Saturday, May 31, 2008

the past week

since last time I've wrote an blog allot of things has happen in my life. i got so much responsibility now at harlemlive and when i think about it, i feel as i achieved something. me and Laredo been working hard this month and as a team allot has happen i think we finally got into other mind at hl that this is an working environment not a hang out. also i got the trust from Rich and Sely that they gave me an pair of keys so now when i come early i don't have to wait for them so i can get to work i can just get work done and get myself together while i wait for them inside.


I'm with Dushawn and Ryan getting work done. I was looking through my file to go over the information that I found out about the conflict in Colombia. This will be a wonderful article and project at the same time because I've decided to break it up into sections so it will be easier for the viewers to understand the gravity of the situation. I will try to have as much information possible so no one would walk away clueless. I want to know if we can have a spot on the website for the viewers to leave comments. I also want us to have a T.V show this month and hopefully we as a team can get it going. Moreover, I would like to view our past shows to see how to put it together. Hopefully the people that will be here during the summer will be just as eager to do the same.

My Life By Ryan T. Ngala

What's going on my life is that i was writing poems of "More Money Than That","Here I Am" & many others.
& that is what i did.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Staff Meeting.

It's Friday, and I'm very tired.

And we're also having a meeting of the staff. AKA a staff meeting.

These past few weeks have been extremely stressful & tiring & crazy chaotic. I can't wait for it all to be over, and I'll get to relax at camp :)

I gotta go because the meeting's about to start.

Staff Meeing

Today, we're going to have a staff meeting. I had some plans but I took the time to come here and do what I have to do. I guess this program is teaching me how to get my priorities straight and know exactly where I should be. 
yo whats goodie i'm zeeky and the kid is on deck
man its hot outside weRd 4real. man i gotta go cop some shorts.Yesterday rich almost got me killed riding them bikes in the street i almost got hit a few times no gas. I gotta do it again and my foot hurt and it did i mention it is hot!!!!! but it's all good in the hood

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Far

So, I've been here at HarlemLive for about two weeks, I think. It's pretty cool so far. The people are nice. SOME people are gonna get hurt, but overall, it's really fun. Nobody's mean to me, we respect each other. Everything is good. I'm happy here. It gives me something to do after school. Instead of sitting in front of the computer at home on Myspace, I'm here being productive. This is the type of program that keeps young kids off the streets.

Am I stuck up and Bougeious?

I'm going to reflect on a statement that was said about me yesterday. I was told that I thought that I was better and probably due to my heritage because I rejected and still reject the idea of eating " weed brownies". I really think it's disgusting and low class. Why would someone with any sense of life waste their money on such? You could invest your money in stock or bonds. I think that makes sense. What's next? Cocaine koolaid. We as people need to stop living the stereotype. That is not culture, that's the life of the filthy. Obvious there are some folks that do not know what stuck up actually is because I don't look down on people because of their race, ethnicity , religion or economic status. I judge people by their character and lifestyle and stuck-up people do the opposite.


My day was on fire because today they told me that i was one of the top students and that for that i get to go to this college program. yay me!!! But yesterday was a horrible day because i was suppose to do a story but i go late and the man was gone!! ohh well but that wasen't what made it that bad but let me not even tell. Well is like 12 more day left of school and i am really worried about math because i am way behind in that subject but i think i will catch up.Well today iam going shopping because i need SUMMER clothes because i have none!!

well see you my people!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Real Nice Weekend

Hello everybody i am fine can't complain. The weather been good to me lately besides the rain but we need it so it doesn't bother me as much. My weekend was real good besides the Saturday i came here to paint and nobody showed up but Stephanie later on. It's okay though I'm not mad though it is all good. Friday i went to chill in the bx with my friends and family, Saturday i went to the movies with a friend to see Speed racer in Imax it was so mean (cool). I put cool in parenthesis next to mean because some people don't understand how i use the word. Sunday i went to a cookout in Morning side park, my friend came that is pregnant i was so happy to see her because i didn't see her in so long. She looked so pretty but i don't encourage no one to be a teen mother it's hard but if somebody do take care of your business. Then Monday i went to some cookout in Mt.Morris park it was fun at first but it got crazy later in the day. Okay later everybody i speak to you later.

Look Laredo!

Laredo, you were saying you needed a new phone???...Look at THIS! and be grateful for what you've got lol

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The family in Texas

Its still bad in a way but it's good that they were returned to their family because they would have probably been murdered in the Texas foster care system since children are 4 times most likely to die in the state care than in the regular population. I really think that the foster care system should be abolished completely because they barely improve any one's life, the social workers don't have any ethics, and they just view children as chattel/ source of income. Also the people don't care for the kids, they rather kidnap them and turn them into mentally deranged citizens. Also they victimize person that don't know their rights and I think every victim should pursue legal action against this corrupt system.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ummm today (Painting this saturday May24th at 1pm)

Hello i am fine, today is Friday glad for the weekend. I was suppose to come Wednesday but had a meeting with apple for a summer internship, it was so much fun. Yesterday they was calling my classmates back for whoever made it through to the second interview. I didn't get a call back but my twin did, i was so happy for her but disappointed that i didn't get to be by her side but she is going to be really good for the job. At least one of us made it through so i am going to cross my fingers for her i hope she get it. Even if i did get it i would of still came to Harlemlive in the summer as a usual. Tomorrow here at Harlemlive we are going to finish painting so everyone that wants to paint please be here by 1pm. I hope everyone comes through, have a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

....May 22nd, 2008.... The Day Of Patience


What is it to have patience. Is it something you are born with or do you have to develop the skill? Do you have to have patience at all times or at certain times? Why is patience considered a virtue? So many questions about it but not that many answers. Patience come with a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities that might be hard to deal with. When you have patience to deal with anything then you will be able to deal with any obstacle that comes across your path.


Hey my people i am here at Harlemlive dealing with Laredo.Let me tell you that today i am a little bit mad because laredo keep telling me to write a blog when i wrote one yesterday. I am also mad because i lost my points sheet and i need to do everything all over again and i am going to miss my previous points!!!!I am also kind of sad because my father left today and he always make me laugh and he always play with me every night but now that his gone for ten days with who i am going to play with when i am bored because my mom ain't playing with me..LOL... well but he will be back soon!! Bueno like i wrote a blog yesterday i don't have much to say so bye!!

been gone 4 a while i'll be though

yo it been a crazy couple of days i have'nt been in town for awhile but i'll be back.
On some real shit i miss the harlem live crew.

Starbucks Coffee

 Starbucks Coffee
By Ryan T. Ngala
At Starbucks Coffee me & stephanie had went inside there on 118th @
St.Nicholas Ave as the the manager offer us some 
frappuninco for
as i owe them appericating there.


im almost finished with my uft final cut pro things and i did alot of things with brolling and all of those types of things. plus i am very happy that peter came yesterday he taught me alot of things in final cut pro i really learned alot of new things too!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA


I'm tired of the these no count, reckless anti-abortion (not all anti-abortion people are like this) potheads acting up. Recently, some of these lunatics recently or most likely shot state senators cousins office because she supports abortion. These pot heads will talk about how they support pro-life but you never see any of these hotheads donating blood or volunteering their time to young children. How do you support pro-life but you won't devote time to it when it's outside of the womb? These same nuts that support "pro-life" will shoot up the office of state senator Cousin and her associates and make attempts on their life. How hypocritical is that? They don't donate their time to children nor their blood. They probably support death row. They will talk about orphan children, single mothers, homelessness. I would like to know how many of these persons ever volunteer time to teach these children that are at these poor urban schools that have ignorant teachers? I hope I haven't offend anyone but these things are true for many.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Intro To HarlemLive

HLN Extra

Planet Fitness
By Ryan T. Ngala

Planet Fitness is the most popular gym building,over 29 countries in the U.S.A
As i Interview an Assistant Manager From Planet Fitness @ Harlem,New York
Her Name Is Melanie."What's So Special About It?" I asked. "General Fitness Good environment,
Sanitary Constantly clean, provide supplies safety. Fitness session 1 session 99 for 3 sessions"said
Melanie."Why do u choose to work here" I said."I like the environment feel Comfortable" she

Spanish and English!!

Hola mi gente,
hoy estoy tan triste porque mi papa se va manana para Republica Dominicana por diez dias. Pero tambien estoy muy feliz porque al fin mi abuela ba a poder ver a papi que teni mucho sin verlo y tambien estoy feliz por el por que a el le encanta estar alla y despues de tanto trabajar aqui es justo que se tome unas vacaciones. Tambien estoy feliz por que casi se acerca el fin de semana y como este fin de semana es largo por memorial day puedo dormir mas!!!


Hey my people,
Today iam sad because my father is leaving tomorrow for ten days to Dominican Republic.I am aslo happy because finally my grandmother will get to see him because she have a long time without seeing my father and iam aslo happy because my father loves to be there in D.R and after having all this time working hard i think is fair enough for him to go on vacations. I am aslo very happy because the weekend is coming soon and like is along weekend i get to sleep more!!!

Where's My Teachers

Hello carter peter where are you I know I'm not crazy because today is wednesday and their not here like really today is my video day and I'm supposed to be learning here not doing other things this could be points right now if I could take this class but no Carter just did not com3. 1 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hey guys, its been such a long time. I am happy to be back. Mostly because I missed the environment. I have so much to do. Senior year is coming to an end, summer time=party time, and then the college. I can't wait. Im a bit scared thought, because I know the older I get the more responsibility I will have to deal with. I really just want to move out my mother house. She has many bogus rules that are just unnecessary. OOhhh man I just can't wait to just be successful and provide for myself.

Harlem Live News Extra

Machine Trains That Runs Thourgh The City
By Ryan T. Ngala

(WHLN-TV NewYork May 19, 2008)The new trains
are running to the Ny area in Harlem they are called
"Robotrains"as it runs to each stop station as it will
be riding it itself as it will take instructions by a
computer.Where's does the L-Train start & stop?
To 14th street & 8th ave to Canarsie Rockaway Parkaway
in Brooklyn,New York.

It's raining

Today is raining and I don't like it. I didn't want to go school today because I was so tired. I didn't attend photography class and really didn't care because we barely do any photography and we just do a bunch of art. I want to finish my articles today because I am backed up. I want to be person of the month. See ya. Also stay safe you all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello everyone, people, persons, Dushawn....

Today was very very intractive for me and HL I sopke to my Email Editor Aisha(HL alumni) about my story but unfortunately she's currentlywith a program in New Orleans and won't be available to help me. Luckily, Kathryn was here to help with my time in need. So, today I got started on revising my H.I.V. story.Yeah, and thats it.BYE!

Te-Ga Zsa-Zsa Hamm

Monday Madness

It's Monday, May 19th, and Harlem Live is very busy tonight. It's starting to wind down, but it was a full house. I helped Nyiesha and TeGa on newer stories. They're both doing a great job. I worked with Kennequa putting the final touches on her piece, which is really great. Can't wait to see it on the site!

Last week, I gave a Word workshop and enjoyed reading all of the comments people posted. It was tricky figuring out subtle Mac vs. PC differences, but I managed.

Next week I won't be in because I'm going to visit my niece and nephew. I'm going to try and post a pic of them here just because I'm a crazy Auntie and think they're so cute!

See you all in June.

Today I am not feeling so well but, when i came into Harlemlive today it was like a motivation. I felt as if all my problems had disappeared and I was on top of the earth. Until I got sick even more because another student brought in some cake from February and didn't tell anyone. He felt as if the cakes were still because they were in the refrigerator. The cake look good also in taste but, my stomach didn't like it! Well I did get a few stories posted which really made me happy.


hey what's good I had my first speech in front of a lot of people on Saturday May 17,2008 I will try and remember this day for  awhile because it is very important to me. I enjoyed it there because I got a lot of compliments and to see what Harlemlive goes through must be very incredible so I just want more and more till I become the best of the world and my name is known.HOLLA!!!!!  

Been in mintue

I didn't write a blog in over a week now, didn't get a chance to. I just got in Harlemlive a little while ago. We are going to paint this Saturday around 12pm or 1pm so if anyone is interested let me know. Right now I'm waiting for Iyanna for we could try to finish doing some papers that we have to show in our meeting later on today but she should be here soon. Oh look she is hear so imma speak to you later everyone, have a beautiful week.
hey whats up
the weekend was mellow
i had time to hang with my girl and her two crazy little brothers

UFT Presentation

The UFT presentation went great. In attendance, Sienna Pinderhughes, Gisely Colon-Lopez, Devan Hankerson, Nana Poku, Dushawn Bryan, Laredo Regular and Matthew Sneh.

I miss the oldies

Hey HL blogger, how are you doing ? Good I hope well I have a lot going on with senior cruise planing and going , prom finals graduation . On a serious note I want to take a moment of silence for those affected in china by the earth quake . I now have to talk about the entertainment business . For starters Nick Canon & Mariah Carey are happily married , they eloped to get married hid it from everyone . Ha ha remember Ricky Martin well he is now fighting child trafficking . Kudos to Ricky Martin we love you for attempting a come back and helping children .On the music scene their is a new music artist named Duffy her hit single " Mercy" I would recommend you listen to her . She has that old jazz theme to her that's mesmerizing. If you wanna laugh read the Onion . It has an article on how men with slicked back hair rallied against Hollywood for a negative portrayal. It also has a section on Google Announcing a Plan To Destroy All Information It Can't Index .

Friday, May 16, 2008

At HarlemLIVE today

I spoke with one of my favorite people today which is Luisa. I also had to check the emails that Richard sent me regarding the stories for the journalists. I

Thursday, May 15, 2008


yooooo the apollo was live last night say word.
i was booing niggas like crazy. i showed no remorse neither did the others. i think i made a girl cry. i was front and center row. so i booed people saw me and i didn't care

Theather and school!!

Hey people,

OMG last night i went to the cool show in the Apollo Theater called "Amateur Night". It was so hot because i laugh, and had fun and also i was happy because have never be in a show were i can pick the WINNER!! I was also happy because the man who was entertaining the show was so funny and Spanish. Today I am so so so happy because i went from a 83% average up to a 89.29% average and this Marking period i looking forward to get a 90 or above.


Wednesday May 14,2008 i went with other teens from Harlemlive. We had so much fun i did not think we were going to have, i seen Michael Shaw from HOT 97 and he made my first visit to the Apollo an visit i will never forget. i thought the thing i seen on TV was just to fake but after seeing armature night live I'm not even sure how the people do what they do because i doubt i would be able to get on stage and sing, dance, etc. we also seen things that they do not show on the TV show which made me feel right in the spotlight and not to mention Rich got us front row seats which made the show even live. I thought i was going to be in the back or something and i was so shocked and i felt so important having front row seats and having people looking at me like "how he get front row"...

I have to admit I'm going to brag about the first night at the Apollo for a long time thanx to rich and Harlemlive.

THANXX TO Richard & Gisely

Dunkin Donuts Giving Free Coffee By Ryan T. Ngala

[WHLN New York Thursday 5/15/2008] People are in line for getting free iced coffee. Where
@ Dunkin Donuts. Many people are waiting in line 2."How do you feel about dunkin dounuts
giving free iced coffee?" I asked. " I'm happy it's a good time free is good isn't it" said Karen
Diggs." Dunkin Dounuts needs to give back to the neighborhood that they serve" said J.Davis.
So Me & Nana had waited in line to get free iced coffee 2.

Apollo & Sue Simmons

I hate when people take a song and destroy it. Some middle heavy women come on stage and tore up Alicia keyes song. Also these little kids came on the stage and sung their lame rap lyrics. They wore fake chains and big caps. I have to talk about Sim Simmons and her use of the F-word. I don't find anything wrong about her using the word because she said that she thought she was off air. Also there are other things that are going on that should get the spotlight such as the war in Iraq, unqualified teachers and the administration stealing should funds. Put a spotlight on that. These people that judge her are the same people that cheat on their spouses with prostitutes and bring them back AIDS. These are the same people that smuggle drugs, steal charities, and rape innocent children at the local church. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Allergies! How awful

Today I'm not feeling that great because I had to deal with allergies from sneezing to runny nose. I also want to let you all know that I was accepted by Utica College. Hopefully I get accepted by Adelphi because they have a wider amount of subjects that I'm interested in such as black studies and anthropology. I also have to take a placement test for Niagara in order to be accepted or not. Hopefully I feel better today. See ya.

Honor roll girl... yay me!!

OMG iam soo happy because today I saw my name in the Honor roll wall for Journalism. I was so happy because i saw it in the "90 and above" list. Iam also happy because iam going to the Amateur night at the apollo today!!. Today a man named Alex that i dont know nothing about called me down to talk to me about a college program and i was very confuse because i am a sophomore and i thought it was too early to think about college but i guess is not that early. I was also very mad because my 6th period teacher didnt let me go and when i went down to the office on 7th period Alex was GONE and i have to go back on monday!! Well i guess i have to wait.

Bye poeple..Nos vemos..nos chekiamos.

The Cashier Of Staples By Ryan T. Ngala

[Harlem,New York HLN May 14, 2008] Jada H. is the copy center cashier from staples. She is 23
years old. What inspire her to do this, she was a student at city college in the Manhattan area 
of New York City. The Staples Daily Schedule are:
Mon-Fri 7am-8pm
Sat 9am-7pm
Sun 12pm-6pm

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

P@H:Exclusive Interview

Name:Kaila Peter
Question:Who is your favorite artists?

4 more weeks to go

I will be so glad when school is out and I have a diploma in my hand . Maybe if the majority of the people at my school wasn't so ghetto and complaisant with society then I probably would feel differently but that's not the case. During a assembly today these kids behind me and my associates was behaving in such a no class manner but there parents are probably substance abusers therefore I can't get mad at them. Also another reason I will be glad to leave because the people steal so much and the teachers pass people that barely come to class while there are people that come everyday and do the best. I swear I wouldn't not want my younger sibling to go to schools like this.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Title less.....

Long time that i don't write..

OMG i am so sad because of the fire in front of my building. It was so sad seeing those firefighter dealing with the fire and seeing those people that were left without a home. I saw the whole fire and it was the worst fire i have ever seen in my life. They evacuated two buildings but the building in were the fire took place is closed and I think nobody is allowed to go in. In the middle of all these sadness there is happiness because i pass my gym class with flying colors and also because i think that my grades went up..up .up ...yay me!!! Well yesterday in mothers day i dint gave nothing to my mom because i don't give her presents for American Mother day but for the dominican mothers day that is the last sunday of may!!... So yeah that all see you my poeple..

Take care...

School Food

Look ABOVE. This is what I have to put up with as a student in the New York public school system. I never had one of their hamburger before today and the reason I had picked one because I wanted to see what it looked liked. Burned and it smelled horrible. I'm so glad that I'm going to graduate with from that filthy gold digging dump anyway. I have to get back at that cheeseburger. Did you really see that? I don't even eat the food because the school has rats and roaches.

The Fat Cat By Ryan T. Ngala

The fat cat
Sat on the mat
Hitting a mouse with a baseball bat
All while sitting on his hat
Trying to catch a rat
Running & saying dat stupid brat
Who's just sittng on his fat hat

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are Americans really that dumb????

Ok Ok...I know I am posting up alot of videos BUT you all HAVE to look at his one. How many of these can ya'll answer?????....Here is a thought...maybe we should conduct our own video like this and see what kind of answers WE get....but then again would it be fair bc we would only be doing it in NY?...and NY is unique to the rest of the states....

Are Americans Really That Stupid? - The best video clips are right here

2008 Debate

Just something silly about what "would make C-Span more interesting"

Saturday, May 10, 2008


You guys HAVE to read this letter of complaint....although i feel bad for the lady/man who wrote it...I could not STOP laughing......Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought about it....

Jefferson community event

Luis, Giselle,and I went to Jefferson house community event. There was so many old dust bags. They had to be 70+ and no young people. The chicken they served was bland. The lady didn't put a tomato in salad. Some old hag was trying to talk to this young guy there, smiling in his face with her saggy dilapidated body. She had to be an unkept 40+ and the guy look 24 years of age the most. I hate when I see old people trying to get the attention of young people in that manner. They are supposed to teach us, not bag us. Also there was some guy of the other persuasion dancing all over the place. When I went with Luisa to get the A.I.D.S test, he pulled out a DILDO to show the people how to put a condom on the proper way. I wonder if he uses condoms? Pervert. Also when Luisa first went to take the test, the lady denied her because she wasn't at risk and that H.I.V test are expensive. I hope the next event we go to are more lively and don't have to many hags. Also some dusty bold bat came to us saying how she know somebody that giving out HIV deliberately and she don't know what to do. Pa Mi Gente

Friday, May 9, 2008

A New Bus 4 a New Ride

(New York,New York WHLN-TV May 9, 2008) A New bus that is riding to New York in the
Harlem Area as it stops to the bus station on 125th street.

The MTA NYC Transit bus presents It new Vechicle it's called the citaro bus that let people
get on & off the bus just like regular buses. It was invented 100 yrs ago in Ny as it lets breezes
get inside of.

No Dew, Nor Rain

I attended the No Dew , Nor Rain town hall meeting at the Atlah Baptist church. I saw flyers one time before to come to this committee once and I was interested in what they were talking about. Rev. Manning, president of the No Dew, Nor Rain action committee, spoke about the objectives of the committee and he also spoke about the objectives of the group. Councilmen candidate Carolyn Nowell was attending and she stated that the politicians for this community don't represent the people interest. She said that she attended meetings at the community board and the people wasn't concerned. People had quite alot to say about Inez Dickens. I can support some of their statements because her representatives at her office are rude and uncaring. I know she said that 49% of the housing for the rezoning of 125th street will be affordable but how will it be enforced if it's not government owned and that wasn't mentioned.

POS Exclusive Interview

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ryan's Personal Life By Ryan T. Ngala

What I did @ harlem live is that i interview Edward Hunter & George Diaz & Dyeemah was taking pix of me interviewing.

zeek2 do wat it do lite

its yung zeek
u know how it is (get down or lay down)
harlem live get wit it early

Felt like a teacher today

Hi everybody my day was good the weather kind of made me drowsy. Today when i came to HL there were two new members and Dyeemah, Lareno and myself played teacher. We taught them how to do a POS, it was fun. Then Dyeemah and myself took them out to look for story ideas and to do a practice POS. Their names are Ryan and Zeeky, they both did a good try as their first try. They did better then me on my first time, they were so comfortable doing it. It was fun playing teacher today i when like to do it my often. But shim class is about to start so i speak to you guys later,

I skipped so what

I left early today and didn't attend my English and math class because I was tired but also I didn't feel like attending anyway because in English class I don't learn anything new. The teacher gives us basic assignments to do and it's boring. I feel like I'm in a ESL class. I had asked him once why he keeps going over this basic stuff and the response was that many of the students constantly make these errors. I noticed that he gives people grades that they don't deserve because this one kid in particular doesn't do any homework, he constantly cut class and if he attends he constantly talk to numerous girls that are obviously not interested. He received a 83. Math class is boring. My teacher talks about the subject for a little while then tells us some uninteresting moment of his life or talks about his adopted daughter as if we care. I'm so glad that I have 5 weeks left. I know there is someone here at HL that has a similar experience.

Networking Event

Hey HL ... bloggers I hope your fine I am Do I have news for you . Kareem and I had gone to a networking event . It was some what humdrum but HL has new contacts for it . I meet indiviuals that cared to change our enviroment and the way unjust is happening. They had food well they had snacks , hey they tried . I had meet mostly meet educators whether it be artistic educators , or subject teachers . I was astonished at some of the info we swaped . Did you know that minority run organizations don't get as much funding as caucassian run organizations . I was inspired at how socially responsible these individuals are .Well what I got out of it is that as the human race we need to be aware of what always happening around us.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I hope it's done

Hi everybody, today my day was alright but i enjoyed the weather. Today when i came to Harlemlive i had gotten helped with my LIFEbeat story. I been doing and re fixing that story for like forever. I sent it off to my email editors for like the 3rd time and i hope they like it and won't find nothing wrong with it. I need some new topics to write about and quickly. I hope some come to mine when i go home tonight for i could start writing them when i come back tomorrow. My sister was trying to help me think of topics earlier but she only came up with teen pregnancy and i don't want to write about that. Later everybody i will catch up with you all later.

My new story is going to be about.....

Hey everyone! today, at HarlemLive was very quiet but as usual very entertaining in it's own little strange way. Right now I'm about to leave soon so I can search for another story I can do. Recently I've heard newspaper are losing money because nobody's picking them up to read they just click on to the internet. So, someone (Melvin: HL supervisor) put the thought in my head of if the newspaper is losing money what about libraries no one's going their as much anymore especially teenagers! Are libraries losing money? Could they be suffering as much as newspapers? Is there any differences between information in libraries, newspapers, and the internet?

Winning Team and Student of the Month

The winners are....
Student of the Month: Luz Adames

The Winning Team

Dyemmah, Laredo, Stephanie, Mabel, Luz, Chantasia, and Dushawn from Web

Top Points: Luz Adames, Laredo, Chantasia, Stephanie.

Drug Peace March!

On Saturday May 3rd, Laredo and I ventured down to Tompkins Square Park to attend a gathering supporting the legalization of marijuana. I was really nervous about asking people about their opinions on why they believed marijuana should be legalized. Everyone was smoking weed (obvious, I guess) and some people looked really drugged out. But the first person we interviewed, a man selling books teaching you how to roll a joint, was really open and nice to us. Everyone had really interesting points, and I feel as if my outlook on marijuana has changed. There was one man who walked up to Laredo and I to invite us to a play about cocaine. He was really cool, and realized that we were both nervous about approaching the really drugged out looking people, so he encouraged us.

All in all I am happy that we went and pushed ourselves.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Job Readiness

Hey HL blogger how you been great I hope , If not well it will get better . Do I have news for you : On Sunday I had gone e to an all day intensive job readiness course . This course was based on the philosophy that marketing your self as your own unique brand is crucial in today's work force. It was pretty long about 8 hrs. to be exact , but if have a hunger to succeed you must attend and get help where ever it is given . Luckily they had provided lunch for us and we had breaks in between . Another important point in the workshop was finding your C.O.I which stands for center of influence , if you wanna find out what this means further leave me a comment . I loved the workshop it was long but in the end these tips will help me , I received allot of positive feed back from my instructors . Networking as I learned is and always will be vital in our society .


Today at HarlemLive

Well i dont blog that much. Today, I learn so many things in the word workshop and the talk that i have with Aisha Al-Muslim. In the word workshop, i learned the shortcuts like apple+i=italics, appple+s=save and other shortcuts. I also learned track changes, how to put page numbers on the page with Kathryn O'Dell.
I went to a job readiness on sunday and the teachers told how important is to network with everyone that you meet in your life. I thought that credentials from high school and college were the only things that will get you far in life but thats false. The talk that i had with Aisha, it reinforced what i learned in the job readiness about how powerful is networking with individuals.
It was awesome!!!


Today was my first word class with Catherine she was just great today she taught me a lot about word that I did not even know before. I liked the class with Catherine a lot. I learned a lot out of this class. The things I learned in this class were tracking and a lot of stuff about the formatting platte. (Catherine if you read his thanks for the class.) Also I say that Catherine should also review her things about word because she was a little late with her things no offense. Any way good class       
Today I learned more about Microsoft Word. My interpretation of the class was that it was great because I became abreast about things that I never thought was possible before. The class was also, great because Ms.I took her time to explain everything to a point where one could understand. Now I am able to do things that I will help me a lot more.

Micro Soft word work shop

Hey you guys I just finished my class with Katharine it was about using micro soft word.It was very good I'm no good with computer and this  class helped me a lot now when I write a story I don't have to do it the hard way. I want to take the class again and what I want to learn in the next class would be to become a better typer.I really enjoy.

Monday is no Funday

Me so tired. I've only slept for two hours and I am truly exhausted. Today for me was pretty ok day. I am just worried about my upcoming Ap exam for US history and I have to really study hard. Plus its the last marking period so I do have to up my exam. For HarlemLive, I am planning to write an article about the Austrian father who sexually assaulted his daughter forcing her to have his seven children while be condemned in the basement of his house. But now I am just waiting to take Kathryn's class about Microsoft word.

School and other stuff

I am so glad that we only have five more weeks in school and seniors like me I will be graduating and won't have to deal with that money grubbing hellhole. I can't believe that they are charging the students to $15 to see the talent show. What an awful act against youth. Did I tell you all that our proposal for the improvement of sexual education wasn't passed. I can't believe it. Proposal for added security at schools was passed by the education committee. There were so many other important issues that should have passed besides that. I wonder if anyone at Harlemlive have anything interesting going on in their lives outside of HarlemLIVE?

It Monday Back too work

Hey HL it is monday afternoon and I'm hoping that you are having a happy Monday here at HL. So, I'm going to go do a P.O.S on teen drinking and what people think about teen drinking. I hope to get a interesting response from our neighborhood. See you guys laterz!!!!!   


YES YES YES!!! I am finally back at Harlemlive I was out for more than like 6 days because I had a virus called Pink Eye. This virus was very contagious it caused me to throw up sneeze and cough a lot I also had Fever. I know what your thinking how can Pink Eye cause you to do things with your mouth and nose well these are the affects of it. So I do not still have it I'm okay and fine. So holla at your boy SKITTLE SKILLZ 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!   

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nicole Pautre and National Action Network

Nicole says that she will still fight for justice on May 4th at a press conference at the national action network. It has been said that there will be six locations on Wednesday at 3 p.m where civil disobedience will occur. Two of those locations will be in Manhattan. I noticed that he says that people should be ready to be arrested if it comes down to it. I know only the strong and courageous will participate because when some people hear the words " arrest or jail" they stop immediately even if it's for a good cause. Hope to see justice in this matter. I have to add more because those police didn't even care that two children will grow up fatherless and that they just forced another women of color to raise kids alone. It's more shameful that two of the police officers were black in this case and only one showed remorse which was Cooperman.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Marijuana meeting in Tompkins square park

There was some weird looking guy that was talking about the importance of marijuana and how its good for medical purpose. There was this guy that talked about how paper from marijuana plants is efficient. This guy name Robert Freed had said that if marijuana had become legal there would be more jobs available. When he found out that we were from harlem he talked about how much he opposed the rezoning of 125th street. He said people should have fake gang fights, shoot blank shells, and pretend they got shot so the "yuppies' could get scared and leave. I've heard a statement similar to that when they started the Columbia expansion.

Friday, May 2, 2008


hey Wat up HL peeps I've busy but I 'm going to win this month. Stephanie watch out I'm coming for just playin but I will win I'm going to try my hardest to win I have no choice but to win.HAHAHAHA.Evil Laugh.


Today iam so happy because its Friday and also because today is a week that i started my diet.Also because my team won tickets for the amateur night in the Apollo theater. Today we also had a staff meeting at HL but selly was absent. I am aslo really scared because the 2nd marking period ended and also because the third marking period is the most important grade of the year.Today iam happy because iam going to my cousins house and i really like to go there. This week iam hoping that my mom put me in the gym because i relly nedded if i want to lose those extra 20 pounds.

Well bye people..
Happy friday!!!

Back in Harlem

Well I just came back from Aruba and I must say they are a lot changes that have occurred. I see the office is nicely remodeled and everything seems more organized. Anyways, my time in Aruba was very fun. I learned how to float for the very time, which is a big step for me since I cannot swim and I big fear of bodies of water. I also learned to to drive first and second gear on a manual (Stick shift) car. And I also went to my first night club. I didn't enjoy that much as I realized its really not my scene but I do think it was really cool to have experienced. And during the rest of my trip I just hung out with my sister and went sight seeing while surprisedly watching a lot of documentaries. I guess that is for now. Ciao.


I finally got back to my paper regarding the article that I'm writing about Childrens' Arts & Sciences workshops. I hadn't work on that thing since early April. I have the names and I'm going to write about the Teens Take The City Conference as well. Therefore, I have everything ready for Katherine to edit on Monday because my e-mail editors take so long edit my articles. I know they have a life but it takes weeks for some of them to edit it.

It's suppose to be the end

i should stop coming to Today is May 2ND and it's suppose to be my last day here because the Virutal enterprise program that sent me here had a budget cut for the spring internship. So earlier this week i was informed that May 2NDHarlemlive but i decided to keep coming. I was beginning to get use to everything and this is a wonderful experience. I have to look for a job now but if i get one i will make sure that i will come here at least three or twice a week. I was kind of disappointed to hear that at first but i realized this don't have to be the end!!!!

WhAT A day and week

Well this week has been a crazy week. i learned what will happen to kids that dont put the points will see what happens and i think the new system of calculating the points is a good way to keep track of what we are doing here at harlemlive and how we will produce more work in the future.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got it

I finally got the correct spelling of the directors names at the children's arts & sciences workshops. Also I recently received  a reply from the director of Teens Take The City. I wanted to revise the article regarding rev. Jeremiah Wright because some of the latest statements he made I know I will have at least 3 stories on the website this month. I also want to interview this girl at school regarding something that happen when she transferred to my school. Moreover, I want to start my article regarding the conflict in Colombia. What everyone else is doing here? 

David Paterson POS