Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Anyways I'm back people. Hope you guys didn't miss the wonderful me too much. So yeah I'm going on a POS about the plastic bags. I did not want to do that. I want to continue the Metro card story, but a story is a story. I'm tired already but I'm gonna try to do my best. Anyways, Let me go do this POS Soon before it gets too dark and cold.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Metro Card Fair

Today was on of the coldest days of them all. I was freezing like it was no tomorrow. Over all today was a day that we talked about Metro Card Fairs and how they are going up from $2.00 to $2.50. I think that we as the people pay to much or everything else how are we going to pay more  for a Metro Card. Today i was some what not in a good mode. 

Midterm,and other stuff

YEY me i passed my math midterm. I am so happy and believe people passing a math midterm is a really big thing,but a really big thing because i never pass a math test so yeah,oh this also makes me pass the class(i hope). I am also happy because my grandparents are coming soon and my grandmother is leaving soon so i am really excited. I am so worried because the third marking period is beginning of monday so i have to hurry up because this is the marking period that goes into my transcript so i have to have a 90 or above. Well my people's i hope that you have a great weekend,because i don't think mines will be a lot of fun with an AP homework i have so yeah.Peace out and be safe.


Well today i went on a story about the metro card fare. I really messed up when interviewing the people. I stuttered. Well tay is a good editor and so is Warrith, so that shouldn't be to bad. Plus i could do some voice overs. It was too cold today. I love going on stories, but when its cold like this i just cant. Next time i need to bring gloves and a hat.

Most of your body heat escapes from your head. Just a fact you guys should know. I havent been staying here long lately. Its school stuff. I hate senior year with a passion. Anyway, on monday im going back on monday to do the plastic bag story. Im not staying on lennox this time. All these rude people in harlem. I liked the summer. People were so nice and actually wanted to be interviewed. Oh well.


Thursday at Harlemlive we went to a media mentor meeting and met the most intelligent man i ever met. Not only was he was intelligent he was well dressed, sharp hair- cut and  a crispy brown suit. David Ushery is his name. WOW. He was really amazing.  I asked him like a hundred and million questions just so i can hear his intriguing answers. Wow never in a million years i thought i would be sitting in front of a star news reporter. This was one of my best Harlemlive days. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mnn Hustle 2

Today was a great day for HLspeaks. It felt really good to give the video in early. Luisa and I learned the right way to place video on tape. We met the dead line before it met us. Thanks to Stan's help we had more than enough content for the show. As everyone knows the economy is really at a low point. The effects of it has been felt by myself and people I know first hand. Me coming to HL 4, 5 days a week is not going to be the norm anymore. I'm hoping to come at least 2 times a week, but who knows how bad things will get. On a higher note the video room is getting in order(its been a long time comin'). Also Luisa and I are trying to come up with a plan to keep stories and projects in order. The files are all over the computers and videos,projects,etc are not backed up. Melvin asked for a video the other day and I had to scramble to get it. That is when I knew the way we do video at HL needs to be revamped. I hope everything makes a turn for the better as I would hate to see things slow down on the website. Will they put Obama in office already... He can get some money from Oprah.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today was so cold. It was like 35 outside. Im so stressed. I got midterms, college stuff, senior dues, a project due thursday plus all this work as EIC. Man i know thats nothing compared to some people, but still.

Yesterday i went went on a story with Te-Ga and Branday to the bike shop down the block. It was really nice there. They had a lot of stuff. There were also some had some employees. This one older man from the bike shop was flirting with me today. Why does that always happen? Any ways i finished most of the story tickets and a lot of them got thrown out because of no pics and stories missing or too short, etc. Im so happy thats done. Today Italie, Warrith, Stan, and Branday Went out on a story to the Black KKK I. It was really interesting, and i wanted to go, but i had other stuff to do, plus i was supposed to leave at like 6 or 6:30 but i was still doing stuff and that food came and it was so good lol.  By the way My second box WILL BE SOLD today so i' ll get more goodies for you guys tomorrow lol. Well I'm out.
Well here's a pic of the story yesterday


The past couple of day's i have not been at Harlemlive and i must admit i miss it. During these pass couple of day's of been working hard and braking my back to aim to the top. I just got my report and although i pass all my classes i wasn't happy with myself. I felt like my work and effort wasn't good enough because they weren't as high as i thought they will be. But now i know to aim for that 100 next time. But Harlemlive as been a major turning point in my life because it was actually one the most successful things  i have been involve with in my life. I'm thankful because since i've joined Harlem Live i am becoming a better writer, a better communicator, and a leader to my peers. I fell like i've made a change and for that I'm  happy and thankful.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Continuum Cycles

Today I went out and did a story on Continuum Cycles bike store in Harlem. I got some really good feedback form the customers and employees. I was lucky enough to get to the store in time to interview the employees who were with the bike store for the longest and took enough pride in the bike store to stay committed even at the new location in Harlem. Unfortunately I didn't get to interview the owner because he's busy managing the other store Downtown. But he's a busy man and we have rescheduled for the another day.

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college fair

Today i went to this college fair at Lehman college. The fair was nice because it had like 100 colleges of around the country but there was only a few colleges in the south and only one in Florida,that is were i want to go to. Also i didn't like Lehman college because first of all i don't like the Bronx and second it is in New york and i just hate the cold weather. I was forgetting my idea of leaving to Florida but now that the cold weather have come i just cant stand it although winter clothes are pretty and stuff i just don't like the cold weather. Now i like new york because i get to go out more and hang out with friends more but if new york wasn't cold i would love to stay here. I wonder why some people like cold weather and others don't?if you know the answer just hit me up!!LOL

Im Back Back Back Back Back!

The one and only Charisma is back at Harlem Live after like a whole week and 3 days of my presence being missed by all. Lol.  I kind of missed Harlem Live just a little bit though. But just because I haven't been here in a while does not mean I wasn't being productive at home doing things concerning HL. I've been trying to get in contact with the owner of the Owens Funeral Home for like the longest time ever. I was trying to get in contact with him for the longest time now. Well since it's right around the corner today I'm going to pay that funeral home a visit and see what's up with that. Anyway once again I haven't been here for a week plus because of the step team once again. They are trying to make sure we know everything so we can start practicing for our performance at my school's pep rally next week Tuesday. I cannot wait especially since I'm actually performing. I am telling all my friend to make sure they are coming so they can see me perform especially since the pep rally is during school hours they better freaking come and watch us. lol. And I was going to come on Friday but my ear was bothering me the whole day and I wasn't with it. It was stressing me the hell out. But now I'm back in action you bout to see another story up from me real soon so look out.

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially 
Blogged Out!

Last Weeks P.O.S

Last weeks P.O.S was really great!
I know you all read about it already, but it went so well i have to mention it again.
We hit the streets with our mic, Video Camera and regular camera ready to roll, well expect for forgetting the tape. I wasn't sure how we would be received in the community asking questions about Gay Marriage. As we suspected some people did not want to be interviewed, but most where eager to tell us what they thought. Some even went to get their friends to have them speak. At one point we had a waiting list of interviewees. It was alot of fun and a great learning experience for all of us. Getting the different views from a variety of different people was interesting, peoples opinions vary so much on such a hot topic.
Have a great day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Continuum Cycles

I went today to set up an interview with Jeff Underwood the owner and Chief Mechanic of Continuum Cycles. Dushawn took pictures of the bikes (which he loves) and also of the store as it is now a working progress. Ciann helped me out with a couple of questions. Also, I go to speak to the part owner James Muessig who said he believes this bike store is the "east village coming uptown." To him harlem needs a bike shop.

/Volumes/harlemlive-photos/STORY_PICS/2008/11 November 2008/Continuum Bike Store/DSC04115.JPG


Today. Right now. I'm hella tired and want to get new clothes. This sucks. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow b/c I'm going to the gay marriage protest tomorrow. I hope it Doesn't get to crazy over there. I still need to work on the not ready stories yet and see if their good to post. I also need to figure out the address, hopefully they will tell me where it is. It seems really interesting. I've never been to a protest, so this will be a new experience for me. I also saw the new flier and its really nice. Im the first one on there. YAY! Lol. Its a really slow day today. Rrrraaawwwwrrr. Well there's much more work to be done so thats it for now. 


Today i seen my video posted on the HarlemLive website and omg did it make me feel so special. i went to the site and i listen to everything and how i reported and how i was shy but still got the job done because i had the help of Waarith and Luisa.  i think i can see myself doing more of this reporting thing in the future, but it has to be in times when no other reporter is around because i get extra shy when i have a reporter around but i guess it just how everything builds up. 

the feel you get when your stuff up on a major website it like an dream come true. to me it like having out first African American President and that mean alot to me as well. i would like to thank Waarith because he was the one person who been pushing me to do something beside update our site and put some of my own content on the website and i never really thought i would ever see it but now i have more faith to put my work out there now that i see it up for myself, also we went to the Harriet Tubman Memorial. 

I also spoke to the artist and the artist personal video person and she told me how the work i did on her piece was good and hearing someone who an artist tell me the event i cover was good it make me feel good inside and give me the rush like i need to do this more often.

It was an great feeling interviewing a famous artist like Alison Saar. i must say i had a great experience for my first time being an reporter.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to us Final Cut

I was learning how to us final cut. As i was learning it was getting more and more in to it. I also think i can do video if i really wanted to. I learned how to input and output parts i don't need in the video. i think personal that im getting better at what Im doing in final cut. Also another thing i learned how voice over other people voices and that is all i have for you.  


Now today is blue. Well another day another blog. I have to keep posting b/c rich is doing the points now and i need to stay on top. He just scared me and said Italie was in 1st. Im not selfish but i really like to do my best. Well i was just posting blogs from Hl spotlight to the Hl site. Its easy. Its like posting stories exept easier and more fun. Thats more points for me ^ ^. well i guess thats it. See ya!.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Feel It?

Change is in the air! Content will keep rolling in HL. Get ready for the "WE" generation. W.E. as in Work Everyday. Rich came up with a major solution to getting good stories on every story. Adult with every team/reporter(s). This is a major step in the right direction. I also want to implement the 2-day story cycle. Day one is shooting the story; Day two is editing and posting to the website. Chris didn't leave me a hand book on how to deal with everyone's videos and projects. I think things are coming along nicely. It would be great to get some of the external hdds working. We're still pretty awesome with the resources we have.

I have to give a tip of my hat to all the students that went on the story today. It was nice to see the improvements we all talked about. Lets not stop at doing a good job. I know we still can do better.

Gay Marriage is Poppin

Today was pretty interesting. I walked in HarlemLive and found out i was going on a P.O.S. about gat marriage. It was a pretty interesting story to me because i know a lot of gay people and i have a lot of gay friends. So we went around 125th and asked people questions about gay marriage. I was amaze because some people disagreed and some didn't but hey. I think anyone should be able to marry whom ever they love. Cat, dog, mice,rat. As long as it has life and it breathes it should be okay. But other than that my day at HarlemLive was exquisite as always. So until next time. Peace


Yeah its been a while, I've been slipping with the blogs lol. School is getting more crazy so i have less time to dedicate to Hl, but i do all i can. And no one is friggin here now and its boring. Come on people get here earlier gosh!!!!.  Just kidding. Well most of my stories are up like the post election coverage and the pre election coverage. I want to go on more stories and write more stories, but there's nothing to do. I miss going out on them. Its kinda boring without doing that. I don't know what i wanna go on right now. Oh and i got my second piercing ^ ^. I want one or two more in my ears. Now i see how people get addicted to getting piercings. Sounds like a good story to me.... Well enough of that digression. 

Rich showed me some stuff that's going on that seems like good story ideas, like the tribute to Harriet Tubman tomorrow down the block. This is really early like 1:00, so if some of you guys want to leave school early or come here earlier its alright. Also there is this thing on Saturday where they are protesting the ban on gay marriage. I am deifinantly in there, because i hate people who hate on gays. Im all, 100% for gay rights. No I'm not a lesbian, like most of you people think, but i really hate homophobes and people putting down others because they are "different". Retards. Anyway being EIC(Editor in chief) is harder than i thought. Oh well i get to have a say in what goes up faster than others and tell some of the kids what to do. Yay.! 
And here is a really random boredom picture of me. I look weird but its ok.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

one frame at a time

I believe in everyone at HarlemLIVE. I see how much work is being done and I know it will continue. Shem and I have to use a video service(vimeo) because there are so many videos. We all feel the momentum of the work being done; lets all be a force behind it. I commend all your efforts, but I know we can all do better. I'm going to step my game up and any of my students will too. I haven't tapped into the creativity that I know my web/video students possess. I don't think you guys(students) really get the pat on the back you deserve, but just know I think that you're all wicked awesome. Soon it will be a new year, a new president and now we need to set a new bar for greatness at HL. Get ready for content worthy of HL's name (one frame at a time)

Max and Barack for my Scrapbook

Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack Obama

Hey today I am working on a story about the reactions from the world, when newly elected Barack Obama became president. I would like to find people from different countries with different and ask about their opinion with Bacak Obama being elected. Amazingly more countries celebrated his victory than with any other president.

Class with Waarith

Today Waarith was teaching me some thing about video,today when i was at work. i learn how to crop videos and cut out thing. Today I learn more than 1 to 2 things. i feel that video can grow on me over time if i give it a chance. Over all i learn a little about video......

End of the Bowling Season

Bowling is probably the best sport ever! Im dead serious! I am on my schools bowling team. At first, I only signed up because I could get a pass from gym and get free periods! SWEET! But after the first week, I realized that I was pretty good a bowling, and that it was a lot of fun.

The season is unfortunately, very short and ended last week. i already miss it... even though the last game was last thursday! lol I love the girls on my team, and we worked very hard together. We were so close to the championship! If we had won one more game, we would had made it =( it was pretty disappointing because we worked so hard and really got along as a team. I going to miss my teammates and just having fun in the alley. On Thursday, i have individual bowling, so i am a little worried about not having my team to back me up, but I am sure i will be fine. my best game was last Wednesday, where i bowled a 137. I am proud at my accomplishments, and I can't wait for next season! 


This have been a great day today i finally got to wear my jacket after like two weeks of buying it. I am also very happy because my grandparents are coming in two weeks from now and i am so exited because i have a long time i don't see them and because my grandmother cooks so good and she understand me because she know what food i like and what i don't like. I am also happy because my parents are fixing my house and they are making it nice and pretty. Another thing that i am happy about is that my grandmother if leaving to D.R on December,4 and is not coming back until January,15 and because on the summer of 09 she is leaving to D.R forever and she is not coming back.(Thanks god). So yeah this are the thing that makes me happy.

Last Rainy Wednesday

It was wet, but that didn't stop us from making progress.

Stefanie and I worked on her Hostel story for a while, its coming along, Tammara and I worked on her new story and I got to meet Ashley for the first time. Ashely, Stefanie and I went to try to get a story out of the bike shop down the block, the owner was rude, but we will get a story out of him eventually. When we walked in he had some sort of death metal playing in the back round, and was explaining to some guy that he only makes money from labor, and sells parts at the whole sale price he gets the parts at. He told us to come back later, "he was with a customer". When I left Harlem Live later that night, the "customer" was still there talking to him, I don't think that he was a customer, in my opinion that guy was just rude.
Another great day at HLive, I hope your pasta came out good Ashely!
See you all later this week

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Run Down

Everyone was so happy this week. Everyone was a 'part of history.' Obama won... we still all have problems. I'm not nuts about the pigment in Obama's skin; I'm excited to see that he is a leader that will most likely take the country in a better direction. A lot of people play the race game, but to be in a progressive state of mind one must be able to see no difference between a person's appearance and beliefs. I glad to see Americans elect a great president, no more no less just a great president. Now with Obama out the way lets get into the run down.

Everyone in HarlemLIVE go add yourself to the new contact list!!!!
CLICK HERE to get started.

The site is getting the content it deserves. We are using the bandwidth like no tomorrow. Shem and I will be working on a new video player next week to help the site let up on the heavy load of videos. All the students are giving us( Luisa, me: team Wiisa) lots of video for the show and site. Keep it up. The show is coming close to finished.

  • African Day Parade (done)
  • Halloween Parade (done)
  • Scranton PA (done)
  • HL reality (in progress)
We're all getting things done and I'm proud of everyone.

Friday, November 7, 2008

watched Obama Talk In Chicago

Today was a good day for me.. i woke up and i kiss m picture on my wall..then got to school early..then went to the museum of American history and had some good food thanks to my teacher Terri. then i come to hl and Selly let me know the first African American president will be speaking live in Chicago,Illinois so i went to CNN to see if they was covering the event since i became such a fan of them since this past summer due to Selly bringing me to CNN headquarters, i just be looking at there site more and everything.

so they have Obama speaking Live so i watched it and to be honest this was the first time i ever actually listen to what he was saying before and i felt bad seeing how i voted for him and only knew that he was black, wanted a change, wanted to make the economy back to its old self and i finally got the chance to just sit down and listen and watch our future and present president. it made me feel a type of way inside of me, it was like wow he really does sound like he will start to make life a little bit better for us Americans and make people understand all you have to do is work for what you want in life and to me that gives me motivation to succeed in life.

<----After i listened to what Obama i been thinking one day i can make m voice heard and make a difference when i get older. i have the goal to make my voice heard more, because i feel that my voice is not all that need to be put into action but i need to take a stand and get more involve which with harlemlive i will be able to.

What You All Have Been Missing These Past 4 Days

I know you guys at Harlem Live missed me sooooo much these past 4 days that I've been missing out in action. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances I was unable to come to Harlem Live on Wednesday and Thursday due to my step team practice after school. I came there ready to learn this long as step that someone started teaching me and never finish, and I get there and these people want to be over hear teaching us a dance to do in our routine. I don't mind the whole dancing thing because I surely can dance and I like to pop it and drop it Lol, but the mixture of songs we are dancing to is hot and all but it's super fast. I'm so not used to doing a choreographed routines especially not to no fast ass song. I got the moves and stuff mostly down pact except for this one move but I'm working on it so watch out lol. The song is so fast it's like no room to mess up and try to catch yourself. You can't even try to count off the steps because you would be counting super fast. The dance and song is mad hot but just to fast. I can't wait until my school pep rally. The days leading up to the step team performance is going to be hectic but I know it's going to be mad sexy. Whatever we decide to put on I'm going to look mad hot hopefully the rest of the team does too lol. We are so going to rock the show. We are so much better than my school's whack ass cheerleaders and hopefully our performance shows that. Well, I'm over and out thats all I can think of writing for now. Until next time blogger.

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially Blogged Out!
Lol. :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hello hehehehhe. today Rich was getting on my nerve. gonna kill him!!!!! He wants me to write more about I have no idea. so i'm liking harlem live soooo far. Hope to meet some cool people like ciara n beyonce to interview them..... kinda running out of things to say. 

Ash Kash is Outieee  

Thought this way funny

My view on the election and the triumph of Obama

Wow, we have a self-identifying black person that will be running our country. I hope that people don't think that by just casting this vote that we have made a big change in this country because to be honest we haven't. You have to be constantly involved in the ongoings of your country and community. By electing Obama doesn't mean that it ends here. When there are issues going on in your community such as police brutality and shady activity going on in the schools, you have to speak out about what's going on. You cannot be complacent with everything, you cannot say that in other countries it's worst, you cannot make lame excuses for less than stellar service. You have to be constantly speaking and making change don't think that just because you pulled down that lever this past Tuesday that you made such a large difference and that the road ends here because it haven't.

WE (Gen-We) did it!!!!

OUR Vote made it happen. WE made it happen. The YOUTH VOTE was record high, we put all the bullshyt aside and really became informed, involved, and went out and DID SOMETHING!!! This is just the beginning and I have never been more motivated and inspired to get connected and involved in and around the city, nation, and world...

Move out the way b/c here WE come!!!!

November 4, 2008

while at the Schoenberg museum i got the chance to meet congressman Rangel and his wife. that was an first personal experience that i had in a long time that made me so proud to be apart of Harlemlive because without them i would of never got the chance to speak to the congressman or even get to shake his hand.

A day in history that made a difference in my life.
yesterday i voted for the first time in my life and i felt like a made a difference like my voice was heard, my thought may come to the light. never had the feeling of making history and voting for Obama..i also went down to the Schoenberg Museum where they held an event in support of the 2008 elections. i was so proud to be in N.Y. last night because for the first time in my whole life i felt a change in everything. people on my block was going crazy..trowing things running around screaming OBAMA!!!! it just was an experience wish i had recorded it. now i and other African American have no reason to believe we can succeed cause if Obama can do it so can we.

we also went to 125Th street in front of the state building where they held their own event contain to the elections and got a chance to talk to some people and meet an CB11 reporter name Chris Glorioso and he gave us a first hand look at how the whole thing goes down when he does his interview and how long it takes to get it process and sent back to the studios. he also explain the equipment he had and how he did his voice over not even in an studio but, he wrote his lines out on his blackberry and then read them off as if he was at the studio onto an tape recorder and past his b role over his recordings.

Everywhere i went these past days I've seen nothing but Obama and Rangel posters or shirts and now to see that after all the talk about a black or colored man can not be president, to just see and be a witness of it makes me feel special and after i went to the state building my whole ride home all i heard about is "Obama the right man for the job" and "its time for a change in the white house" and in my head I'm like wow never knew it made people talk to each other so much and talk so positive, because usually when I'm on the train it either quiet or people arguing and last night it was peaceful and all for OBAMA.

Also today in school we have this thing in my school called "full group" and it where the whole school comes together for an hour and talk about things going on in life and in the school. and today a lot of kids screaming Obama and going wild because we have a new president and he African American and they was just all so happy to be aprat of history when in life as for as i know it people always doubt us to have an black president even 2pac doubt it--> "And although it seems heaven sent we ain't ready, to see a black president it ain't a secret don't conceal the fact the penitentiary's packed, and it's filled with blacks" so i feel if 2pac felt this way in 1995 seeing how Bill Clinton was the president at the time. Althou a lot of people called Bill Clinton the "black" president. so if 2pac was around now he would be proud just like all the millions of African American in the world are today.

The New President Of The United States Of America--->


He did it, Obama is the president!
It is really interesting to me that Obama had 338 electoral votes, while McCain only had 140, but Obama only had 51% of the popular vote and McCain had 48% of the popular vote. This system does not make much sense to me, this would be a good story to investigate for Hlive, so we all understand it better.

Last week at HLive:
Last week Tammara and I worked on her article that covered HarlemLives trip to Scranton PA. We did a bunch of research into Scranton and into Pennsylvania and learned about the history of both. It seems like HLive had a good trip down there, and the interviews they conducted where interesting. Scranton seems like a very different kind of place from NYC. It must have been a shock for the students to experience that culture, or lack there of.

Today is another day at HLive, see you all later!

David McGregor

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Holy crap, it took me like 15 minutes to cast my ballot. The lever that you have to pull was giving me a hard time. I would pull it, and the entire station would move. I had to hold the opposite wall and pull the lever ridiculously hard. When I finally got it, I was afraid that I had broke it. Then the little knobs gave me the same problems. Its like they did not want me to vote....

My first day at Harlem Live

My first day was different i had meet new people and i got to work right away. Working at Harlem Live so far has been a great. My second day was busy  and i was the first one there. This boy name dayday seem to be a great person. Waarith i think is going to be a great teacher, and going to teach me some new things. Shem seems to be straight foreword with everything and a little demanding but its ok sometimes i might forget things.  

My Voting Experience

So when I woke up this AM all I saw on the news were reports of the LONG lines of people at the polling sites. I knew I absolutely HAD to get some footage and make my mark in history by capturing a few bits and pieces of this HistoricElection (no matter who wins) What I didnt expect was to see the line in my Park Slope Neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY go around the corner!! It was 6:30Am and these folks were obviously trying to vote before they went in to work. The majority of them were in business attire, and either reading newspapers or drinking their morning coffee. Although the line stretched around the block, forming a complete C no one seemed to mind that they were in for atleast a 45 minute wait.

Yes, I am already aware the video is Shaking quite a bit. But hey, atleast Im giving you footage right?? Anyways, so after purchasing all the newspapers I could find (I want the before and afters of this day to record) I went home and had a light breakfast, thinking of my fellow Brooklynites (other New Yorkers and Americans too) and how inspired I felt to see such great numbers out to Vote, out to speak up and actually DO SOMETHING!! So I quickly got dressed and headed over to cast MY ballot, my voice and to leave my mark for the history books. (I hadnt planned to do so until later at around 11) When I went back I was suprised to see that the line had grew!!! But I was never more proud to stand on such a long line (and probably will never be again in my life! lol) Waiting on that line with everyone else was an exciting experience everyone knew we were all there for the same purpose, and we would all share quiet smiles with eachother trying to stop ourselves from jumping up and down and cheering for ourselves and the future. Alot more people than I expected were taking pictures, and a lady driving by honked her horn and pumped her arm as she drove by, excited to see so many people out to Vote. I took my spot on the line at 8:00Am and pulled the lever to the right at 9:00Am, and made history by putting my vote in for Obama..........small moment of silence to let it sink in........what it must mean for so many people around this nation (and the world) today, no matter what race you are, where you grew up, who you have voted for in the past, or where you are going in life, I am sure we all indulged in those few seconds of silence, of what was just made possible.

When leaving the Polling site I was even more amazed to see that the line had DOUBLED!!! I could only imagine what it will be like later after everyone gets out of work!

Monday, November 3, 2008

African Parade Up on the site

African Parade 2008 is up on the site go check it out. As always getting the content out. I'm really happy that the site is getting so much content. 

Another Person on the street done.

Hey fellow bloggers of HarlemLive, today was a very eventful day. I went out on a person on a street to ask questions about the November 4th elections. Tomorrow!!! So please, people get out and vote! This is a very important election, especially since a presidential candidate of African-American decent is running for presidency. Get out and Vote your voice must be heard.

SiGingOff......Te-Ga Zsa-Zsa Hamm

Farewell Harlem Live!

The main stories/themes I have been assisting the people at HL with have been on tomorrow's election and youth hostels. Within the 3 weeks that I have been here, I have been able to help people reseach stories, go out on the streets and conduct POS's, edit articles and do interviews.

Everybody at HL has so much potential and I'm looking forward to going back to Sydney, and encouraging the young people I work with to be Harlem Live correspondents. Once an open discussion board and space for Harlem and Bankstown youth is complete, this will provide a great opportunity for young people across the world to communicate and discuss various issues and themes that concern them.

Thanks to Richard, Gisely, Brad and Shem for your Harlem hospitality!

And to all of the youth I have worked with- goodluck and God bless you all!


What do you people at HL do all day?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Run Down

Another week another run down. Me and Luisa always hard at work to get the videos up to the site and tv(MNN). This week was a good one; got a lot of things done. First off the list is videos to the site main player. Scranton PA which was put up in record time. Me and Luisa broke that record by putting up 'Halloween 2008' in 2 days. In other news I've been doing some vast improvents on the HELM. The work and efforts of helm(hl apps) will soon be in use as I have created a contact list that is part of HarlemLIVE's database. GO AND LOOK AT Halloween 2008.

Let get things done a new video every week.