Friday, July 25, 2008

On Enter Flash News: 003 HarlemLIVE

This week at Harlem live was one of the busiest. The kitchen was a creative war zone. There were a multitude of entrées, hors d'œuvre and, deserts. Gisely, the executive director is one of the culinary soldiers; She was chopping, washing, and cooking. We all know that every great soldier has a superb chef and he goes the name Kareem. I hope one day I could at least boil water as good as he can. Rosa and others helped clean the kitchen. I think she should get a 7,548 points and a spa coupon. Just when we were all ready to dig in the mouth watering, scrumptious food it was taken away. The good news is I did cook and the kids said it was okay. If your wondering were all the real food went. It was taken to the annual alumni association kick off. The event had great people who all support what Harlem live is giving to inner city youth. Rich the founder, the back bone and brains of Harlem Live is making shore that the program continues. The Kick off had a happy ending and later that night everyone back at Harlem live got to taste the satisfying foods. Kareem cooked too much food which was just enough for all of us who were anticipating his return.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed