Thursday, April 30, 2009

"God is in the mix..." But, NOT for gays!

**Disclaimer: I am writing my blog as I think. I am NOT paying attention to grammar, etc :-)**

I'm sure we can all remember when then candidate Barack Obama said "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it's also a sacred union. You know, God's in the mix."

Then, recently Miss California said "(marriage is) between a man and a woman".

As I was sitting and thinking about what I was going to write today both of these statements from both individuals (the leader of the free world and a ding-bat beauty-queen) made me angry.

It is hard for me to understand why we are STILL fighting this battle. Gay marriage, PROP 8, Gay adoptions...doesn't it sound oddly like the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. Recently, the news has been tearing with gays being beaten, struck down and mistreated.

Politicians WASTE tax payer dollars dragging this issue thru local statehouses and even in the US Congress. What ever happened to LIVE and let LIVE??

"God is in the mix..." our president said. Does that mean that God cant be apart of a union if I chose to marry a man or if I were female and I chose to marry another female? I think the notion that God is only on the side of heterosexual relationships is hog-wash! I believe that God is on the side of unadulterated love and commitment to clean, healthy, vibrant relationships.

I think it is FOOLISH of those against gay-marriages to say "Yes" to civil unions and "No" to marriages. The difference between the two is that a UNION is just for benefits (like insurance)- while a MARRIAGE (in THEIR minds) is all about God. Isn't a relationship with God an INDIVIDUAL relationship? I wasn't aware that religion was a "GROUP ACTIVITY" where everyone was graded based on who was the holiest or most righteous. So, with that thought in mind- Why does ONE group of people care about what makes ANOTHER group happy?

Perhaps, I don't know- PERHAPS this is just societies way of deciding who this generations "punching bag" will be. Or maybe this is just the "cool topic" right now... Perhaps, its OUR turn- the turn of GAYS to have their hardship. I guess if you look at history in this country (especially), every group has had their "hardship" (well, except the Caucasian male). Think about it...

MIDDLE EASTERNERS (especially after 9/11)
and now GAYS...

I wonder what group they will pick on next...


School was boring as usual only a lot more days till it's over and i ate a sandwich before i came here but I'm kinda still hungry ...Right now i am working on a story about the yankee stadium...there hasn't been many people going for the big priced seats and you can clearly see it also. Jason is being a really good teacher in helping me write my stories more creatively since i have a problem writing for an intrigued reader and making things stand out. I think he's teaching me a really organized way to finish a story. 
I'm giving people their chores today which i haven't done in a really long time...but some people are being lazy.
3 people went out on a story and went to revisit a restaurant owned by a football player whom I've met. I would have tagged along but he was going to be there today. Now that i think about it, i need to go out to eat there myself
tomorrow i am going to my old school and pick up some papers from them to finally get into school in the fall 
first 2 days starting in the ltw work program from school. I found that the Harlem live best suited my skills and what i could see my self doing after school other than poetry and basketball. when i got here i was thinking i was going to be put in a situation were i was going to be writing, and thats what i will be doing. I feel great a little nervous about reporting for the first time because i am so use to being the person telling a story (do to the fact that i spit poetry)now having to take notes and listen to other people tell me a story will be a little bit of a challenge for my personality. But like i said i feel great about this hopefully it can be a plus in my life and only add on to my success  

Ello =)

Well guys I am leaving early today so I won't see any of you until tuesday. Try not to get too depressed Lol. Remember point sheets are being collected so, do those point sheets well. I have mad college phone calls to make. Ugh. And I thought applications were tough... The weather needs to come back to me!!!!!!I also have a project to do, and I have to present it. I went on two stories yesterday. One with HEAF about middle school kids doing a PSA(Public service announcement), and that was a bust. They would Not let us take pics of the kids. Ugh. We wasted like a half hour. They knew that I came there before and did a story. We needed like some kind of form, allowing us to take pics. I really wanted to do that story. It seemed really fun. The other story I went on was with Branday's college class, and some of them were giggly and giddy, which was kind of understandable, since I would be a little nervous around a camera. Chae did the interviews while I took photos. I'm extra happy today, idk why. Im very bubbly. Bye HarlemLivers!!!!! 
-Tammy Ram is over & out.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today was a pleasant day for me.i just finished reviewing my p.o.s video and i am disgusted.i feel as though i can do alot better. It wasn't my idea to go to columbus circle but i went and this was the result of it a complete waste of time.So me being the person that i am and having the standard that i have i want to completely redo it.

hanging around

Harlem Live is fun to be around. All the diversity of people. Harlem Live is like home; people accept you for you are. I like Harlem Live for the atmosphere. In addition I like it because people are just so welcoming here. 

The Flu. ??!!

Teachers are   going  crazy about  this  flu that's  going  around  and the  thing is  there is  no  cure for  it, yet. One  of  my  teachers was  talking  about how  he  doesn't want  to  shake  people's  hands because that's  germs. I  think i am going to do that too. The  sharing  germs part is  the  one  that  scares e me t he  most. I  am so  worried  about  germs  and  stuff.  I  was  reading  about the swing flu and  over 100 people  are  suspect to  be death even  though  its  on Mexico  its kind  of  scary  because  out  of all the  states that  are  reported New  York is  the  one with the  most  people infected  with this  virus. THIS IS SCARING ! I AM NOT GOING TO TOUCH PPL TOO MUCH ! Today  was just boring but  i  guess  my  day was  ok ?

Some thoughts

Today was one of them okie dokie days
i stayed in school all day i had to flip on my sister from school today
Why do people make the dumbest decisions in life?
It doesnt make sense to go back to what you use to do when you made the change to do better
Today we had a all girls workshop it was like i girls empowerment thing and we was talking about how we cant bring old baggae to the future
Especially in relationships you cant compare your ex to your now
i find myself sometime doing that sometimes i catch myself and others my best friends catch it.
So thats something i gotta work on because thats not fair to nobody!!!


Something happened to my step dad yesterday that I don't really want to get into. After I worked on my story for like 2 hours and was almost done with it, all the work got deleted. The server on my computer got messed up so that's what happened. I am going to make the deposit for the college friday, and thats the 1st. I really am sleepy. I went to bed at like 1:00/1:30 and I was fine this morning, but as the day progressed, I got tireder. I have senioritis, and bad. I just want to stay home, sleep, and be outside. Oh and be at Harlemlive too, just not school. Its bugging me. 7 more weeks, almost 6 more weeks, then, Im a high school graduate!! I have so many thoughts going through my head like ugh! Also that flu is crazy. My friends mom has it, and they won't let her go to the hospital to see her. Idk why the heat had to leave, I was getting used to it, plus I know Im getting extra sick. Smh. I love the heat. better than the cold. I went to sleep hot, then woke up sold. how crazy is that?? My kinda weather is 75 until around 95. Anything less or above I'm not fond of. If I don't have to wear a jacket, then Im all good... That's why Im going to miami! And the beach is amazing. I miss it.

Swine Flu

 The Swine Flu thing is getting bigger everyday that passes by. It is growing to be a nation wide crisis and is spreading like wildfire too. No one knows how much damage this will cause in the 6 months that passes. In 6 months there will be medicine for the swine flu. I just hopes that it doesn't get more worse than it already has become.

Swine Flu

Swine Flu!!!???

I am very scared about this swine flu disease that is beginning to spread and fast. At first only Manhattan and Queens were the leading boroughs to have been diagnosed to it but now its frightening everyone. Today we are going to go on a P.O.S. on it. I bet many people have a lot to say about this sickness that is going around. This is a great interview because all I've been hearing is the news take on it but now I get to hear the public view. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What A Saturday...

Today I finished my story on Obama's first 100 days in office. I don't think that he has made that many recognizable changes though. I hope to see changes in the next couple of months. Right now the weather is really hot. I hate HATE unbearable weather. It's so much going on when it's hot and it's more and more people outside. My weekend started pretty good. I went to take my best friend little sister to the movies to see obsessed on Saturday at the magic Johnson theater. It was sold out so we went to see it at a later time 10:55. After the movie ended at 1;40, I took her home and planned on visiting my BF as i was walking to 7th avenue to catch a bus there were a lot of people who seemed my age walking the opposite way then i saw a large crowd of people running. My first instinct was to run too, but instead i crossed the street and walk the opposite way. I called my best friend to see where she was at because there was suppose to be a Harlem/Harlem teams cookout. So i expected a lot of problems. My best friend told me to get away from there because they were shooting. so then i decided to go home. on 125th and Amsterdam. As i walked there i saw my best friend and a couple of other people and  crossed the street 1 minute after that there were 3 gun shots on Morning side avenue on 125th. i saw people running i was scared because that was the way i was suppose to go. instead i found a cab because it seemed that everyone was drunk and went to my BF house and i got stuck in the elevator on the 4th floor. I started panicking and called him to open the door but it wouldn't then it went to the first floor and just took the steps. I fell asleep for 30 minutes and just took a cab home. It was a really bad day for me. but i got through it. the next day i found out that 2 people were shot one boy dies at 13 and was shot 2 times in the head and the other was his friend who was shot in the hand. 




Second Story

So I've just finished my second story, and it's really different then my first. I felt like I was just getting my feet into the door with the first one but this story which is on a Fashion show I went to felt so official. It means a lot to me, I took my own pictures, showed up to the Fashion Show as a reporter and also a supporter of my classmates. Along with being a photographer/reporter for HaremLive I was also invited to the Fashion Show by the Designers to do the make-up for the models. It was great, and hey who knows I might actually see myself as a reporter in a few years.lolz.


yeah!!!! i went on my first p.o.s where i took fashion to the thought i was skeptical of him..but really that is just my personality when i meet someone.but one other time i was here he was really up set,sent annabell home,and locked his self in the kitchen,so that made me a little skeptical as well.anyways itz really hot outside and i am actually debating on weather or not i should do a p.o.s. selli thinks i have good camera presents and motivation like that is what makes me like this job so much.hehe:-)(look @ the pic this is ma look 2 daii dont i look so cute

My weekend

This weekend was fun Friday i went out with my cousin and my best friend from like 3rd grade to now we went to a party on 111th and farmers. It was funny because when we was on the bus going to the party it was like 30 boys trying to get on the bus without paying. The bus diver was not having it but the boys got on anyway it was so funny. The party started at 8 and it was $10 before 10 by the time we got on the bus it was 9 27 then wit the boys being dumb it took like 10 mins. Then this lady with a Wheelchair got on the bus so that took another 10 mins and what was funny because she went 5 blocks like i know its mean to say but she could of rolled up there smh.So when we go to the party it was packed we made it there at 9 59. The party was sweaty it was od guys all sweaty and smelly so i left and chilled with my bother and his friends it crazy because they are stupid.

Saturday was to hot to stay inside so me and a hundred other people went to the vile and party until about 1 or 2am i didn't get to the Bronx until 430am. My homie got a ticket for having a nutcracker in the park and being underage. Sunday was suppose to be my rest day but i had to go to queens so that kind of suck. Overall my weekend was fun and exciting
Today...has been a horrible pelvis hurt and its killing me... also it been a terrible day because it is hurting so bad and that i told my mom to leave the house keys but she didn't so i had to come to HL, but thanks god my cousin boyfriend is picking me up because it really hurts. Today i cut class.AGAIN!! because I'm tired of Spanish.. i mean i know Spanish so why they make me take is so frustrating. Today i also found out that had to take the AP exam next friday an my teacher MR.groll have not show me anything so i am very scared..

bye bye

Hello people

My weekend was GREAT! I was outside all weekend. I went to the movies on saturday to see Obsessed, which was really good. I walked lie a mile that day , without dehydration. On sunday I got soaked at the park by little kids. Monday I had to get my non-drivers I.D and the lady complimented me. She said Im really photogenic, and the pic came out really pretty. That made me happy. It is burning in my house. Its hotter inside then it is inside. My little brother and sister broke the A.C in the living room, my moms ac is old, and my fan is old and dusty so yeah. I want to see how much this college is giving me with this financial aid. I have to make the deposit by friday. *Sigh* My AP exam is next thursday, Im so nervous. Ugh. After the AP exam and all this college stuff goes calms down, Ill be in extra chill mode. woo. Anyway let me get back to posting blogs and writing my story later. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aleah's Funeral and POS

Went with Brad and a friend visiting from Florida to Aleah's funeral yesterday. There was a lot of traffic and we got to it towards the end. It was a small place. I didn't go right up to the casket, but was weird see'n Aleah lying there. I didn't see Izzy anywhere. When it was time to stand in line to view the body, we left.

Went home and chilled for a bit then off to HarlemLIVE where Dayday and Tamara stayed behind while Kendra, Kip, Sonny, Anna Problem and I went to Columbus Circle to get a couple stories. There was so many people out and since many were sitting around the fountain there, it was pretty easy finding interview subjects. Went well. I could tell Kip was real skeptical of me when we started out cuz i was my usual abrasive self, but then she saw I was try'n to make sure they were successful and she was a bit more relieved LOL

Matthew Sneh called today saying he needed a tape for an interview he was going on, I told him to check the page online where I have been recording all the info on the tapes we have (about a third the way done, but need to pick up the pace again (!!!!!!) and he was able to find the one he was looking for. Yippee! My efforts served a purpose LOL

Well great weekend. Very summery.

Was in Central Park today.

Friday, April 24, 2009

At 59th st....

Today was pretty good  because we  got to go  on a POS at   Columbus  circle which was a  new  view  and places  since  most  of our POS are around Harlem. It was  also  very  good  because  the  whether was good so  it  meant more people outside so therefore more interviews. Me  and Kip did  about 6-7 interviews, we  even got  some lady to ask us  to join her and take a picture. That was  nice  since she didn't live  in  new york. Today was  fun because  Richard went  with us  and it is  very good  to take  him out . :D

59th Street and columbus Circle

Today's POS started okay. We went to 59th street and Columbus circle and although the people there and the responses  we get from POS are different, they aren't any better. Especially when there is a wide variety of people who have a snobby attitude. But on 125th there is a ghetto attitude but you know who to go up to and who to expect it from, most of the time based on appearances, but there are some cases where its not like that at all. Today we a lot of nice people and weird people.


Twitter Real Updates...

I thought this was hilarious!!!! Rich as our convo kinda went the other day....

Click here for original post

"According to my coworker, Twitter is supposed to happen in that space between Flickr posts and Facebook updates, in the space when life actually happens. Well, in the space of time "when life actually happens," life actually happens. It is neither pretty nor ugly. It is just life. If Twitter is supposed to be a document of life as it happens, then it should really document life, indiscriminately, as it happens without interference. If it fails to do this, then life then becomes the space between "tweets" (Twitter posts).

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance, to be able to update Twitter with life events without actually interfering with the event themselves. The documentation of life, henceforth, needs to be automated.

That said, I decided the first part of life that needed to be documented was my daily flatulence at work. I am not going to lie, I am a gassy individual. Since my flatulence is a part of life, it would be fraudulent of me to document life as it happens without documenting these occurrences.

In keeping with the process of non-interference in daily activity, I have created an office chair to both detect and Twitter my flatulence without having to bother me to update it myself."


Hello everyone. Today is a sleepy day. I'm leaving at early today to enjoy the weather and hopefully me and Kip will be about to go one the POS today. R.I.P Aleah. Her funeral was today........ I just finished a good book. Its called the Kite runner. Loved it. If you like sad books, you should get it. Its amazing. I really hate reading school books, but that was great. Also the other One I said. Both very good. I stayed up to 3:00 in the morning and woke up at 7. I haven't been getting a good amount of sleep lately. 6 or less hours of sleep. Not good at all. I can't keep doing this. In college, It'll be over for me lol. I only stay up mad late because I procrastinate, and I HAVE to stay up late to finish a load of things. I still cant get over that fact that it is going to be in the 80's tomorrow and Sunday. Almost 90. Wednesday is gonna break the whole cycle or nice weather. Ugh. I got all my quotes, now Its time to write my story. Oh and my memoir got posted. My cousins are also coming over. I'm gonna enjoy this weekend.
--Tammy ram is over & out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Day

The food was good today thanks to Stephanie and i had to clean a big load of dishes, thanks to Stephanie. JK. Not only that but it had cheese and fish in it which is difficult to take the smell out and difficult to clean. My hands are wrinkled and ashy. I am about to leave now. Today a women came in and interviewed Rich and a couple of other people as well as myself. IT was kind of a crazy day after Branday threatened to kill DayDay, Rich sleeping in the kitchen while the door was locked and now I'm sitting next to Naruta who's dying because of some funny show on his computer. Now that i think about it i guess that's the norm. 


"We are all crazy but that is what keeps us all sane"

Aleah's Funeral will Be Friday Morning

Aleah McGaney Funeral will be held at 10 AM Friday
at the

James H. Willie Funeral Home
197 Franklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11205

Crazy People

Hi everybody today was one hell of a day for me. People just didn't know how to leave me alone.
so far my my day has not been right but i hope it will get better. Like i woke up with a bad morning i had a bad day ever since. It seems like ever where i go some one is trying to make me mad or just getting on my nerves. But at the end of the day i will stay strong and keep my head up. To end this i will keep you update with every thing


Today was horrible it just was not my day.
People was acting real funny style
but the best part of my day was our new hall monitor he CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Its alot of stuff going on around me and i have to deal with it
After work i am off to the hospital to see daddy
Then to queens to get ready for tomorrow since its gonna be hot!!!!!


im so ^ im jus too pissed is like the worst day ever...i not gonna say exactly what it is on my mind because thats personal but w/e it is im too through . at the end of the day i will get over it and move on . this picture was  my facial expression since 12:00 and it hasnt changed hopefully i will move forward and not worry about the past.{SMH}




"I like your ditzy"

That is what my dad(step) said to me yesterday. We was talking about my cousin. I think the cancers on my family are mad slow(lmao). Im ditzy slow, my boy cousin is funny slow, and my girl cousin is common sense slow.  Don't worry guys I'm out of "Emo" mode lmfao. I got some of the obesity story done. I got the quotes from the tape. Now I'm going to type them up and start my story. This will count towards next month but what ever. The story is going to be very interesting. My memoir has all the finishing touches so it can be posted today. Yay. Things got better when I started writing my story yesterday. Im also glad its Friday tomorrow. I got my AP exam in exactly two weeks. *Sigh.* The weekend is gonna be so nice. I'm gonna be out side all day chilixin' =). Its gonna be amazing. That comment about me not wanting to be EIC, was out of annoyance. I want to go out on a story. I want to write another story. I'm thinking about working on the texting and Im'ing story because I really want to work on another thing and get the site updated. What I heard from my mom yesterday. All the pollution, killing all the fishies and turtles. Whales getting breast cancer. Breast cancer! The garbage that was in the ocean was like a pool or something it it was the size of texas. It was also 90 feet deep. If you want to know more, there was a recent show of Oprah talking about it, or if you don't wanna watch it, google it. Later. 
-Tammy Ram is over and out. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today was an okay day. I am about to leave. I cant wait to get home and eat. I did progress on the story of Haile King Rubie, the young artist who has down syndrome. I am so tired today...i think because of the rain..but i like the could be because i dont sleep until the morning time and i probably need to take a nap since i wake up at 7:30 when i should wake up at 6:30. My alarm clock doesn't work for me anymore and neither does the alarm on my phone..Cant wait till this weekend and for this rain to stop. 


today was a crazy day i had to stay home because someone decide t shoot on the block 225 at 5am-8am it was on the news and all. We saw the SWAT team and all it was crazy.When we went outside to see what was going on the cops rushed us back down the block. So i stayed home with my sister Richelle and my lil cuz Laila aka buttercup we had to stay in the house n couldnt go near the windows smh. I watched movies all day and relaxed.

Hey hey you!!!!

Yes It's Tamarra AKA Tammy Ram! I had an amazing break and wished it lasted longer. Im glad to be back though. My favorite cousins came over. They're gonna move soon. *Sigh. (One of them said I looked like Dora lmfao. Is that true?). The weekend is gonna be super nice. And again another family issue. My family is complicated enough, but anyways my "Aunt" got admitted to the hospital, for some disease, I forget. I'm sleepy again. Rich was on me today, and I am so not in the mood to be bossy or be bossed round. This morning was crazy. My step is really starting to bug me. Every night everyone yells at each other, mainly him doing the yelling. I dread having to come home and everyone is there yelling. (Fighting between my brother and sister constantly, annoying neighbor kids.)I feel tense when he walks into a room. I started to cry one night because everything was so bad. He's also a smoker, and every time I go into the bathroom after he smoke, I can feel my lungs tightening. It's getting worse. I'm scared to get cancer from secondhand smoke. I know people with cancer, and someone who has died from it. Idk how I feel about him. It's not love, and Its not hate, so I don't really have any feeling toward him. Don't get me wrong he's nice and everything, but when we do try to build a relationship, he does something to mess it up, like blow up at people and take his anger out on them, and I can't take that. 

I'm OD emotional lately, mainly relationship stuff. I'm not In one but, when I hear people talk about theirs I feel kinda bad and left out. I'm like the only one in my circle of friends that's alone. I like to see people really happy and help them If they're having issues. It just kills me to hear people say how they love someone, and have someone there for them, and I don't have that... Family is nice or whatever, but I cant talk to them about anything, and it a different type of love. Blah. I tell myself it'll be another problem to worry about it. I also realized my mind has started to wander off a lot, and think about stuff.... Idk what it is. I guess the summer is coming, my birthday is coming soon, I'm gonna graduate, going away to college, all these deposits, leaving all my good friends, Working here, teenager problems. Too much to think about, for me anyway.  OK ENOUGH with complaining about my minor problems, I hope to get my memoir posted, and at least done writing my Obesity story. I haven't gotten around to it yet. I cannot handle EIC right now. And I think I said that because of everything getting to me, but yeah, that's how I feel. I know I'm bound to have another breakdown sooner or later. Anyways, let me finish posting peoples blogs and write my story. Later......
PS I read a good book and I'm reading A REALLY good book.
One flew over the cuckoos nest and The kite runner. I recommend them highly.
--Tammy Ram is over and out.



Earth Day is TODAY and this is the funniest cartoon. Lol.

It feels good to be back at HarlemLive a little. Don't get me wrong like I enjoyed my time off of school and the little vacation even though during Spring Break I had a bit of bad luck it's still good. But for me HarlemLive is like a way for me to get away from reality and all the bs that goes on in my daily life or whatever. Besides me getting the experience that is another reason why I like coming to HarlemLIve.

Lately I guess these past couple of days or whatever I just been on my happy mode. I don't know what it is that was making me like this. Maybe it's because my 18 birthday is coming up--it's May 9th if you didn't know and thats in exactly 17 days.  

Well my extreme happiness got ruined last night when I found out my great grandmother is back in the hospital or whatever and it's so scary. I don't know like I don't like seeing people in pain or hurt in general whether it's mentally or physically and hospitals to me are the worst. Like I'm to afraid to see her I only went to see her like three times when she first was admitted but I haven't even gone to see her recently. I don't know how to handle or deal with it at all. Like I haven't experience a serious sickness in the family in a long time except for when I was younger. When your  younger it's much easier because your basically kept in the dark by a lot of the things thats going on so you don't have to experience all the sad feelings or see whomever's going through the pain suffer but as a teen its HORRIBLE well at least for me. I cant even get to or by the hospital without crying and I don't even have to see her yet. And when I do see her the crying and headaches only get worst and I can't stand it at all. Like even the days when I went to see her and she wasn't looking so sick and helpless I still cried. Like I seriously can't handle that. And then everybody telling me everything is going to be okay and how she's going to be alright and stuff but they don't know that for sure. Like I don't know even though I'm afraid to see her God forbid something happens to her like I don't know if I am going to regret my fear of being afraid to see her on her God forbid "last days." Like this whole things scares me and really bothers me and then the fact that I have to come home and hear my mother complain about me not going to the hospital to see her or my grandmother trying to like force me and it's like they make me feel sooooo bad.

Like sorry but I just had to let these feelings out before I exploded.

Its Been a While

Hey EveryOne...its been a long time since i came to Harlem Live but i really did miss it. i've had lots on my mind, going through a few things right now....but i decided to come in and do some work, can't wait for an interview with the Stella D’oro Strikers who are women activist who are protesting against unfair treament at the factory they work in. So im glad to be back so i should get back to work, btw HAPPY EARTH DAY ! celebrate the nature and the beauty of the earth. GO GREEN !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birds Chirping

I'm still working on my LGBT story, but it's quite difficult for me to concentrate. I have some stuff on my mind and I must set it aside to work. However, I did make some progress on my story. I still have my memoir to fix up. I hope to have it done before Kathryn comes back. 

As I sit here and write this, I hear birds chirping and I'm quite pleased. Spring is here and the weather will show. Saturday will be 80 degrees and I'm super excited. Branday and Annabelle are working on the AIM and Text lingo story, so I guess I should work on that story. OMG... I just forgot, I lost the notes. Bad, Bad..... UGGH......

Birds are chirping though....
hey every yeah....itz the baddest k~diva....i got a new look

ne ways im happy becAUSE my cusin from boston is coming here to visit and my sister birthday is tomorrow........

besides that im feeling kind of depressed because there is sum one that i really like and i no he likes me but we cant be officially together unless i reveal a few secrets to him.....and it is something that i want to tell him but im scared of his reaction........idk....hehe : ]

Slow loris loves getting tickled

Slow loris loves getting tickled

Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a great vacation; as simple as that. I thought my vacation would be sucky and boring, but it was the exact opposite. I went to Naugatuck, Connecticut. It's a small town in New Haven, a stop away from Waterbury. I chilled with the cousins and my adorable niece, Jada Marie, who has my middle name. 

I'm usually not a fan of long, unnecessary breaks because if we didn't have as much, we'd be out of school by April, however, I appreciated this one. In fact the weather was beautiful for the most part. It sucks that I can never be here to tighten up on work because I'm still pending a story on LGBT youth. I will finish this story. So I'm going to end this blog and go finish work. 


Well, its a very rainy day. There are even possibilities of a thunderstorm I've heard. But today is National Weed Day, I've just found this out this morning on my way to school. A couple of my friends disappeared and there was even fewer students in school. But granted today is the first day back from a long and joyous week of spring break and probably not many teachers were expecting a stampede of eager students. Oh well Its National Weed Day, we're all going to die anyway- My english teacher compared life and death to our last days as high school seniors, we nodded an looked tired! Ha!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Here is a pos with "dreemz".An up and coming fashion designer. His stuff sells mostly London and japan as well as online at We might do a story on him in the future so watch out for it.

My first story

Today was fun i went out on my first story with Day Day and Sunny and Kendra. I did the story on Amos Zereoue omg this guy is sexy lol ask Kendra his smile is omg lol.I was real nervous messing up buh he cleaned it up where i messed up. But in overall i liked it. It was fun real nice and what not. When we went to go meet Rich it was a protest on Genocide in Sri Lanka it was kind of graphic for me. Basicly the same thing that was happening in 94 in Rwanda is happen in Sri Lanka. Its real sad what is happening over there. Later im going to get my cousin from the LIRR


Today's story was so cool. Me, Shae, Sunny & DayDay went to a former football players restaurant. We got to tour the restaurant and it was really nice. I went to the kitchen with sunny and the cooks were really nice. The bartender was really nice, she bought out 2 appetizers. The duck rolls and the calamari which were two of their best dishes. I ate most of everything. It was my first time eating Duck and Octopus and it was so GOOD :). When the owner drove in front of the restaurant in his really nice, expensive looking car, we all knew it was him. He was very nice and he looked very nice. He made me a bit nervous though. I would go back there to try something new with someone I know has never tasted any of those dishes.

After that we went to a protest or a rally which purpose was to make people aware of the genocide occurring in Sri Lanka. It is pretty bad what is happening there. What surprised me was the details that they were telling me about, Such as Buddhism being on sale and is considered to be a commodity and the two different cultures that live there only difference is the languages they speak. Its ridiculous how people could be so cruel to their own race of people, the human race. The majority of people which is the government is trying to get rid of the minority any way that they can and 200-300 people are dying everyday.


"Our greatest strength as a Human Race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is our failure to embrace them."
~Judith Henderson 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aquarium - 041608

I had fun at the aquarium. The only bad thing was the rain. I bought a Blue Nemo/clown fish and named it Isiah {my BF name & favorite color}. It was really crowded and a lot of kids were there but we still made the best of it.  Two things I really liked was Oscar the sea lion or otter that was flirting with everyone and Selly providing us with the expensive food at the aquarium food place.

I forgot that i was supposed to go to a meeting for virtual enterprise and i made the coordinator upset. I arrived at the place i was suppose to be but i didn't go inside because i was extremely late. I came to HL but it was close and the super was here and he seems cool. I learned that I'm losing memory & throwing important things at the back of my mind. 

I woke up with a phone call saying i was suppose to be somewhere that i forgot about. It was an interview to some company for Virtual Enterprise. I forgot again. I came to HL started working on a story. Tomorrow I'm going with Chae to a restaurant which is owned by a West African native football player. I'm Hoping he serves us food. Can't wait for that story. I ate before i came to HL but everyone kept saying they were hungry and i said i was too but really wasn't. When brad offered to buy me something from the store i said no thanks but he still bought me something a slice of cake... That was really nice and not only as the thought nice but it had chocolate in it... I gave half to nagging Anabel, but didn't mind since i wasn't really hungry.


"I never met a chocolate I didn't like."

Goof at Airport

This morning my sister and I went to the airport to pick up our other sister flying in from Hawaii. So we were waiting there for an hour and a half until we realized that the plane didn't come in today it comes in tomorrow.

After that we were on our way to HL, and we got on a highway. There was a lot of traffic so I convinced Seli to cross over to the other side. When we got over to the other side there was more traffic on that side then the other side.

In the words

Hey-Low Bitches just kidding lol. Hey its Christian long day I came from far-rock to Lincoln Center to pick up my check and than on my way here to Harlem Live. I ran into a sale at urban out fitters. go go go.....i just bought a 65 dollar coat for 19.95 yes!!!lol 


The past couple days has been nice went to the aquarium wit HL and my stinka Laila.She had fun so im good even thro it rain half of the day it was still was nice.Laila was fun she started out shy but after she got comfortable omg she was a mess lol.She got her face painted with Sunny and Day Day.She was a starfish, Day Day was a shark, and Sunny was a fish. They all were so cute.On the way back she fell asleep on my Shirt and ot paint all over the top of my shirt but it washed off thank god.

I got this interview wit Amos Zereoue tomorrow and im nervous like hell its my first one so im alil scared but ill be ok

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love em' & Hate em'

Today was an "interesting" day. We went to the aquarium today. I broguht my brother and sister with me. That was also "interesting". They were behaved the first part of the trip, but later in the day..*sigh*. I don't know how my mom does it. She does a lot already but to deal with them, It's amazing. The pics are in order lol. Me and my sister, me and my brother, then how I felt after being with both of them. I am so pissed off right now.... I went off on them, and now I feel bad about doing it. Ugh....Sometimes I just want to get away from everything. Don't get me started on all the other family problems I got going on. And other problems. Why does everything have to happen when Im supposed to be the most exited???Idk what to do...Maybe It was just a bad day, but I must have a lot of bad days then... I need someone to cheer me up & to talk to...
--Tammy Ram is over and out.
today super duper, we went to the aquarium at coney island. We ate lunch and then looked at the tanks . I filmed most of the fish then went and got my face painted*. We watched the seal show and got soaked cos it started to rain. I'm glad that my face paint didn't smudge so that i can show my mum "lol". Now have to go home and try to finish some more holiday assignments "snores".
I'm going home right now.

sunnyR is out of hear.

*hope to post pic of face paint once it's on the sever.

Monday, April 13, 2009


My Easter went from good to worst 
i chilled with my fam in long island boring i was by myself
My cousin went to L.A n left me in N.Y 
thats the good part of my day the bad part 
i had to break up with my boyfriend 
cuz i kept heard things for the chick he cheated wit but now it seems like she was liein jus to see us break up and go thru more than what we are now
smh but i will be ok  

hey every 1 it k~diva....lolz jus got 2 werk chillin with ma r.o.d. jaya.....hopefully this day will go smooth and time goes by....the pick i got yea dat the new hair style...hehe :]...this weekend was fun i got to spend it with ma ace boon coon alisia on friday and saturday and the sunday and today im spending time with my r.o.d. jaya......we had fun last night we went to a lounge in brooklynand had a couple of drinks.we didnt get home until 3 was kool...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Haile King Rubie

Today a lot of people stayed home. Its Good Friday, and because of the rain it isn't such a good Friday. I went on a story to interview Haile King Rubie. Haile is a young visual artist with a great personality. He was diagnosed with down syndrome and recently had surgery in his chest. It was such a great experience to interview him. He is 18 years old now and kept saying hes proud of his african culture and that "art is good and it makes you happy". I agree with him and I'm glad to know that we have that in common. Tomorrow I'm going to my art class and i'll have something to talk about. Me and Haile see that art work is not only something to show its a personal healing that you recieve when you paint and or draw, no matter what the outcome of the piece is.


"I'm painting an idea not an ideal. Basically I'm trying to paint a structured painting full of controlled, and therefore potent, emotion."
-- Euan Uglow

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its going to be a long day traveling all across the city 
its everyone birthday this week so tonight its party after party
then i can chill tomorrow and prepare myself for mondays interview with Amos Zereoue

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Finally Spring Break has arrived. I enjoyed my day off from school. Jogging in the morning with my friend from school, who is crazy about being healthy. After that I went to sleep and then came to HL and ate a sandwich + a chocolate cupcake. I cant wait till i get home to relax my muscles. I finish editing or pre-editing the In Vitro Fertilization video P.O.S. Anabel will finish it soon.


<0.O>Spring Break & @ HL ?!

It feels so weird to be at HL on spring break ! O0 well at at least i had  fun when i went  to the aquarium but  too  bad i got a  fever later on. This happened because  of Kevin who  sat me  down on the wet bleachers and then i was outside for too long.  But i had  so  much fun; went and  ran through the sand, got  to touch the star fish and some weird  sea creature there. Too bad  Richard wasn't there, he  missed  all the  fun. :-P. My favorite animal was the one that spin
 around and around; don't know the name  but it was  cool. I think  the  trip was really  fun but  most importantly  because we got to share and  have fun..


today we did a POS (person on the street)it was cool. A lot of people stop to talk to us.

one guy followed us 2 interview like 2 or people that was funny.

today i got 2 interviews set up 
1 with a author and another with Amos Zereoue a football player who owns a new restaurant so I'm o.d excited to see how it turns out  


I have so many thgings going on right now It's crazy. Yes. I'm blogging from home =). I'm finding out some much right now. Idk what to do. First of all my cousin might be pregnant, My other cousin has cancer, My aunt has cancer AND AIDS, My other Aunt and two other cousins are moving in may(Mind you I'm the closest to them), Senior crap, working, emotional issues, family issues. Ugh. Everything is just going on. My little sister is here today. Her name is Taya. My mom, Stepdad, and Little brother went out to do some shopping so it was only my little sister and me left home. I wanted to come to HL today so I decided to bring her. Rich keeps bothering her. Lol. It's so funny. Anyway.
-Tammy Ram is over & out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today At HL

Today the 'Getting Money Team' Me, Christian,Stanley,Kevin,Sonny Dariel and Naruta's group filmed a section of our video that was damaged. I think this video will be much better than the previous one anyways. Christian was a little bit too hyper today with the directing, but i least we almost finished one final scene. A lot of people were here today and that was cool. The lady from Brazil was so nice. I was nervous while she was interviewing me at first but i guess i get over it after i talk. Today I am working on a story for Haile. A young artist in Harlem, who will be displaying his work at Casa Frela, a brown stone in the middle of Harlem. 

hi umm tody was a pretty decent day ...i had quiet a scare when stanley almost didnt pull through with my time sheet ... but luckly he came . school was pretty boring all i did in each class was watch a movie soo it was okay . im feeling a lil better than yesterday not that much but im okay .

ummm i really like it here i got interviewed today i was a nevous reckkk !!! ;] but i got through it with sephianie and charisma it was a blast... thanksxz yuh guysss.....


Today was OK, we had to re-do one of our videos because the tape died. The new version looks a bit better but i hope that we haven wasted our time re-filming. I'm tired and ready for spring break. I'm going to sleep late and eat lots of chocolate...hopefully. I feel like learning how to make steamed dumplings over the vacation. The best thing about today was the test we did at school, it was in the lab and we got to use microscopes and stuff.  Rich is evil, he says that english food sucks and that because i got mad over his disrespect toward english cooking that now i'm going to kill myself. Who says that.


Something strange

Well me being a journalist got her very own interview today. How cool. It was me and Anabel got filmed at the same time so that was weird and cool lol. Well today I went to the store for a chore and I had to go out twice. It was alright though. I need the exercise and fresh air lmao. I am so friggin happy that it is spring break. Its awesome. Except for all the stupid reading for AP. It is getting on my nerves . I got to read a 300 page book during the break. I don't want to spend my whole break reading Ugh. Anyways I'm gonna keep looking for stories. Laterz.
-Tammy Ram is over & out.

Hola !

So today at HarlemLIVE i was interviewed by the lady who was here from Brazil. She is a really nice lady. She told me that she was going to interview me and Tamarra together so because it was Tamara i agreed to do it together. It was kind of easier to do it together but i feel like i didn't get to express everything this is why i think i am better as a reporter then been interviewed. It wa s kind of a releave to do it with another person. I think it was easy for me because i am doing a similiar commercial for my other program Big Brothers Big Sister.I really enjoy working with some people at HL and i am glad that i actually joined HL and got the opportunity to meet some great new " friends".

Crazy day

OMG today started out good. i went to school had fun we did nothing allllllll day and just hang out it being the last day before SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!! (yay) so we get out early around 2, its my homie  Alisia aka Trina Jr birthday so we had a little party for her in school.My friend Michelle and i had to take the trian together. we walked to the 7 train and got stop by the police not even the NYPD the TRANSIT DEPARTMENT police like ugh i was so upset. the officer was so rude because he felt i was giving him a attitude (even through i was because i was in a rush & i don't like THE NYPD). he called my name in to check if i had any priors as they call it. so he let me go with a $130 ticket that made me mad and he way he said it "its only $130" like i don't have better things to do with $130 but i will be OK because i don't have to pay it yay 

Now I'm at work Day 2 at Harlem Live 

Inspector Charisma Gadget

{Inspector Gadget Theme Song}

Omg! I finally did my interview with the owner of the Queens Spy Shop.  As you can see the owner, the police mannequin, and I were all on our secretive ready to sneak around spy gear. I was so ready to snoop. Lol. We were the Black Inspector Gadgets. Lmao. I am hilarious. heheheheheh.

Anyway i had soooooo much fun. The owner had mad stuff for me to see/check out. Along with some videos for me to watch. It's so weird they have like the smallest cameras in the most non-obvious places. Do you know that there's an actually a camera that's the size and looks just like a real button. To me that is so cool but at the same time extremely creepy. Beware, people can be watching you from anywhere. SMH. He even had this thing where it looks like just a little screw in the wall but then in actuality the screw is a damn camera. It's crazy out there man.

It's amazing not only did I find out about the spy shop and some of it's amazing gadgets, but I also learned a lot about the owner even knowing him on a personal note before hand I had no idea he knew as much stuff as he did. He knows how to do a lot of things that we do here at HarlemLive, like reporting, video editing and all that. I was extremely amazing and cool. I never would of guessed. He has been recording and editing his own videos and things ever since he was like a teenager in high school. I love that about him the most that he has so much hidden talents that nobody would of ever known about.

Also when I was just about finished and I was wrapping up the interview one of his friends stopped by. Who would of ever known or had any clue that his friend just so happened to be old school hip hop/rap legend Eric B (you know Eric B. and Rakim) It was so cooled. 

Also reason why I was happy after I did the interview was because my mother got to experience first hand what I do and how I do my job as a reporter. On our way home she gave me madddd props. She was saying that even though I knew the owner of the spy shop before hand that I still kept it very professional or whatever. And how I had a lot of  good questions and that I was just good overall. I was so proud of myself. :-)   Don't hate. Lol.

This Is Charisma
And I Have Officially
Blogged Out!



Spring Break!!!!!

Finally, we are on Spring break... I am so happy because school right now is so hard and stressful and I feel that we all need a break. My goal is to do all my homework this week that way I have time for other things such as HarlemLive. I'm thinking about coming in on Thursday's and Friday's. It all depends on how my schedule is though but hopefully I am able to come in. Plans for Spring break includes chilling with my cousins whom I happen to call my brother and sister since we are so close. I am also going to work out and RELAX!!!! God knows that I need this break. Anyways I just finished helping cleaning and organizing HarlemLive. It was fun. I love cleaning!!! Well, I'm done with this... Peace


FINALLY it's the last day of school and now I can go crazy. Nuthin is better than a week and a half vacation. I hate vacations only because I get tons of homework. IT'S A VACATION and I still get work to do. I just don't understand skool no more. I don't anyone does anymore.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


OMG today richard came with a really bad hair day. He bleached his hair and it looks kind of weird. he just came from Barbados so he is more annoying than ever. I laugh so hard today with rich hair, if you would have seen him he was just terrible. Also today have been a bad day for me because i had a math midterm and i hate math so like always i failed. Also i yell at my counselour because i wanted her t change my math class because i dont understand the teacher but she didnt want to, and she still dont want to but i have to change it because the third marking period is coming up and i cant afford to fail math.I dont have much to say so bye people!!!

Crazy Thing... Richard's back

Yesterday was a very productive day, but when I got home, I learned a lot. You know the cliche "You learn something new everyday" and I defintely did. My bestfriend told me some NEWS.... I was so surprised. It was hard to take it in. On top of that, my mother cut her dreads and now she looks EXACTLY like me; she has the same cut as me.

However, today picked up. I presented my Genetic Mututaion project today in Living Enviornment and I did a great job. I know I've been talking about it forever and I'm so glad to have gotten it over with. I also turned in my ELA project; that took a load off of me. Today we had a memoir class and we focused on mines. I have some work that I have to do on it. People thinks it;s better than I did.

Tomorrow is the job shadowing trip and I'm happy to not be in class. I hope it will to be there on time. That's the only problem. As I came to the office today, I saw Richard sitting at the table and I was happy to see him. Although, Richard is a pest; I like that he makes sure the students are being productive. I also think that Seli did a great job by ensuring that the students who were here when Rich was away were still producing content. I can defintely see growth within the program since 've been here. I feel like an alumni, even though I know I have lot to learn until then.

I was in charge of chore board today. I haven't done that in forever; I dont think ever, but I made sure everyone did what they had to. Even Stanley with his dishes; gosh, guys are so lazy, lol. I'm about to leave, but I'm in a great mood. I will have a great train ride. See ya people Friday.

P.S.- The Faith Evans book is coming along great, Tamarra...!

first day @ harlem live

My 1st day at harlem live has been good 
every one is really nice 
so far i did everything i had to do 
a profile 
the last five years of my life...
and emailed my editors 
i really glad i am working here
after this i got 2 go allllllllll the way to the boogie down bronx co op to be exact
to work out and relax 

Den tomorrow las day of school before the break yay yay yay 
i cant wait ooo so hype for this weekend its 2 many people birthdays in rows the 8th 9th 10th 11th and the 14th so spring break is goin to be popping hope i got the energy for it i am still recovering from mid-winter break


So i am glad that i finally opened a back account with Chase. I could finally start to save up money and start to really manage my money. Yesterday i also went to the dentist and got my tooth checked since it was hurting. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with it. But here i am seating back at HL with all these people.(Ughh) I wish it only me at the video room like it use to be before but hey unfortunately its not like that. I Today i did some of the commercial video. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day ! :'(
ummm today i had to do mad midterms today i hope i passed them all. My day was  full with work and it still is. Life it self is crazy everyday but at the end i am wiped out. So far my week has not been right. Im at work right now and people are going crazy at this place. soooo to end it short ill see ya lata.....
today is much better then yesterday. i feel a little bit more energized.and the wather is a little bit better . im happy because i got dance tomorrow.time to shead off more pounds so i can be on point for the summer....ahhhh!!!! is it a hassle.....but im doin what i gotta do i eat in proportions,i dance for excersize, and im very mobile , i dont eat junk food except peanut butter m&m's.....ahhh....whatever time to werk on this comercial


Hi it's sunny.
I'm happy to have the new harddrives but all of our old projects are on the old hard-drive                                                                                    "grrrrr"

School is almost over for spring break, but I have soooooo many holiday assignments. we were supposed to be working on videos today but nothing much has happened so far. I'm tired and I've had a sore throat the last couple of days so I think that the vacation will help me in that respect. today doesn't seem to busy but we have

 a new member which is cool. I hope that tommorow will be more productive for me and that mabey we'll go on a story.

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

SO Much to do and in so little time

 OmG  I don't know where to start videos, videos and more videos H,W/H,L/My time for my own videos Stop-motion/animation/skits-and lets not forget the SOON Coming studio kevin and I are starting. I Don't know why I get stuck in this cyber world of videos and f.c.p But I dont have a problem with it and I'm willing to ride and see where it takes  me

quick bored videos

Work in progress 


Tammy Ram is here. well I'm glad to see everyone had a productive friday. ^_^. I'm gonna start writing my story about Obesity. I got mad soaked yesterday. It was crazy. Ugh. My umbrella was already broken because the velcro snap got ripped off. My mom would put it in the corner so some of the things would bend back. Then when I got in school and went through scanning, mad peoples' stuff was on top of the umbrella, so when I went to open it It fell into pieces. I had to throw that away. So I had to walk to the train mad wet, and cold. Luckily on my way home I got an umbrella for $5 and my new chain belt. =). My skull ring got broken =(. I need some Krazy glue to fix it back. Rich just came back. His hair is different. Anyways. Later.
-Tammy Ram is over and out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

In The Words

Hey its Christian again I a wounder of a day today.
I was match maker match maker make me a match. I set up Kevin the Kevin cuz to Stanley with the perfect girl...... Also Im looking into writing a story on Mc Cains daughter.......

Productive day;Bad ironic?

Today was a productive day for me. I got my Genetics Report done for my science class. I also finished my memoir this past weekend and I sent it to Kathryn. I think it's pretty good. I'm still working on my LGBT youth story. I should be finished with it this week. Wednesday, I'll be traveling with my school to Thomas Reuters for a job shadowing trip. I'm pretty excited because I didn't really get to properly introduce myself to them.

Back to memoirs, we'll be having a class with Kathryn. It's funny that I talk about memoirs, as I am now reading Faith Evans memoir called "Keep the Faith". I don't usually like books about celebrities because I'm a writer and I know that these artists don't actually write their novels. That bothers me sometimes, but I'm really enjoying this book. Faith has been thorough a lot and her story is making me like her even more. I've always been a fan but I feel like she is a regular person. I'm planning to write a review on this book, once I'm finished. 

I've just started it today and I'm interested in continuing. I like that the book doesn't revolve around her relationship with Big and that we really get to see Faith. I don't want to spoil it and tell you guys about her struggles, so if you're interested, pick up a copy of "Keep the Faith" by Faith Evans and Aliya S. King.