Friday, February 27, 2009

Text Slang

Back again at HarlemLive. I've been here earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday was my birthday so I went out instead of coming to work. Now, I'm looking for something to invest in. I'm trying to get a hold of a woman at Mount Sinai's teen fitness program so I can cover a story on the program. 

I'm not doing anything now,  just typing up questions for a story I just came across. It's on the topic of using text slang for school. I think it's pretty cool.  Below are the lists of questions that I'm going to ask. How does it affect you?


Now we have Tammy Ram!!!!!!!!

Hello my people, Tammy Ram here to tell you about my day. He He. I'm getting glasses so I won't be blind anymore. I really really want them. I also am almost finished with college applications. Well I am actually done, I just needed to send in the other recommendations. I'm so happy. What else has happened to me. My bag is so heavy like omg, all this crap I got to carry. Penn Sate is awarding me like $5,500 for my first two years, plus I'm going to have money from the FAFSA.  I'm about to call up some of these places for some stories. Rich is counting points, and so far I'm student of the month Yay. I worked hard. I want to go on more stories to write more stories, Its really fun and I love writing them. I don't know know why, but I just do. And I wanted to teach a memoir class, but I wasn't here, so I didn't get to. Teaching is really enjoyable also. I'm here laughing like crazy. I think it is because I'm sitting next to Charisma. Both of my STORIES GOT UP AND I am so happy about that. Showing my work. Oh and I googled myself and I'm the first search up there. You know how Happy I am about that. There was something else I was supposed to write but I forgot it. Oh well. Time to go.
-Tammy Ram is over and out.
Like my new phrase? I finally got one ^_^.  And here's a weirdo picture for you guys. Enjoy. 


The Chris Brown and Rhianna alleged attack is so scandalous that the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about how the incident might affect teenagers who are close to the ages of the celebrities themselves. This is a very different way of approaching this scandal of a story that most gossip sites have already posted some new detail or a comment on the topic. I liked that they went around and asked the different opinions of the teenagers male and female. I was surprised to have learned that girls and boys felt a negative way but thought to sometimes its called for in a relationship. Alarming as this may be most teens are starting to get more and more comfortable with the idea of play fighting or hitting in a relationship and some even find it amusing not knowing these are clear signs of an abusive relationship.

ChaGreenMa Lol I'm Hilarious

Its Me Again On The Green Backround Looking Mad Bundle Up

Hey It's Me Again. Even Though I Just Seen Most Some Of Yall On Tuesday I Know I Was Still Missed, Now I'm Here Again On Friday, And Nobody Is Here. SMH. You People Are A Mess. Lol Just Kidding.
But Yo What Up My HL Homies And My Fellow Blogger? I hope you all are enjoying this nice little weather we're having today because I sure am because after tomorrow its going to be nothing but rain for like 2 or 3 days. But yeah I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to write on this blogger thingy and for once my mind is actually B-L-A-N-K blank surprisingly. I don't have anything creative to say or anything at all for that matter and that's a shame. Like this is unlike me. Like Yo Wtf is wrong with me man. Am I okay. URGGGGGGG.
I don't know what's going on with me and my brain right now but I can't think of what to write so I guess it's just that time for me to just end this because URGGGGG.

This Is Charisma 
And I Have Officially 
Blogged Out!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stephanie's nutrition plan A.K.A Diet!!!!

OMG i am so proud of myself because on Monday i started my diet..but i don't like it to call it a diet but i called t "Stephanie's nutrition plan".I know i am not fat but summer time is coming and i am going to DR and i dont want to come with 20 more pounds than what i have now because then i WILL be really fat. My goal is to lose 15-20 pounds but if i lose 10 i will be more than happy. This nitrition plan have been really hard to follow because i have always hated vegetables and now i have to get use to them and it is not easy because i cant get them through my system. I weighted 153 pounds the last time i weighted myself and now i weighted mysef today i have lost 2-3 pounds and that is a bug accomplishement because this is the longest time i been on a "DIET". My doctor totally disagree with me and says that i am at a healthy weight but i dont feel confortable with myself and in DR i will be going to beaches and rivers and pools and i have to look fit because if not i am not going to enjoy myself.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The interview with Ms. Inez Dickens went great. She is such a down to earth person and a passionate women. She had a lot to talk about and though i was a little nervous but her personality made me more comfortable and I was glad that she asked me questions and about what i think. She loves what we do at HL and even her staff was really nice. It was good that they were all familiar with HL and even complemented us. A woman who host parties and community events wanted a flyer and was interested in the whole idea of HL and said she would want us to cover an event. Hopefully she keeps her word.

But anyways Ms. Dickens seemed so strong about what she is apart of and proud of her leadership. I learned so much today and happy that I got the chance to interview her first.


Blogs from people I have posted in the last month. I will put who its from and the date, so you guys can put them on your point sheets for extra points:

Kendra: February 13th
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Keep up the good blogs and stories!

Back To Business

Hey EveryOne its me Jaanais it been a while since I came to harlem live. i have been sick for like the past three weeks and kind of going through some stuff. but im back in busniess and i can't wait to get my work done. there are a few new people who are really kool. yesterday meeting with the people from thomson revters were helpful and so nice for buying us pizza =) the conversation we had last night was intersting and made you think about how different generations get their information and will journalists be needed in the future is what i think a lot about ? today i am going out on my second P.O.S wish me luck byeeee

About today...

So yea Im at Harlem Live and Im so happy to be here. School went by so fast today and I feel great. Its just one of those days where its not that cold outside. Today we are going out on a story relating the economy crisis to the giving up certain things for 40 days. I wonder what the community is going to say about the topic because I feel that this is a broad topic and has a variety of comments that come out of it. Well, Im done for now. Time to start my work. 

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed

  I woke up at like 6:35 and went to sleep at 3:30. I was able to stay awake the whole day. The teachers today were tight. They all had a attitude and I couldn't wait to leave for the train. It went fast today and after school I jet out the door. My day isn't over yet but it's been a wild ride so far.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dude Seriously?.....

Sometimes I just think we as Americans can get a wee bit too lazy and comfortable with things...take this MINI MICROSCOPIC escalator! Cmon I would feel SO guilty getting on this thing....I would feel even MORE guilty getting on this thing and RIDDING it down!!! LOL!!!....

But hey to each their own!

I have NO idea where this is located but I saw it here

Blogger........Is That You?

Blogger...........Is That You!?!?!?! Like long time no talk or see. I've missed you so much and I know u miss my presence too. Come here and give me a kiss. LMAO. I am so freaking silly. 

But anyway.....What up my fellow bloggers? How are you guys? I know you all missed me over the break but no need to worry because Charisma is back now. Lol. But all joke aside I seriously hope you all have had a good break without me. Because even though I missed Blogger and some of my Harlem Live Buddies I soooooo enjoyed and needed that little one week break that needed to be a couple days longer, but it's all good guess?

Anyway ofcourse I have stories to tell for days of stuff that happened to me over the past week off and if you want to know some you know where to find me and I'll be sure to fill you in on details and keep you updated. But other than a lot of stuff going on with me and my life I actually enjoyed my time off. I watched maddddd new and some old movies but I only seen two of the new movies in the actual movie theater. Lol. But I seen the following movies: Taken, Mall Cop, Slum Dog Millionaire, Friday the 13th (I seen in the theater), Bolt, The Strangers, The International, and I ended my week of movie viewing on Saturday by seeing Gran Torino, which I also seen in the theater. For the most part all the movies was worth seeing for the most part. I recommend them all. But aside from that I was just chilling and relaxing with S and all my besties and thats about it. 

Oh Yeah!!!!!! Major Announcement! I forgot like totally forgot. Like over the break I cut my hair. HAHAHAHAAHAH {evil laugh} Lol. But no need to freak out like most people did when I told them. I didn't even cut it that much. It only was cut a little but. Dushawn liked it and Selli said it looks edgy and chic. Hehehehehehe. So YAYYYYYY for me. Don't hate. Lol. But it was indeed time for a change I used to always cut my hair at least once a year or every other year but I had stopped. And these long side bangs was starting to bother me urk my nerve and slowly started becoming annoying. So with a clip clip and snip snip and they are gone. It's like magic. Lol.  But anyway I'm out of here like _________ fill in the phrase with something thats played out and completely out of style because idk what to put lol.

This Is Charisma, Ofcourse
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!

FedEx Logo Arrow....

I love finding out about interesting design things and here is one that stood out to me as pretty cool.....Ever notice this arrow on the FedEx logo.

Had to make it pink!!!

FedEx Logo Arrow....

I love finding out about interesting design things and here is one that stood out to me as pretty cool.....Ever notice this arrow on the FedEx logo.

Had to make it pink!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Tammy Ram it is!! EVERYONE we are calling Tamarra TAMMY RAM from now on ok!!!!

I'm back ^_^

Well I'm back and a lot has happened since I was last here. I found out that someone bought a dog here. I recently found out I might be allergic to dogs. It's weird. Like If I'm in a small room with a big dog, like a Pit bull, I start sneezing. And if the dog licks me, my skin gets red in that area(from a prior experience). Its not that bad though, the skin thing anyway. If Its a smaller dog, like Selly's I don't get a reaction. I don't want to take any chances by letting it touch me. And someone is here I never seen before. It is really dead right now, but It' a little more peaceful. Due to an absence because of the CTE meeting, I had to make up a test. That's why I was so late today. There was something I was supposed to go to today, and I missed it. 
I got two offers to college. One to The University Of Hartford and Penn State. Those are my top schools currently. Idk which to choose. Hopefully other colleges will give me more money and that is where I will go. HarlemLive really helped me write my personal statement. I mentioned a lot about HarlemLive in my personal statement. It has really helped me. Thanks HarlemLive =D. I would've came last week, but It was a break and I took it. Sorry guys. And A few minutes ago I got really emotional. We started with talking about apartments, to a dogs to my father. I don't feel like writing out all the little details. I felt like I was about to cry, but thats good, because I don't talk about my deep feelings to people, and keep it to myself. Then Rich started making us laugh, so I felt better. It felt a little good to get it out. Thanks Selly for the idea for a memoir. I'm gonna enjoy getting my feelings out. Any way time to start calling up people about the event tomorrow.

Ps: I have 2 nicknames. I'm growing tired of always getting called tamarra. I like my name in all but I just want to be called my nicknames.
Marra and Tammy Ram

Friday, February 20, 2009

yesterday we wet on a POS on 125th to check out how people stay trendy in the cold. We interveiwed a few people but the the pens froze so nobody could write.toward the end (before everyone froze) everyone needed to share the video camera and it got kinda crazy. WE did get some cool pics though and we met some cool cats.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday, my sister brought me to Harlem Live. Stanley, one of the students had brought his friends dog that same day. His friends dogs name is Princess and shes a chihuahua. She was so cute! When Stanley came in he was carrying her in his jacket and when he started to pull her out of his jacket my sister started to scream because he grabbed her head and pull her by her head only. My sister and i were shocked the whole day that he did that. Well Stanley and a few other people had to go on a story and he left Princess at HL wit us. She fell asleep on my lap for a while. Sely started to laugh because when her mouth was closed a little bit of her tongue would hang out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The cartoon in the New York Post referring to the stimilus bill is ridiculous. The artist is denying that it is a racist picture but i believe that the post is bias and the artist is expressing his views in a unfair way. The chimp obviously symbolizes President Obama since he's the one who will sign the bill. It's caused a lot of controversy. I think that we all have the right to express how we feel, but there should be a limit. I agree with the boycott on The Post.        

The new video

the latest video on the site looks nice but there is no sound.


The chimp cartoon is real creepy. I'm sure its against the law to do somthing like that. I hope somebody does somthing about it soon cos people r gonna get "real" crazy.

Chimp News...

Well, actually about this chimp issue it is absolutely wrong that he attacked this poor victim. The story that I heard was that the owner owned this chimp and it was raised very well. One day a neighbor came over and all of a sudden this animal went insane and practically took off her face. Now, she is in critical condition and I feel Sooo bad. First of all why would someone adopt a wild animal like this. A chimp is not a baby!!!... The way the media reacted to it was crazy but then again it is the media. The cartoon shouldn't have been posted because now it looks as if the cops are the bad people. I personally, don't like this image although it tells a story but then again people might think of other things and take it the wrong way. 

crazy world

I just saw the picture of the policemen shooting a monkey that represents the president Barack Obama. I think that will really cause a lot of trouble. I now see I gotta kept a closer eye on the police for now on. The artist who drew this picture is in some deep s***. I can't wait to hear what obama has to say about this. I hope nuthin happens before he does. As for my day it went pretty good. I guess not everyone wants change in this CRAZY WORLD of ours.


I have just arrived at Harlem Live not to long ago. I don't know what I am going to do today. It is such a gloomy day today. Everybody is in that blaa mood and so am I. Honestly, I just feel like going home and going to sleep, but I am going to stick it out and do what I have to do. I pray to God that this day goes by fast. I have everything ready to start my first two story's which have been taking long because I only come once a week. Im going to think about trying to come in more than once a week but 11th grade is stressful and school is my first Priority. Anyways, I'm done. Im about to see if any work needs to be done. Ugh... peace out 

NY Post Chimp Cartoon...

Hey HarlemLIVE'ers! We would like you all to look at this picture and Blog about your reaction to it. There is alot of controversy surrounding it. The NY Post printed it on is a link about it

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NewBie class for BB

Walking into the office. I'm thinking to myself I'm not going to get this. The person interviewing me is going to hate me. I'm shy. I know this. Well at first, then all that goes away and you can't get rid of me. Like a leach but more cute. Yeah I'm kind of awesome like that. Hey I believe in self advancement. Self promotion is the way of the world. Face it. If you put a video on YouTube your famous. So i do me always. I have a feeling that i could really get use to it here. It is a very laid back environment. Friendly people and an experience? This will be fun and very helpful. YAY BBz a Newbie

My second day in!!!!

Hello its Christian Francis again. how are you? Today was a fun day I brought my twin sister and best Friend Quanda into Harlem live, and they were highly interested in the program. They both ended up interviewing with them the same day. I'm excited to have them apart of the program. They were both hired.

HarlemLIVE : My First Day!!!

Walking down 123rd street was already something familiar to me. Harlem is my hometown. It was just Christian, Beonka, and I. I was so excited to come to this program that Christian always talks about. I grew up on the whole after-school programs thing. What I like about it, is that you learn many different things including fun activities and you meet really incredible people. When we get right in the front of the door, I just suddenly became or suddenly just felt... nervous. So we walk in to this place and everyone's so nice, but I was still nervous. So Christian just explains everything about HarlemLIVE to Beonka and I... and now I'm writing a Blog on my first day here. So now I'm just waiting to see what's going down... or up. I hope that I'll really like it here.

P.S. I am not only here for my friends Richard!!!

My first day at HL

Today I joined "Harlem live". I enjoyed meeting all of the cool people that were there today but i didn't remember that many names. All of the procedures confuse me but I'm sure I'll get it soon enough, I'm having fun, so it's all good. I hope to put one of my cartoons onto the website and really hope people like them. Everyone here seems to think that HL is great and have loads of ... interesting things to say.   (This is my "first" blogging experience so it's all new to me.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

All about the new

Today i worked with Kendra on all the aspects of Harlem Live newbie. and got tasked to start researching Rihanna, and Chris Browns situation.

back again

Today I came back for a full day...I'm not slacking & don't think i have the curse... Just been busy this month. I left school early today because it was a 'battle of the classes' where all the grades compete in different activities. There's one 4 times a school year...maybe even more. I came with Christian to HL. It was a drag trying to teach him the newbie card. I only made it up to the third mark because he was doing time sheets, cooking and on the phone soo much. This is why i don't think friends or even associates should work together on the Newbie Card, but that's just my own opinion. Finally I'll get away from new york tonight to Philadelphia tonight and can't wait to go.  



LOL Tamarra I didnt know you fell off the chair in the video room! Dushawn fell off his chair in the main room on Thursday also! haha!!!.....Instead of BUTTERfingers you all have BUTTERbutt!

20 minutes im looking for pics to put up with this post i stumbled on some REALLY odd things lol....first off look at how FAT this cat is LOL

And this video came up for ButterButt!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another day

Just finished a memoir class with Tamara as the instructor. I had to write a few ideas about the song "21 questions" by 50 cent. I was in 3rd grade when this song was released and I actually like 50 cent then. That song is definitely a throwback, and bought back lots of memories. The line where he said "I LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVE CAKE" will always stick out to me because I was one of those fat kids that loved cake. I must say I used to hate that part, I was somewhat offended. I'm over it now. 

Today was pretty slow. We had a couple people here but things were crazy. My week has been really crazy and I've been super busy. I missed moot court yesterday and today and our competition is on the 25th and the 2nd. During the break, we'll practiced. However, I'll be at school tomorrow at the assembly to honor thy HarlemLive. I must go, its getting late and BRAD owes me mula. 


Yesterday was a pretty cool day. Until I fell off the chair in the video room. I went out on a story, but people left me, so I came back to Hl after. I went to H&M to look around and they gave me two coupons, so I'm gonna use that soon. My HEAF story is up and I was so happy when I saw it on the front page ^_^. I also started to edit the video we took. I kept getting distracted by Annabel being mad crazy. And I fell off the chair lol. I don't think I saved the work. Whatever, It refreshed my memory. Some people had interesting things to say about the Chris Brown/ Rihanna situation. That was the POS we went on. My ankle is killing me because of a cut. None of the Band aids would stay on. I have to walk weird because it hurts because of my sneaker. Im just gonna wear different shoes for a few days. My inner thigh also hurts, and I don't know from what. I think its the weird way I have been walking. 
I still am sick, and I can speak, but my voice is really hoarse right now, so I really don't want to talk. If It wasn't for the CTE meeting with work study tomorrow, some things that needed to be handed in at school today, and Work to be done at Hl those two days, I would not be here. This blog entry would not exist, and you all would see me next monday, on the 20th I think. I could've been sleeping in my bed, or at least doing something to feel better. I don't want to stay the whole day in school tomorrow. Sorry HarlemLive, in not going to be here tomorrow. Well I just taught a memoir class and that was good. Ok I'm Out now, see you guys next monday.

I'm Dying Slowly Still But I'm Back

Urggggggggg! Even though I've been slowly dying this week. I happy to now announce that I'm still alive and back at HL. I'm still  in so much freaking pain though. I feel like pulling my hair out. Smh. Like last night wasn't a good night for me at all besides the person who I was with I just thought I was dying. Everything was seriously just killing me. I was SOOOOOOOO freaking hungry, my head was hurting for MADDDDDDDDD long, and I had the ONLYYYYYYY cramps. I thought my life was over. And then my AP English teacher ODed on on us and gave us MADDDDD homework for no reason like we don't have a life other than school. I was so pissed. When I was with my friend or whatever I was still in pain but at least I had something to keep my mind off of  all my pains and troubles. I got a half ass massage it felt so good. Like I love massages when I'm in pain. I don't know it just like relieves me and I love it. The person was doing a good job but they was being lazy and doing the job half ass so I can only imagine if they was doing it seriously. Ahhhh Man! But I can't freaking believe Valentine's Day is on Saturday. Where is all the love? Like everybody I know is hoping that it hurry up and pass by or they are all depressed or there's just a whole bunch of hate between people when this is suppose to be a time of love and appreciate the love you give and the love you get from others. Smh. Well I don't know about you other people but I'm happy and I am looking forward to Valentine's Day. Not just because I have plans it just I love the holiday as a whole and what it represents. You don't necessarily need or are mandated to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Technically the holiday isn't just for couples. You just suppose to spend it with someone you love family or friend. Oh yeah and excuse my so called ghetto language but I just had to kind of over exaggerate things a little because I really had to further extend how bad I was feeling.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today I not focus at all and everyone was getting me mad. Even thought I laugh I still wanted to punch someone's teeth in. At school it went pretty good, me and the teachers were getting along. I think it was the first time in a while I actually enjoy myself in school today. Getting to harlem live, being in harlem live today, and getting ready to leave harlem live was a real pain. I actually began to start hating the internet for a while. To me it was Tyrell do this, Tyrell stay focus. I needed a break and no one realize it. If that happens to me again I feel like I'm going to SNAP!!!!

Sick days at Hl...

My nose is stuffy, and today my voice is gone. Well not completely and I can still speak, but it hurts when I yawn and my voice is hoarse and low. My voice goes on and off, like its good one minute, then when I start talking a lot, it goes back to bad. It also kinda hurts when I laugh too much, kinda hard not to laugh when I'm extra giggly. I just have to stay silent to get better. When it goes from hot to cold too fast, I get sick, I think my mom or brother was sick, and my sister doesn't do dishes well. What I mean when I say this is if someone in my house is sick, and the dishes aren't done good and thoroughly, some of the germs from the icky person are still there... I think it was a combo of all these things. I was really planning on teaching a class today. What good timing that was. I can probably do it tomorrow or just wait until next week. That class was really fun too. I even thought about how I was gonna teach it. Weird, but oh well. I'm about to get my  HEAF story up so thats good. If you guys really need me, Im gonna type it to you or write it to you. Hope i feel better and have my lovely voice back, until then, enjoy me not talking. 

Yet another day at HarlemLive...

I think that I'm doing an Ok job at HarlemLive. Right now, I'm about to go to one of my earlier interviews to take pictures so that I can post the story. I'm thinking about coming to HarlemLive next Monday because I have no school. School is rough. I hate the eleventh grade because the work that we have to put out in is ridiculous. This is the reason why sometimes I cannot get the work for HarlemLive done right away. I think I'm going to have to work things out, sacrifice, and organize things so that I have enough time to balance out my school work and this internship. I pray that everything gets easier. Ugh! 

                                       Shanice is Officially DONE...

Memoir 2/10

We had a good class today...thanks Tamarra and Stephanie. We talked about what point of view to use when writing a memoir and looked at some examples. Possibilities are:
  • the voice of an adult about an event as an adult (yes, you are all adults!)
  • the voice of an adult about something that happened in childhood
  • the voice of a child about something that happened in childhood
We also looked at first paragraphs of memoirs. They differ from news stories in that they don't have to include who, what, where, when, and how. The first paragraph should include some of this so the reader isn't lost, but it can also leave some items out-something for the reader to be curious about.

In class activity: We wrote down song titles from our MP3 players and iPods and thought of events in our lives that the song titles reminded us of and then we chose one to write about.

Assignment for next week:
  • Choose a topic for your memoir.
  • Decide what voice it will have and how much time it will cover (30 minutes, 1 day, 1 summer, etc.). Remember--you're not writing your life story! You're writing about one event or story in your life.
  • Decide at what point in time the memoir starts (at the beginning of what happened or somewhere else?).
  • Write the first paragraph of your memoir. You can write more if you want, but only bring the first paragraph to the workshop next week. Remember to include a "hook"--something that hooks your readers in and makes them want to read more.
  • Make sure your paragraph is typed and double-spaced. Print out a copy for the workshop.
See you next week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I was glad to read that Tamarra taught the memoir workshop to people who couldn't come on Tuesday last week. I'm sorry I didn't post last week...I was trying to access the site incorrectly. From now on, I'll have weekly posts about what we did and what the assignment is for the following week. For this week, bring 5 ideas of stories or events in your life that you might want to write a memoir about.

More later,


Monday, February 9, 2009

I have a new pup!!!....

So folks I have another dog at home. Another ChiChi (Chihuahua) He is 1yr old and FEISTY!....He growled at me acouple of times but I think I can work with him and get him to be as calm as Max is (when he isnt around Rich or Stephanie lol) He is really tiny and is missing hair in some areas I am assuming thats because he wasnt well taken care of by his previous owner. Im thinking about bringing him in....but I need to think about it a lil longer.....

Someone is walking outside in the hallway...they bark like craaazy when they hear someone outside.

My new pup...he moves SO much I cant take a good pic of him

His previous owner named him John...I HATE that name for a I am trying to rename him Peanut.

Meetings... and Trips

Today i had a very interesting conversation that could have went on for days. This individual is an advocate , an educator, a spoken word artist and a spoken word leader. His titles are endless, and as an Asian American he is very assertive about getting information out there to people about their history and the things that they should know now. He's a very spiritual individual who's very much involved in numerous communities. His name is Elijah and I will be interviewing him soon.

Next week I will be off on a trip to visit colleges in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Seeing how I will be exposed to various college environments, this might possibly be my next story. The excitement is at a minimum but thats only because I have been on so many I only get excited when we're at the college taking notes in the freezing cold (unless its nice). Luckily I can retrieve lots of pictures and lots of info. Us teenagers really need to know what to look out for at college. Whats the food like ? How are the dorms? and Of course the financial office!

Sad... but Back...

Sorry HL people. I've been gone for most of the week and I did intend on coming in on Friday. However, towards the end of the day, my mom texted me and notified me that she was in the hospital. I rushed back to Brooklyn to see if my mom was okay and she wasn't. She's suffering from excess blood loss and she's been admitted into the hospital since Friday. It's definitely a new thing for me. I felt like a mom, taking care of someone else.

Anywhoo, I will be in today and to let you know, I am blogging from school. I  guess this is the new blogging spot. I'm currently working on a story about a teenage fitness program at Mount Sinai Hospital. I used to be apart of the program in the summer, but due to my schedule, I couldn't continue. What else better excuse could I use to visit them? that I'm a journalist of course. Gotta go, I'll be there later.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yea...thats' kinda what my friend was saying about them

random answer

maybe the roaches became more intelligent and hide @ better spots. like they know when you sleep and come out at that time and party in your kitchen.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Question.....

Ok this is a REALLY Random post...but I was having a (weird) convo with a friend and he brought up an interesting point. Before I go into detail I wanna ask this question and see if anyone has noticed this:

Has anyone noticed a decrease in roaches in their nyc apartments?
Comments about three recent posts....

Nyiesha...Glad to see you thinking about us in school and posting from there! Should be extra points! (..::Nudging Rich with my shoulder::.. lol

Kendra....LOL! It increased your crave for chocolate? weird combo....but im assuming its b/c you had them on you?...

Fanny....LOVE the M picture....nice to see you blogging from somewhere outside of HL too (..::Nudging Rich again::..) X-tra points?!?!....I would love to see your project when you are done!

fanny's amazing first AND second day experiences

my name is fanny and i joined harlemlive a few weeks ago but yesterday was only the 2nd day for me as i have a very cluttered and busy schedule; i can only come on fridays and maybe occasionally a saturday or sunday...

harlemlive consists of extremely friendly and welcoming people--with a few exceptions. the first time i came, i was a bit paranoid about the location, but when i walked in, the place itself was completely the opposite--of the entrance; it felt very homely and welcoming.

yesterday was the start of a new beginning for me. i learned how to post a story, edit photos, etc. i'm going to be a web design person! i'm interested in this because currently i am majoring in media in school and this learning opportunity will benefit me in the future when i get to web design in my class.

what was totally fun today was that i mentioned to the peeps that i had a project in which i had to take photos of people or objects that ressembles the letters of the alphabet. we started searching everywhere for things that looked like a letter.we ended up leaving @ 8:15.

regardless of my hectic schedule, i hope i can go out on a story and witness some amazing journalism action of the harlemites and take some photos! even if i can't, i am content that i have the opportunity to be part of harlemlive and to be with such splendid people.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grilled Cheese & Chocolate

Today there were only a few people here and that was okay. The new arrangement is soo much better. The space looks bigger and more attractive than before. It's less clutter in that area. The Amadou Diallo POS is posted and took 3 days. I think time management as far as how fast i complete stories. I hadn't eaten one all day until i reached HL. And once i started i couldn't stop. I don't know what I'm going to do. I think I should promise myself to not eat chocolate. Which is something I'm addicted to. The grilled cheese Anabel and Branday made for me was okay but it increased my crave for more chocolate.  


blogging form school

I'm currently at school now, blogging. I had to create a gmail account for class so I wanted to say hello. I'll be at HL later today. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Student Of The Month

What a great title. I doubt that I'll get the student of the month 'curse'. Finding stories are probably my next things to do and also doing my Evelyn Cunningham report and the interviews with the politicians. I finally have Inez Dickens this month. A lot of work is already waiting to be done.
I'm trying to work hard at both school and HL. There is a lot of pressure but I'm able to withstand it. School is just soo stressful right now. I cant wait till I graduate and it'll be worth all the struggles.



Yesterday I went out on a POS about it being the 10th anniversary of Amadu Diallo's death since he was shot 41 times. Me and Kendra when with Angie a new member and took pictures. We got some really good answers for our questions. Angie did pretty good for her first time as a photographer and I was fortunate to even meet an individual who was there on the same night it happen.


Well lets see. My story isn't posted yet, but hopefully it will be tomorrow or Monday. My other story needs to get edited. It's almost done, it just needs a little more work. I really hate my new schedule, I really do. Its making me depressed, and I'm not exaggerating.  I just wished I got out of school earlier, and be with my friends. I miss them already. Well this is life, and I'm going to have to deal with it. Back to HarlemLive stuff. I took a memoir class with Katherine on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed it. I'm getting the hang of writing better memoirs, and I will write one soon, its just a matter of a subject to base my writing on. I also taught the same class yesterday, and I thought i did a mediocre job, but Rich and Selly congratulated me on how well I did. I feel like EIC again and it feels amazing.
 I am also getting the hang of the video stuff. It is really simple, there are just many steps involved with learning and editing. I can say I can edit video, but I need a bit of a refresher course. I really want to go on a story, The process of writing and going out on stories excites and interests me. I at first thought writing stories would be difficult, but the process is really easy, when I figured out what to do. We also have a new student, Angie. She seems like she would be a good addition to HarlemLive. She seemed to like the memoir class yesterday, and was very attentive. Anyway, I'm gonna try to email this place back to get the story set up for the 23rd of February. I guess that's it for now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well hello blogger :] My names Anyacelis but you can call me Angie! Well, today was my first day at work in HarlemLive. It was an awesome experience. I got to go on  the scene and help take pictures for interviews on Amadu Diallo's ten year murder case. I have found this one experience and enjoyment. I can picture myself doing this for a long time. Soon I'll get to go out and interview people on my own. This job even though its been only a day has been terrific!! Just wanted to share my first day and my first thoughts of this place which will soon be like my second home. Thank You for your time! 

Anyacelis Arias :]

A blast from the past

Today at harlem live I did a memoir class which I was able to share some memories to the other kids. I had a lot of things to share but was only able to tell one story out of the hundreds or thousands of stories I have. Everything else was alright too, but I hate my school and really want to leave, but I might as well finish the last two years of it.

I Just Discovered Photo booth!

       Photo booth is awesome! I was going to blog about starting a new semester, but then I got distracted by Photo booth! It's awesome, seriously. But I guess I will talk about starting the new semester because I have nothing else to say about Photo booth, even though it's awesome. 

         Yesterday was the first day of a new semester at my school. It's really exciting to have a fresh start. I am really determined to get all A's this semester, even though my grades from last semester weren't that bad either. I did a lot better on my finals than I thought I would. I got a 100% on my history exam! I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. The only exam that I didn't do well on was my math exam, which I'm happy that I didn't fail. Today a woman came into my advisory to speak to us about the college essay. Preparing for the college process has basically become my life--not that I'm complaining, it's actually kind of exciting! 

Well, I got to go, I'm taking a class now!


I have just arrived at Harlem Live not too long ago and I'm happy to be back. I didn't come last week so being back is great. My plans for today is going on now my 3rd interview with this Library called St. Branch. I wonder how this experience is going to feel and be today. I also wonder how the library is going to look, how big is is and if it is a popular branch. I forgot to get pictures from my last interview at the Lourdes hair salon so I have to make sure I get that. I mention this because I have to remember to do these kinds of things to make my job at harlem Live more easier. Well, that's all for now. Hopefully my day at Harlem Live is smooth and productive. 
                                Shanice is now over and out....PEACE

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Ideas

Today, going to school was a drag.  I have a 2-9 and zero and tenth period on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a 1st period on Tuesdays.  I really don't like my program.   It's my 2nd day here and I'm not yet use to everything, but I'm getting there.  The memoir project that we are starting on is really fun.  I'm very excited about that.  Today i wrote on many events and it was fun to share and listen to other stories.  Today more people came in, so Kendra and Carisma helped me find places to do my first report on.  I'm really interested in Harlem Tap Studio because I'm familiar with the person who runs it, Omar.  He was on Apollo and I can image that that is where his fame came from.  He was also on lots of television shows.   I'm also interested in Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center.  I use to go there for camp and their teen night program.  I worked there one summer.  My siblings and friends also do activities there.  EVERYONE in Harlem has done something there.  From Battlegrounds, rap sessions, dance, after school, tutorial, all the way to summer camp.  "It goes down at the center."  There is also an organization called the Urban Dove and I would love to write about them.    I have other places, such as Hue-man Bookstore and Barnes and Noble (I'll see how those go.)  Until then....           

Memoir Class with Kathryn

I came in late as normal and I stumbled on a memoir class directed by Kathryn. I had to jump in late because I missed the brainstorming portion and I had to write a piece inspired by a word in the dictionary. My word was majorly. I wrote about the poem I wrote for my grandmother's funeral. The whole memoir was about how I was concerned about others' reactions to my poem. In the end, I wrote it, the way I wanted and of course people had problems with it. That's a given. However, the class was great.


Today's memoir class with Kathryn was really good. I haven't wrote a memoir in a while, not even in school and I'm glad that most of them are short because I have problems with saying too much and not keeping things simple. I got to express my embarrassing moment with make-up and hear about other people's moment, recollections and ideas. I'm glad to have a class that will help me improve on my writing and help me reflect. I think reflecting is a good thing to do because it helps me think of things on my own based on certain situations. And It allows me to think hard because even though I have good memory, at certain a hour, my brain gets tired and it takes time for me to figure things out or think about the past. If I practice doing it then i'll eventually become use to it. 


Monday, February 2, 2009

Smilez as The Newbie

My 1st day at HL.  Let's see...i started by doing office work and now I'm trying to find something to write my 1st story on.  Honestly, I was a little worried about this job.  I never write stories like the ones i saw the people here write.  My passion for writing has never been strong, unless poetry was involved.  I have to say I'm excited.  I'm trying to get use to everything/ everyone here and for everyone to get use to me.  Rich said my name right for the first time today, so things are looking up!!


Well today is my last day of the regents week vacations. Today i was suppose to go pick up my report card and my new program but like i went to sleep at 6AM i woke up at 8:00 something an then i went back to sleep thinking that i was going to wake up on time to go to school but guess what?.. i woke up at 3PM and by that time i couldn't go because school was close, so tomorrow i will see how i get my report card and program. Today was also a pretty quite day because only me and "smiles"came to HL today. I am also so happy because its february!!! and that means that March is coming meaning that spring is coming and if spring is coming summer is on his way..YAY!! and if summer comes it means that i am closer to the date i go to DR, and trust me i miss DR so much,much,much. bye!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Richii you missed your calling! lol

He was on David Letterman in '85 saying her could go from his house on 86th and Broadway to The World Trade Center in 18 minutes! (with no traffic)

Media Changing....

"The Media is Changing from Providers to Users"

Interesting story....