Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My week!!!

I am back after a week of DRAMA!!! so...

Tuesday: my boyfriend was suppose to come from Vegas..but he didn't, plus i had an appointment with my stupid psychiatrist, and he changed my treatment, because he is so stupid.

Wednesday: I had my appointment with my psychologist, and we talked a always.

Thursday: the side effect of my new treatment were arriving and i spend the day Vomitting, and with fever..It really sucked!!

friday: I lef tschool 3rd period because my vomitting was i went to my doctor to find out what was wrong, because i also had these weird rashes on my arm, and he told me that those were the side effects of the stupid new treatment and that they will go away and meanwhile i had to deal with them.

Saturday: I spend my days sleeping without eating anything.
Sunday: I started feeling better so i went out with my boyfriend.
Monday: I went to school..And stay afterschool to finish a midterm i missed on friday!!
Tuesday: Spend it Home
Wednesday:back at HL.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


thinking on a new story to do because no one wants to be interviewed for this health care reform bill, had my interview for my internship in the summer ithink iwas great so waiting for the out come leaving HL in a few more mintues home not so sweet home then shower and sleep because im so exhausted and tired tomorrow ineed to be very early to work on my thesis paper thats due friday for school

I dont know what else to do.

Things are really getting worse. The closer me and my boyfriend gets the more problem come and trys to seperate us. I dont understand. I thought all my problem would be solved when i got into marymount now i'm just going through hell trying to afford it. I wish things could have been simpler. Im talking to my boyfriend now and i feel bad that our relationship is going to have to be long distance. He's going to feel like lissette does with ali and i dont want to put him through that. I love him.

Monday, April 26, 2010


this month went by so fast its at it end 45 more days of school dam after this year it's college time omg it's so sad how everything is just coming apart and everything is going to change day of success on june 25 prom june 9 and then everything is over time to start all over again fresh....icant wait to see the world outside of hs it was a nice four years but now it's time for a new start....still working on this healthcare story lets see how it comes out

Create Novels to enjoy Love

Love Is Like reading a book. You read the chapters in order to fall in love the book.Throughout life we have to build chapters to create our own novels and while doing so we have ups like a roller-coaster. And in order for people to love you just like a book they most fall in love with your chapter to enjoy the novel. At least that's what i believe.

Same Shit Different Day

Things are going at the same pace. Just trying to make it through the time that i have left. Hoping that everything goes according to plan. I got my prom dress it great. I'm working my ass off so that i can have a life out side of this hell. I just hope nothing bad happens in the process. I have nothing else to really say. Me and my boyfriend made up.

Rainy Day

Man what a day.... I haven't felt tired like this since a few days ago. Im so tired about doing this for college and that. I just want this to be over. I haven't had a good sleep in a long time isn't that crazy.... Lately i have been missing my boo a lot and i cant get him out of my mind. damn this is crazy.... ummm thats all for now. Ill write another time bye for now.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today was a long day I'm so tired. School is driving me so crazy but it will be worth it in the long run. I cant wait to get to my dream college. The summer came so quick i didn't even see it coming.
I'm going to go.

Respect the Law

I haven't been here in a while. I wasn't going to come while my grandparents were staying with us.Now they're back across the pond, and I'll be here at least until the summer. I'm going to be part of a four week internship at some different law firms, but I doubt I'll get all for weeks. Each week is assigned a task within of the college bound program I'm a part of. Week 1 corresponds to my semester grade, week 2 is assigned to my performance at their Saturday writing class and so on. I also get paid:)

Sunny Roberts

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a day?

So I'm suspended for defending myself? Sucks. I don't understand why people think just because Cupcakes ( I like to call myself Cupcakes ;) is small and cute that i won't regulate! I don't care if I'm 4'11 and your 5'5 and resemble precious I will always hold my ground. I guess this kind of gave evryone a heads up now that i can defend myself but did we have to go there? no...don't think petty drama is worth me missing school work.


Working on these stories but its becoming very hard to get potential interviewees because noone wants to talk about the healthcare reform bill and all these hospitals that you can actually use for the story are not even answering or their customer service is just my back pains again this is becoming common but its w.e i am so tired i jut want to fall asleep....people with no life is pissing me off again and im gona have to call after work to weilse on them because they such losers with no life...

More Problems

So when i think things are starting to look better with my life things start to get worse. First it is with my boyfriend we get into an a rguement that is completely his fault. He made me cry, and then still took his anger out on me. I told him i needed some space and what did he do he took it as a temporary break up. UGHHHHHH! Thats not what i wanted i just wanted some SPACE. But, it's whatever now, we made up but still not together great-_-. My next issue is this college shit. Not having enough money to pay for it is killing me. Having to pay almost 10 thousand dollars a year is crazy not counting the loans i will have to pay back. UGH. Why Me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, laughing out loud. I just got my period and I'm going through this crazy case of allergies. I dont understand why i have to go through all this pain. It really sucks. Also, i keep having arguments with my boyfriend amd i dont know what to do. I don't feel well at all. And im still here at work trying to do what i have to do.

Listen to your heart

So today i reflect on my big! mistake i have done. Sometimes when you get a gut feeling just listen to your heart. Your heart knows what its doing and that decision may cause yo your life. So i take my mistake as a learning process. just know everything that glitters ain't gold and what you want you can do without.

Monday, April 19, 2010


had a long day ta work not many people was here today did some reseacrh tomorrow im going to start making some phone calls for my interviews hopefully everything goes well.... life is so upside down right now not the way its suppose to be at all but like they say it's life it have its ups and downs we just have to deal with them and go on with our lives because those things are what make us who we are and what we become....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Voice over

So today i had to do my voice over and its much harder then you think. I kept repeating lines and missing up.Ugh! but try until you succeed and practice does make perfect. :)

Cold Day

At harlemlive just spoke to mom in africa and my little sister omg I miss them so much I can't wait to see them again....doing my healthcare reaction story I hope it comes out good... My resume for my summer internship job was sent out to thelevygruop Inc I am so happy right now because they might call me for an interview I just can't be happier if I get this placement it will be great because I will learn so much about fashion and stuff... I am very sick right now alagies and a cold grrg stressful hopefully I feel better soon

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So far so good!

I really cant complain. I'm doing what i have to do. I happy for my best friend pearl cuz she got into new paltz, lets go!!!!!!!laughing out loud. But i am still going to miss her like odee. her and my best friend Jackie. These too ladies have been with me through it all. I love them and neva want to lose them. But im not going to think about that right now. I still have time with them and im going to live it up. Also, if push come to shove i still have Jackie because she is going to FIT hopefully.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good to Go!

So far everything has been ok. I really cant complain, im just trying to do what i have to do to get out. Its only three months left. yay. i went to see the prom venue yesterday n its going to be beautiful. i just ope i have a chance to go. Me and my boy friend is doing ok. I still feel kinda bad how things ended between me and steven but im sure he will find someone great. thats all i can report for now other then my allergies are killin me slowly. other then that life i cant complain about. ttyl

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HL today

At HL waiting for my food o arrive I am so hungry I didn't have lunch today, in a few I will start working on my healthcare reform reactions story again. I hope this story comes out good because I have to do interviews for this story usually it's just research, script and voice over and put it together and am good to go so we'll see how it comes out when it's finish for the next HL on air anyways I'll update later....

Monday, April 12, 2010


Working on my first story for the next HL on air... my story is on the reactions of health care reform and what people think about others that oppose it are reacting and how this have made history and what difference it will make in the united states because now every citizen will be covered

Bad Decsions

In life you want to follower what your friends are doing, you wanna be hip and try and do anything but tryna be with the in crowd dosent mean you have to be a test dummie. its not always wise to listen to your friends about certain stuff or try certain stuff - just because it fits them dosent mean it might fit you. My experince just use your own brain! being under the influnece is more common then what you think.

Yay... I love the blog!

Well I really don't update y'all on my life as much. Well Spring Break was wonderful, had a great time with the Fams... you know. Just chillin' With some friends reminiscing about being kids even though we still are. Now the transition back to school is terrible. We had such a long break and we face going to school for two straight months. I did score an A on an essay for History class.
wow what a day i had i never made it to school because of the DR. office. that is so crazy, it was crazy to day.....


i am so frustrated with my college stuff. Now all Cuny's except BMCC rejected me,so tomorrow am going to CUNY of staten island which has my career and is in new york, and is cheap and i called and they say they would accept me. Am also super happy because we only have 45 days until i am finally free from school and out to college life, which i bet is so much easier. Am also happy because am good with my boyfriend and things are going well with my school, and other stuff. I hope i finish my school with the same grade i started, so my family and my boyfriend, and myself are proud of what i have achieve, and to proof to myself that it was hard to go trhough high school, specially this last year but that i made it though anyways!

New here

This is my first blog. When i mean first blog i mean, the first one I've ever written. I've never written or read a blog before and i never realized that writing a blog would be so hard. Hard because it's tough to pick something to write about. While writing this blog i realized that I've never been much of an talkative person when I'm on a computer. I usually do what i have to do and then get off, so writing this is probably one thing i usually wouldn't do, but it's fun.

Got to see Kick-Ass

kick-ass-1270240185.jpg The Movie's kick-ass image by ripandmilly

Omg I have to see this movie. On Friday I'm planing to go see this movie with any one, even by myself if i had to. Uh if this movie isn't funny I'll be so damn mad. The title says it all, this movie has to be Kick-Ass. Well i have nothing else to say for now but would post a blog with more detail when i see the movie :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Straight, gay, in love, flirt!
Does it make a difference who you are or what you do.
Lies, hide, cover ups. Truth sounds better.
I can only imagine how it feels hiding a serect, not being true to yourself. There is noting wrong with loving someone opposite sex or your sex. Most of the time teens keep their sexuality to them selves, don't stay true to them selves. Staying true to yourself is something you should always do.
I have this friend who has a rumor circling his sexuality. Some say he's Bi, some say it isnt true. His action sometime does seem metro. Dont get me wrong i love gay guy, but hate when their not true to themselves. Maybe im wrong about him, but if im right i'm the one who wants to help him come true to his self.

Point Sheets

I'm not making excuses, just to put it out there ! However, I'm really bummed that my point sheet won't be counted for this month and I worked my ass off. Like I did so much work this month regarding the story at my school. It really sucks that my hard work can't be counted for march. Uggh =/

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Vows

today was the first day for me to start my vows and i did really well. i'm proud of myself and i feel that as long as i got my head in the game everything will go smoothly. I've celebrated my birthday and it was ok. I actually got to class on time n i believe my english teacher was proud of me, but i dont she will believe it until about a month in it wen she sees im really trying to do what i got to do. Also, i have received information that i may not be getting into marymount. I've tried so hard to get into that school and for them to tell me that i might not get a call for an interview it hurts but ima be strong and hope my mother wil be nice this time to the people.