Tuesday, June 30, 2009

m. j tribute / first day

ok hi everyone for you guys who dont know me im maurita im new to the hl staff . so it was my first day today and i did not expect to do anything but just like an orientation and GUESS WHat ? I GOT TO be a new reporter covering the m. j tribute in harlem ! it was CRAZZi . it was like barack obama was coming ino town or something. ppl young old black white no teeth teeth lol men women came out to pay their last respect and we got access inside the appollo theather and watched the tribute al sharpton tried to relive some moves of m.j lol. but it was reallllyyyy funnnn & im so excited to work here for the summer. =) i hope my post is good cux its my first time. yay



Busy Weekend

This weekend was crazy had oh.dee fun at Pride 09 with everyone saw people i didnt even know was gay. But the next couple of weeks is going to be hard my sister diamond is moving in with me for the summer while I stll havent decide if  i wana move to Maryland or stay up here. If i move down there i will be leaving alot behind which is not really fair to me. Its nothing but grass down there. And im going to miss everybody if i leave but im doing everything I can to stay  so its up in the air.

Summer School starts on the 6th it should be kool considering we not going do anything at all!!!!! 


Today I saw MARY J. BLIGE.... I was so stoked. I've seen Mary before at her cd signing at Carol's Daughter. That cold day which was December 23 of 07', Mary was 45 minutes late. I stood right there and waited. Today however, she was 2 hours late.... I wasn't worried at all. We had a great time talking about our issues and expressing our opinions on different topics. There was a group of girls there, all black except one. 

When Mary came she talked about the woman that ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition was honoring by rebuilding her house in Pennsylvania. She also spoke about self esteem and how confidence is important. I was the first to ask her a question. To my surprise, I broke down crying in the middle of my sentence. I was so emotional because I was sitting a few feet away from this influential woman who have helped others through her struggles. Although, in comparison to others, I have it good, I go thorough my share of things too. 

I just felt like this woman cared about us genuinely. I believe in her FAWN foundation and its impact on females.
Anywhoo, enough of the sentiment... She looked damn good. She wore a simple outfit...orange shirt, jeans and brown pumps, but she looked so lively. She really has that scar too on the side of her face.... but she took pictures with us, signed autographs and she made my day...even though she was extremely late... but hey she paid the cost to be the QUEEN...!

The countdown

Only one more day till I'm leaving to go to south Carolina I'm so exhausted from me packing then taking stuff out that I don't need But i cant wait. My grandpa told me that my face is going to be so black that i wouldn't recognize my self I hope that isn't true

Back On Deck!

Hey everyone this is Gorgeous Day Day and im back, went on a little break but i am back. now today something very special happen. a few months back we had a meeting with a few teachers from teachers collage and cnn, etc. and one of the teachers from teacher collage was very impress with me and everything i was telling him about. Mr. Sean Telles came by HarlemLIVE today and he had told me how impress i was when i was talking at the meeting we had a few months back and he had won an ipod touch and he said he had a random thought about HarlemLIVE and he Thought Of me and gave me his prize that he won at work, an ipod touch. Thank You Sean. now that im back in town i cant wait to get back to business cause the site need to be updated, i need to get some stuff done personally and im so ready for another summer at harlemlive.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I was astonished today as I entered 4 dollars in the vending machine and it said invalid. I went over to the booth and asked the guy for a $4 metro. He looked at me confused and shaked his head. He then pointed to a poster on the small, rectangular corner of the window. THE FARE HAS INCREASED TO $2.25 instead of $2. I couldn't believe it. It's funny because even though I'm journalist and I'm involved in the media, watch the news, etc, I never believe in these changes until they actually happen. 

Frustrated, I decided to cover a story on it. Zinu, Polo, Branday and I went to 125th street and asked people their opinions. We spoke to a lot of great people and got some great quotes. 

Tomorrow, I'm attending this workshop for Mary J. Blige's foundation. She'll be there and I'm so excited to meet her. I've seen her before for a cd singing at Carol's Daughter but I didn't speak with her or anything. I'm super excited about seeing her. Later on tomorrow there will be a tribute for my man Michael Jackson at Apollo. I can't even express how I feel about his death. I'm a big fan, of course not compared to others, because I'm not from his era, but his music was meant for me. I've always been told I have an old soul and I can picture me in the late 70's with tight flannel pants on moving to his songs.... He will be missed...

High School

Today was a new experience for me. I visited my high school which is 10 times bigger then my middle school. It was the orientation which was not so nerve recking because I was with some kids that was in my band in middle school. The teachers there are way better than the ones in my old school even though i think they were faking because we were new. Also we went to Lehman college which i will be attending the summer band camp. Today was fun cant wait till September 

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today im happy because I am going to shopping for my trip to south carolina i think that it is going to be fun i am getting some more Prada and some mauri i cant wait for my trip even though it is going to be a long ride from here to there but It is going to be fun for all of my family 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ziggy Marley , Summerstage, Central Park Thursday 6-10

Teacher Bitch Slaps Student

Watch This


This week has been crazy I got 3 graduations and i have to get my hair done all on Friday so I don't know what to do. I got parties to go to and all its crazy but fun. My besties birthday is in Aug and we decide to go to Atlantic City since everyone is 18 now it should be fun. Then in December for New Years we going to go California i believe we are staying at Racando beach cant wait going to be fun!!!!!!! 

But im Sleepy o.d  havent got slept in a while i sleep for aybe 2 hrs a night then get up and watch tv, talk on the phone, then go about my day  wont get sleep untill the 1st

life changing month

So much has been going on for me this past month that i have not have time to take everything in. I finished my internship with fireball the basketball tournament that iv been working for, it was great i never had so much fun i witnessed great games every week with players like the new york knicks Al Harrington, the minnesota timberowolves Ryan Gomes and Sebastian Telfair and many more notables. I also had the great honor to recite a poem in the nuyorican cafe, it was the most exciting and enticing thing i have been part of in my new born career as a poem writer, The stage toke a hole new meaning to me as i got in the zone and delivered what to my peers and family say was a flaw less piece of art that reflected well the emotion i was feeling when i wrote the poem. After all the great blessings came the depressing Regen's test that had me stress so much so that i couldnt sleep most of the night thinking about my consular and how she said that if i failed one test i failed to meet requirements to stay in that school.... so stressing....i tried my best now all i can do is wait for the results cant and pray. Well with the tournament, the show at the nuyorican and the Regen's i just been thinking about my life and how much it has changed i went from this kid with no ambition living for the moment to what i am now woooooooow i guess mom was wrong but ill leave that for my therapist haha............


I never knew the impotance of sleep but boy did i learn my lesson today i went to sleep at 5 in the morining not by accident i was playing xbox with my step father and lost track of time man am I sleepy


Hey u all... As u read above today is my last day at Harlemlive until next year in the fall. It was such a pleasure to get the opportunity to learn new things about journalism that I never did know before. I had a blast going out on stories to get the public opinion as well as getting people recognized on a specific topic. I so wish I can come during the summer but I have other plans that I must do before the summer is over. Thinking of that I just realized that summer is here and school is just about over. The 29th is my last day which means FUN AND MORE FUN!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!! I cannot wait to do the things that weren't accomplished last year...I am going to miss seeing all my friends that I won't get the opportunity to see... After the 29th I am officially going to be a SENIOR which is big since we are going to be the first graduating class being that my school is new. A lot of great things are happening and I cannot wait to enjoy every bit of it.... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!! lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Amerie

Just finished a story; the one on Skin.. the movie that Sophie Okenedo stars in... I keep palying this Amerie song over and over.. it's called why r u.... im really feeling this song... anywhoo, tomorrow i'm leaving for connecticut so i wont be here..for a few days, hopefully i'll be back friday.. BYE FOLKS....


Today was exhausting I woke up real early to go shopping and the worst thing is that it wasn't even for me it was for my sister's father he woke me up on my day that I have no school i was mad and I hope that he wont do it again

Monday, June 22, 2009


If you want to go to the movies, two good movies to watch if Hang Over and The Taking of the Pelham 123. Both movies are very good. If you want to have a good laugh, Hang Over would make you pee on you pants, it is so funny. The Taking of the Pelham is an action movie and it is worth watchinggg...


Today was biter sweet It was sweet because I graduated which means that Im not apar of that lame school any more I thought that I was going to cry but luckily i didn't because that would've deprived me of my man hood lol But then it was bitter because i had to say good bye to all of my good fiends that I have been with since 5  th grade some of them from kindegarten so yea   

DR vacation

Its been such a long time ,well am writing because it may be the last time i write until September or October, because i am leaving to DR on friday. I am so exited about this trip because i have 2 years i dont go,and i really miss being there. I know that HL is going to really miss me, but i have to go LOL! and i will not miss a thing of my NY life. I am also kind of missing rich because he made joke and laugh and was a real funny guy making hie Elaine dance, and calling me step on me and stuff like that. I wil maybe miss sely,maybe am not sure LOL! Today i am also really pissed off because the board of Ed send me a letter telling me that i dont have enough credits to be promoted to 12 grade when i have 41 credits and i only needed 30 to pass to 12th grade.


I kinda got stuck outside harlemlive because can way to early.
So i did what anyone else would do I went and explored, I went all the way to the
Store! Then I bought juice! :P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yeah so....

Well Today I have an interview with the founder of Diaspora now, which is a Caribbean art based business. They sell different types of cultural art and its really pretty. They also sell different gifts that are handcrafted like handbags and pottery. Tomorrow I have a screening for this event called Youth Producing Change. They have various videos they will show and they all look quite interesting. I also am waiting for a response from this employee of Harlem Flo, which is a flower shop/ catering service. I saw many good reviews from customers of theirs. I guess that's it.
PS: My hair is turning green...lol
-Tammy Ram is over & Out.


I'm very wet because of the rain -_-
I love the rain and all but i hate getting wet by it
I suggest everyone bring an a coat
or else you'll get wet like me >_<

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey im mad i was trying to get Photoshop cs3 but i couldn's u noe y i have to pay for it Does any 1 have it selly probley u do please hit me up on aim at xxayooleakstarxx

Wally Lamb with Kathryn

Today, I have another story that I''m going on. I don't even have time to transcribe my notes from yesterday but I'l do it tomorrow. Wally Lamb, the author of "She's Come UNdone" a world proclaimed book will be in Central Park today. He'll be discussing his new book and Zoe Heller will also be there. Kathryn Odell will be accompanying me. 

On another hand I went shopping today for an outfit for my cousin's party in Connecticut. Anyhow, Skin was fantastic yesterday. Sophie Okendo did a good job and I enjoyed the screen play. This film was different from any other true story I'd seen. For a moment, I couldn't believe the story, it seemed too unrealistic. I think I couldn't believe it because the way Sandra was treated was unbelievable especially in Africa. I was also shocked at her apperance being the birth child of two white parents. Overall, it was a great film and my night couldn't have been better...

Summer is gonna be great

This summer is gona be the first summer i go to no where lol...Im going to work and chill with everyone and hopefully get in as much trouble i can lol j/p (maybe).After the summer is over its my LAST YEAR IN NYC HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!...yay 

Today was boring since i was home by myself..I hate that so much everyone is coming to my house tomorrow so i wont be lonely lol.

What a day

Today school was a little tiring well it's tiring everyday but today was the worst. Due to my graduation being on Monday we have had rehearsals like crazy. Today we had rehearsals to 1:00 i was so mad i didn't wanna graduate any more but I had to suck up because I had to get my cap and gown and I look god in them so today was bad but it was all for good


So today I had regents in English..OMG I am so happy that part one is finally over... tomorrow is part two and I am so nervous... Yesterday I had my History regents (thank God it was only one part)... Ugh I am just thinking that after these regents school is over. I just have to focus and I will finally be able to relax..OMG I almost forgot I still a have Math B to take but thats all the way next week. AHHH I don't know how I am going to make it!!!!!  I am also thinking what the heck am I going to do this summer if I don't get this JOB!!! I wanna have fun with my friends but a lot of them are going away so yea (TEAR)... As school winds down this means no more internship (another Tear) I am going to miss Harlemlive although I am most likely going to be back next year... Wow the year went by fast...

Hot & Cold

Right now I'm just having fun at Harlem live !!!
I think this summer is gonna be spent under a cold ac.
A very very cold ac.
So all of ya should know this its gonna be very HOT this whole summer comeing.
Just lay back and rest under a fan or something.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm about to go out on another story with Sade for the premiere of a movie with Sophie Okendo. It should be fun

Based on an Extraordinary True Story!

Tuesday, June 16
Presented by Imagenation

official website 

Special Advance Screening w/ Music, Discussion & a Reception

  • 7PM, Tuesday, June 16, 2009
    National Black Theater

Music • Film • Discussion • Cocktails

$15 in advance (member discount DOES apply)

SKIN is a dramatic feature based on the true life story of Sandra Laing. Sandra is distinctly African looking. Her parents, Abraham and Sannie, are white Afrikaners, unaware of their Black ancestry. They are shopkeepers in a remote area of the Eastern Transvaal and, despite Sandra’s mixed-race appearance, have lovingly brought her up as their ‘white’ little girl.

Evetually, Sandra realizes that she will never be accepted in white society. She falls in love with a Black man, is disowned by her family, and leaves home to her life, for the first time, as a black woman in South Africa — with no running water, no sanitation, and little income. 

SKIN examines race, identity and power, through a story of family, forgiveness and the triumph of the human spirit.


More Film
More Special Events


Today I went to the Childrens Museum to interview the manager. I went with Nyiesha. The interview was very fun. I learned so many new things about the museum and it seems very interesting. I would love to take my baby sister there one day. The manager (Ellen) took us on a tour around the building. The museum is pretty big and very creative. There are so many different exhibits in the museum, that I was actually enjoying myself there...

Lebron is Better

Lebron James is better than Kobe Bryant. Lebron is a monster on the court. Lebron averages 35 points a game.  He is on his way to becoming better than MJ. Lebron might not be there now but he will be there soon. Kobe is the best now but Lebron will be better. Chris Paul should have won mvp about two years ago. But Kobe took it, I don't think he deserved it. 

Children's Museum

Hello Readers,

Today, I got in at 2:15 and Sade came in right behind me. I accompanied her on a story to The Children's Museum on 83rd and Broadway. We spoke with a woman named Ellen. She gave us a tour of the museum and we saw some pretty interesting things. Inside, the appearance looks much different. It's really big inside and has many different compartments. 

Children were running freely, exploring the different exhibits with parents, grandparents and nannies. One little boy was a terror, throwing blocks, knocking down things. It was cute. Sade and I got a lot of information on the museum. It was fun to see a bunch of kids running around. Such a site for an only child.

Losing my wallet

I lost my wallet what a thing. Every time I lose my wallet I find money for some reason.  For example yesterday I lost my wallet and when I'm walking I find 2 dollars on the sidewalk. Thats really weird. Thats really extraordinary and it only happens to me. I am sure if a friend of mine loses his wallet he wont find money in the street. It could've been coincidence. Who knows, I think its pure luck.  

What I am doing over the summer

This year is going to be the best summer ever in my mind me and my family are planning on going down south to South Carolina. I think it is going to be a blast and weird at the same time. I say this because it's going to be my first time going to South Carolina since i was 1 year old and weird because there is going to be alot of unfamiliar faces but i Hope it would be a blast 


They are on regents this week!!!! Last week of school was on Friday so you know the schedule is crazy.....

Dam u beat me to the High Line...how was it?

Where's Kevin's first post??

Not many folks writing on the blog :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

half a days

Half a days at school rock. The teachers have to stay till 4 o clock and the kids get out at 11:30.
Thats how it goes in my school. Some schools have to stay till 12:30 on half a days. I usually wave at the teachers when I leave the school on half a days. Its fun and I never get in trouble because the teachers cant do anything once your outside the school building. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chairs in Times Square

High Line, new park built on old elevated freight Rails

Plants are suffocating in water!!

Please help the plants LIVE. Poke holes in the pots (with drill or heated knife) to allow water to drain or else plants will die and mosquitos will multiply. I love Selly, but she detests (LOL) plants. Help the plants!!!!! PLease!!

The Subway Series

The Mets and Yankees play 2 times a year. They are playing tonight and of course the Mets are going to win. The Mets always take two games from the Yankees at their home stadium. The Mets are the underdogs and they always prevail. I know the Mets will win and when they do I'll rub it in everyones face. 


Im so happy that school is already OVERRRR !
This year went by so fast, i cant believe that i am going to be a junior in September. Time flies. But i hope next school year will go by slow because I want to enjoy my school years. I am looking forward to junior year, but it will be getting harder and harder. 
Im not excited about the regents that i have to take next week. School is out and i dont feel like going back next week to take exams. i just hope i pass them all =P

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning how to do a voice over !!! xD

So today at Hl I tried to post the  videos  up on the  website but i decided to finish my  videos  so i  can post  up more. While  finishing  my video all i had to do was a voice  over with Tamarra and Kendra in it. I didnt know how  to do a  voice over but thankfully my friend Branday knew  how to do it and  she told me how to do it and  we did it. The steps are
  1. Hide Final Cut Pro Open
  2. Open Soundtrack pro
  3. Recording built in audio change it to samsom(mic)
  4.  Stereo stays the same
  5. Monitor changes to built in audio
  6. Go to middle untitled go to track one and press record
  7. .Check everything
  8. Then go to the second half mixer untitled then press the record button
  9. File export
  10. Type in the name and make sure u save it 
  11. Then transfer it to Final Cut Pro.. Import and insert it !!!
  12. As easy as 1,2,3 !!!




Back after a detrimental leave. Anyhow, I have a number of stories lined up. I'll leave it at that.

Thursdays at Harlem live

Thursdays are very fun. There not like normal days at harlem live. There much more fun. I believe they have much more enthusiasm then the other days. 


I more day than "schools out, party time!" Lol. I am so happy you don't even know. I have a few projects due, but they are pretty easy. In English we have to write something nice about one of our classmates. I got jenny. She is going to be easy because she is one of my good friends and an even greater person =). I have 3 graduation rehearsals, then its graduation. I agree with everything Anabel posed yesterday. From the crying to changing my mistakes. I won't be at Hl that much, but don't worry guys, when I'm on a break in college Ill visit=). SYEP didn't call me yet, which means one thing; I didn't get in...I'm trying to get other stories, but ugh...I got one for next week, thank goodness, because I know I'm going to bothered about getting one.
--Tammy ram is over & out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

huh ? BLAH =)

So i am glad  that school is  almost over since i am so tire and  stressed  out  but  have  to admit that i am going to  miss my  friends at  school. i know  that for the most  part i am not going to be in contact with most of the people that i talked  to. I know  that i am going to cry during graduation because all those  memories with friends are  going to come to my mind. I know my mother is  going to my graduation and that  the most  important thing  that  matters  to me. also  hope  that i get a better  grade on my Global, and Physics regents. I  am glad that i am getting out  of High School. I wish i could go back and  fix some of the mistakes i made. But i  dont  regret any of my experiences. After  high school i am not going to be coming to Hl as  much as i do now but  at least  i learned a lot  from everyone at HL


Its been about a week since you guys last seen from me. Im back now so you all can celebrate. Lol. Firstly prom was AMAZING. Loved it =). It was so short though. Everyone was giving me complements the whole night. I was like cinderella. I Danced with my girlfriends and my guy friend. Went home after but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to stay out the whole night. Its cool though. I am going to finish calling these people for the stories that I didn't finish last week. That's the way I wanted my hair to come out but its a little darker and its in less spots. These finals were killing me but its almost over. Going to sleep at 2 am for three night in a row is not good. Graduation is approaching fast...
--Tammy Ram is over & out.


Well I'm sitting here kinda upset b/c I had a bad day yesterday and I let it get to me today. Ugh!!! Im soooo very tired of school which is also adding onto my stress. When Will It All END!!!!!! lol but Ima try to be happy for the rest of my day because I am not going to deal with being mad over silly things. Anyways, school was OK even though I wanted it to end fast. Regents is coming up and I'm very nervous but I have confidence. Report cards just went in so I should be getting mine in a couple of days which I think I did great!!! YAAA!. Gosh this year was the year that I put my everything. I am now at my internship waiting for my buddy Jaanais so we can go on a story together which I am actually interested in doing. Ugh!!! I hope the rest of the day is easy going and fast so I can go home and sleep!!! Sooo I'm done with all my rants, and complaints...SHANICE IS OVA AND OUTIES!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer jam 09

Sunday was the official summer jam 09 was  the best i had no voice yesterday i had to recover we didn't get home until 4 am. Mary J Blige tore it down .It was so many people and everything i had fun with the besties and my Lil Cousin.We took the NJT to Secourse and waited for the bus to the stadium. It was so many people out there sell nutcrackers,food, bluntvilles,L's it was crazy .They tried to shut down summer jam again but like always it never happens.The preshow was even better, they the GS Boys,Ron Brownz. & Webstar out there it was live since we was in the front row of the pre show. For the show we was in the  300 at the top the section it was poppin this guy had to throw out 500 dollors in singles . It was Real coco bananas but i had fun

Monday was relax everyone who went to summer jam was at my house and they didnt leave until 5 or 6 in the afternoon so it was real relaxed...Today was BORING it was like 10 pplz in school and after lunch it was maybe 5 so it very boring.

Monday, June 8, 2009



Keep On!

Just a friendly hello to all. Make sure you help Selly keep HL running strong!

My parting gift/action for you for the summer was getting the plants. I hope you keep them growing and replant the ones that will "pass" if they are not repotted :)

I'll stay in touch here. More later. HOLLA!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forever Improving English Skills....

I wanted to share this Blog with you guys (and girls) and when I scrolled down to her #1...I thought it was the perfect attention grabber for the majority of HarlemLIVE-ers right not.

This is writing tip #1 of 5 to make a you sound smarter.

(Throughout the day, I'll be sharing five grammar tips that are guaranteed to help you sound smarter. No previous experience needed. No messy applicators. No credit check necessary. Just pop back in and read them all for FREE. If you don't learn something, you may take advantage of our 24-hour money back guarantee!)

1. The Graduate
Attention all graduates (many of whom may have donned the traditional cap and gown just today), please note that you did NOT "graduate high school," nor did you "graduate college." Instead, you graduated from these venerated institutions.

If you say, "I graduated college," a certain population of English snobs will doubt if that's really the case. This "I graduated college" construction (subject-verb-object), indicates that you did something to the college. Did you graduate the college? Did you give it a cap and gown and sent it on its merry way with high hopes and absolutely no idea what was in store for it in the "real world"? No, the college actually graduated you, while you graduated from the college. There. Have I said "graduated" enough times? Graduated.

One down, four to go.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ad placement Kills!

Here's one of my cartoons on ad- placement 

ummmm....... wet day

Well the pass days it has not been good weather at all. It seems like it want to be spring now than what it was suppose to be. 

*Happy Dayz*

Two weeks to go until "schools out for the summer". I finished editing the first video we've done on swine flu since the breakout started. Hopefully it's over soon and
we don't have to do any more. I accidentally over the watered the office plants and started a mini flood in the main room. I really want to go to the art fest at "Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art" tomorrow. wazoo!!

This pic is by Dan Brown Visit his web site http://www.explodingdog.com