual van where most herione addicts would get test right there on the street in the van with a quick swab that results are no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. I urge everyone at Harlemlive an deveryone else if your sexually active whether your having anal sex, oral sex, or JUST HAVING SEX YOUR AT RISK FOR HIV!!! GET TESTED!!!!! HARLEM UNTED is located right around the corner of w125th street lower level 72. It has free condoms, regular and female, as soon as you walk in save money take them use them if your going to have sex WHY NOT DO IT SAFELY? AND IF THEY CAN'T HELP YOU, THEY CAN SEND YOU WHERE EVER YOU NEED TO BE TO GET THAT HELP!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

valentines day blues

So I know valentines day is coming up and everybody has a valentine but some don't. For me valentines day is for family and lovers. In my family we alway give our parents gift I alway give to my mom she would make me feel very good about what I would get her. My father on the other hand never really cared, in fact I can count the times my dad paid any attention to anything I've done. Ever since I was little my dad was never really there, he is a truck driver and I never really see him. See the thing is I sometimes feel like my dad never loved me in a way I always see my friends giving there dad a gift or talking about how they are doing something with their dad. I at times miss my daddy but there really nothing I can do to express my feeling towards him but hope that one day he cares about everything I do to get his attention.


Hey guys,

today i dont have much to say but today i also feel happy because they change my program and they put it in a way were i could wake up late in the mornings... iam also happy because they change me tho Math B class and that makes me fell proud of myself. I also very happy because i had a very bad cold back in days but now iam not sick anymore. Today at HL we had a meeting with chris about the upcoming program.
chikis back from her senior trip and ready to do stuff. I was so tierd when i came back i didi so much. I went skating, paintballing and swimming. I have never done that much exseercise in so long. I even stayed home for 1 day cause i was so tierd. And sore. Everythng was good except when to people got caught in a room doing the "Nasty". And the girls werent allowed to do some stuff. This trip really put me into reality showing me that highschol=ol is almost over and that its time to get ready to move on.

Free at Last

Angelica and I were able to finish our first article on Monday and goodness it was such a relief. I am so proud of us because we spent a lot of time and effort writing it. We had to interview alot of people. We had to deal with rude and kind people. But overall it was a good experience.