Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Enter Flash News: 002 HarlemLIVE

Another day at Harlem live which is always filled with creativity,learning, and excitement.The kids work in teams to create compelling stories. The Programs main focus is Journalism. Each team produces a plethora of News Stories, poems, essays, video documentaries ,and other media. The most captivating thing about Harlem live is that the content produced by the teams are 100% word for word, image for image there own. The kids go out with there groups, find a story video tape it, write about it and edit it. As you may know from my previous video I teach Adobe Flash, but I'm not the only teach in town. The young journalists build skills that will make then serious contenders in the job world. This is Aliyah, shes been with Harlem Live for some time now and it's nice to work with the great people that come from this program. Right now shes adding points to teams and to individuals and I thought that Coding was hard. This is Michael and Nana doing team chores, I know that its not the most exciting thing you've ever seen, but it teaches them responsibility. Harlem Live is all about Journalism at quick glance, but there is way more than meets the eye. The program is character construction with a good story.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed