Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glad to Back

Glad to be back... The holiday vacation was soo good. I forgot all about school. Over the break Santa gave me money and a lot of love. I also went to visit Ms. Evelyn Cunningham, a significant journalist with Nana, Rich and Aluminis Danya and Shem. It was a great experience learning about Ms. Cunningham, She gave alot of great opinioins and told great stories. But it amazed me how she didn't remember some of her life of traveling all over the world, probably because of the effects of her alzhemer disease. She is an inspiration though because of her not backing down to reveal to the african communities things that were effecting them during the civil rights movement that were in the white newspapers. On the last weekend of the vacation of the break i seen Jim Careys 'Yes Man' in the movies. It wasn't that funny the few parts that were was hilarious.  

"Trying Is Apart Of Failing. If You Are Afraid To Fail Then You're Afraid To Try" - Evelyn Cunningham

x3 Kendra

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Can Have Fun here....Sorry PC users!!! lol

Dixie Cups

A teacher to teacher prank, high school students helped their teacher prank another teacher......10,000 Dixie cups, each filled with water. All available horizontal surfaces filled (even some drawers).

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Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm going to work on another story before i get to interview the politicians... which i cant wait to do..Thanx celly for making it a little bit easier by socializing with the politicians:)....
Right now I'm interested in Uptown Skate Board School a school, where they educate the importance of physical activity with teaching people about skate boarding.... Teaching Anabel the newbie card was really long and she got everything but Rich kept complaining... i did a good job though.

Cant wait for the holiday's...

x3Kendra =)

Charisma In An Ad Campaign

^^^Who would of thought I would be advertising these^^^

Hi, my name is Charisma McDuffie and I am a reporter/journalist and future videographer at Harlem Live. In my spare time I also do a lot of ad campaigning. My most recent ad I did today for Tampax. Lol. I am so bored. Lol. But I am happy my poem and memior are now up on the site so I can show off my work, and so I can get some last minute points. I have to like step my game up because I've been missing in action here at Harlem Live and I'm have to make student of the month before I go CRAZZZZZZZZY. Next time I blog its going to be 2009 and it's going to be a whole different ball game. A new Charisma is going to emerge. Oh Yeah! I will miss you guys at Harlem Live on this little vacation time. :-)


And I Have Officially
Blogged Out
FOR THE YEAR 2008!!!!


Today is kind of a rough day because it is snowing outside Today i posted 16 stories plus i mop and made cocoa. Also today i turn in 10 math homework that i missed so i have 4 more to do to be on track. after all it is a great day because it's FRIDAY!!!! and also because  we only have two more days of school until January 5th that its also when my grandparents are leaving.. so sad!!!
Today i am also pissed off because i left my point sheet home so guess what i have no point and i had a lot of stories that i had posted  but unfortunately they are not going to count. So yeah see you January 5th.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

snow snow snow

why does it have to snow, am so mad like dead ass. this snow had just messed up eveything for me. am so mad that am even staying home. ma plan 2day was to go to harlemlive and go out to shoot a story and get all my work done but, it seems like that cant be possible for now. what can i do well i gotta go for now so i may holla at yah later. peace

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Minton's Playhouse...

Yesterday going to Minton's PlayHouse was not fun. The place had been shut down for a month & it's under a federal investigation. It looked so spooky. When we first went to the place we were expecting to hear music and see many lights. So we went next door and ask a supervisor of that building what was going on with the event, but he had no knowledge of it. Then we asked the paper man. who just said he delivers paper to the playhouse. And so it was kind of weird. A lady passes by and said that it was weird also..but i think she was apart of the FBI. 
today the food was still good like yesterday thanks to Stephanie and Coco. 
& also today Shana was helping me speak on the phone and sound happier and energetic by smiling even though they can't see that through the phone but they can hear it---Good advice. 


Story Developing on Day Two

Today was my second day volunteering at HarlemLIVE and today I was able to work with a bunch of people to develop story ideas and write out questions. Kendra is doing a very ambitious story about politicians and what they do to help their communities. She was making phone calls and collecting contact information in order to set up interviews with some big name politicians. I'm really impressed with how ambitious she's being, especially since she's only been working with HarlemLIVE for a month.

I was also working with Jaanais with her questions for her interview. She's going to be interviewing a minister at a local church and she came up with a lot of really great questions about why he became a minister and what he wants to do in the community. We tried to do some research about the minister and the church but we struck out every time.

Hannah and Shanice were also working on stories about a beauty salon and a skin care place. Then I spent some time hanging out with Tamara and Charisma talking about video stories and college applications. Everyone here is so motivated to find interesting stories and conduct thorough interviews.

Stressful Days Aren't Normal For Me

HarlemLIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been? I somewhat miss you guys.  I haven't been here in so long, I feel like a freaking stranger. Anyway I've been so stressed lately and it is so unlike me. You all know I'm normally an active, energetic, and happy person seeing me all depressed and down is unlike me. It feels so weird. But I was, I been having my heads in the clouds and I've just been in deep thought about so much stuff in my life. Things from college stuff to just my personally life.  I've just been in so much tiredness, pain, and stress. It's ridiculous. I've just been writing mad poems to express my emotions because that helps me relieve and get over stuff. 
  I can't believe the year is about to be over. I won't miss 2008 as a whole though. I can't wait until 2009. I will have my senior trip, my 18th birthday, my acceptance letters into colleges, my prom, high school graduation, and my first cruise, my trip out the country, and then THE COLLEGE LIFE. I hope 2009 is a much better year for me than 2008 was or whateva. I don't know what else to say right now so...

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!

My First!

Everyone has first's in their life a first dollar party whatever the situation is. but mines may be the best of all. i will have my first chess tournament on december 20th and i cant wait.i hope to experience the most out of it and beat all my opponent's. i heard that if you talk while you're playing they people there will take your're piece any piece and u can lose. so now im focusing on playing quiet games and focusing on my moves instead of playing around and doing dumb moves. like i always say any challengers step up.DUCESZ!


Today is My fourth day with HarlemLive and ii finally scheduled an interview. It was random much because ii began to look online for story ideas and Seli was talking to a minister of a church then she offered me an idea to interview the minister about his church and himself. So ii finally got an interview scheduled for when ii come back after break and ii am pretty excited !!  ii was lookin online for questions to ask the minister on the interview and also Shana an experinced journalist helped me out. So ii feel prepared and ready to go my first interview and hopefully write my first article and get it published on the website. So im done wit my blog, i got to go and do my chore now (mop da floor) ugh !! thanx a lot shanice goshhh !! lol 

story hunting on 116 in harlem

alright what happened was that i lost my recent contact on the story i was suppose to be working on. so i went out there again to a different neighborhood this time and ask them for their contacts in order to do my story. well for my result i got a very interesting store that i found and it is the Sade skin care center located in Harlem. well i am really interested in making a story on it and i hope i get the chance to do so.

story hunting (Harlem Children's zone).

Today i went out hunting for a story and i came across a couple of businesses that seemed kind of interested and looking fowared to us coming back and writing a story on their business. But out of all the place i went to, only one actually stood out and made me get involved so what i did was actually look up the name of the orginization and found out who was behind the idea of this program and learned a lot about it by watching a video i witch Geoffrey Canada got interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

Soooo yea...

Hey... right now I'm trying to get situated in Harlem Live. Im starting to get more comfortable at this internship. It gets more fun each and everyday. Im trying to get email editors but I didn't realize how hard it was. Also, I'm learning how to get more aware on how to work at Harlem Live. There really isn't that much work that I really have to do at this moment besides going over what I already know and need to pick up on a little better. I decided to come in today although its not my scheduled day because I wanted to catch up on some work and better understand Harlem Live. Also, just to get out and have fun over here. Well, thats all I have to say for now... Over and Out!!!
                                    ** -Shanice signing them autographs-** LOL

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some what new people doing new things

I learned a couple of new things and me and Victoria tried them out let me know what you think i worked pretty hard on final cut pro and i also showed Victoria how to do this alsoPost Options

storyhunting at grand central/pos

Going to harlemlive started ok and getting there was ok which started out with fun. then we went story hunting at grand central which totally changed everything at first,starting out to be fun seeing poeple there looking at the celing with the crazy amazing things going on and, chrismas feeling taking over the room. then i and ma pals which was man dude groge and the girl assisting us decided to do a story on the illonis government who got arrested for trying to sell obamas senator seat to the people. i hope yah all know what am talking about if not check the news and get information. then we started going around and asking people question on how they felt about this, was he guilty for what he did or not and so on. but what got me tight was that some of them were just looking at us like they dont speak or hear, they made us introduce ourselfs and ask them questions and then say am not from this country or i dont speak english.OMG i was so mad like cant he say that at the begining. but some were fun though because they gave us exactly what we were looking for and some gave good opinions and good details on why or why not was the illonis government right or wrong for what he was been chrged for. however we did this again and again going to different people getting inforomation and taking pictures. to cut it short it was actually fun at last and we left the place.

POS in Grand central

My second day with harlemlive we were all paired up and sent out to grand central on a POS. My partner Shanice and i came up with an idea to ask people their opinions. Next we both went out to grand central with Sarah who is experienced with journalism already. She gave us a lot of ideas and helped out with our interviews. at first I was nervous but once i got the hang of it, I became excited and was not shy to go up to people and ask them questions. I had lots of fun on the POS.


today was a pretty average day.
I got my PSAT score, i guess i did pretty good. I'm trying not to worry about college yet, but what really pisses me off is how important this ONE test is. It pretty much changes your future. Honestly, a number shouldn't be the reason why a college accepts you or not. You can't fit a person into a number. Words can describe someone, but a number shouldn't represent your knowledge. I'm trying to not stress about it, i still have a couple of years, and this was my first time taking the test. i just hate knowing how a number represents a person.

so yeah... pretty boring day, pretty stressful week. break is so close, but I have so many tests that it seems like christmas is a million miles away.

2008 is almost over! actually... I can believe it. I feel like i am already in 2009; ive changed so much the past few months. looking back to freshman year, it seems like im a new person. I've meet a lot of new kids, have a job, and have rebelled quite a bit. Overall, I'll say 2008 was has mass of random things. I can't remember 1/2 the things I've done this year, but I know this year has been good.

peace guys


Last week we went on our first POS....It was soo much fun. We interviewed random people and learned the basic techniques of how to get info on a specific topic. For example, I was working with Jaanais on the NFl vs. the NBA. I think our topic is very different and cool. We received many stories on our topic and we are going  to develop it. It is now the 17th and I don't know what we are going to do today. Hopefully it's fun like always because we just went on break form school for the winter and christmas. We need a break so yea we need to have fun!!!!

It's been a while...

Since my last post. I think the last time I blogged was in June. I'm in school now, on my lunch break, so I figured I should blog. Being back at HarlemLive has been really great for me. I've had the opportunity to teach a new group of kids about the basics of HarlemLive. Last week I went on a P.O.S. with 2 other students and a volunteer at Grand Central Station. Besides enjoying the beauty of Grand Central Station (It was like my second time there. I never realized how beautiful it was!) we developed the story idea that we already had into something much more interesting and newsworthy. One of the great things about being a journalist at HarlemLive is that you get to meet so many different kinds of people, and hear their opinions. Because we were at Grand Central Station, we met people from all over the country, and the world!

Today was a pretty simple day at school, but I'm still extremely exhausted, and hungry. So I am going to go eat lunch now = ]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Day at HarlemLIVE!

Today was my first day working as a volunteer at HarlemLIVE. I read about the organization on the website www.volunteersnyc.org and was really excited to get involved. I graduated from New York University in 2005 with my degree in journalism. I would really like to teach journalism classes in the future and volunteering here would be a great way to start doing that. I used to work at the website for Major League Baseball, editing video, writing and shooting stories and putting video online, so I think I have a lot to contribute here.

I spent the day working with Stanley and teaching him a little more about Final Cut Pro. There are so many tricks and techniques to it that one day wasn't enough to teach him everything he wanted to know, but we definitely made some good first steps. I'm really excited for my next time here, because we'll have some story ideas that we can start working on. Today was just a tutorial. I'm definitely really excited to be involved.


For some reason it smelled bad today like garbage and air freshener. Working on contacting politicians and an event at Minton's Playhouse and a MacArthur awardee. Im busy. and will only get even busier. The popcorn was good. And lately a random person who knows everything about me has been talking to me on aim and its weird. 

x3 Kendra...

Tomorrow is not promise!!!!!!!!!!

So many things happen within a matter of seconds. You will never believe the awful news i heard. A close friend of mine little sister past away. And it really hurt me even though i did not know her well enough but she was only 15.She past away from a collaspe playing basketball and died instantly. And i'm 19. I've done so many wrongful things that i fill it should of been me. I mean think about it she will never be able to have her first prom, high school graduation, first kiss, first love. I mean it's over. And it made me change my way of thinking. And that is tomorrow is not promise so cherish everything around you. Rea Talk.Now i must stay focus and maintain because 1minute you here and the second you gone. Life is craZy.


in, class i drew and made a superhero named Gortex. Gortex had a super power and it was time. i say that there is no power better than time. sadly the teacher threw it out. but anyway when u can reeze time reverse it and stop it theres nothing better than that. so gortex is my superhero any chalengers like i always say to challenge me in chess or my superhero gortex step up. DUCESZ!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today was a not so a good day.first i got informed me that i failed my math test. Also i spend the whole day tired because i went to sleep late last night because i was finishing my AP term paper. I also felt bad because not one person passed the math exam. My day went worst when i got to my journalism class that i notice that it was just a week left for my journalism teacher who is my favorite teacher to leave. Another horrible thing was the DENTIST i hate going to the dentist but i went because i had 4 years without going and like i love my teeth i went to take care of them. I am also like getting tired of school because like winter recess is coming i just want to take it easy but apparentely teacher dont think that way.


monday i really hate mondays its only like the worst day of the week lolsz. monday sucksz nothing happens on mondays. my day today was ight i had a laser pen and now its gone! i got to go buy another one quick and fast i really need it back. anyway like i always say any challengersz step up. DUCESZ!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A sad ending

Today I went out and interviewed Jeff Underwood the owner and chief mechanic of Continuum Cycles about his store located in Harlem. Even through Harlem is like home to Jeff he finds it very time consuming to be in two places at the same time and have both of his businesses suffer. So after 3 months on 125th street the management of Continuum Cycles will be closing and moving back downtown to become a part of its original store on Avenue B.

..::Yes, Those Presentations Paid Off::..

I truly believe that I passed my oral communication class with an A. I did everything I needed to do, the homework, 2 presentations and passed each test. I don't think I would of been able to have so much confidence in presentations if we didn't have those weekly presentations and the public speaking classes. Ahhhh....I feels so great!!!


Finally It's Friday!

My whole week has been all over the place. i been goin to math tutorials and everything. thank god i finaly get it lolsz. my first ever chess tournament will be on saturday december 20th. everyone in hl better wish me luck lolsz. well anyway fda is popin and if u aint wit it u better get lost. like i always say any challengers step up. DUCESZ!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I just came back from my first Story Hunt with the awesome HarlemLive staff and it was a blast. However it was wet and cold, which is not exactly the best weather to walk around Harlem in. My partner for today was Kendra, and I really enjoyed working with her. After she demonstrated the task that was at hand, I was ready to do it on my own; well at least I thought I was. 

Well at first I couldn't get what I was going to say correct, and we stood outside of the Avon store while I had a wave of paranoia, just trying to get my two feet through the doorway. Well when we got into the store I just went for it and had fun. The lady just smiled at me with an enthusiastic grin and kindly told me that tomorrow morning I could talk to her manager. Then from there I had it under control and continued to four more stores where both Kendra and I gathered more brochures and business cards for future reference.

After today's experience I think that the store that I m really psyched about doing a story on is The Little Gym. It was so cute, and full of little kids who were doing gymnastics and running around having fun. It was cool and I really found it interesting....I feel a story coming on.

~Roxy W.

Hunting in the rain

Story hunt! Oh what fun, except we were hunting in the rain. Prowling the streets of Harlem searching for stories in every nook and cranny, every stone not left unturned. OK, maybe we didn't turn over stones to find our stories, but we -as in my partner and I- did go to some interesting places . Our little group was split up into three smaller groups and then we were off with our assigned streets -which kept on changing as we went along- our feet heavy as we trudged through the rain. 

The rain of course was the best part -notice the sarcasm- for a moment I had honestly thought that I was going to loose my pinky toe on my right leg. It, and my fingers -although in gloves- felt numb. Oh woe is me, but I can't complain, I found this awesome story idea that I want to go through with and I'm pumped up and ready to go. Ah yes, the joys of hunting in the rain. 

Chess Champ

Another great day i love chess is there anyone who can beat me lol. well i am the greatest there is lol. i cant wait to impress my self at the tournament on saturday i will rise to be the best. i will hopefully beat everyone. i just need more openings and then who knows i will be perfect. so like i say and ill say it again any challengers step up. DUCESZ!

Dreary week

Ah, it's Thursday and I keep hoping that time would somehow go by faster so that Friday(practically the weekend) could come. My homework is piled high and it seems as if the more I get done, the more that seems to go right back on the pile. An overdue portrait that I take full responsibility for because I was being lazy and procrastinating when I would finish it. The only light that seems to be breaking through this dark and dreary week of mine, was a couple of compliments that I received from a few strangers on the train because of my drawing. I felt giddy -my friends would think it was because of the very cute guy, and his awesome smile who complimented me- so my day so far seems to be picking up. Ah, the power of cute guys. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tough week

This week is the worst week of my life so far cause I need to complete 4 projects and i only got 1 inteview today. OMG!!!. I have neva done so much in one week. Two of my projects are due in two days and I'm no where need done with either of them. I need to use time wisely, but it's easier said than done. I can't believe this week at all. I wish I could fast foward pass this week and start my vacation cause I need one badly. I kept getting weaker everyday. I notice that when I take the bikes out. I was actually having a hard time. A break is what I need to get my strength back. WHY WON'T THIS WEEK END ALREADY?! ! !

Out and about

Today's POS about the Governor who was arrested for selling Barack Obama's Senators seat(not literally) went well. The two people in my group worked well with going up to people but took it hard when rejected by the people at grand central terminal. My group got 5 people and I approached one person but he could not comment because he was in the media industry also. I just did a voice over today after i lost the paper i had to read and found it by the coats. I did good and i would like to do more voice overs. 

=) Kendra x3

My first POS at Grand Central Station

Today me and people from Harlem Live headed out to Grand central station with topics we though would be great to talk about and write a story on. My topic was the issue of the Governer from Illinois trying to sale Obama's senator seat. Today was a cray experience at Grand Central it was a great place to practice getting use to rejection because people were in a rush trying to catch a train or just on duty so they would just tell you that their busy and then carry on, I did manage to interview  3 people but i do think that if it were another location i would have had way more interviews is just i was put down a couple of times but that just helps me become use to it and it would no longer be a problem. 

Here Again!

i am posting this blog today to shout out any challengers for the game of chess. i am a chess champ other wise know as a chess master. i am the best and no ones better than me!-_- if u think u can beat me confront me and just because u cant beat me don't try and be me ight!Ducesz!! 

weird vision

Last night, I had the weirdest vision. It wasn't a dream, because I know I was awake. I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep. All of a sudden, I see myself walking home and I get hit by a car. It was really scary, there was no sound, and it was zoomed out, so I couldn't see my face, but once the car passed by, I saw myself laying on the street, bleeding. That image froze in my head; I could feel me, my real self crying, but the image was still in my head. I finally got ahold of myself and opened my eyes. I felt this sudden darkness loom over me, and I started to cry.  It wasn't  because I was afraid of the dream, or death itself, it was fear of dying too soon. For a sudden, i realized how little i've done, and that I'm grateful for the people I love, but I'm afraid that I will run out of time, and never accomplish what I hope in life. I am afraid of the future, I'll admit it. I keeps me motivated, but it scares me to know one small thing can change your life forever. i try to remind myself that I still have time, that I'm young and not to worry about tomorrow, to take it one day at a time. But I can't help but hear that tiny voice in my head that time is precious, and it's running out. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

rough day

got up late n everything wasn't into it...but today just got real good as time went by....came to hl and got mad happy don't know why but i did...then i posted Kendra story after she been done with it since Friday but Tamarra was taking long to revise it seeing how she the student of the month and what not...so i got that done and i was real fast with it too i thought it would be long before i got the new website down pack but i guess not...so that all for today ill see u next time.

The main story on the harlemlive page has this image with it and it nothing to fancy but it took alot of learning from selly and shem to get even just the words on the picture. hope you all like it.

My First article

Today my first article was finally posted. I finished my essay and emailed it to my editors. There were a few mistakes that I should have corrected before I gave it to the editor but at least I'll learn from my mistake. I have been really busy and tired with my college applications and essay and will be completed with everything soon and today I realize that at HarlemLIVE I have to be doing about 4 things at a time.... It helps me to learn how to multitask though.  =)

Kendra x3

Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is monday again. i hate mondays its like the worst days of the week. i must get up really early after  yesterdays day was like a sunday. i went to church and then i play like all day, and then the next day i have to go to sleep for school its just terrible. but hey life is life. holla back DUCESZ!

Funny Day(Colors)

Lol Omg today was such a funny day. I laughed so much today. I know when i get home I'm going to laugh some more. Today wasn't that productive. I wrote the current stories on the board. We have a lot going on. Me and Italie want to do a story about How cops are now going to be carrying Machine guns. That sounds really interesting. Also some of us want to finish covering the story on the metro card fare. I hate it being so cold It really messes with me going on stories. Well Whatever. Rich is bugging me about going on stories. Its getting old. I already told Italie to call someone for a story Friday. And anyways college Applications are due really soon. Its really not that difficult. Its a matter of getting everything together. All i need to get is more Fee Wavers for the colleges and SAT'S, Fill out the FAFSA(Which is due wayyyyy later) and more recommendation letters. I also still have to find more colleges to apply to. I only have two. I want at least two more. Fee wavers only cover like 4 colleges so that's perfecto. Well let me go do some work.

I'm Back In Action

Wow it fills like it's been years since i've been at HarlemLive. So man things have been going on between school, work, and my personnal life. But at least i'm learning something from my experiences. I'm becoming a stronger person. Today is December 8,2008 and as days go by i bwgan to worry about the future. I fill like an old women who's getting tired of life. But now that i'm back in HarlemLive i'm not so miserable afterall. I'm back in acton....And i'm focus.LATA!

Another Day at Harlem Live

My weekend was so freaking terrible. I don't even want to talk about it. From like 10:35am Friday in my fourth period class until Sunday night I was just so upset. Its ridiculous how I was so upset, stressed, and sad. The worst weekend ever by far. Even though I was feeling just a tab bit better today, I still didn't feel like coming to Harlem Live today, but unfortunately this was the only day I was sure that I could come. With me and my busy schedule lol I never know really for sure what other days I would be able to come but I knew I was going to be able to come was today and Thursdays so I had to like force myself to come.
Of course when I got here my favorite person in the world was here, calling my name all loud and stuff and scaring me by holding and chasing me around Harlem Live with this nasty big ass dead fly. It was so nasty. I freaking hate bugs whether they're dead or alive. Illl that was so nasty. Then I did my chore mad early and what not even though I really didn't feel like it, but at least I got it out the way. I read the blogs the other people wrote and surprisingly I seen my name in someone blog.; Shanice is oh so special just because of this. I have to give her props. I think I made a new friend. I think she's a cool person overall. Im happy to n=know somebody thinks I'm funny. But now I have to go to go bother Tamarra because she won't let me see the pictures urggggg. 

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ugh. Yesterday I had a realy bad day. Usually I have great days at school because I don't attract drama and overall I'm a positive happy child, but yesterday was terrible. Yes, I had laughs but also received a few headaches. I have a lot of work to get done this school year since I am a junior and they say that 1th grade is the worst. Knowing that I have a lot to get done I find myself entering into some unneccessary drama that makes me upset. I couldn't wait to go to sleep and wash away all of it. All I wanted to do was go to my internship but that was a No! since I had even more work to get done. This whole week was great except the best day of the week, Friday! Up early today my head is clear and I'm feeling much better. I cannot wait until next Wednesday to have fun. One of the teens there, Charisma is so hilarious. She's madd cool and fun. I shall return for yet another blog in a few days...Peace out for now...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Volunteering at HarlemLive

Volunteering has been a huge part of my student experience at Pace University. HarlemLIVE has been one of the best volunteering experiences I've had yet. I am required to spend two hours a week volunteering for my class, Youth, Media, and Democracy. My classmates haven't had the best luck with the organizations they're working with. I am lucky to work at HarlemLIVE because I get to deal with the kids directly. I have helped in the writing and researching process which is something I like to do. I've also helped the kids interview on location. Not only am I helping the students out but I'm also learning. I've become more familiar with filming on location, how HarlemLIVE works, and what it takes to get stories up on the website. I see a lot of hard work going into the website. I am looking forward to working on more stories and providing the students with the knowledge I know about journalism and helping them focus on getting their stories done. I hope that the students can get some more stories they are really interested in in the near future. 

Adult Volunteer, Sian D. 


My second day at F.D.A was cool, I kinda like the school. I never, knew the school would teach at such a high school level. I'm learning things that I never knew before. I like this school a lot. I'm adapting to the environment a lot too. I'm just mad that next week I'm gonna have to stay  after school for tutoring. anyway DUCESZ!


The P.O.S for Paxton Burress was good. I could have done better as far as having more energy. It was freezing but now i know to never do a P.O.S without gloves. I wrote good notes from what people opinions were and my hands were shaking because of the cold. I found that a lot of people are willing to answer questions but not take pictures on one side of the street.  The Camera was having technical difficulties anyways...i learned how to approach people better because of Tamara and David. We went to many bus stops and as we were in the middle of asking people questions the bus kept coming. At least i know to look for a bus before i approach some one. I finally wrote my first story/ Q & A's that should be posted by today if day-day does it any time now. I have a lot to do and a lot to learn. Today i finally know more about the newbie card and can now help someone go through it. (without everyone watching me) =-). 

signed, [Kendra] x3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st day =)

Today a representative from Harlemlive came to Fashion Industries High school. She spoke to us and informed us about the program and the importances of it. It had interested me in wanting to join because of the concept of the program in going out and covering stories of your interest's. I had also been interested in wanting to join this program was the photography and recording in how i can cut my work into making the videos flow more fluently. Lastly the thing that had interested me in Harlemlive was the experience that i would get out of the program to make it threw college and the real world.

first day

 today was the first day of Harlem Live i had never heard of the program before but i found out through a friend. Things are different from what i expected them be ,the vibe is very welcoming and I'm comfortable just being my self .I took an intro class today were we learned the basics of the program. its pretty interesting so far, I'm looking forward to taking some other classes  and I'm sure there would be more interesting things to come.

Newbie! Le Gasp!

So, imagine my surprise when I walk into my honors English class second period, and there is someone standing in the room speaking to my class, who I eventually learned was Seli. I was interested to say the least, and I wasn't going to complain because that meant we weren't going to do anything that day. The presentation had me hooked and by fourth period I was already telling my best friend about this after school Journalism program called Harlem Live that seemed cool, and we should consider going there and finding out more information about it. Roping in another friend from my English class, we headed over to their base right after school. We were scared to say the least, checking with each other to make sure that we looked presentable enough, or professional enough. Now looking back at it -even though it is only three hours later- there was no need to fear because they were the opposite of everything we envisioned them to be. They were not stuck up, nor were they too busy to listen to our questions. They were easy going and it was easy enough to be myself and it didn't hurt that we had tons of fun joking around with them. Personally I think this is going to be the start of one awesome experience.


Today was a bad day for me in and out of school. I was so stress I went straight home. I was planning to go to Barnes&Nobles and HarlemLive, but things didn't work out as planned. I almost got into a fight today. I guess it was my fault cause a take a playful push too seriously. When skool was over I walked Karen home and made her cry laughing. I told my mom and my dad about my day. They said "don't come this far to mess up". I was smile and told myself not to worry about a thing. I plan on going to HarlemLive again tomorrow or monday cause it's the coolest place I've ever been to. I 'm getting my books tomorrow, I hope. I'll be seeing evryone in HarlemLive real soon.

My First Day at HarlemLive

Today has been such a new experience. I didn't know what to think as I walked down the stairs. Was I gonna be looked down upon or was I going to b e scrutinized because I didn't fit their definition or image of a journalist. However when I walked through that door Sully was ecstatic and everyone was good spirited. Richard is cool, and my peers are very nice, and open. I felt like I belonged, and as the basics were explained to me my mind was set on one thing; I can do this!

My first day ou gathering stories

As we went around looking for some posible stories around the community we came across some interesting store owners that actually were stuned and wanted us to write about there store or buisness. There was this one store owner thats thinking about renovating his place and i asked him if he was having issues that led him to the thought of renovating the place he had responded that he was only doing it so that it can be better for the community but that he was looking foward to have Halem live write about his buisness and with that being said i can truely say i had a blast going around the community.

Barack Obama Uses a Zune

Yes we can over come this Mac-unist world. That is right Obama the best president in my life time and probably yours' is using a Zune every morning in his work out. So hate this man if you like but I've been with every decision he has made so far.

"But he hopped on the machine next to me and broke a mean sweat while reading a copy of USA Today and listening to his Zune." - The Source

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today >=/

Today was a good day for me until i got to HarlemLive. I'm not saying it was a bad day, just some people. I got here late because i was with my friends and stayed with them until they had to go to their after school meeting. There were so many people here. Later i found out why. There were interns here. Later i went out on a POS about a football player i did not know. I really didnt want to do it.  Whatever a story is a story, might as well cover it and get people's opinions. After all i was complaining that i wanted to go out on more stories. Well its really late, and i have to make the other store before it closes. Well guys, i'll see some of you friday, since im not gonna be here. Stupid baby sitting.


Well yesterday was so much fun. I got to see Oprah(who looks nothing like she does on tv by the way) and Gail and Common. I spoke with Kevin Powell. It was so cool. He complimented me. He said i asked key questions, some better than the other professionals there. That really made me happy. I was really hyper. That was one of the best experiences I've had so far. I also got a quick word with Susan, the creator of Essence cares and the editor and chief of Essence. I was happy to see another EIC in action. Stanley, the student of the month(for now) wanted to speak with Malcom X's daughter. She was really pretty and she had a presence about her. We instead got the co Host of the evening. Too bad. He was really upset over it. I kinda was too later. It could've been really good for me to speak with her. 
Well a good learning experience. Also this man was there, his name slips my mind, Helped us out a lot. Stan found this man and was speaking with him and helped him out, then when the man interviewed one person on the carpet, he would send them over to us. I thought that was really cool. I wished to had more time there and the event started later because of the fact that i could've spoken to Gail Or Oprah. That upseted me. Oh well think of the good things that night. Laredo was with us and he took some Really nice pics. I'm glad i had him there or else we wouldn't have any or few pics,especially of the celebs. Overall a n
ice night.

Being Teacher For A Day

Even though I know I did an excellent job teaching the kids from ILCS I could still never see myself as a teacher. I think that the two new girls I taught today named Hannah and Shanice are really cool people. I think they learned a lot from me today. I think I was the perfect teacher for them because I provided them with the best insight and perspective someone can have on/ever think about Harlem Live. I know I haven't been here as long or as much as some of the other Harlem Live staff but I think I gave them a lot of information and I loved the fact that they appreciated me as much as I enjoyed teaching them. I wasn't to excited about teaching someone at first and especially when I found out I was going to be teaching not once but twice. I thought I was going to annoyed easily doing things twice (when I had to take turns and show each one individually) but in the end it was cool. I hope what they learned about Harlem Live today and  the experiences for me as a worker here at Harlem LIve, that they stick around and do a lot with this fabulous opportunity they have. It was nice meeting the new recruits and seeing some new faces around here at HL. Hopefully they all do good in life whether they actually decide to take on the job or not. 

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!


Today i found a really interesting surprise here at HL. When i came this afternoon i found HL packed with 7 students from ILCS. They were really cool people and i got to teach Albert and Tyrell and like always richard had to say something calling me a bad teacher. The person that i most got along was with Albert but he have a weird attitude, a very strong one actually and i was trying for him to do at least one story hunt but he didnt want to because his main focus is video, and i actually think that he will do a really good job. Tyrell i also liked his attidue because he dont say No i dont want to do this, but he actually go to places and ask people without any fear of what they are going to say or of how they are going to treat him. He is shy but he is a good journalist.

My first blog

 On my first day at Harlem live i learned a lot of things one being how people at Harlem live come together and help each other settle down and also welcome you into Harlem Live. I believe Harlem Live is a great place to be when i t comes to media and anything that falls under it. Even though at the beginning it seems like a lot of work and paper work i can already see my self overcoming these first few days and actually go out there and meet people and make a couple of stories and actually get out there and do what i've always wanted to do get to meet people and socialize with people and being able to approach people without no fear or difficulties  and i do believe Harlem live can help me make this happen. 

My First Day...

My First Day in my internship with Harlem live was exciting. I learned many new things. I am looking forward to coming more often and actually going out and interviewing people although I am nervous. When I first came to harlem live, I was not sure what door to go into, but once I entered the basement and got comfortable with everyone, I did the application process filled out the survey and got started with the newbie card. So Far its been a good day and I am definitely coming back next week.


Today at school we had a math test and it was hard. Then in physics, I couldn't focus because I wanted to see HarlemLive. When it came time to leave we wasted almost 20 minutes getting ready. I was upset cause it was taking forever to find everyone and to get the papers we needed. When I got to HarlemLive there was no one there. We meet Selly and Rich two people that works for HarlemLive. They explain everyhing that HarlemLive does. To me it was the most exciting internship to have. Then a hour later more people started to come in. So far HarlemLive is the perfect place for me. We also got to talk to people and ask them if we could do a story on them in the future. I was a little nervous and felt good afterwards. A few more times than I won't be nervous a lot no more.



Shanice's First Internship!!!!! Wow

Omg. Today is my first day at my internship called Harlem Live. I really enjoy it a lot because it has a lot to do with journalism and media and as a person I love journalism. The people here are nice and kind. They are down to earth and I would love to come back here. Honestly, I didn't expect my first day to be like this. I say this because I thought it was a totally different environment and it makes me feel comfortable. We all came down here after school today which was really unexpected because I didn't want to come at first. Now I'm absolutely engaged and curious about doing the different activities and experiencing different things that will help me continue with my future and my career. Also, to do something fun afterschool as an extra curricular activity. 

day at harlemlive

here is what happen to me today, i finally got my internship  at the harlemlive area. getting this was the best thing that had  ever happen to me. i finally got it with some of my classmates and we all went over there. we got there and we introduced our self. To cut this short i had mad fun and in this program you get to go out there and interview people and visit famous places like cnn news, abc, the red carpet and all those famous places. the best part is that during your interview with the people you get to meet the famous people and interview them as well omg how cool is that. well thatz how my day went and you will be hearing from me sooner or later.

green day rant

Today, Waarith taught me how to edit videos. We went over how to set-up the camera and tripod. I then filmed myslef talking and ranting about my day. We then went over how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and how to edit and create a polished video. it was alot of fun to see my video transform... even though I still sound like a retarted vally girl! Waarith was really nice and patient, and I apreciate him spending his time teaching me about video editing. Im glad that I got the basics down; I think that this is an important skill not only for Harlem LIVE, but because our society trives off of tecnology and knowing how to edit a video can come in handy... or at least increase my views on YouTube ;D

So, here's my video. Enjoy my ranting =D Yes, I am a fan girl

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My First Days of HarlemLIVE

I walked in for an interview at HarlemLIVE not knowing what to expect. Once i arrived, there wasn't any office like my teacher had described. It was just a relaxed space. People on the couch, people eating in the kitchen and on their laptops. Immediatly after i filled out an application and was introduced to everyone I began to work on my first project at the Hue-Man bookstore. There, i was at a book signiig for wynton marsalis and sat and watched how he introduced his new book Moving to higher ground how. after he discussed the book i watched how the other members of HL worked with asking people questions. Then i began to ask random people questions about the book and Wynton. it was fun to do something different.

The next day I went to Milbank for the Children Aid Society Thanksgiving celebertation and saw a lot of food and got to meet alot of people and ask even more random people questions. I saw one of my neighbors too. And I learned how to take better pictures.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Well poor me. Im not student of the month anymore. Booo. Well stanley is student of the month. At least its not Charisma. Lol Just kidding. I feel like Im not doing anything even though i am going Out on a story tomorrow to a red carpet event. I hope i meet Oprah there.  Wish me luck. Now I'm posting stories to the site and people are complaining about that. God these people lol. I am going to be student of the month next month so you will see me On the site next month so don't be surprised. Well thats it for now.

I Want To Be A Star

I Want To A Star...I Want To Be Student Of The Month And Have My Picture On The Website...URGGGGG I Hate You,  _ _ _ _ _ _ _! I wanted student of the month.  It's all good because I'm right behind your ass as far as production wise so you better watch out. I'm about to fly pass all. I'm going to start coming more so I can get more points and more work done. I'm so determined to get student month. I wish I could come to Harlem Live more because I really want my stuff up on the website. I'm so motivated right now. And here I got Tamarra over here trying to get student of the month again for the third time, I love her and all but she need to give me a chance to shine. I need to be up there on that website so my mommy and my family can be proud and show me off to the world. Anyway I'm leaving now I have to get back to work now because as I said before  I need to stay on top of my game so next month I can have that student of the month jump off.  :-)

This Is Charisma 
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!


Today at HarlemLive I am prepping for my story about Obama what foreigners might accept him as a president. Now I'm thinking about a story that might also involve immigrants because as they come into the country as non citizens they must have some expectations of Obama in office yet. What to do? What to do? Well, later I will be emailing my email editor for abetter focus. But so far I'm happy I got to be a part the plastic bag story with Bloomberg's suggestion of a 6 cents tax video.