Monday, October 26, 2009

Im backk :)

Whats new? Well 11th grade has been okay so far. Its pretty boring. I thought it was going to be much better. Classes is somewhat difficult, but im just trying to have my grade good as usual. Its going pretty fast to me, October is already finishing. Report cards are coming out this week, im pretty anxoius because i feel like im not going to do as great as i want to do. Ive been doing good in all of my classes but i tend to think negative. I have to work hard for this year because, i have sats. about three regents to take, my ap history exam, and im stressing so much. Always having a headache ughhhhhhh.

Anyways, last weekend i saw two movies at the theaters. I say toy story (well my bf wanted to see that. And then yesterday i saw Paronormal Activity, which was kinda funny and scary to me. I had a small nightmare last night ;(

Friday, October 23, 2009

in need of help..
i am doing a report of fashion trends that will soon be followed.
im new to harlem live and im willing to work hard but i jus dont know where to
so scared of doing a not so good job that i can hardly breathe.
if u have any ideas

Thursday, October 22, 2009

1st time


Today is my first at Harlem far I'm enjoying it.
the vibe is nice.and the people are wonderful.i can actually say
they are my kinda of people.i thought they was gonna be all
mean and stuff but its not really like that.i hope to really benefit from this program
i want to improve my communication and writing and maybe even web design ,
media and etc skills. i cant wait to we get down and dirty lol.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wat a day

yestarday i celebrated my twenty birthday. it was so cool. i went to my old school n visited my old friends n teachers which was cool. after that i caught the bus to jamacia ave where i ended having a war of words w my exgirlfriend jerricka brown and it did not end well after that i went downtown to chill and to get a refferal for a job. afterwards i came here then i met my sis at work and went home and talked to my girl on yahoo after that i went to sleep it was a great birthday i love bein grown lol.

Forex Trader / Stock Market

Am welling to teach any one whos welling to learn Forex trading or Stock Market. I will be here to answer your questions from 4pm eastern to 7pm eastern time. So feel free to ask me anything.

Am a Forex trader. Why ? becouse it a 24hr open 5.5 days a week unlike the Stock Market which is open 6am to 4pm. And the money is faster to make. 25 dollers to open a account with most brokers. ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

its funny how. . . .

as females.... 
we tend to always worry Way to much about things that dont even matter.
but wen everything is done and the storms has passed.
the feeling of relief is just a breathe of fresh air.
a womans job is never over.
there is no clockin out sadly.
but without women...america better yet the world.
wouldnt be wat it is now.
beside every great man there behind him...
is an even greater woman.

Introducing People to Harlem Live

The other day I introduced my friend to harlem live. I think he likes the program. I just told him to come with me to harlem live one day and he I think probably decided he wanted to join. He just willing came along. I think about referring other people to Harlem Live. Introducing people to the program has a down side. If they do something wrong you look bad with them. I don't like looking bad because of what a friend did. It messes up my reputation. I think that a person shouldn't be looked at because of what their friends do. If a friend does something wrong it doesn't mean that I will do the same thing. Another downside to introducing someone is that then you have to explain every thing to them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A new year has begun

Hey everyone well our summer was a long intersting one. We each discovered our strength n weakness and the goals that we want to acheive. I'm proud to say that I learned alot this summer and because of that it will help me progress in my new task as lead editor for culinary stories at HL let us all great things and receive the reward at the end:-)