Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter and Vaginas

well i am here freezing!!!! i so hate the winter with all my heart. I've always say that new york will be perfect without a winter. Life will be so much easier and fun if only SUMMER existed in this world. Well i am trying to go to Florida for college, for this same reason,winter, i am always running away from winter because it is so annoying having ashy skin, and chapped lips, and wearing 10 layers of clothing, it is just frustrating.

Today in class we were reading "Vagina Monologues" they were so funny but at the same time touchy. One monologue said that vagina get angry and thinking about it Vagina do get angry, they get angry every month because we human bother them a lot. The monologues were so interesting and although I laugh about the things they were saying, it hurts me as a women to know that in parts of the world womens are greatly discriminated against

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well i am sooo stress out with all this college stuff that i have to do. Well today i applied to the University Of Central Florida, because like you all know i really really want to go to Florida because i hate the winter and in Florida the weather is nice and warm even in DECEMBER! I also want to go far away from home because i want to be more independent and be able to do whatever i want without telling MAMI or PAPI where am going, or what am doing or who i hang out with. One of the main reason i want to go is because i will have the liberty f go to DR because now they be saying that i cannot go but if i am living and independent life, i can go without having to tell them. Well i am praying for the university of central Florida to accept me because i really want to go there.

wat a weekend

This weekend was great. On Friday i went to New Jersey with Jessika and Maurice to help out with some things and to chill with her former roomate Liz. It was cool. I actually was tired leaving home so i fell asleep until Jessika pulled up in front of Best buy on 14 street where maurice worked and as soon as we picked him up we headed downtown on 2nd ave to the Holland tunnel to the 78 which took about 30 and added another 45 minutes on the 78 to the 24 to the 24 to the 124 to the college. when we arrived i went to the library untill she was done than we went out to dinner at a chinese resturant on the 124 where i ordered ginger chicken w white rice and iced tea which was cool. After dinner we dropped Liz off back at Drew and headed home. When I got home i went to bed. Saturday i went to the library and did some chores which was cool. yestarday was church which was my pastors anniversary which was a blessed experience. I ate alot and was happy. Today I went to workforce to apply for a job at aramark and got a referal for a job interview at the location on 41st street location. and i also got an interview at a dental place in Jamacia Ave at 10 am. which is cool. I pray that i get the job tommorow. cuz i need it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New update

Hay people. I just decided to post a blog on a rainy, boring Sunday. I've been coming in about three times a week and have been working on lots of different stories. I've covered a story on metal detectors and I interviewed some security guards, teachers and students in my school. The story's finished and I'm very happy about that.

I went to see Race on broadway. The play starrs Kerry Washington, David Grier and James Spader from Boston Legal. It was about a white man who was accused of raping a black woman and his law firm was trying to decide if they should represent him and if he was innocent or guilty. It was a great show and I'm working on that story.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

boy do i need jesus

well its thursday so u know wat that means it means its gonna bullcrap cuz i got the dates for da b smith interview mixed up which was upsetting. i felt like cryin but at least i got one more shot with the interview on monday with another cook and at lest i get make it to christ temple on time yay!!!!!!! rite now ima just prepare for mondays interview and at dis poimnt i aint even sure if i want to work tommorow ima see how i feel tommorow. if i dont go tommorow i mite go job huntin or go to the bronx or sumtin but ima see. Right now im doing work and talkin to my girl. I cant wait till tonite cuzs its anniversary time in da temple YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rev Crawford is preachin so i know Union Grove is gonna show up and show out for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ima not let the stress get to me ima let Jesus handle my businesss for now on!!!!!!!!!!!! Ima blog later god bless n love y'all
Im happy that tomorrow is friday! Finally the weekend is soon, and makes us one step closer to winter break =)
Tomorrow at school, i will be asking students questions on the bake sale being banned, so tomorrow when i get to HL im going to type up the story and thats going to be my second story for the week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a week

This week is a busy week cuz I am going to church and workin hard to start my new show which premires in January. Today I jhave alot to do so ima rool so peace

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, this week has been okay. Last week, we were at Barnes and Noble. It was pretty fun, I learned how to gift wrap, although i suck, I did my best. This week just started and I already finished typing my story for the week, the story about the tenenment museum. Now i have to gather information of a new story i'll be covering this week and do interview. Im planning on continuing to do the bake sales being banned in nyc schools but then i dont think I want to write about that. but I'll see

Monday, December 7, 2009

I just dont kno but I know God is so so My Jesus

This weekend was a relaxed and praise filled weekend. i went to a breakfast with my mom and dad. afterwards i went to the library. after the library i went home. i cud hardly sleep that nite cuz one of my friends was comin to church the next day which was my pastors pre anniversary service. The next day Dad dropped me off at the corner of 135 by the 3 train where i waited for 15 minutes for my friend to come and we went to church which was a praise filled experience. I got so so happy with Jesus joy i ran around da church. after the 1st service we ate and then i hada take her home. time i got back it was time to sing. the male chorous sang coolin waters which was cool. after the sermon i met mom and dad and we went to another church for their pastors anniversary. it was cool i went home and i prepared for my job interview at jfk airport in howard beach. this mornin i took the express to the skip stop express to the local to 2 buses to the airport. the interview went well. after the interview for some reason i was pissed but i cudnt figure it out but i know that jesus can fix all things if u take it to him. i stopped at mcdonalds for lunch and then i took the r to the uptown express to 125 and walked here in da cold to work. when i got here i started working on recepies for my show and i gotta story so ima blog later god bless n love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a day

well today i made some rounds and then i came to work and went on a story to interview ppl about the tiger woods incident. after wards i am back i am going to write a list of culinary schools i would like to attend and maybe i mite cook dinner ima check to see wat we have in the kitchen to eat. i am looking forward to going back to barnes n noble to gift wrap to raise money for harlemlive which is pretty cool. yestarday i had a great experience gift wrappin at barnes n noble. it felt like i was a regluar person who worked at barnes n noble. i love working here and it will help me achieve my goal for culinary school. anyways i gtg because i need to look up schools n maybe make sum appointments to visit them.


I'm here at HL just rocking out these stories. It's pretty exciting. I love working under pressure. My best work is produced when I'm under pressure. Just as my mom says pressure busts pipes and I'm out here busting my pen. I've just finished this metal detector story and I'm still writing the holiday story. So let me go get back to work.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, im pratically done with my gallery story thank goodness =).
Im off to an interview for tomorrow =)
im pretty excited because this museum caught my attention, so i'll be making up questions for the story.

My thanksgiving was great. I didnt eat that much though but the 4 days off from school was nice. I cant wait til winter break!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey Its Evan Yall

Have you all seen the drama with Rihanna.....????????? told us the viewers yesterday morning Rihanna's people would be REDUCING the price of her CD to 99 CENTS. Big shocker right? And by the afternoon, Rihanna's label Def Jam made the move.

What's even MORE interesting is that during the meeting where Rihanna's team were trying to figure out what to do. The insider explains, "It seemed like [one of the execs] was more interested in trying to make it look like your site was wrong [about Rihanna's sales being off] than in trying to make sure that Rihanna's sales were better."

Rihanna Def Jams biggest female artist is in some REAL TROUBLE!!!

HAHA This is courtesy of

Monday, November 23, 2009

i have a really bad headache! Today has been such a boring day. And the story that i am typing up is taking me a long time. I guess im not pretty interested in this gallery like i was when i was doing the interview. I know my next story would be better

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Any reviews of Precious? MJ's This is It! ?  Reactions?  What about the girl that got shot by accident in Bronx now charging 16 yo with the murder? Who believes in 2012? Health care reform? Sarah Palin? Swine Flu? .... smh



Well, let me tell you people that i am doing great in school, all my grades are 90 and above except for chemistry that i have a unknown grade.LOL... I am doing so much better with my life because this psychiatry thing is just really helping me. I am sooo stress out with the college thing because i am trying to apply to a lot of colleges but money is tight so i have only apply to CUNYs, ST.Johns,FIU, and LIU. I am also thinking about going to study to DR, life is just so much easier there , but it will be way better if i study here because this is "America" and i have more opportunities, moneywise.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poor Me Im Sick

Well what happened is that i thought it would be good for me to not take the Flu shot and in the long run i got sick like two times back to back. I wasn't even in full recovery the first time that i got sick.Now come to fine out i was OK yesterday but today I lost my voice and it is barely there. I was so mad because ever one trying to get me to talk and i feel like it is going to get no better if i keep on talking. Well ill tell you how i feel tomorrow to see if it got any better or worse.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Only child woes

Just got a call from my mother. She's at work and needs me to come and help her. She wants to go home now and she doesn't have anyone to help her up the stairs. This is what happens when you're the only child and your parents need somehthing. I have to drop everything I'm doing to run to her. I feel like a single mother with an obligation, it's scary.

Ok, so bye ppls, I'll see you Thursday...

bake sales BYE BYE

I finally thought of a good story that would attract teens. Yay.
Now, in New York City high schools, students are not able to do bake sales. Thats crazy.
So, i think its a good topic because many students at my high school are dissapointed. Hopefully, Im done with this new story by next week.
And i have an interview this thursday, im not that excited because i wanted to do the tenement museum =(

Friday, November 13, 2009

The weather has made me feel pretty down, it makes me want to go home being buried under the covers.Ive been feeling sick and moody and ive been feeling lazy.
Well, I am almost done with my Preparartion for College article. I think its pretty good, im glad that i am almost done. I am thinking of doing a story on a tenement museum. I know it sounds like a boring topic, but i am very interested in the museum because it is different from other museums in New York City. Musuems in New York are so common like art museums and stuff, and this is a unique museum , especially the history of it. Im also interested in doing a story in a Asain Museum, but then museums are becoming to be a boring topic. I want to do an article on things that would interest teenagers but i dont know. I am not even a creative person, well we'll see....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New story

I'm working on this new story about Metal Detectors at school. I've written my questions and now I'm waiting on Antwan to come and look them over, I guess. I've got like 3 different sets of questions. I plan on interviewing the security guards, some teachers and students. This topic is pretty cool and it will be great for the print magazine.

I think it's important that we write informative and interactive pieces for the magazine. Teens are not going to want to read about things that they can't relate to or has no impact on them. I know I don't want to. So far with the first issue I think that we've done pretty good with that. As I said before the issue looks great.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HL in print

I've just seen the final project for the magazine and it looks FANTASTIC! I really love it. I love the graphics and the content. I think it is completely great. The next issue will be out sometime December and I'm going to write some entertainment stories regarding the holiday. I want to write about something unique... Gotta think!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


OMG i am sooo sad..i think i suffer from deppression..LOL for real because i be crying everyday and i am having so much problems at home with mom that is really messing my whole life up..MY grades are just terrible..and i have to worry about the problems at home plus the ones at school,and at first it did not bother but now is just too much for me, Bu i know i am strong and i will overcome all this, at least i hope so because if i dont i rather die that keep living like this because my life is becoming every day more deppressed, and i try to act tough and happy in front of everybody but inside i just feel so empty and i feel like nobody cares but i will get over it.Well see ya!!!


Back at Hl for fall. It feels so nice. We're doing the print version for HarlemLive. I don't know how far that's been coming along, but I've done my part. I interviewed Bill Thompson which wasn't that great. I also wrote another story that was about the new So In Style black dolls. It was a great story but I'm not sure where it went...

Signed so Confused....

Shoutouts to HarlemLive!

This is officially my first day joining with HarlemLive! anxious to see the outcome of this...I hope to get a lot out of this program! ..stay tuned guys.. I'll keep you posted!


Hey it is so good to be back at HarlemLive. Im starting fresh this year and it feels so good to be back. HarlemLive is like my second home and i wouldn't trade it for the world. I love HarlemLive.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well, ive been working on a story. Something real easy to do. Its about teenager preparation to college. This topic is very interesting to me and im looking forward to writing my article. ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Im backk :)

Whats new? Well 11th grade has been okay so far. Its pretty boring. I thought it was going to be much better. Classes is somewhat difficult, but im just trying to have my grade good as usual. Its going pretty fast to me, October is already finishing. Report cards are coming out this week, im pretty anxoius because i feel like im not going to do as great as i want to do. Ive been doing good in all of my classes but i tend to think negative. I have to work hard for this year because, i have sats. about three regents to take, my ap history exam, and im stressing so much. Always having a headache ughhhhhhh.

Anyways, last weekend i saw two movies at the theaters. I say toy story (well my bf wanted to see that. And then yesterday i saw Paronormal Activity, which was kinda funny and scary to me. I had a small nightmare last night ;(

Friday, October 23, 2009

in need of help..
i am doing a report of fashion trends that will soon be followed.
im new to harlem live and im willing to work hard but i jus dont know where to
so scared of doing a not so good job that i can hardly breathe.
if u have any ideas

Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st time


Today is my first at Harlem far I'm enjoying it.
the vibe is nice.and the people are wonderful.i can actually say
they are my kinda of people.i thought they was gonna be all
mean and stuff but its not really like that.i hope to really benefit from this program
i want to improve my communication and writing and maybe even web design ,
media and etc skills. i cant wait to we get down and dirty lol.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wat a day

yestarday i celebrated my twenty birthday. it was so cool. i went to my old school n visited my old friends n teachers which was cool. after that i caught the bus to jamacia ave where i ended having a war of words w my exgirlfriend jerricka brown and it did not end well after that i went downtown to chill and to get a refferal for a job. afterwards i came here then i met my sis at work and went home and talked to my girl on yahoo after that i went to sleep it was a great birthday i love bein grown lol.

Forex Trader / Stock Market

Am welling to teach any one whos welling to learn Forex trading or Stock Market. I will be here to answer your questions from 4pm eastern to 7pm eastern time. So feel free to ask me anything.

Am a Forex trader. Why ? becouse it a 24hr open 5.5 days a week unlike the Stock Market which is open 6am to 4pm. And the money is faster to make. 25 dollers to open a account with most brokers. ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

its funny how. . . .

as females.... 
we tend to always worry Way to much about things that dont even matter.
but wen everything is done and the storms has passed.
the feeling of relief is just a breathe of fresh air.
a womans job is never over.
there is no clockin out sadly.
but without women...america better yet the world.
wouldnt be wat it is now.
beside every great man there behind him...
is an even greater woman.

Introducing People to Harlem Live

The other day I introduced my friend to harlem live. I think he likes the program. I just told him to come with me to harlem live one day and he I think probably decided he wanted to join. He just willing came along. I think about referring other people to Harlem Live. Introducing people to the program has a down side. If they do something wrong you look bad with them. I don't like looking bad because of what a friend did. It messes up my reputation. I think that a person shouldn't be looked at because of what their friends do. If a friend does something wrong it doesn't mean that I will do the same thing. Another downside to introducing someone is that then you have to explain every thing to them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A new year has begun

Hey everyone well our summer was a long intersting one. We each discovered our strength n weakness and the goals that we want to acheive. I'm proud to say that I learned alot this summer and because of that it will help me progress in my new task as lead editor for culinary stories at HL let us all great things and receive the reward at the end:-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey everyone...

I'm so excited that my team won overall. This summer was so intense and we worked hard. I'm sad that it's over. These past few weeks, I've been kinda bummed that the summer challenge is over. The awards ceremony was great. It was nice to see everybody come together. I just wish everyone was there.

I'm excited that two of my team members became editor in chief but of course I'm jealous. I'm kind of upset that I didn't get the title. I think that I proved myself this summer with all the responsibility I took on and bringing my team to victory. I asked a few people if I was overlooked due to age, but I don't know. I got different answers from everyone.

It really hurts me when I see people who intern for a few weeks and get titles that I've never got. I'm not completely bummed because not everyone makes it and everyone isn't supposed to. People like Shem and Kamal were never appointed as Editor-in- Chief and they're doing great things to this day. Shem's a great graphic desinger and Kamal's still doing his thing, so I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

Anywhoo, overall, I've learned so much from being apart of HarlemLive period. Everything I spoke about in the last presentation was true. I'm such a better communicator than I ever was. I'm just excited for the fall and I'm going to step my production up.... I'm not giving up. My time will come

Friday, August 14, 2009


it is done i am ready 4 vacation and for travel class cant my new job start now lolz


it is done i am ready 4 vacation and for travel class cant my new job start now lolz over...

Today was a very long day. However my team won yay. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get editor and chief, but thats just another goal I have to set for next year and trust me I WILL GET IT! I am happy for Dacia, Carlos, and Brittany they deserve it I watched Brittany bust her ass on a daily basis making phone calls, powerpoints, and making shore the work got done. Everytime I went into the computer room Dacia was editing something so I give them there props...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm so happy. In fact, I'm completely satisified about how everything went down. I must say that we made a big improvement. That's what happens when you're around good spirited people who can work together and get things done. I have no regrets and this summer was a great experience. I just wish that people could have been more respectful, so we could have all enjoyed this summer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


OMG... WE WON FRIDAY... I'm so excited about the final presentation. As I write right now, we are anticipating the presentation. Team Live's first, Newsuem next, then the best for last, us, INNOVATIVE CREATION. I'm extremely happy about our win last week. We really deserved it. We put everything into our presentation and our planning. As for the other teams, Newsuem's presentation was nice. However, I think it was very unprofessional how some of Team Live's members stormed out the room after they LOST... Please we don't need sore losers....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crunch Time

Today me and my team just realized its crunch time. We all have had only 1 , yes only 1 day to come up with a descent presention. WTF??? Oh yeah we also had our first group argument (not too proud of that) because we didnt agree on any ideas.

INNOVATION CREATION??!!!!!!! Off a cliff?????

NO POSTS from that team in 6 dAys?????????? WTF????

MEMOIR -- Last Chance!

Get your memoirs on the HL site today!!

We Won...Again!

I'm feeling kind of sick today, what else is knew. Anyways my team won on friday and I am estatc about that. This was the secound week in a row we won. I know there is alot of rumors out there about how we stole another groups idea blah blah blah. Well We and or I didnt steal anyones idea. That friday myself and three other of my group members stayed after the presentation and came up with that idea. However, we didnt agree on it until Monday mourning. Therefore we didnt steal anything! Back to what I was saying before we won and were very happy about it and I hope we win tomorrow aswell. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

life goes on

Today i finally registered for classes. Well i have a $1,7hundred and something dollars to pay before i start. I'm not really sure why I'm going to college anymore which is kind of ridiculous. But i guess I have to start some where to get to where i wanna go. I didn't make a big schedule I'm just taking the basic courses this semester; counseling, sociology, intensive writing, and remedial math and i was thinking about gym to get it out of the way but since one of the helpers told me I need it to graduate i thought to myself that i shouldn't take a class i don't want to take when i know im probably not going to graduate from this school.

"[Chorus - 4x]
Oh when it all, it all falls down
I'm telling you ohh, it all falls down

[Verse - Kanye West]
Man I promise, she's so self conscious
She has no idea what she's doing in college
That major that she majored in don't make no money
But she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny

Now, tell me that ain't insecurrre
The concept of school seems so securrre
Sophmore three yearrrs ain't picked a careerrr
She like fuck it, I'll just stay down herre and do hair

~ Kanye West 'All falls down' lyric

OMGosh I't's almost the end of the Summer youth media challenge and there is still tension amongst the teams... o well life goes on.


Funny video

Today Justin showed me this funny ass video. The video was showing how Rihanna gets revenge on Chis Brown. If you want to see this video (WHICH U SHOULD) go to youtube seach: RIHANNA gets REVENGE on Chris Brown and BEATS HIS ASS!!!

Been Following the blogs

Wow . Innovation hasn't posted ANYTHING in two days. And can't remember which but some of the team blogs u can't tell who wrote , it's like everyone on that (those?) teams are using the same log in. And some folks say they BORED, damn, there should be more to do than you have time to do. Bored = boring, unresourceful. ONe who wrote on "Eek day" i want to this to be over now. You should quit today. Don't go thru life being miserable. No money is worth the time you waste doing something you don't want to do. GO HOME!!!!


I just finished practicing for my presentation for tomorrow and I think that we will win. If we dont the group that does better have fire works or something seriously. Right now I am about to go to lunch :-). You guys no I cant work with no food in my system. I feel unacomplished this week I dont know why. Hope I come in as secound top producer tomorrow. 


eek day-

today is a rainy day and its like almost 12 and their is not alot of people their , i just cant wait til this is over.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My legs are currently in pain because of Brad, Mike, and Jeff (mostly Brad). We rode the bikes from HL to 86th street and back for some f*cking skatebords. This was very painful I will never do this again!!


Get your memoirs on the HL website by Monday!

It was great to read everyone's memoirs today. Thanks to all who brought them in. You got points for bringing them, and you'll get more points for putting them on the website. But don't just do it for the points...everyone has worked hard on their memoirs, and it will be nice to make them available for others to read.

If you brought your memoir and I saw it, it's easy! Make changes to your memoir based on my edits and any edits or comments from the person who read it in the workshop. See your team leader or Gisely about getting it on the website.

If you didn't bring a memoir today, you still have a chance. It just will require a little more work, but it's doable by Monday. Have someone at HL edit your memoir. You can also email it to me, but I'd have to get it by Friday. Go through the same process you would to put a news article online.

Extra points if you include a photo. Add a photo of yourself or of something that goes with your story.

I see two memoirs are online already! Yeah, Wesley and Charlene and thanks! I hope to see more on the site tomorrow.

whats missing?

Most the time I feel that something is missing regarding my responsibility towards myself. I always look for satisfaction in my work, then is the possibility of failure. I grow from failure to develop wisdom and character in my posture of status. Even further, I stand as a searcher of familier ground to establish myself as a inconquerable.


The two journalist Laura Ling and Euna Lee...were finally brought back to the United States on behalf of former President Bill Clinton and may a couple of undercover people...(who really knows). They were in a Korean prison for 140 days. That muust have been a night*mare. I don't understand why they were thrown in Prison anyways. They were probably being pest, since most journalist are. It's really terrifying what journalist go through when they're only finding information to reveal to the rest of the world. That is what scares me. There is so much that we common people don't know about and many of us don't care to know because we are simply living our lives as if we aren't apart of something bigger. It's really annoying that people are annoyed by journalist too, they play a big part in most of our lives.

I met a news anchor Jackie Reid, on Saturday...well she use to be an anchor on BET nightly news, before it was canceled and I tried to act as if i didn't know her. I was talking to the guy she was dating about my future; such as college and career choices and they both gave me good advice as to what i should do such as take a business class so what ever i end up doing i can own it. Also they told me to never be afraid of change and trying new things until i find what i am meant to do. I'm such an undecided person because i want to know what i was designed to do. And i want my life to be purposeful and what i do as a career to have a purpose basically.

But it'll come to me eventually...then again i do get confuse because i thought that i have to go out and get what it is that i want. But if i want what i don't know then i think trying different things will help me find it...



Listen up people, I have no hatred towards any of the teams, even Team Live. However, there are certain people that I don't care for perse and that is perfectly normal when working with people. However, when you let your personal feelings get in the way of how you speak to someone, how you interact with someone and how you act because you personally don't like them is a problem.

I'd actually like to say this verbally, but I have a feeling that there may be some disrespect, so I'm writing it. And I know you guys read blogs, so please soak this up. There are some people on Team Live that may not like me or how I operate and that's okay. But not only, do they not like me, they display it with indirect comments, attitude and lots of other things that should not be tolerated. I can't change anyone, so I try not to argue with you guys.

That's why this takedown is so vital in my agenda. Because this is a competition and because certain people are nasty to me and disrespectful and I refuse to retaliate with the same behavior, I am going to kick their asses (of course not physically, but in this game)

There are people on Team Live that I have no problems with whatsoever and you guys know who you are. So don't feel bad about my previous blog or this one because it's not personal. This is business, so act accordingly Green Team and worry not at all about my words..... Love is spread to all.... I don't hate you guys, in fact, I pitched a great idea about Flatbush to Kendra and I gave her some great ideas for your presentation.....

My karrine steffans memoir

I was told that a memoir I previously wrote and posted had something missing. Well alot missing however, I was told by numerous people that was a great essay. the person that edited it loved it "Jason" so I dont comprehend how this person doesnt. He wasnt the only one though out of at least twenty people on other person didnt like it my aurnt. She stated that I need to write why I like Karrine Steffans and I did add that to my memoir. This ther editor stated that I need to remove or rephrase my first sentence which I refuse to do. I love my memoir and I will not change it unless I see fit! However, I would like other opinions so here is the link to my article hope you guys love it as much as I do!


Yesterday was an exausting day. I went to little Italy in the Bronx and saw their culture. I had a fun time and recevied free food however, that walk was too long for my taste. Im sorry that was an understatement that walk was drastic my feet hurt so bad when I was done. Overall yesterday was a good day and I hope today is one aswell.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peace, Green, Red, Yellow

Today me and the team...TEAMLIVE! went to a neighborhood in Brooklyn..Crown heights. I think that the neighborhood was pretty much like any other neighborhood. There was a large population of West Indians in the area and we got to talk to them about the whole culture there.

But anyways...the red teams 'take down green team plan' or Nyiesha's plan is really getting the team upset. There is a lot of petty drama between my team and the red. I don't think that its necessary..but it is a competition. It seems like the yellow team is on track and happy with thier location, but who knows...Friday we'll see how everything and everyone turns out.

I think we should just all get along...but sometimes my thoughts tend to be unrealistic.


False security

My emotions are a form of a meter, certain pressures and forces, construct who I am tomorrow.

Litte Italy

Today me and two other team members went to little Italy. It was fun going to all the restaurants but I didnt get to taste nothing, which sucked because I dint have my card. But then again if I would have had my card I would have just bought and ate a bunch of for no apparent reason. Also being that I have done that enough because I spent almost half my pay on FOOD.


So, today my team and I went to 42nd street. It was for our neiborhood story. I interviewed two people. It was pretty cool. There is always something to do in 42nd. We got to watch 2 performers. It was pretty cool. The first perfromer which Maurita interviewed was pretty cool. He was nice. His trick was weird lol. Another perfomer was a lady who did some fire stuff. what she did was crazy lol. Overall going to Time Square was prettuy okay.

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Off course

Our plan has fallen off track and now I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Man this is horrible, it's a sad dreadful day. Well back to work.
I am disliking this hot weather with a passion. I am not a summer person and i get so aggravated when its humid outside. I can not wait til summer is over, cant wait until the WINTER.

New Location/Other

Hey, today my team is going to Little Italy in manhattan, wow were going to have fun. Man today is hot. I mean really hot. Yesterday was my cousin's birthday she turned 17 and I forgot to call her. On another note my grandma came back from Texas so i was ecstatic. Man I'm going to see her next weekend. Today my boyfriend is going back to Florida, I'm a little upset.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Many girls want to feel physically and emotionally a love that family nor friends can give. It's almost like the other half to the heart or a gap that has been filled when a love is found. But why do we feel this way? Shouldn't we already be complete? I think relationships suck, from the i love yous to kisses and hugs. It use to be a dream for me to marry my high school sweet heart at a young age and have kids...maybe because i watch TV too much. Or maybe i just picked the wrong guys.

Being in a relationship, a good one makes you feel like you have someone no matter what for as long as the relationships last. Most girls feel they need to have a boyfriend or at least have some guy they talk to or mess around with. It's so ridiculous how self esteem can be raised on what boys think about you. If you aren't being approached by guys or Holla'd, receiving complements on something you've changed about yourself, then does that mean you're ugly? I don't think so so because there are guys who don't care how you look.

I always try to learn from the mistakes of my peers in my own relationships, But when i experience something myself, i feel like i become more wise.

I think girls my age shouldn't stress over a broken heart, losing their virginity and impressing guys or anything else that's minor, the only thing is realizing that we get upset over minor things. I feel like if we paid attention to what WE want then we wont have time to deal with irrelevant 'guy problems'


Chore Board

This week my Team the Red team has chore board. And the Cook came in today and cooked which was good, but then there was a hot A$$ mess in the kitchen which was bad.


Never did I think editing was such detailed, micro- detailed. What happens to make me think about this subject is the duration it take to have a perfect piece. I notice everyone has a different perspective on whats considered good structure and whats not. One things for sure it happens to be tollsome work.
This program is ending soon and its crazy how this summer is going by so fast. I remember when the summer started. I do not want to go back to school next month =/
I just hope these last few weeks of summer vacation is good.


Hey, I had a great weekend. I chilled with my big brother and my boyfriend. I was kind of nervous to let my boyfriend meet my brother because my big brother is mean and aggressive. To my surprise my brother got along with him. We watched movies and videos. You A Jerk, and Stanky Legg is some of the videos we watched. We were debating over who was the best rapper in the game right now. Hands down Jay-Z has the title.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

not comprehendable

What amazes me is that my work never seems to fit the criteria of someone else. That seems like a stipulation i can't handle, dealing with people that don't see things my way.Were is the correlation between me and others it does'nt seem evident in judging my work.

This is ...

This is crazy I just found out Michael Jackson had another son... A BLOOD RELATED SON!!! I kinda feel a little stupid that I found out so late.


I was out all day with the team. It was sooo hut and humid and sunny. We accomplished a lot hopefully it will all come through on the tape that we show the judges... its nothing worse than to work hard for something than lose because of a minor reason. I think HarlemLIVE in the summer is so interactive but its so hard to focus all the things we need to in one week. I know its preparing each of us for something. Alot of us focus on the presentation part.

Cant wait till we find out who wins and what happens at the end of the summer media challenge.

Go New York Liberty!

In a little while I will be going to see the Liberty play. The Liberty is part of the WNBA. If you don't know what that means its the National Women's Basketball Association. I don't really know who their playing against and Im not familiar with the players, but I hope they win. The last time I went to a game was five years ago, but whatever Im gonna go with my Becky Hammon t-shirt on and hope she is still playing with them lol. I also, hope my team wins tomorrow, however that is another story.


Innovative Creation

I must say to all you other teams that we are the underdogs. Dacia was cracking on our two lines that we stand in. Don't expect that this week. We coming at ya, so be on alert for Innovative Creation. And most importantly people, let's all have fun tomorrow. I'll have to keep this short because we're about to have a meeting.
    Yesterday I had an interview with the manager from Harlem Lanes. It was pretty cool, I leanred alot of new things about that place. It is very cool. We got to play for free. It was fun. 
    So, every week is going by so fast. There is two weeks left til the program is over. I am shock because the summer flew by so fast, next thing you know school is going to begin asap. Im alittle excited to gp back to school because i am going to be a junior yay. 
    Well this week has been pretty okay. I was suppose to go to 106 and park but Maurita didnt print out the tickets, so we didnt have any signitare of proof that we can go inside the studio. I was angry. (she made me wear a dress ughh) So i tried finding someone who is eighteen and when i did, we couldnt go inside because it was already full. I was angry again. But whatever its not like I watch that show lol.

What Happened to Shivery?

So Im on the train this mourning or afternoon whatever and these four guys where sitting down and these old women were standing. What is wrong with that picture? I really don't understand why they didn't get up. Like wtf, wouldn't common sense kick in and tell them to get up. I don't know maybe they weren't raised that way, but I feel like this is AMERICA and in AMERICA you be a gentlemen and get up when a girl, women, and especially a elderly woman gets on the train. I cant even say in america because every culture (almost) respects there elders and have forms of respect and shivery towards them so Im really perplexed as to what is wrong with them!!!


Another experience I had on the train was where this guy was sitting down and I was standing in front of him. To make a long story short he tried to talk to me and I was pist. Once again what is wrong with this picture? He was sitting down and I was standing. He should have been a gentlemen and got the f#!$ up, period, but he didn't and thats why he got no play. Dude asked why I wouldn't give him my number and I simply said "because you were sitting"! Isn't that a no brainer (duh).


Despite, the numerous guys that sit while I stand there are some that don't and I give them so much respect. Like boys don't understand what it does to a girl when your on the train and they give up their seat to a old lady or to them. Its one of the sweetest things you can do. Not only that, but holding doors open and letting a girl go first is cute and it puts you aside from other people. Therefore if you are one of those men...THANK YOU! I wish there was more like you!

Even if its not part of your culture do it because its the LAW! If you don't get up and a cop sees you they will fine you up to $500 :-). So that should motivate you to get up. Lmfao.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I finally edited and posted my first video. I am so happy and mad because I got caught in the rain (AGAIN), I also fell riding a bike when I was with Day Day.


I feel the pressure on me to succeed, even when the pressure is on I feel confident in the long run. I am going to attain saticfaction in my tolls no matter what, whats going to stop me, but my ownself. I have to keep my moter running so i can endure the storm. What i love is the thrill of the chase which is ultimate!


Yesterday, I went Kayaking with two of my group members. We had a world of fun. Teneille did most of the work on the Kayak cause I go tired. That was a work out pushing that paddle against the tide. It was alot of work...too much to be exact. Yes, I got my hair wet and yes on the way home people looked at me liked I had urinated on myself, but I didnt care. However, the best part about the whole thing was that it was FREE!!! I love anything free :-). I would love to do it again...I had so much fun.

I agree with earlier post.. weekly wins should be for that week only

I think that's how we did it last year,

then the final winning team is based on all the weeks. but each week should be represented separately

just my two cents

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Everything involving your lively hood depends on decisions and more decisions. determining someone else decision for them is a tough one, decisions that is. One things for sure, you have to be careful in your ventures so someone won't have make the decisions for you! I suggest leave your stamp so no decisions would be remote.


Im in desperate need to fix my beautiful brown Coach glasses. MY pink back up glasses looked cute when I was in 10th grade but now it just looks too kidish. The black ones i am wearing are so big for my head. I'm getting use to them since I am wearing them more but they suck. I wish I can find the right pair. Well actually I wish that I never needed them, they are a heavy load on my face. 
I finally I have an appointment to register for classes at my school John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
 Today at HL... I am unhappy that my team is unhappy. When it comes to people and their own sheltered feelings that I cannot change i try to stray away from that whole conflict. I'm happy that we do have a final plan that Italie, Kevin and I help to decide. I think it's a cool idea and I just hope everyone else does also. Especially since we are the most informative group and hold more content in our presentations than anyone else, we need to win.


Crazy Theory

It may sound pessimistic as Carlos said, but I just have a problem with the way points are calculated. I don't understand why they count the points from the previous weeks. It's unrealistic for another team to bypass the winning team. What's the point in giving us weekly updates and picking a winner every week if it's a summer competition as Kevin said. I think that the weekly wins should go by the points that the team wins weekly. I don't know about anyone else, but I was wondering about how things are done. No sore loser here, just a concerned one!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I took a class with Matt. We had to go bike riding and take pictures for the class. Then it started raining a little. I thought we could continue with the class But then it started raining harder and harder that by the time we got back to HarlemLive we looked like we went to the pool with our clothes on!

Federal Reserve

My trip to Federal Reserve was a first, even though i had interest in its location before, i never found time to visit. But today was the day, now remember i was ralled up, only to experience rejection in the mist of my excitement. I encountered a italian reninsance style building with federal reserve police, yeh like they really have reserves!

Crazy Dream

I had this really wierd dream last night. I was living with three roomates and they were contemplaiting killing me. So in return I killed them. I saw one of them comming towards me laughing so I grabbed a gun and killed him. Then this girl popped up out of no where and I had to kill her too. Lastly another guy ran towards me and I shot him three times b/c he didnt look dead. The dream ended with me calling the cops. I woke up pretrafied smh, that was a crazy dream . I had another dream after that one, but it was about chris brown. That dream was just as scary though...
Well, my team won again for the third time. I am suprised because my team wasn't that prepared for the presentation but we pulled it together. The presentation that we did was so fun.
Go Team Newseum !!!

My weekend was okay. It wasn't that great =/
Im upset that its Monday because i dislike Mondays. I am very tired and i wish it was the weekend al over again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weird Movie

It's 3am and just watched Lolita that was on PBS last night. Kubrick's first or just early films with James Mason, Peter Sellers and Shelly Winters with whom I would work later and visit in her upper west side apartment when my friend Ellis Amburn and her were working on her biography. I remember I broght her a tuna sandwhich and a black and white malt. She was so heavy set at the time , she wore a dress that matched the couch she sat on so you kinda couldn't tell where she began or ended..... 

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My day was spontanous and filled with adventure. pretty that sums it up.

video and journalism class

I just had a video and journalism class that i really enjoyed. it was worth the thirty minutes spent. that was fun to participate in and i would love to do it again. that was worth waiting for. 


I am unable to use Final cut pro.
So I am unable to make videos.
And so I am also unable to post videos.


I have such a good sleep today. It was so invigorating and rejuvenating, but now i feel like i never had one. Dam...I would give so much money to get out of HL before seven o'clock today. I really do need to get more sleep. I'm really tired and stressed out. Times like this I would like to have another half to balance me or de-stress me :-(. The things i have to go through...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Realized...

I just realized that we get paid to learn things that some people have to pay lots of money to learn. This material will help me in the future...hopefully.

I Toatally Agree with Rich

Richard was on point with his blog about MJ. I loved reading every second of his blog. it was very good and in defense of mj and someone needs to defend him. i think people should look past the discrepancies of his life and focus on the positives and accomplishments he made. 

Obama's old apartment

As promised yesterday, we went to Barack Obama's old apartment. It's funny because I've passed it plenty of times, but had no idea. We got a shot in front of the building. We actually went inside to interview people, but we were kicked out by the management. Then we just interviewed pedestrains walking by. It was so cool. I saw an old friend Carly and we caught up. Everything was cool. I'm actually about to log my notes. And work on my MTA story.
So, today I woke up real early and met up with one of my teamates Maurita at the train. Then we met up with Wesley and went downtown to 42nd street. It was very disapointing that there were only three of my teamates out of about 11 of them of my group to show up. It just shows that i cant really rely on anyone but whatever. So at the Good Morning America, we didnt get to have them say HarlemLive unfortunatly. They were too busy inside and there were a concert, so i was pretty upset. Other than that my teamates and I went to 34th street and shopped then we got to the site.

I learned how to post stories on the website and im pretty happy about that since No One in my group dont know how to do that -___-. So i posted 3 stories and my profile. I learned something new today YAY lol.

well, im pretty tired and im heading home soon...

Our video

Our video is on youtube t's called St8 clowin. It's childish but funny and we were just stting around lauhing and making shout out.
ok sooo today we had this really good coook lmao aka renaldo and he made some tuna salad which was hmm hmm good and today i woke up at like 5 am and had to go on good morning america but i didnt even get a chance to be on tv which sux but then after we went shopping which made me feel better.

Response to MJ...

I just read Rich's blog about Michael Jackson and I'd have to agree. I'm a big MJ fan and I believe that if he was really a pedophile, then he would have molest his own children. I think that it's unfair for the public to judge celebrities. Especially, someone like Michael Jackson who was very secretive about his life. The reason why people always have something to say about MJ is because he didn't address the rumors that people fabricated. MJ was a legend. Also, whoever can say it was Elvis, you're wrong. He was a fucking junkie and his music didn't unite people of all races like MJ's did.

my obsession for food

the smell of food fills my nostrils and as always im hungry. i love food its my favorite obsession. i could eat soul food all day. it taste so good, but i think my favorite is italian food. the marinara sauce taste so good. this weekend i made lasagna i have to say that it was of the hook. i could have used seasoning, but since it was my first time i wanted to stick to the recipe. dam i think that i think about food more than i think about boys...thats really saddening to me. smh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Long day for me, and still realing from restlessness.What a task full day filled with what i love, being interactive and active. What drives me to insomnia is my vigilance to live life, finding time for all my interest even if it means the death!

Glasses or contacts

yesterday I wore my contacts for the second time. I've only wore them twice and they feel really uncomfortable. I only have them for 14 days.... Well now 12 days. They are only the free trial meaning that I am testing them out until i actually get the real contacts...but they have been so much work to put in and take out. I get so nervous when i do anything that has to do with my eyes. 

I realized that i don't want contacts and they arent neccesary. I like to see but i dont like how i look without my glasses anymore. Soon i will get laser surgery and i will be happy.

to the MJ talk

Michael Jackson was never convicted of being a pedophile. HE was accused. I can accuse the writer of that blog of being an "ASS" but that doesn't make it so, does it? He was in a court and found not guilty. If he was a pedophile we'd be hearing from dozens of young men coming forward (now and before) to say so. And the dude from the first "ACCUSATION" has later recanted his story and said his dad put him up to it for the $$$. If your child was truly molested would you honestly settle for money or would you want to see it thru so that the accused actually serves time? If u settle for the money then what does that say about you as a parent???

MJ was not a pedophile. He is a LEGEND who unified more than 1 BILLION people during his memorial (and even more fans before and forever after). His message was one of LOVE, HEALING and humanitarian acts. Weeks before his death, he had been trying to get a hold of the leader of N. Korea (Kim Jung-il) who had two Journalists put in prison to serve 10 years of Hard Labor. Jackson knew this dude was a huge fan of his so he was trying to get a hold of him. Tell me that those journalists wouldn't be freed in 2 SECONDS if MJ got him on the phone and said "I'll have lunch with you if ...." WHAT!!

MJ united folks from all corners of the globe, from EVERY country, EVERY religion, EVERY HUE.

Who else can you say that about? He truly loved and felt the world's pain. The song Usher sang to him at the memorial "Gone Too Soon" was written by MJ for Ryan White who died in the late 80's / Early 90s of AIDS.

MJ was a genius, a visionary, a leader, a humanitarian and nay, may I say, a Messiah!!!!


I think the worst feeling a person can have is the feeling of loneliness. Ive been feelings this way for a while. Not lonely as in with friends or family because for awhile that will get you by, however im talking about not having a other half lonely. Someone to give me what I cant give myself. Someone that i can share my accomplishments with. I guess im just tired of it being just me. I dont need someone to complete me, but it would be nice or help. Being single gets old and boring after awhile.

wow mj

Laughs out loud I'm sitting here listening to my teammates talk about Michael Jackson. Wow it's crazy there arguing about Joe Jackson and how he is a bad parent. Bix is talking about how Michael is a pedophile. Crazy at the end of the day they will say that Michael is a legend and they can agree on that one thing.    

Monday, July 20, 2009


Lately work has been over flowing. Its like a clogged toliet, uncontrollable water keeps coming out. But in my case instead of water its videos that need editing and articles that need writting plus posting.

NBC tour.

So, last Friday presentation my team won again. Im happy for my team but pretty upset that the presentation didnt come out too good this time. But hopefully this friday our presentation is wayyy better. Also my team won the weekly points this time, which im pretty suprise about.

So, today i went to the NBC tour. It was pretty cool. Before the tour i saw Alex Rodriquez and I was very excited because i never saw him that close and because hes good looking =]
So, at the tour I met the lady of the host 'Who wants to be a millionaire'. I forgot her name, i think its something Meredith. Anyways, she was so nice. She was doing an interview and we got to watch her talk. Also another famous person name Tori Spelling passed by behind me and i had no idea. We got to go to many different studios and take photos. So the tour overall was pretty cool.


HELLO, everyone... I'm back. I've been gone a week and I'm happy to say that my team kept things together. They missed me and it's time to get done to business.

Damn, Where are all the BLOGS!!

I think last year , all the kids on ALL the teams had to Blog EVERY DAY or at least WAY more often than now, Dang!!!!! WTF!!!

Did anyone cover Obama last week when he was in town for the NAACP awards?

Did anyone go to Gracie Mansion to do the kick 0ff of Harlem "week" like we do most years?

Anyone go to the HARLEM BOOK FAIR this past SATURDAY?????


Friday, July 17, 2009

Memoir - Workshop #2

It was great seeing everyone on Wednesday. Thanks to those who blogged and brought in ideas for a memoir. Don't forget that next week's class in on Monday. I hope more people blog and write this week. Points, points, points!

REMEMBER--Blog assignment only online.
Writing assignment is NOT on your blog. Bring it to class!

Blog Assignment
Write a few sentences about the dictionary word you were given in class. Extra points if you add a picture.
My word was silver.
Silver reminds me of my grandmother's hair. She's 90 and has a full head of thick hair that has been silver for over 30 years. I know her hair used to be dark, but it's been as silver as a dime ever since I can remember. Unfortunately, I have hair like my other grandmother, who has been almost bald since she was in her 70s!

Writing Assignment
Decide what your memoir will be about and write the first paragraph. Bring it to class written on paper or typed.

REMEMBER--Blog assignment only online.
Writing assignment is NOT on your blog. Bring it to class!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had i long day filled with anxiety that things won't go accordingly to plan. What happens to amaze me is that with all that pressure, something worth while happens. The prize is greater at the end, when it is all done. During the day I fall in spells of confusion, only to gather myself correctly at the end of the day, feeling accomplish.

About to get....

PAID!!! Yes, finally the pay check that I've been working for is on it's way. And on the even brighter side work is challenging but fun.


our powerpoint is mad fustrating and complicated. its soo how like why is it soo hot its like down south type weather id understand...i just wanna get shit done right now please jesus...

i cant do this

dam its hot as hell right now. i cant do this its mega hot. like why is it soo hot. dam this shyt is un natural omg. now i gotta write this article that im dreading to do...whyy!!!??? let me get my ass bak to work smh

so today...

So, today Yolanda, Jefrrey and I went to the Yankee stadium to do some P.O.S.
It was pretty cool. But i have to go back to the stadium because i want to go back when theres a game. we were trying to go in as press but we had to call in advance to do that, so i guess next time... We interviewed a few people because at the stadium there were a few people.
Later on my team and i have to practice for our presentation if we get the chance to do that because im getting aggravated with this team -__________-

global warming

Im soo hungry, but besides that fact im about to post a essay about global warming. I love the topic of global warming it is so fun and realistic. it is really plausible that in the next decade the world as we know it will not be. especially if people dont do their part. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hostile and humane

Consider that having a blend of characteristic that are completly different make it difficult to figure out, what your reaction is toward laws men live by, to wonder why some stay on one side of the coin, is to guess whether your ept to choose a position. Jecky and Hyde is the explanation of being strictly partisan toward a behavior that has consequences,either can be good or bad depending of the status of the ruler.

Bronx Zoo

Today my group and I went to the Bronx Zoo. Well, it was very hot outside and i can not stand the hot. It was so crowded. It was very hard to do a P.O.S because everyone was rushing to look at the animals. Nobody didnt want to stop and be interviewed. That was getting me pretty upset because I kept asking many people if they wanted to be interviewed and they kept saying no. That was bugging me out. I ended up interviewing a young girl who looked about 12. So, at least I got to interview someone. But i dislike the bronx zoo and will always dislike it...

another one

i have to do another p.o.s for the mayoral campaign. im soo tight..matter fact i'm od pist, but i guess i have to do what i have to do. smh cant wait till this did is over. i hope i can get another burger before i leave. 


just ate a burger...that food was soo good. i want more now! like right now! uuugh still beaming from seeing karrine steffans. she is so pretty and down to earth...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


tedious! that is what describes managing, making other personalities more foreward with projects in a timely fashion.Well, actually micro-managing was my function today,being more profuse in detailed work. Flucuations of feeling are part of the tumultous day, never do they take control of the demanding deadlines. One things for sure, repition is developing my skills in this hectic enviorment


Why as of lately that i walk into the doors of hl i am engulfed with this feeling of sickness. I dont understand, I know I dont deserve this madness. Sigh...I walk into work today and when I got to the gate I felt sick. Smh!

later today.....

Some of my team members and I will be going to the Brooklyn Bridge later (hopefully). Im alittle excited because i love walking the Brooklyn Bridge and its going to be fun. Im not that thrill about walking to the 6 train and getting off the last stop, that is going to be so much walking and alot of stops on the train. We're going to do a P.O.S on recession and alittle bit on eco-Friendly.
While Dacia, Franchelly, Lachelle and I go to the Bridge, the other teamates is going to be working on something at the site...Well I'll see how the P.O.S goes later on.
<--------- took this pic ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thinking state

My thoughts run rampant as I try to gather myself,for clarity and organization. One thing is obvilous that my sequence sometimes wanders out of order,even though,I feel connected with my task at hand,slip I fall into uncordinated terrain. Themost expected event happens,refraining to original territory,only to grip on my thinking.

This week...

For this week Presentation, we have to do Eco-Friendly. 
I am very excited about this topic because it has to do with making the world a better place. In five minutes my group will be heading out to Central Park to do a P.O.S. We are planning this very good and are coming up with lots of creative activites.

Since my team newseum won last week, we are trying to win again =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey everyone, it's Nyiesha for some who don't know. Umm, friday's presentation went well. All teams were decent to an extent especially for the first presentation. However, friday, altogether was pretty intense. There were some heated words exchanged and lots of tension in the room. It shouldn't be like that. This summer should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

For the people who aren't familiar with how HarlemLive works, in the fall, people work individually and cover stories alone. It's less stressful because teams aren't in existence. Regardless, what we do is fun and more than just a job. It gets more intense in the summer because of the competition. Nonetheless, nothing is personal. Everyone should respect everyone & it starts with yourself. You can not control what others do to you, but how you react.

There should be no animosity between teams whatsoever. Goofs are a joke. They mean nothing personally. If someone (regardless to what team they're on) is fooling around, isn't doing what they should, then they'll be goofed. It's as simple as that. It doesn't mean that you aren't liked or whatever, you just weren't doing anything. People please don't take anything that happens this summer regarding the competition personal. This is supposed to be enjoyable. Get with the program and play the game!!



Getting prepared to research the gay arts exhibition,to discuss topics on creative art work of gay artist and roles of gay man in the world.What i come to realize is that the psycology of gay men is so indepth that it complicates the regular individual,to a lack of understanding of the nature.My plan is to bring clarity on the various topics surrounding gay arts and all things in general.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Trying to figure, what increase gratification a man goes threw to feel he has to rule over his fellow counterparts,in the life that brings many joys.We are all connected some way or another genetically,so why feel the desire to conquer others with no remorse of standards or obligation of living a wholesome life. The use of tools that many are not aware of,render the masses of the supreme rulers,which the title is granted by us,giving the tyrant a safe haven.

Memoir - Workshop #1

It was great to meet so many new people at HL on Wednesday. I can tell it's going to be a summer full of interesting and moving memoirs. I enjoyed hearing all of the creative six-word memoirs everyone wrote in class. This exercise was to show how POWERFUL words are. You can tell a story, set a mood, or start a mystery in just six words! Of course, we'll be writing more than six words as the summer goes on.
Remember your assignments for next week.

1) Blog assignment: Write about the first time you felt (surprised / embarrassed / pain / proud). Choose one of those items and write at least six sentences about it on your team blog. See if you can post a picture to match what you wrote. (Blog required, picture extra!)

2) Assignment to bring to class: Write down three ideas of what your memoir could be about.

  • You're not writing your life story from birth! Think of one event or one experience you could write about.
  • It could take place over a summer, a month, a week, a day, or even an hour!
  • Think of things from your childhood, from 5 years ago, from last year, from this year, and even from this week that would make interesting stories for your memoir.

Bring the ideas to class typed or written on a piece of paper. Just write a phrase or sentence for each idea. Don't start writing your memoir yet.


Memoir Ideas

1. The time I was living in Ecuador, and I got locked out of my apartment and had to swing from a rope into the window.

2. The time when I was 5 and I got a cat for my birthday.

3. The banana story when I gave a girl a banana in the NYC marathon and wound up knowing her.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Lets say that victory is in arms reach,your confidence is high,than all collaspe happens leading to failure,what do you do next,hmm! weep over the loss or continue to strive over the things most wanted,but,that most don't get,victory,its all about being victorious

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today at HL

Today at HL im working on a presentation for tomorrow. Its been kinda hard to work together with 10 or maybe 12 other people. Theres so many views and opinions and somebody who doesn't know what to do. We've already been goofed 2 times by nyiesha. So my team has been on the look out for absolutely anyone who wants to GOOF off. Working with photoshop on the presentation with katheryn is kind of difficult because ive been using photoshop for 2 years and still dont know how to do even the most simple things. I make things work so much better with the paint programs thats on pc's...Well im going back to the presentation setup...
btw my team is the best even though we have our ups and downs we all enjoy doing what we are soppose to do.


What a long day

Omg I came into work extra early today. at 12:30 pm mind you work starts at 11 pm lol. However i usually come in at 4:30 so that is a HUGE improvement. Now its 5:35 and I am still here smh. Hope I get extra credit for this! 


Depressed that M.J. died. I was fine throughout the whole memorial on Tuesday until Jermaine Jackson sang smile, Usher sang, and then M.J. daughter came on stage and made this quote "I just wanted to say ... ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father ... you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him ... so much." Dam, that was a tear jerker. I really couldn't stop crying after that, she got me.

gray hairs

ok so my team is really stressing me out my team leaders are very great right now and i really enjoy working on pos and i am not going to be here next week becuase i have training so i wont be here 


I'm extremely stressed. My mom just killed my night, with her bull. Anywhoo, I have an amazing team with great people who are motivating. We have a list of stories that we intend to cover next week starting Monday. Carlos, DeDe and Michael are covering a Gay Exhibition on Monday. Nydera, Olivia and I are going to cover a book signing on Tuesday. We have a lot to do. I'm still working on my MTA story. I terribly miss Michael Jackson. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There have been too many many classes. My brain is over loading right about now.

Tell me something

what's happening family,tell me something,why is it that we fail to accomplish? is there any absolute answer? or do we just plan to fail! the message is clear succeed at all cost or forever be dumped in a miserable abyss,regretting it your entire life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The drama

What's the deal family? nothing much here, but,the drama,that lurks me as a mosqitoes.This day happens to be a day of reflection,on whether to retaliate or stand at attention,wow,the many choices I have!
My day was pretty hectic. My team leader already started doing the video and now shes editing it. Tomorrow my group and I will be discussing about the P.O.S we will be doing in the streets. We were going to do a P.O.S where there were a memorial for Michael Jackson but instead we had to take a video class. The video class was okay.


I made a few logos my group agreed on of them (the one I liked the most) so I'm pretty happy today

ok so im kinda mad that i did not get to fo to the michael jackson tribrute but we had to learn video first. all these accumalation of points is reall overwhelming and i really want to go to the POOl SOOOO BADDD but our friday presentation is going to be hottt were gonna go realll hardd.