Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter and Vaginas

well i am here freezing!!!! i so hate the winter with all my heart. I've always say that new york will be perfect without a winter. Life will be so much easier and fun if only SUMMER existed in this world. Well i am trying to go to Florida for college, for this same reason,winter, i am always running away from winter because it is so annoying having ashy skin, and chapped lips, and wearing 10 layers of clothing, it is just frustrating.

Today in class we were reading "Vagina Monologues" they were so funny but at the same time touchy. One monologue said that vagina get angry and thinking about it Vagina do get angry, they get angry every month because we human bother them a lot. The monologues were so interesting and although I laugh about the things they were saying, it hurts me as a women to know that in parts of the world womens are greatly discriminated against

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well i am sooo stress out with all this college stuff that i have to do. Well today i applied to the University Of Central Florida, because like you all know i really really want to go to Florida because i hate the winter and in Florida the weather is nice and warm even in DECEMBER! I also want to go far away from home because i want to be more independent and be able to do whatever i want without telling MAMI or PAPI where am going, or what am doing or who i hang out with. One of the main reason i want to go is because i will have the liberty f go to DR because now they be saying that i cannot go but if i am living and independent life, i can go without having to tell them. Well i am praying for the university of central Florida to accept me because i really want to go there.

wat a weekend

This weekend was great. On Friday i went to New Jersey with Jessika and Maurice to help out with some things and to chill with her former roomate Liz. It was cool. I actually was tired leaving home so i fell asleep until Jessika pulled up in front of Best buy on 14 street where maurice worked and as soon as we picked him up we headed downtown on 2nd ave to the Holland tunnel to the 78 which took about 30 and added another 45 minutes on the 78 to the 24 to the 24 to the 124 to the college. when we arrived i went to the library untill she was done than we went out to dinner at a chinese resturant on the 124 where i ordered ginger chicken w white rice and iced tea which was cool. After dinner we dropped Liz off back at Drew and headed home. When I got home i went to bed. Saturday i went to the library and did some chores which was cool. yestarday was church which was my pastors anniversary which was a blessed experience. I ate alot and was happy. Today I went to workforce to apply for a job at aramark and got a referal for a job interview at the location on 41st street location. and i also got an interview at a dental place in Jamacia Ave at 10 am. which is cool. I pray that i get the job tommorow. cuz i need it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New update

Hay people. I just decided to post a blog on a rainy, boring Sunday. I've been coming in about three times a week and have been working on lots of different stories. I've covered a story on metal detectors and I interviewed some security guards, teachers and students in my school. The story's finished and I'm very happy about that.

I went to see Race on broadway. The play starrs Kerry Washington, David Grier and James Spader from Boston Legal. It was about a white man who was accused of raping a black woman and his law firm was trying to decide if they should represent him and if he was innocent or guilty. It was a great show and I'm working on that story.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

boy do i need jesus

well its thursday so u know wat that means it means its gonna bullcrap cuz i got the dates for da b smith interview mixed up which was upsetting. i felt like cryin but at least i got one more shot with the interview on monday with another cook and at lest i get make it to christ temple on time yay!!!!!!! rite now ima just prepare for mondays interview and at dis poimnt i aint even sure if i want to work tommorow ima see how i feel tommorow. if i dont go tommorow i mite go job huntin or go to the bronx or sumtin but ima see. Right now im doing work and talkin to my girl. I cant wait till tonite cuzs its anniversary time in da temple YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rev Crawford is preachin so i know Union Grove is gonna show up and show out for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ima not let the stress get to me ima let Jesus handle my businesss for now on!!!!!!!!!!!! Ima blog later god bless n love y'all
Im happy that tomorrow is friday! Finally the weekend is soon, and makes us one step closer to winter break =)
Tomorrow at school, i will be asking students questions on the bake sale being banned, so tomorrow when i get to HL im going to type up the story and thats going to be my second story for the week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a week

This week is a busy week cuz I am going to church and workin hard to start my new show which premires in January. Today I jhave alot to do so ima rool so peace

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well, this week has been okay. Last week, we were at Barnes and Noble. It was pretty fun, I learned how to gift wrap, although i suck, I did my best. This week just started and I already finished typing my story for the week, the story about the tenenment museum. Now i have to gather information of a new story i'll be covering this week and do interview. Im planning on continuing to do the bake sales being banned in nyc schools but then i dont think I want to write about that. but I'll see

Monday, December 7, 2009

I just dont kno but I know God is so so My Jesus

This weekend was a relaxed and praise filled weekend. i went to a breakfast with my mom and dad. afterwards i went to the library. after the library i went home. i cud hardly sleep that nite cuz one of my friends was comin to church the next day which was my pastors pre anniversary service. The next day Dad dropped me off at the corner of 135 by the 3 train where i waited for 15 minutes for my friend to come and we went to church which was a praise filled experience. I got so so happy with Jesus joy i ran around da church. after the 1st service we ate and then i hada take her home. time i got back it was time to sing. the male chorous sang coolin waters which was cool. after the sermon i met mom and dad and we went to another church for their pastors anniversary. it was cool i went home and i prepared for my job interview at jfk airport in howard beach. this mornin i took the express to the skip stop express to the local to 2 buses to the airport. the interview went well. after the interview for some reason i was pissed but i cudnt figure it out but i know that jesus can fix all things if u take it to him. i stopped at mcdonalds for lunch and then i took the r to the uptown express to 125 and walked here in da cold to work. when i got here i started working on recepies for my show and i gotta story so ima blog later god bless n love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a day

well today i made some rounds and then i came to work and went on a story to interview ppl about the tiger woods incident. after wards i am back i am going to write a list of culinary schools i would like to attend and maybe i mite cook dinner ima check to see wat we have in the kitchen to eat. i am looking forward to going back to barnes n noble to gift wrap to raise money for harlemlive which is pretty cool. yestarday i had a great experience gift wrappin at barnes n noble. it felt like i was a regluar person who worked at barnes n noble. i love working here and it will help me achieve my goal for culinary school. anyways i gtg because i need to look up schools n maybe make sum appointments to visit them.


I'm here at HL just rocking out these stories. It's pretty exciting. I love working under pressure. My best work is produced when I'm under pressure. Just as my mom says pressure busts pipes and I'm out here busting my pen. I've just finished this metal detector story and I'm still writing the holiday story. So let me go get back to work.