Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 1St 2008, my first day at Harlem Live 

The first day for me was really not what I would have expected. I came to harlem thinking I was going to a large skyscraper like building, to be surrounded by businessmen. Instead I found myself going down the stairs to a basement like facility. The first thing going through my mind was "I hope I don't get murdered". Then, as I walked down the steel staircase, and down the enclosed stone corridor that seemed like an escape passage, i saw the light. Literally i saw the light of the sun since the corridor lead me to a backyard. 

As the old saying goes, " Don't judge a book by its cover", it goes perfectly with my first impression. I didn't think much could come a such a creepy place, when in reality there was a warm embrace awaiting me. I was attacked by normalcy which in turn made me loosen up. I was prepared to be interrogated and dismissed by men in suits. I was astonished when I saw people in casual clothing (and not suits), and I indeed felt overdressed.

 The day itself was filled with fun and games which were designed to get us all to know one another. this was a shock seeing as its not what i expected. i also was lucky enough to meet some new people and make friends that were just like me in some ways. I like surprises and the surprises that I encountered on my first day at Harlem live have motivated me to be myself and feel welcomed in a home like facility. I can't wait to see what in store next.