Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today was a very cold day. Here at HL Italy,Starlin,warith ,Julie and went out on a story to the Youth hostel. Italy and starlin were interviewing foreigner to know what they though about the Presidential election in this country. I went to interview a couple of more people to finish my Hostel story. Although the temperature was cold i had fun. Italy was very proffesional and got a lot of people. Starlin was the video person and i was doing my own thing as a journalist. I hope to finish my story soon for me to never to go back to that hostel again.Well thats all i have to say see you guys!!!

Message to Cynthia

1st Episode aired on 10/27/08
topic on the show:

Students behind the work

2nd Episode will air on 11/24/08
topic on the show:

Scranton, Pa (5-10 min)
African Parade (~5min)
Halloween Parade(~5min)
Reality Show(10min)

Youth hostel In Harlem

Last weeks investigative reporting went great!
We went to 104th and Amsterdam and got our story at a youth hostel. We interviewed a bunch of interesting people who where staying at the hostel for a variety of reasons. One group of youngsters around the age of 22 where staying at the hostel so they could see a concert, they came from Virginia. They couldn't believe how cheap it was per night, only 35$ in NYC is a great deal. They had some funny stories to share and enjoyed being interviewed. The part of the experience that was most interesting to me was the age range of the hostel's guests. It is a "Youth Hostel", so you would think mostly young people would be staying there, but we saw some guests checking in that must have been 70!!!
This Hostel was amazingly nice, it was a full block, it had 700 beds, messaging chairs, really anything you could ever want, and all for only 35$.
Stefanie did a great job interviewing the guests and the manager. She asked all the right questions and took great notes. I see how an organization like Harlem Live can really teach students like Stefanie some impotent skills that will aid them in their academic, professional and social lives. You cant develop these interpersonal skills anywhere else.
Have a good day!

Charles Meets Barack

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My 2nd try

This is my 2nd video in Harlem live it was to cold out side for a {P.O.S} so I went around and asked a couple of people what there doing  I edited the video and took out whats really not needed and left a funny part. Just basic interviewing  { No I do not have a black eye} I used adobe premiere  to edit and cut and paste the cut scene I also added transitions to this video. 

Exspect The Unexspected

WOW, election's is coming up. Not even a week away. And it's crazy because today as i was reading the Newspaper i came across a story that shocked me to death. These two young guy's had a plan to assassinate Barack Obama. I mean i hear people talk about it everyday "what if Obama get's assassinated?" But guess what someone actually plan to do it. I mean in life you have to exspect the unexspected. The situations that we least expsect in life always happens to us. Remember 9-11 no one possibly thought that a airplane would go threw a building early in the morning. I mean seriously think about it. Did you think the cops would stick a plunger up Abner Louima and pretend like it never happen? Do you see where i'm coming from? Right so i was just so amaze at the fact that someone seriously tired to kill Obama. And it's like they had no morals on their plan because they didn't care about the consequences of their actions. They actually said they knew that they will probably get killed behind it and they 100% didn't care. Wow..... so people of America please Exspect the Unexspected. As for now so long!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exspect The Unexspected

WOW, election's is coming up. Not even a week away. And it's crazy because today as i was reading the Newspaper i came across a story that shocked me to death. These two young guy's had a plan to assassinate Barack Obama. I mean i hear people talk about it everyday "what if Obama get's assassinated?" But guess what someone actually plan to do it. I mean in life you have to exspect the unexspected. The situations that we least expsect in life always happens to us. Remember 9-11 no one possibly thought that a airplane would go threw a building early in the morning. I mean seriously think about it. Did you think the cops would stick a plunger up Abner Louima and pretend like it never happen? Do you see where i'm coming from? Right so i was just so amaze at the fact that someone seriously tired to kill Obama. And it's like they had no morals on their plan because they didn't care about the consequences of their actions. They actually said they knew that they will probably get killed behind it and they 100% didn't care. Wow..... so people of America please Exspect the Unexspected. As for now so long!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog number 2

Well is post 2. Its Od cold outside. Me and Shem just went to get some trays for the plants. Im really hungry too. i had a PB and j Sammitch but I'm still hungry... I want to see the finished product of the video from PA. Now I'm about to write some good stories. I also have to write about the awards ceremony. Back to my beautiful writing. Lol. 


Turns out I'm editor in chief. Yay me!!!!. Lol. its been awhile since I've posted one of these. I've been really busy with things here. I worked on my voice overs with Waarith yesterday. It was really cool. It wasn't as bad as i thought. Now i have to work on my story from PA and get it done today. Shouldn't be to difficult. Its getting more busy around here. Charisma and Te-Ga are back. Well i guess thats it for now.

Selly I got a new book!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Last, week was my first day back to HarlemLive and today I'm back to doing stories, and reporting. I did a Person on the street about people's opinions regarding the 2008 elections. What has become a controversy ever since Barack Obama (the black vote) and John McCain (the old veteran mavrick), is now coming to a close call with the voting date right around the corner, on November 4th.

The Trip to PA

Me and Luisa are assiduously editing the PA video. A large portion of the video has been cleaned up. Right now the we have to arrange the video to look a more presentable. Take a look at what some of it will look like.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Run Down

It was going to happen sooner or later; the MAC monster was going to get me. I'm going to be teaching video to my web and video students. In other words I have to learn final cut pro. I've been Luisa's muscle mimic and I've learned a lot from her. I can just about do what she can in final cut. I want to make these students fast, shoot and edit in the same day. This weekend is a final cut weekend. Want to brush up on your final cut skills? go here

POST 1000

Friday, October 24, 2008

Second day of Flash

Other than the lesson with Flash, Waarith taught me some basic video editing with Adobe premiere. Transitions, Mark-in and Mark-out were jjust some of we did to edit the video. Enjoy, now I only have to post 40 stories, YAY!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Day at Harlem Live

all day i was anticipating how my first day was going to go. I was worried about the interview, if the people would like me, if I would fit in, if they would demand too much work from me.. but I am happy to say that my first day was successful. Everyone was super nice, so thank you for making me feel welcome. I learned the basics about the applications and set up on the computer and learned the general rules. I can't wait to start writing and actually do something. I already have a few ideas; about the knitting factory relocating, how people feel about the new design for washington square park, and possibly how millions of dollars can be spent to make 2 new baseball field in an economic crisis? 
I am glad that my first day went smoothly, and I hope that everyone liked me as much as I liked them. I can't wait to work with everyone

-Victoria Spazz

My experience- so far- at Harlem Live.

Today was my 7 day anniversary at Harlem Live- yeah! Coming from Sydney, Australia- this is my third visit to Harlem. My older sister is a journalist, and I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay with her in this crazy city we all know and love- New York.

Everybody has been real nice and made me feel very welcome since I started here. From the moment I walked down into the 'scary' basement, I instantly felt a genuine warmth from Gisely. Richard, I can tell is a man very serious and passionate about his business, and Brad I'm still trying to figure out! (haha) What a great organisation Harlem Live is, I hope the youth in the area are grateful for the opportunities they have.

So far I have interacted with: (please forgive me if I misspell anyone's names!) DuShaun (aka gorgeous gangsta- had to get that in right?), Shantasia, Charisma, Stanley, Shem, Stephanie, Tamara, Italie, Warreth and Christos- (Sorry if I forgot someone!)

I have enjoyed helping everyone with their research projects, and enjoyed going to the youth hostel with Stephanie and Christos. Stephanie did a great job interviewing people and I know with more practise will not be shy infront of anyone! As for Christos, he took photos like a professional!

Today we went on a 'P.O.S' and thanks to Shem I now know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting people's attention! Italie- I can't believe that was your first time- I know you're interested in law- but you would definitely make a great journalist! Tamara- you seem so comfortable and confident, you just need to believe in yourself more, because I can tell you already get this industry!

Today we also did a very spontaneous interview with Charisma as the reporter- now here is a girl who has her head screwed on and is confident in her abilities. I can tell you're going to succeed in anything you put your mind to.

Okay. as you can see I'm a youth worker that loves to talk!

Thanks everyone for making my time at HL even better than what I was expecting- see you all next week!

National Butt Whippin Day

National Butt Whippin' Day is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. National Butt Whippin' Day is also known  as THE DAY WHEN SCHOOL REPORT CARDS ARE DISTRIBUTED. OMG! I can't believe my freaking report card, man!  Since I've been in High School of Graphic Communication my average has never been this low, URGGGGG! Stupid report card. Stupid advanced classes. My school system is so unfair and so retarded. A whole bunch of people in my school aren't taking any advance classes just because they're not smart enough or to afraid to take them on thinking it's going to bring down their average. And for me to be taking both AP English and me taking Calculus (without even having to take Pre-Calculus) and to be passing that should be an accomplishment. My AP English teacher said that in other schools students who take advance classes get like extra points added to their average and how the same should be done at my school. I definitely agree because I think those people who are ranked higher than me in the class most of them aren't even taking advance classes. Like I'm so happy that I'm actually taking on a challenge with the advance classes and that I'm actually passing but at the same time when I think about if those classes were taken out my average too could be higher. It makes no sense. Idk. But I just hope next report card my average is higher back in the higher end of the 80's and lower 90's rather than the lower 80's. And then my mom today mad me soooooo mad. After school she had me crying and everything URGGGGGG! This day just wasn't good for me.  I had to call my mommy after school to tell her about my report card and she gets mad because 2nd period I have my first class and sometimes I'm late and other times I'm early and on my report card the comment for that class says excessively late or whatever but yet I'm passing the class with a freaking 90. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I don't understand why it's such a big deal to her because It wouldn't had mad a difference if I wasn't late I would most likely have the same grade. I don't understand why she was going mad hard. Idk. We just wasn't ad haven't been on the same page lately these passed couple of days. IDK what's going on. It needs to stop. I DON'T LIKE ALL THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY. It needs to stop. Even though, it is NATIONAL BUT WHIPPIN' DAY I didn't get a butt whippin' YET and hopefully I WON'T.

Sincerely Charisma

Mnn Hustle

The video was finally finished. Luisa worked really hard on this video. I was helping towards the end and I think we both learned a lot of new things. This first episode was a true learning experience. We both have an idea of What we need to get done to make the next episode of HL Speaks a breeze. There were problems with the mac, final cut, just name it. Next time we will work on time management. I proposed that we could edit at least 5mins of video a day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We went to a hostel today, near 110st. I always had the impression that they would be small and dirty, especially since they are so cheap. But man was I wrong about this place. Its was ridiculously nice inside. Flat-screens, overhead projectors, a cafe and a nice lounge with a pool table. Maximum charge is $45 a night, even though I live in NYC I'd stay there just for the hell of it. People come from all over the world, we met two guys from South Korea. It was their first visit to NY and the USA in general. Getting to meet people from all over the world, I'm gonna go look for an application to work there.

meeting luisa and chilling with waarith

Today I met some new people and an old member of harlem live I went out on a story hunt I guess you can say,also learned a couple of new things about video and different shots and there names and styles I had the camera so i took some pictures this is my favorite one
Ok, so today was my first day as a member of HarlemLive. I've spent 5 hours here and already can't wait to come back. Shem is the one who got me interested in joining and I now see why he was so enthusiastic. i had a great time today meeting other members and getting familiar with the work space. 

No Internets !!!

How can we live with out the interwebs?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 3, another late blog...

Sorry about these untimely blogging entries,
Things are crazy in my life outside Harlem Live.
Last Wednesday, the 15th of October was my 3rd day volunteering at Hlive. Stefanie and I worked again on making contact with these youth hostels in the area, they have not been very receptive, but we are not giving up!
I also met and worked with Stanly, one very start guy. We shot some video clips inside Harlem Live, he interviewed a volunteer and some of the students. We had some trouble editing these clips working on the computers at first because they were not formatted right, thank goodness for Shem. He got us fixed up in 5 minuets after Stanly and I tried tirelessly to get them to work. Once the clips where formatted right we started editing them together using iMovie, a really simple but great program. We where first time users of the program, but Mac really does make a user friendly product. Take a look at the finished product posted on this blog last Thursday the 16th of October. I had to skip out before it was done, but Nice Job Stanly!!
Tomorrow is Wednesday, my day at HLive, I'm looking forward to it.
Have a great day!
David McGregor

slow month

so far the original after school harlemlive has not yet started so we have been getting things arrange so when the new students finally do come they will have all they need and be ready to be apart of hl. also this week we plan on doing an clean up for hl and get the place looking back to an work environment, because we had so much happening between now and the end of summer it has gotten clean but not the way it should me n hl staff plan to get this up and running asap. rich back to himself and now his mind has gotten back to normal in my view, because all summer i seen it was an hustle for him and it made him upset more easy and everything now he calm and he can actually hold an conversation with u now and he back in the groove of getting the new website back up and running wild with stories like how it was last year. to me i think we need more students that are going to come to hl and want to do more than just use the laptops or use our equipment. so I'm waiting to see who we bring in this year and see if there as dedicated as i am and as most of our students are. Selly never changes because all summer Selly was jolly and serious so that just Selly but now she has time to get her things together more because she doesn't have to be running everywhere and doing everything as much, she make people see that when you come to hl and you talk or see Selly talk she about business and she take her work very seriously so don't come in between that. Shem has been doing such a wonderful job with the site it not even a game all my friends and my girl even say how hot the new site look and how they wish Shem can make them a so one day i hope i can be like Shem, creative, smart, funny, fresh, and have his talents and more. Warrith has been great since i met him, he out there in the open, always having conversation, can relate to most, try to talk to everyone, cool person, he has this thing for logos but it seem as if he doesn't want to be judge wrong and everyone keep telling him how good of a designer he is but i guess he think other wise, i think if he went with his first thoughts he would be doing his thing, and if he was to link up with Shem we would have the best logo on the net. Luisa has been on the video thing since i met her last year and always taking her work serious, she taught me some things that i never knew about video cam like how to hold it right the focus the angles, like she no joke when it come to the video life. to be continue...

Monday, October 20, 2008

the saturday trip

This past weekend I went out to Pennsylvania with hl and the things that I seen was weird to me. While out in Pennsylvania we ran into this group of old lady’s who had sign saying democrat for McCain and McCain / Palin and to me I wasn’t really shocked about it because I already knew most of the town was white or Caucasian so that to me made me think that they were for McCain.
We try to talk to them and see their point of views about the whole election but to me I think they just said they were moving because we was African American and to them we were for Obama. Then we ran into a few guys from Pennsylvania and they seem to be getting dumber by the minute because i'm almost sure one of them said who the president and I was like wow… a person who says that just is not worth my time.

We went to the McCain headquarters and we went to the Obama headquarters and at McCain they were more open to answering questions and at Obama we only spoke to intern n volunteer while when we went to McCain they let us speak to anyone who wanted to be interview. Also the people at Obama is paid to be there while the people at McCain was just there because they want John McCain to win the presidential election and to me that a big issue that should be looked at because I wonder if in ever state the people who work for these headquarters get paid or they just volunteer there time. Showing dedication is one thing that will help the candidates win.

The overall look at Scranton Pennsylvania, is there are not 3% {major insider} African American there more like 10 % and to me it seem like it a small town and it not very active, beside in the mall. We drove around looking for different places where we could interview people and see there views on the election but at times it hard to communicate with other if they not into being video and getting there picture taken.

Taking Back Sunday

HL at 2pm and left at 1am. Me and Luisa spending all of Sunday into Monday working on HarlemLIVE behind the website. She still has voice overs and some other things to add to the video. I was helping her make the intro to the show a little more 'punchy' if thats a word. I just got home and its 3am. Take a look. The music that is in this video is not used in the final cut.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Run Down

There is no INTERNETS at HL OMG!!! How can I talk to my BFF Jill. I didn't feel 100% this week. I feel a lot better and I'm ready to face what ever comes next. I created a flyer for Cynthia for "Global Correspondents." You are all welcome to see it

HL Apps Update:

*Veiw list has been updated and problems with veiwing videos has been corrected.

*Doing some major changes to the way the video library Veiws the content. Logs can still be put in while I update the system.

*Adding names and video number on front page of 'Add videos.'

*Adding a TO DO list soon oct 22, 2008.

Google Calendar Update:

*Has been created.

*Need all contacts to share calendar.

currently invited :

is in the calendar to add content.

That all that comes to my mind.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its me!!!!

Hey I'm back lol. Its been about 2 months since i did a blog. i did the most blogs over the summer and now its time to continue my lovely work. I been doing some work trying to get a story for hostels but the people keep telling me their managers are not there. I was supposed to go one one today but the woman was not there. This should be very interesting. And we were talking about pos for the halloween parade. i cant wait to halloween. I want to do a story on the haunted house that shem showed me and steph. that looks mad hot. An we are going to penn on saturday to do a pos on the election. Well that should be it for now. later.
 this was ment for yesterday sorry to keep you all waiting , but yea this is my first p.o.s inside harlem live i guess you can say its not really a p.o.s but who cares if you have a problem sue me other then that check it out 

Hey Guys

Hey =] it's Aleah, I hope everyone's doing ok over there. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get up there lately, but I haven't completely disappeared yet. A lot has just been going on since school started but I hope to get in there soon. If you need me or something you have my email && if you don't it's Later guys.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SO this is Harlemlive.......................

Hey, my first day in Harlemlive was not the worse but it was not the best. Maybe because i was so anxious so write, write, write and my computer kept having technical difficulties.. But it went pretty smooth and dandy. I hope that the rest of my day's here will be 10x's better and way more interesting. The rest was basically getting to know who everyone is, where the suplies are located, and pretty much the rules and regulations of the enviornment i will be in. It's so not a school atmosphere it's pretty much like home but with a bunch of strangers. Pretty strange right???? Well, i thank myself or making affort to check Harlemlive out and see what it's about. Beause actually it really turn out pretty well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How harlem live treated me my 1st day

It was pretty cool i got to meet some new people and got to see harlem  im wondering how fast i can learn all this stuff there showing me

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 2 at HarlemLIVE

My second day at Harlem Live was a bit more relaxing then my 1st day where we covered the exciting NYPR opening of a park on 117th and 1st. Check out the story, Stephanie and Tamarra did a great job.

This past Wednesday we dug for stories while getting to know each other. Stephanie is going to do a story on Harlem's youth hostel business. We spent the afternoon researching the hostels, and calling around setting up meeting with the managers. There are many youth hostels in the neighbourhood and we are going to find out how they operate, whose using them and why. This should make for an interesting story. Look for it soon!

It was really great getting to know everyone a little bit more, Harlem Live is full of energetic, and driven students, and i am really impressed with Shem's web design skills, and the video editing set up Harlem Live has.
Looking forward to this weeks activities!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Run Down

This week was a great one. A lot of things and ideas were thrown into the mix of things. Me and Luisa have some really cool ideas for an intro to her Reality show. Me and Brad worked on HL apps which will be helpful to all students and staff. At the moment I have the video library online. Now Rich, Shem or any video logger can log the videos to the online library. I did a Flash class with Couscous and I think he enjoyed creating with Flash. I look forward to working with him. I want an apprentice, he may be a good candidate.


and a Cuscus

If you want to look a HLAPPS first hand goTo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

done on the logo set

Take a look and see what you do and don't like. All these logos where done only a few hours ago. so there not in anyway a in final stages.

17 ideas

I was up so I just started making logos. These are the ideas I have. Keep in mind that the colors are not set in stone. Take a look and tell me what you think

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HarlemLIVE having a forum on the Issues!


As I always do... Throwing out my ideas for the world to see.

I also did a blue version

Friday, October 3, 2008

I will never complain again! LMAO

“I will not complain about my job. I will not whine nor will I express my personal disdain to my associates, affiliates or supervisor. Today, I will be thankful for every irritation, distraction, and challenge.”

Did anyone watch the VP debate?

Did anyone notice that when Joe Bidden and Sara Palin was asked do they support "GAY MARRIAGE"? They vehemently said NO and that John McCain and Barack Obama doesn't support it neither. I wonder if they lost the support of their homosexual supporters. Also I'm curious if they would stop any legislation that would support same-sex unions. I feel this way, if people are gay then why can't they marry because by not allowing them to get marriage is not going to stop them from being gay and engaging in same-sex intercourse. I feel that these politicians should also pass legislation without allowing their own personal and religious views to interfere with it if we are supposedly a "secular nation".

Thursday, October 2, 2008

David, The newest mentor!

I am David McGregor, and i am the new Volunteer here at Harlem Live.
Yesterday, Oct. 1 was my first day out in the field with the students.  We covered the opening of a new public park on 117th and 1st ave.  I do not think that any of us knew what we where getting into.  Target "the store" must have donated thousands of dollars to host this "event".  This park opening felt like a "Target" movie premier.  There was a red velvet rope and security guards at the entrance, free food, free drinks, free ponchos (since it was raining), free trees even!  Target was giving away small potted plants to everyone.  There was a stage set up with local officials and even a celebrity.  Of course we got an interview with her.  
The students took the event by storm and interviewed the crowd, finding out all the nitty gritty facts about this park, why its there, who wants it there and what it is going to do for the community.  Look for they story that is going to be completed soon.

I am so pumped to be working Harlem Live!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Colors and Ideas

some of the visuals are changing around Harlem Live, so I did a little research on color and what it means to people. Also the psychological impact of colors.

RED invokes feelings of love, passion, danger, warning, excitement, food, impulse, action, adventure.

BLUE can invoke feelings of trustworthiness, success, seriousness, calmness, power, professionalism.

GREEN can invoke feelings of money, nature, animals, health, healing, life, harmony.

ORANGE can invoke feelings of comfort, creativity, celebration, fun, youth, affordability.

PURPLE can invoke feelings of royalty, justice, ambiguity, uncertainty, luxury, fantasy, dreams.

WHITE can invoke feelings of innocence, purity, cleanliness, simplicity.

YELLOW can invoke feelings of curiosity, playfulness, cheerfulness, amusement.

PINK can invoke feelings of softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness, tenderness.

BROWN can invoke feelings of earth, nature, tribal, primitive, simplicity.

GREY can invoke feelings of neutrality, indifference, reserved.

BLACK can invoke feelings of seriousness, darkness, mystery, secrecy.

I fond a website that explains color really well in a cool animation. If you have 5min go take a look.Click Here when you pass the intro click on the middle door "the movies." Back to the idea, I took the flower part of the logo.

Also after the meeting on Tuesday I looked at the logo in a different light. The vote was on the flower-like logo. I like the idea of just having a symbol.

I took the flower-like symbol flipped it, made it more flower-like and finaly put "hl" into it.

I did a little poster. Not really a diverse group of young people but, stock photos cost money.

I did a shirt too I could not help myself.

Just my ideas on things. I was really impressed by what colors can do to people. So go check out color sites.