Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey everyone...

I'm so excited that my team won overall. This summer was so intense and we worked hard. I'm sad that it's over. These past few weeks, I've been kinda bummed that the summer challenge is over. The awards ceremony was great. It was nice to see everybody come together. I just wish everyone was there.

I'm excited that two of my team members became editor in chief but of course I'm jealous. I'm kind of upset that I didn't get the title. I think that I proved myself this summer with all the responsibility I took on and bringing my team to victory. I asked a few people if I was overlooked due to age, but I don't know. I got different answers from everyone.

It really hurts me when I see people who intern for a few weeks and get titles that I've never got. I'm not completely bummed because not everyone makes it and everyone isn't supposed to. People like Shem and Kamal were never appointed as Editor-in- Chief and they're doing great things to this day. Shem's a great graphic desinger and Kamal's still doing his thing, so I'm just gonna keep doing my thing.

Anywhoo, overall, I've learned so much from being apart of HarlemLive period. Everything I spoke about in the last presentation was true. I'm such a better communicator than I ever was. I'm just excited for the fall and I'm going to step my production up.... I'm not giving up. My time will come

Friday, August 14, 2009


it is done i am ready 4 vacation and for travel class cant my new job start now lolz


it is done i am ready 4 vacation and for travel class cant my new job start now lolz over...

Today was a very long day. However my team won yay. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get editor and chief, but thats just another goal I have to set for next year and trust me I WILL GET IT! I am happy for Dacia, Carlos, and Brittany they deserve it I watched Brittany bust her ass on a daily basis making phone calls, powerpoints, and making shore the work got done. Everytime I went into the computer room Dacia was editing something so I give them there props...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm so happy. In fact, I'm completely satisified about how everything went down. I must say that we made a big improvement. That's what happens when you're around good spirited people who can work together and get things done. I have no regrets and this summer was a great experience. I just wish that people could have been more respectful, so we could have all enjoyed this summer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


OMG... WE WON FRIDAY... I'm so excited about the final presentation. As I write right now, we are anticipating the presentation. Team Live's first, Newsuem next, then the best for last, us, INNOVATIVE CREATION. I'm extremely happy about our win last week. We really deserved it. We put everything into our presentation and our planning. As for the other teams, Newsuem's presentation was nice. However, I think it was very unprofessional how some of Team Live's members stormed out the room after they LOST... Please we don't need sore losers....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Crunch Time

Today me and my team just realized its crunch time. We all have had only 1 , yes only 1 day to come up with a descent presention. WTF??? Oh yeah we also had our first group argument (not too proud of that) because we didnt agree on any ideas.

INNOVATION CREATION??!!!!!!! Off a cliff?????

NO POSTS from that team in 6 dAys?????????? WTF????

MEMOIR -- Last Chance!

Get your memoirs on the HL site today!!

We Won...Again!

I'm feeling kind of sick today, what else is knew. Anyways my team won on friday and I am estatc about that. This was the secound week in a row we won. I know there is alot of rumors out there about how we stole another groups idea blah blah blah. Well We and or I didnt steal anyones idea. That friday myself and three other of my group members stayed after the presentation and came up with that idea. However, we didnt agree on it until Monday mourning. Therefore we didnt steal anything! Back to what I was saying before we won and were very happy about it and I hope we win tomorrow aswell. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

life goes on

Today i finally registered for classes. Well i have a $1,7hundred and something dollars to pay before i start. I'm not really sure why I'm going to college anymore which is kind of ridiculous. But i guess I have to start some where to get to where i wanna go. I didn't make a big schedule I'm just taking the basic courses this semester; counseling, sociology, intensive writing, and remedial math and i was thinking about gym to get it out of the way but since one of the helpers told me I need it to graduate i thought to myself that i shouldn't take a class i don't want to take when i know im probably not going to graduate from this school.

"[Chorus - 4x]
Oh when it all, it all falls down
I'm telling you ohh, it all falls down

[Verse - Kanye West]
Man I promise, she's so self conscious
She has no idea what she's doing in college
That major that she majored in don't make no money
But she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny

Now, tell me that ain't insecurrre
The concept of school seems so securrre
Sophmore three yearrrs ain't picked a careerrr
She like fuck it, I'll just stay down herre and do hair

~ Kanye West 'All falls down' lyric

OMGosh I't's almost the end of the Summer youth media challenge and there is still tension amongst the teams... o well life goes on.


Funny video

Today Justin showed me this funny ass video. The video was showing how Rihanna gets revenge on Chis Brown. If you want to see this video (WHICH U SHOULD) go to youtube seach: RIHANNA gets REVENGE on Chris Brown and BEATS HIS ASS!!!

Been Following the blogs

Wow . Innovation hasn't posted ANYTHING in two days. And can't remember which but some of the team blogs u can't tell who wrote , it's like everyone on that (those?) teams are using the same log in. And some folks say they BORED, damn, there should be more to do than you have time to do. Bored = boring, unresourceful. ONe who wrote on "Eek day" i want to this to be over now. You should quit today. Don't go thru life being miserable. No money is worth the time you waste doing something you don't want to do. GO HOME!!!!


I just finished practicing for my presentation for tomorrow and I think that we will win. If we dont the group that does better have fire works or something seriously. Right now I am about to go to lunch :-). You guys no I cant work with no food in my system. I feel unacomplished this week I dont know why. Hope I come in as secound top producer tomorrow. 


eek day-

today is a rainy day and its like almost 12 and their is not alot of people their , i just cant wait til this is over.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My legs are currently in pain because of Brad, Mike, and Jeff (mostly Brad). We rode the bikes from HL to 86th street and back for some f*cking skatebords. This was very painful I will never do this again!!


Get your memoirs on the HL website by Monday!

It was great to read everyone's memoirs today. Thanks to all who brought them in. You got points for bringing them, and you'll get more points for putting them on the website. But don't just do it for the points...everyone has worked hard on their memoirs, and it will be nice to make them available for others to read.

If you brought your memoir and I saw it, it's easy! Make changes to your memoir based on my edits and any edits or comments from the person who read it in the workshop. See your team leader or Gisely about getting it on the website.

If you didn't bring a memoir today, you still have a chance. It just will require a little more work, but it's doable by Monday. Have someone at HL edit your memoir. You can also email it to me, but I'd have to get it by Friday. Go through the same process you would to put a news article online.

Extra points if you include a photo. Add a photo of yourself or of something that goes with your story.

I see two memoirs are online already! Yeah, Wesley and Charlene and thanks! I hope to see more on the site tomorrow.

whats missing?

Most the time I feel that something is missing regarding my responsibility towards myself. I always look for satisfaction in my work, then is the possibility of failure. I grow from failure to develop wisdom and character in my posture of status. Even further, I stand as a searcher of familier ground to establish myself as a inconquerable.


The two journalist Laura Ling and Euna Lee...were finally brought back to the United States on behalf of former President Bill Clinton and may a couple of undercover people...(who really knows). They were in a Korean prison for 140 days. That muust have been a night*mare. I don't understand why they were thrown in Prison anyways. They were probably being pest, since most journalist are. It's really terrifying what journalist go through when they're only finding information to reveal to the rest of the world. That is what scares me. There is so much that we common people don't know about and many of us don't care to know because we are simply living our lives as if we aren't apart of something bigger. It's really annoying that people are annoyed by journalist too, they play a big part in most of our lives.

I met a news anchor Jackie Reid, on Saturday...well she use to be an anchor on BET nightly news, before it was canceled and I tried to act as if i didn't know her. I was talking to the guy she was dating about my future; such as college and career choices and they both gave me good advice as to what i should do such as take a business class so what ever i end up doing i can own it. Also they told me to never be afraid of change and trying new things until i find what i am meant to do. I'm such an undecided person because i want to know what i was designed to do. And i want my life to be purposeful and what i do as a career to have a purpose basically.

But it'll come to me eventually...then again i do get confuse because i thought that i have to go out and get what it is that i want. But if i want what i don't know then i think trying different things will help me find it...



Listen up people, I have no hatred towards any of the teams, even Team Live. However, there are certain people that I don't care for perse and that is perfectly normal when working with people. However, when you let your personal feelings get in the way of how you speak to someone, how you interact with someone and how you act because you personally don't like them is a problem.

I'd actually like to say this verbally, but I have a feeling that there may be some disrespect, so I'm writing it. And I know you guys read blogs, so please soak this up. There are some people on Team Live that may not like me or how I operate and that's okay. But not only, do they not like me, they display it with indirect comments, attitude and lots of other things that should not be tolerated. I can't change anyone, so I try not to argue with you guys.

That's why this takedown is so vital in my agenda. Because this is a competition and because certain people are nasty to me and disrespectful and I refuse to retaliate with the same behavior, I am going to kick their asses (of course not physically, but in this game)

There are people on Team Live that I have no problems with whatsoever and you guys know who you are. So don't feel bad about my previous blog or this one because it's not personal. This is business, so act accordingly Green Team and worry not at all about my words..... Love is spread to all.... I don't hate you guys, in fact, I pitched a great idea about Flatbush to Kendra and I gave her some great ideas for your presentation.....

My karrine steffans memoir

I was told that a memoir I previously wrote and posted had something missing. Well alot missing however, I was told by numerous people that was a great essay. the person that edited it loved it "Jason" so I dont comprehend how this person doesnt. He wasnt the only one though out of at least twenty people on other person didnt like it my aurnt. She stated that I need to write why I like Karrine Steffans and I did add that to my memoir. This ther editor stated that I need to remove or rephrase my first sentence which I refuse to do. I love my memoir and I will not change it unless I see fit! However, I would like other opinions so here is the link to my article hope you guys love it as much as I do!


Yesterday was an exausting day. I went to little Italy in the Bronx and saw their culture. I had a fun time and recevied free food however, that walk was too long for my taste. Im sorry that was an understatement that walk was drastic my feet hurt so bad when I was done. Overall yesterday was a good day and I hope today is one aswell.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peace, Green, Red, Yellow

Today me and the team...TEAMLIVE! went to a neighborhood in Brooklyn..Crown heights. I think that the neighborhood was pretty much like any other neighborhood. There was a large population of West Indians in the area and we got to talk to them about the whole culture there.

But anyways...the red teams 'take down green team plan' or Nyiesha's plan is really getting the team upset. There is a lot of petty drama between my team and the red. I don't think that its necessary..but it is a competition. It seems like the yellow team is on track and happy with thier location, but who knows...Friday we'll see how everything and everyone turns out.

I think we should just all get along...but sometimes my thoughts tend to be unrealistic.


False security

My emotions are a form of a meter, certain pressures and forces, construct who I am tomorrow.

Litte Italy

Today me and two other team members went to little Italy. It was fun going to all the restaurants but I didnt get to taste nothing, which sucked because I dint have my card. But then again if I would have had my card I would have just bought and ate a bunch of for no apparent reason. Also being that I have done that enough because I spent almost half my pay on FOOD.


So, today my team and I went to 42nd street. It was for our neiborhood story. I interviewed two people. It was pretty cool. There is always something to do in 42nd. We got to watch 2 performers. It was pretty cool. The first perfromer which Maurita interviewed was pretty cool. He was nice. His trick was weird lol. Another perfomer was a lady who did some fire stuff. what she did was crazy lol. Overall going to Time Square was prettuy okay.

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Off course

Our plan has fallen off track and now I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Man this is horrible, it's a sad dreadful day. Well back to work.
I am disliking this hot weather with a passion. I am not a summer person and i get so aggravated when its humid outside. I can not wait til summer is over, cant wait until the WINTER.

New Location/Other

Hey, today my team is going to Little Italy in manhattan, wow were going to have fun. Man today is hot. I mean really hot. Yesterday was my cousin's birthday she turned 17 and I forgot to call her. On another note my grandma came back from Texas so i was ecstatic. Man I'm going to see her next weekend. Today my boyfriend is going back to Florida, I'm a little upset.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Many girls want to feel physically and emotionally a love that family nor friends can give. It's almost like the other half to the heart or a gap that has been filled when a love is found. But why do we feel this way? Shouldn't we already be complete? I think relationships suck, from the i love yous to kisses and hugs. It use to be a dream for me to marry my high school sweet heart at a young age and have kids...maybe because i watch TV too much. Or maybe i just picked the wrong guys.

Being in a relationship, a good one makes you feel like you have someone no matter what for as long as the relationships last. Most girls feel they need to have a boyfriend or at least have some guy they talk to or mess around with. It's so ridiculous how self esteem can be raised on what boys think about you. If you aren't being approached by guys or Holla'd, receiving complements on something you've changed about yourself, then does that mean you're ugly? I don't think so so because there are guys who don't care how you look.

I always try to learn from the mistakes of my peers in my own relationships, But when i experience something myself, i feel like i become more wise.

I think girls my age shouldn't stress over a broken heart, losing their virginity and impressing guys or anything else that's minor, the only thing is realizing that we get upset over minor things. I feel like if we paid attention to what WE want then we wont have time to deal with irrelevant 'guy problems'


Chore Board

This week my Team the Red team has chore board. And the Cook came in today and cooked which was good, but then there was a hot A$$ mess in the kitchen which was bad.


Never did I think editing was such detailed, micro- detailed. What happens to make me think about this subject is the duration it take to have a perfect piece. I notice everyone has a different perspective on whats considered good structure and whats not. One things for sure it happens to be tollsome work.
This program is ending soon and its crazy how this summer is going by so fast. I remember when the summer started. I do not want to go back to school next month =/
I just hope these last few weeks of summer vacation is good.


Hey, I had a great weekend. I chilled with my big brother and my boyfriend. I was kind of nervous to let my boyfriend meet my brother because my big brother is mean and aggressive. To my surprise my brother got along with him. We watched movies and videos. You A Jerk, and Stanky Legg is some of the videos we watched. We were debating over who was the best rapper in the game right now. Hands down Jay-Z has the title.